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" I stole the election, and you can't
prove it !
" -Karl Rove

Wanna bet?
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Kerry Gets "Hands On" with
Recount Letter to Ohio Counties

Dear Director and Deputy Director:

Enclosed please find a copy of a letter personally signed by John Kerry appointing me as his legal counsel, with full authority to act for him and John Edwards, including appointing witnesses to attend the recount.
On behalf of John Kerry and John Edwards I am making the following requests re. the recount...  rest of letter

  Also: Kerry tells Jackson to turn up heat
  On Sunday, John Kerry urged Jesse Jackson to take a more active role in investigating vote irregularities like: 92,000 over and undervote ballots; provisional ballots; and independent analysis of the op-scan voting machines.
How Kennedy Won Hawaii

In the 1960 presidential election, Hawaii's 3 electoral votes were cast for Senator John F. Kennedy even though the Republican electors supporting Vice-President Richard M. Nixon had been certified the winners.

This little noticed fact was mentioned by Supreme Ct. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in dissenting Bush v. Gore. ...more.
Voters' Suit Seeks Reversal
-not recount- of Ohio Result,

Cliff Arnebeck, a lawyer for "Alliance for Democracy" --a group of 40 voters challenging the Ohio result, is expected Monday 13th to be filed before the Ohio Supreme Court.

"We'll be calling for a reversal of the result based on evidence developed in the course of litigation," Mr Arnebeck told The Guardian the suit would be seeking "aggressive discovery of election-related material. "There is evidence that votes cast for one candidate were moved to the column of the other candidate," he said.

See Also: Voters to challenge US election
See Also: Arnebeck LIVE on C-Span
Our VoteFraud Page

The Great Ohio 'BlackOut'            

After 5 Hour Gap due to 'glitch'

Broken Exit Polls...'Fixed'

See: Archive of Original Washington Post Article

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The Battle Rages On

"One minute I feel like Erin Brockovich, the next I feel like the Keystone Kops." Susan Pynchon, a former volunteer for the Florida Democratic Party and founder of the newly formed Florida Fair Elections Coalition has sued to overturn election results in Volusia County. According to Pynchon's suit, 59 precincts --nearly one-third of them-- are missing the printouts that the op-scan machines produce. Also
Former Congressman Jailed in
Blackwell Vote Fraud Protest

A former US congressmen has been jailed in Columbus, OH while attempting to deliver a letter about voting irregularities to Ken Blackwell.

Dan Hamburg was a California congressman in the early 1990s. He and his wife have been part of a group watching the latest developments in the Ohio recount.

Columbus police arrested Hamburg and his wife, Carrie, Wednesday for trespassing after refusing to leave a private downtown building that houses the secretary's office.

This is What Democracy Looked Like

Rep. John Conyers, Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Cmte., this morning hosed a forum on the election in Ohio and possible irregularities in the vote itself and the subsequent counting of ballots.

Transcripts Here Full Video Here

See: 30 min. video highlights. Read Text Summary

  LA Times:
Voting-Rights Advocates Cite Election Problems

Forum Participant List

John Conyers Opening Statement 

Sheila Jackson Lee
Stephanie Tubbs Jones  Rev Jesse Jackson
Steve Rosenfeld, Air America Prof Robert Fitrakis
Hilary Shelton, NAACP Jon Greenbaum, Voting Rights Proj
John Kerry's Statement on Election Reform

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Wayne Madsen's
Vote Fraud Tale Spin

DEBUNKED by Fintan Dunne

When ex-NSA employee, Wayne Madsen hit the Internet with his tale of a massive electronic vote-stealing operation costing tens of millions of dollars, the story was greeted with skepticism by vote fraud activists. With good cause.

Despite their hunger for any report that would shed light on the exact method by which Bush had subverted the will of the people, Madsen's story --featuring a Cayman island bank, an offshore trust and a payoff check to conspirators for over $29 million-- was just a bit too tinfoil-hat for most.

Madsen reassured the doubters with promises to put more flesh on the bones of the story. After failing in two subsequent missives to add substantial details, he's finally laid it all out.

