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Alex & Me:
Michael Moore's Better Half

'Dude, Where's the 9/11 Beef?',
24th May, 2004 10aamET

by Fintan Dunne, Editor

                  The difference between Michael Moore and Alex Jones comes down to this:

Moore profits from 9/11 --with 20/10 hindsight-- after the event. Whereas, Jones predicted 9/11 --on air in July, 2001; made a better movie: '9/11: Road to Tyranny'; and virtually gives it away.

Moore's 'Fahrenheit 911' toys with the idea that 'they' Let It Happen On Purpose[LIHOP]. That's the lame version of reality for the popcorn-brained illiterate left. With backing from the HollyCorp establishment, Moore will now make a bundle.

Jones' '9/11: 'Road To Tyranny' explains how 'they' MADE It Happen On Purpose[MIHOP]. This dangerous notion gets no establishment nod or wink. And Jones is so focused on the message -not the money- that he let's you copy the movie to educate others.

According to the New York Post, Moore has ripped off Jones. So what else is new? "A real documentary by Alex Jones, had most of the "facts" Moore uses in his scatter-shot diatribe," wrote Richard Johnson in the Post's Page Six column.

Moore thought NATO hotshot General Wesley Clarke was coming to save us from the BusheNazis. He promptly endorsed the documented war criminal of Serbia, during Clarke's ill-fated presidential nomination bid.

By comparison, on his web site, Alex Jones argues that Clarke and a host of other Trilateral-CFR-Bildeberg corporate front men --are but the velvet-clad, acceptable version of the same fascist fist.

Moore plays to the labor union cliché: the 'Fat Cats versus the Workers' divide. It's blue collar, class-struggle nostalgia from the last century. Buying into it is about as hard as cheering for your home side at the game. Come tomorrow, you go back to work as usual.

Moore is a quack doctor --tapping at your intellectual knee to get it to react as expected.

For those who don't subscribe to knee-jerk politics, Jones offers a subtler film-noire vision, which will nag away at you and drag you face to face with the grim reality of geopolitical scheming.

The kind of scheming which is happy to see the War Party in the U.S. play 'Bad Cop,' so that the globalist, 'Good Cop' corporate elite can come to riding to our rescue.

Before & After

Moore would have us believe that the political divide in the US is between downsized workers and big bosses. A divide straddled by Democrats and Republicans.

But with two Skull & Bones society members --Kerry and Bush-- running against each other, that divide is starting to look increasingly fake. The only differences between the two have been contrived.

The divide don't exist. 'Repubocrats' are one political establishment.

However, Jones and Moore are on opposite sides of the real political divide. While Moore bangs his downsize drum, Jones has been on the real stories for a long time.

The Waco Massacre was the point of cleavage. Moore's buddy Wesley Clarke was not far from Waco when terror became an overt tactic of the State. Maybe that's why Moore avoids these kinds of issues.

Before long, the OKC bombing had shown state terror was also a covert option. The aptly named 'Controlled Demolition' helped clear the site of the OKC bombing. And the OKC trail leads us on to 9/11, where once again we find Controlled Demolition' lending their expertise clearing the WTC site.

Those are the kind of links that ignite the attention of those who see the real movie about 9/11. The Alex Jones movie.

Those are the kind of links that the establishment's performing whale won't touch.

But don't just get 'The Road to Tyranny'
Get Moore's simplistic movie also.

Believe me. When you finish watching Alex Jones' film, you're going to NEED a little comic light relief.

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