Unfortunately, even fully-fleshed, Madsen's story is a corpse with no detectable pulse and a missing heart. ...MORE

Also: This article discussed at Democratic Underground
Ohio Rally Hits the News

A weekend Ohio vote fraud protest at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio has already been carried by ABC News, Wash. Post, CBS News, NBC News, Sun-Times, Toledo Blade, and even the New Zealand Herald. Hundreds of voters heard speakers call for a democracy, where every vote counts and every vote is counted.

Audio: Speakers -- Palast, Fitrakis, Arnebeck
Also: Judge gives green light for Ohio recount

Re-Vote, Not Recount, in Ohio

The election in Ohio stinks. But a recount probably won't do much good in three counties that have suspicious numbers -- Franklin, Mahoning, and Warren. We have votes in three important counties that may have been lost forever.

However, we have numerous reports of civil rights violations and voter suppression throughout the state. With all these anomalies that may be uncorrectable through a recount, the only logical solution is to conduct a re-vote throughout the entire state using paper ballots.
Something's fishy in Ohio


The vote in Ohio decided the presidential race, but it was marred by intolerable, and often partisan, irregularities and discrepancies.

In one of dozens of examples, Ellen Connally, an African-American candidate running an underfunded race for Cheif Justice at the bottom of the ticket, received over 257,000 more votes than Kerry in 37 counties. She ran better than Kerry where she wasn't known than she did where she was known and did campaign.

It's 3 weeks after the election, and Ohio still hasn't counted the votes and certified the election. There should be a federal investigation of the vote count, with the partisan secretary of state removing himself from the scene.

In Cleveland As in Kiev  Jesse Jackson

Copulation Control
 2004.  How America Got Screwed.  3 November, 2004
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."
--Joseph Stalin

 Audio Report
' Copulation Control '

Listen to

or Dwnld

Copulation Control is they means by which the U.S. political elite copulates with the electorate.

As with any copulation, this is usually preceeded by some sort of seduction. Which is where John Kerry comes in. Rattles Bones. And goes out again. With hardly a murmur....

When the electorate, particularly the valliant defenders of the Democratic Tradition, woke up on Wednesday, 3rd Nov., it was to realize that they were missing their underwear.

They have groggy recollections of a late night out on the town, on Tuesday night. And their missing political underwear surely gives a clue to what happened last night.

(Clues picked up already by some on the popular Democratic Underground forum.)

Last night, despite only dim recollections, they must have been screwed. Well and truly. It must have been exciting... at the time.

A sudden slew of critical late, late night results --for a sleppy electorate. And it's all over. The long queues a phantasm of memory. The turnout... didn't turn out as expected.

Every vote counts. But, hey! Who's counting? Not Dean, so smoothly to Kerry. So soft the wash of dissent, guided to fall silently on the rocky shores of electronic hardware. So virtual, Democracy. So long.

"Follow me," said the Kerry Piper. To an election with No Exit.

That's Copulation Control. 2004.
(Like 2000 -only Ohio)

13,704 - The Magic Number
The figure to which G.W.'s existing lead of 136,483 votes
in Ohio must be reduced --in order to trigger a mandatory
statewide hand recount ! There are 155,357 provisionals
and 92,672 "spoiled" ballots yet to be counted. More

More: Electoral Security Project >>   Also >> 

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Kerry Intervenes in Green/Lib
Ohio Election Recount Lawsuit

Attorneys representing the Kerry-Edwards campaign have filed papers in defense of Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik, who are seeking a recount of all votes in Ohio and who are also currently seeking recounts in New Mexico and Nevada.
Bev Declares War on Florida Vote Fraud

Harris Gatecrashes Election
Supervisors Meeting in Florida

Black Box Voting has
filed a lawsuit citing Palm Beach County for failure to comply with a public records request.

Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson made a back entrance surprise visit to Florida Election Supervisors meeting.

Harris went onto the podium. "I know I'm interrupting, " she said. "This will only take a minute." She turned to Palm Beach's LaPore, "Since we can't get your attention any other way, I'm serving you with this lawsuit."

Dems Pocket $52 Million, CNN Ignores Evidence, and Officials Stonewall...
What Vote Fraud?
  by Bev Harris, BlackBoxVoting

We saw Ukrainian presidential election coverage on CNN last night. It was surreal They were saying that in the Ukraine elections aren't transparent. 'Scuse me?

This, after CNN said they weren't interested in filming 59 orange-tagged records from Volusia, Florida showing that our elections have not been at all transparent, and are missing one-third of the key documents entirely. Psst. Don't look here. Look there.

The screen shots of the networked  (!) Volusia County GEMS server alone, along with the logs showing attempts to access it remotely, should have hit the national press.

We intereviewed poll workers. On camera. Showed them the poll tapes we were given by Volusia County. To a person, they said, with great concern, "That is NOT what we submitted to the county."

And don't forget that in Volusia, poll workers were told to bring their memory cards and poll tapes off to 'drop offs' or 'depots', and it was there that the modem-ing occurred. We have no information whatsoever on who was in those depots, or what they were doing, or what equipment was there.

Meahwhile a completely irresponsible Kerry Campaign holds on to a $52 million litigation war chest accumulated from citizen donations for that purpose. ...Continues
Thugs, Racketeers
Count American Votes

A little-known election company called Sequoia Pacific, which put the current U.S. "regime" in power four years ago, is again at the center of controversy... for the second Presidential election in a row.
Internet Abuzz with Election
Conspiracy Theories

More than two weeks after Sen. John Kerry conceded defeat and urged national unity, the Internet is still ablaze with accusations and theories about alleged voting irregularities, rigged equipment, machines that counted backward or stopped counting, and all manner of mishap from incompetence to corruption and outright fraud.

Liberals, the election is over, live with it

Group wants probe into fraud in Duluth and several states

Indiana, ES&S and One Ungodly Mess!

ES&S Employee found on Auglaize County, OH Computer! Just weeks before election! County had 4th highest Bush vote percentage in the state!

10,000 Extra Votes Added in Nebraska County!
Another ES&S computer "failure".

  • 50,000 Votes LOST in LaPorte County, IN County!
    Another ES&S "failure" in a heavily Democratic county.

  • Additionally, reports of yet another Indiana county where Congressional results are in doubt --due to revelations from nearby Franklin County where a recount was held after the op-scan counted Democratic votes as Libertarian votes!

    See: Election Worker Refuses to Lie for ES&S

    Also stunning reports 1 2 3 of illegally installed
    software in April '04 add to already-horrific mess!

    See: Wish TV Investigates Vote Fraud
    Bush Swing Was
    260,000 'Ghost'
    Votes in Florida
    --from eVoting Machines

    A study by Prof Michael Hout and colleagues at Berkeley Univ. says that irregularities associated with electronic voting machines may have swung 260,000 excess votes to George Bush in Florida.

    Counties with electronic voting machines were significantly more likely to show increases in support for President Bush between 2000 and 2004 compared to counties with paper ballots.
    Was It Hacked?

    Despite mainstream media attempts to kill the story, talk radio and the Internet are abuzz with suggestions that John Kerry was elected president on Nov. 2 --but Republican election officials made it difficult for millions of Democrats to vote while employees of four secretive, GOP-bankrolled corporations rigged electronic voting machines and then hacked central tabulating computers to steal the election.
    Bev Harris:
    First Breakthru in Florida !

    Dueling lawyers, election officials gnashing teeth, film crew catching it all.

    This is it folks...the first crack in Florida.

    After a day of furious auditing Bev, Andy and Kathleen of Black Box Voting have uncovered discrepant results in Volusia county. Their attorny has LOCKED DOWN all poll tapes, memory cartridges and the GEMS central tabulator.

    The discrepant results were concentrated in mainly minority areas. They are currently going through trash obtained early this morning via an FOIA request. At one point they were threatened with arrest but avoided it narrowly. Full Story

    The Big Fix, 2004
    PART 1 -By Daniel Hopsicker

    Executives and owners of the two largest electronic voting companies, E S & S and Sequoia Pacific, have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states, and until recently ---also accused of bribing the Prime Minister of Ireland.

    While the name Dr. Michael Smurfit is not well-known to Americans, his company manufactures the software used to compile more than two-thirds of the nation's electronically-counted votes.

    Perhaps this may help explain why, for the second Presidential election in a row, a Democratic bandwagon was derailed early on Election Night by an unusual television appearance by the Bush Family, after exit polls showed them losing in key battleground states.
    Where There's Smoke...
    ...Sometimes There's Just Smoke

    Jeff Fisher's story was and is compelling at first blush, though spare in key details. He writes at varying coherency about mysterious meetings in parking lots, a conspiracy to hack the vote from a computer lab at the Bay Point School for delinquent boys in Florida, wiretaps, computer professors and informants who feared for their own life. Wild stuff.

    See also: Restoring Trust in the Vote
    See also: Debunking the CyberNet junk

    Broward County Hit by Recount Suit

    South Florida opponents of slot machines have filed a lawsuit seeking a recount of 78,000 absentee ballots cast in Broward County on Amendment 4 in the Nov. 2 election. The votes were "discovered" late on election night after a claimed glitch in computers. About 94% percent of the new votes turned out to be "yes" and 6 percent "no." State Rep. Randy Johnson, chairman of No Casinos, says: "It's bizarre. It's easy to build the case for a conspiracy."

    Florida hit by "Perfect storm" for gambling interests
    Slot Machines Absentees 9-to-1 in favor
    Machine error caused slots vote problem
    Slots win in late surge

    Fighting the slots Goliath
    Absentees were expected oppose gambling
    Jeb Bush covers ass - At last minute opposes slots
    Google Censors VoteFraud Stories

    Search engine, Google is ignoring thousands of news stories which are in its news database --all about the alleged theft of the U.S. presidential election. Google : Working hard to preserve the Status Quo.
        Full story
    Conservative Lawyer Backs VoteFraud. Says Kerry & Gore threw last two elections !
    ---A MUST READ---

    We've Been
    by Edgar J. Steele

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Look -the people apparently disenfranchised this time around primarily are those with whom I generally disagree, but the fundamental unfairness of what has taken place offends me, not to mention the path down which America now treads.

    If this is what it means to be conservative today, I want to be liberal ..Read
    " I think Kerry actually won the election and allowed
    Bush to steal it. In retrospect, it appears to me that
    Al Gore did the same thing." - Edgar J Steele

    MSNBC on Votefraud
    Did Your Vote Count?

    Show Audio -mp3 

    MSNBC Countdown last night examined VoteFraud. Keith Olberman spotlighted problems with the vote in Ohio, and in 29 Florida counties which had overwhelmingly voted for Bush.
    Email the show your support

    Video  Media Player
    Election Frauds
    and Fictions

    No Mandate,
    Maybe No Election,
    Why No Attention?

    In one Ohio precinct, Bush got 4,258 votes, when only 638 ballots were cast. Was this an isolated anomaly, or the tip of a very ugly iceberg? And why are the media --and John Kerry-- seemingly so indifferent to the answer?
    Broward County is Screwed

    Am I working on a conspiracy theory that Republican operatives stole the ballots? You bet.

    In Broward County, it's never stupid to theorize that the worst has happened. Remember that we're talking about anything up to 58,000 ballots. Literally tons of them. Kind of hard to lose, if you think about it. Whether it was caused by cluelessness or criminal minds, Broward needs the truth. And it's going to take more than a Jeb Bush brushoff to get it.
    "Those who cast
    the votes decide nothing. Those
    who count the
    votes decide   everything"
    Joe Stalin
    Purple America:
    No Red and Blue Lies

    For Kerry supporters, the most awful sight of the night of November 2nd, 2004
    was to watch a red Republican tide sweep across the election result maps on
    network TV. By early next morning, America's hue seemed as bloody as it's
    foreign war in Iraq. But, those maps --like the rest of Bush's "victory"--
    were just an illusion. Purple America tells a different tale. Read on

    I Do Not Concede
      by Miriam Axel-Lute

    Kerry, man, what happened? What
    happened to the promised armies of
    lawyers, planes waiting to take them
    where they’re most needed, etc. etc.?

    Tens of thousands of wrongly purged voters; 60,000 absentee ballots not mailed just from Broward County alone; hours-long lines in Ohio; voting machines in Florida and Texas telling people they’d voted for Bush when they hadn’t; hackable electronic-voting machines providing
    no paper trail or way to verify your vote, built
    by Republican
    donors who won’t reveal their code; exit polls suspiciously different from election totals. And the list goes on and on and on. ...more


    Mirror of Democratic Underground Post
    Exit Poll Nevada
    Kerry by 1.2%. Actual: 1.3%
    Nevada has paper ballot receipts evoting system.
    Kerry Won: Here's the Facts

    I know you can't face one more hung chad. But as a journalist it's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry. Most voters in Ohio thought they were voting for Kerry. CNN's exit poll showed Kerry beating Bush among Ohio women by 53% to 47% percent. Same with Ohio's male voters: 51% to 49%. Unless a third gender voted in Ohio, Kerry took the state. So what's going on here? Answer: the exit polls are accurate. ...more

    Exit polls in eVoting states
    don't match "swing" to Bush
    GOP Hijacks Broward County
    --with help from top Democrat

    None of this makes sense. In Broward, Democrats outnumber Republicans almost two-to-one. Why would the Dem's County Commission buy voting machines with no paper trail? And how did Brenda Snipes, surrounded by rabid GOP opportunists, come to be Supervisor of Elections?

    Jeb installed her after the Democratic leadership chased out Miriam Oliphant. Ironically, after she had urged the county to buy a vote scanner system, which allows for a paper trail.

    An Election Spoiled Rotten

    The Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes. That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voters have been systematically removed from the rolls and absentee ballots in minority areas have been overlooked. Kerry begins with a nationwide deficit easily over one million votes.

                    Graphs Analysis         Florida Voting Table


    Voting Machine Story Link Collection: A new, complete collection of articles and resources on this subject is available at the Commonweal Institute.

    My "What's Wrong with this Picture?", Seeing the Forest

    Who makes the vote-counting machines?

    "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"

    To Register Doubts, Press Here, New York Times, May 15, 2003

    New Voting Systems Assailed - Computer Experts Cite Fraud Potential, The Washington Post, March 27, 2003

    Black Box Voting - Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century - a website dedicated to this issue.

    Electronic Voting - Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D. - contains many links to websites and stories about this issue.

    Diebold - The face of modern ballot tampering

    American Coup: Mid-Term Election Polls vs Actuals

    Atrios on right-wing Christian Reconstructionists buying voting machine companies

    Voter Fraud 2002: Death Stalks America's Democracy (Includes a collection of links.)

    Computerized Balloting is Taking Over Elections In Maryland--But Can We Trust the Results?

    The Nightmare Scenario Is Here - Computer Voting With No Paper Trail


    Can we trust the vote count anywhere? In any race? In any election?

    Hagel’s ethics filings pose disclosure issue

    Republican Manufactured Voting Machines Involved in Election Fraud

    Votescam: The Stealing of America

    Electronic voting system an invitation to trouble

    Votescam in the Electronic Age

    How to Rig a Touch Screen Voting Machine

    HOW SAFE ARE OUR VOTING MACHINES? - Rage Against the Machine

    The Real Scandal Is the Voting Machines Themselves

    Area Democrats say early votes miscounted, Court hearing delayed as meeting planned on touch-screen problems

    Vote Fraud in America

    Lynn Landes' analysis of the 2002 Elections

    Voter News Service: What Went Wrong?,3668,a=35729,00.asp
    and Sideshow's essay linking to this.

    Voting machines must provide a voter-verifiable audit trail
    - David Dill's website about voter-verified audit trails and the recent hearings in Santa Clara County, CA. - with links to to other sites on the voting machine issue.

    Computer ballot outfit perverts Senate race, theorist says. At The Register. Also read the reply.

    Paranoid party rights in The Guardian.,3604,893701,00.html

    Commonweal Institute's Uncommon Denominator: "new computerized voting machines are vulnerable to tampering."

    Voting Machines: Vote Tampering in the 21st Century (NOT the same site as "Black Box Voting - Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century")

    Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project

    If voters get a record of their ballot, they can check on the system.

    A San Jose Mercury News editorial today acknowledged the voting machines problem. 2/21/03Board faces key decision on voting by computer - POTENTIAL FOR FRAUD WORRIES SUPERVISORS -- The San Jose Mercury News front page story, 2/24/03

    * Great resource!* - The Election Reform Information Project

    Paperless Voting Machines Under Fire - Newsday, Feb. 25, 2003,0,3405763.story?co...

    Election Guardians

    ** Key Story -- Scientists question electronic voting, SF Chronicle, March 3, 2003

    Voting Technology, California Voter Foundation

    Computer-Related Elections, Peter Neumann

    Which Corporation Owns Your Vote over at AlterNet.

    Election Fraud & Voting Machines - You can't vote them out if you never voted them in. Cronus Connection

    Source: Silicon Investor


         by Kathy McMahon
       Tue 13 Dec

    Jesse Jackson's Son Stopped, Frisked By Chicago Cops

    Ohio Vote Fraud Activist
    - followed, run off road

    Challenge asks Ohio's
    top court to review vote

    Strange and suspicious
    acts by Ken Blackwell

    130,656 Votes Stolen
    from Kerry, says complaint

    Prize-winning writer
    probed CIA drugs link

    Ohio Election

    Election Suit Filed in
    Ohio Supreme Ct.

    Kerry wants visual check
    on Ohio ballots
    and fairer recount precints  google

    Kerry Gets "Hands On"
    with Recount Letter to
    Ohio Counties

    DNC launches Ohio probe

    'Must be Skull & Bones'
    --Arnebeck slams Kerry

    Ohio Records Lockdown to Stop Scrutiny   Also

    Ohio's 62.000 Absentee Ballots in New Doubts

    Greens/Libs request Recount In N.Mexico

    Will Kerry fund
    real Ohio probe?

    Tom Flocco

    Protest Urges Ohio Delay

    Affidavit Sworn on
    Ohio Vote Fraud

    Richard Hayes Phillips

    Bloggers Query Freeeman Exit Poll analysis   Also

    Zogby stands by forecast

    W.S. Journal's Reassuring
    Lies on the Ohio Recount

    Wash Post article shows
    when exit polls "fixed"

    Doubts over group offering $200k vote fraud reward

    What Jesse said to John Conyers Keith Olberman

    Bush Replaces Key Civil
    Rights Comm. Leaders

    With Odds of 40 Bln to 1, Random Voe Errors Fall
    84 out of 89 to Bush

    A History

    Wiliam Rivers Pitt

    Independent party
    candidates begin
    recount requests

    Ohio Recount: Reluctant Officials and Few Rules

    We're not racists,
    Mr. Arnebeck

    Conyers Wants Raw
    Exit Poll Data

    Rep Anti-Gambling Group
    Withdraws Fla. Recount

    Ohio Voter's Tales
    Point to Needed Change

    Cut in number of Ohio precincts slowed voting

    Jackson, Conyers, Hold Congressional Forum
    in Columbus, Ohio Monday

    Wash Post article
    shows when exit
    polls were "fixed"

    Doubts dog U.S. presidential results
    AP covers votefraud : )

    AP Story: 'Election Doubts' Breaking Nationwide

    WSJ's Reassuring Lies

    Lincon County Dems
    want vote investigation

    Zogby stands by forecast

    ex-Congressman Jailed
    in Blackwell Vote Protest

    Is Cobb on a Con Game?
    Counterpunch hit piece

    Doubts over group offering $200k vote fraud reward

    What Jesse said to John Conyers Keith Olberman

    Bush Replaces Key Civil
    Rights Comm. Leaders

    With Odds of 40 Bln to 1, Random Voe Errors Fall
    84 out of 89 to Bush

    In Cleveland
    As in Kiev

    Jesse Jackson

    Kerry clings to hopes
    of recount victory

    "Every vote will be counted, and we Democrats aren't afraid to fight to protect voters' rights," said Kerry spokesman David Wade on Tuesday. A Kerry victory in Ohio would be enough to seize the White House.

    In another signal a note was posted on the campaign website yesterday that called on supporters to contribute to the Kerry-Edwards 2004 General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance Fund.

    Jessee Jackson to call for election investigation

    Did Dubbya rig the election?

    Exit Polls Still a Puzzle

    Rights group sues in Florida over election results

    U.S. Election commission: Voting problems widespread

    Top PACs Favored GOP Candidates by 10-1 margin

    Bush 'victory" beat odds
    of 4.5 BILLION to ONE

    Kerry’s Kingmaker Play

    Big Media's Democracy Double Standards

    American Fascism

    New Ohio voter tales feed floodtide of doubt about Repub election manipulation

    Updated: Unexplained
    Exit Poll Discrepancy: Part I

    TV is our Enemy

    2004 A Left Gatekeeper
    Republican Conspiracy!

    VoteFraud DisInfo Alerts:

    Masden's BS Rumor

    The CyberNet Distraction

    NY Times Hypocrisy

    Wash Post Lip Service

    Bev Harris Vs Disinfo

    Florida Officials Using Delaying Tactics to Block Recount Moves

    Florida Lawsuit Cites
    Evidence of Attempts
    to Hack Vote Tabulator

    Be a Fighting Democrat

    FBI Agents Raid Dems

    Bev Harris on CNN

    Incredible Coincidences?

    Zogby Vs. Mitofsky  Also

    VoteFraud Moonshine

    Kerry Campaign Slick PR?

    GAO To Investigate
    USA 2004 Election

    VoteFraud Activists
    Sue Volusia County

    US Urges Ukraine Not to Release Election Results
    "The United States is deeply disturbed by extensive and credible indications of fraud committed in the Ukrainian presidential election"

    No Ohio Recount Until
    Dec. 6th says Judge

    Scoop: American Coup II

    Get Ready for the Spin

    Kerry defeat spawns
    thoughts of conspiracy

    Republican Slams
    Election over Exit Polls

    Cleveland OH
    data weirdness

    Cuyahoga ballots invalid

    Whole World Is Watching!

    Prof. Steven Freeman
    Exit Poll Update

    Widespread Election
    Fraud in Cleveland?

    Dean for DNC Chair?

    The Ohio Recount

    Hack The Vote FAQ

    Year Democracy Ended

    Privatizing, Monopolizing, & Politicizing Voting --The List

    No Keith,
    here's the reality:

    If Blackwell delays the recount past Dec. 13, no argument will persuade one single Republican to risk his life by voting against Bush.

    VoteFraud: You may
    remove your tinfoil hat

    How the Ohio election
    was rigged for Bush

    Recount Ohio? Go Look

    We got Watergate here

    Saving Your Right to Vote

    Massaging the
    Inconsistent Exit Polls

    Democracy in Question
    "Something is definitely wrong," -- John Zogby, of polling firm Zogby Intl.

    Give no quarter to voter
    fraud and suppression

    "The catcalls are meant
    to divert the people from pursuing electoral justice."

    2004 Exit Poll "Red Shift"

    Vote Watch 2004

    2004 Election Theft

    An Evidence Log of
    Possible Election Fraud


    Let’s Get Real
    How better to commit the perfect crime than to insist it never happened? Bush & Co’s theft of the election was a crime so obvious that it requires more effort to deny than to affirm. This rip-off was as flagrant as the L.A. cops’ assault on Rodney King, and yet is dismissed as delusion.

    Could one hacker
    alter an entire election?

    How to Hack the Vote:
    the Short Version

    Computers Threw
    the Vote to Bush

    Stolen election of 2004: Welcome back to Hell

    Exit versus Final Results

    'Stinking Evidence'
    of Vote Fraud in Florida

    Is in denial?

    Blackout on Berkeley

    Bev Harris wants
    Volusia vote tallies

    More Indiana Counties
    Report E-Vote Errors

    Ohio Democrats ignore
    Kerry Concession to
    begin fight over ballots

    Just In: Bush 200k+
    extra votes in Florida?

    Just In: Olberman

    Iraqis to boycott
    'fake' elections

    Bev Harris group demands Volusia vote tallies

    Ohio Democrats ignore
    Kerry Concession to
    begin fight over ballots

    Stolen Election Update

    More Indiana Counties
    Report E-Vote Errors

    Was It Hacked?

    Lawsuit In Broward

    Ohio recount: From
    Conspiracy to Reality

    $100,000 Reward for Finding the Ohio Fraud

    VoteFraud's Mr. Big
    in Smoking Gun Find

    Kerry Lawyer: I was
    an accessory to fraud.

    Dems in on conspiracy?

    USA Tired of Democracy?

    Can't fool computer geeks

    Voting Problems Hit Media

    NYC Indymedia Censors

    Yahoo VoteFraud Forum   

    Bush Threatens to Nuke
    America if VoteFraud
    is Challenged

    Millions of Americans
    Think Kerry Won

    Democrats win in court

    250 Milion to One
    Bush's Victory Odds

    Kerry Won Ohio Palast

    NC Election:
    Clear Case for Fraud

    Two N.C. Races Held
    Up by Voting Problems

    Dear GW, by Bob Jones

    Rumors of irregularities
    fuel debate on election

    Mainstream Whitewash

    Democrats Sue Over Ballots
    in Wash. Governor Race

    5 Things You Can
    Do Right Now to
    Reclaim Democracy

    by Bev Harris

    Bush's 'Incredible'
    Vote Tallies

    MSNBC's Olbermann :
    Did Your Vote Count?

    Media Black Out on
    Vote Fraud Allegations

    No Blackout - says Media

    Computer glitch
    still baffles county clerk

    Countinghouse Blues
    --Too many votes


    Fla slot machines issue
    --Absentees 9-1 in favor

    More votes than voters

    Kerry Margins: Paper
    and Non-paper ballot

    The Speech Which
    Kerry Never Gave

    November 2 :
    Exit Poll Scam

    Kerry Margins: Paper-ballot and Non-paper ballot states

    Bush's 8 Mil New Votes?

    Florida Slot Machines Absentee votes went
    9-to-1 in favor

    Absentee ballots expected
    to tip scales against gambling

    Machine error caused
    slots vote problem

    Florida hit by "Perfect storm" for gambling interests

    Slots win in late surge

    Fighting the slots Goliath

    Jeb Bush opposes slots

    Never Say Die-bold

    John Kerry lied

    Why Kerry Conceded

    Democratic Party Blog :
    Florida rigged scanners

    "Now comes
    the Revolution"

    Vote Hacked:
    Evidence Mounts

    House Dems Seek
    Election Inquiry

    PR Gesture Only

    Was Ohio Honest and Fair?
    Nothing about other States

    Hello: You are now
    living in a fascist empire

    Pushing the 'Peak Oil' Con

    The Stolen Election
    More Peak Oil propaganda

    TruVote's fate may be
    clearer by Election Day 04

    TruVote sitting on
    sideline for election

    Two companies count
    80% of U.S. election

    Nader's N.H. election
    recount bid is invalid

    OSCE Election Observers
    are another NWO facade

    Massive Voter Suppression and Corruption in Ohio

    Exit Polls Vs Actuals

    Have the people really
    spoken at the polls?

    eVote Fraud : Brief History

    Broward counts backward

    Resistance Will Continue

    Power Conceded Nothing

    Clear Tampering by
    CNN with exit polls

    N York

    Outrage in Ohio

    We Declare Victory

    Who Voted for W?

    57 Arrests in SF Protest

    Diebold to Patent "+1"

    Bush up 712% Liberty FL

    Polarized by the Powerful

    Votes Miscast on E-Voting Machines Nationwide

    Mysterious 5% Advantage


    E-voting irregularities raise eyebrows, blood pressure

    Landslide -said Zogby
    Kerry 311 Bush 213

    Story Pulled by Zogby

    Mirror Election Fraud
    Networks Alter Exit Polls

    What record turnout???

    Virtual Despotism

    Votefraud + votefraud

    Voting without auditing

    Demystifying the Exit Polls

    2 Nov Zogby Poll:
    Bush 49.4%
    Kerry 49.1%

    Dirty Tricks In
    Ohio & More

    Bush Wins Florida
    Kerry Looks to Ohio

    Now it's Kerry's Turn
    to Thread the Needle

    Early voting indicates
    strong election turnout

    Early Warning for Bush

    Nader got undecideds

    Net beats Mainstream
    to call it for Kerry

    Networks Win Right
    to Ohio Exit Polls

    Florida Update  Voting 

    Court OK's Ohio challenges

    Vote problems start early

    Florida vital for Bush

    Anti-Gay Alan Keyes
    Finally Going Down

    Long Lineups the Norm

    Judge Backs Dashle

    Ohio: Fight to the Finish

    Updated Exit Polls
    Still Say Kerry

    Florida Kerry 51 Bush 49
    Ohio Kerry 51 Bush 49
    Penn Kerry 53 Bush 46
    Wiscn Kerry 51 Bush 48
    Mich Kerry 52 Bush 46
    Minn Kerry 52 Bush 46
    Nevada Kerry 49 Bush 48
    N Mex Kerry 50 Bush 48
    N Hamp Kerry 54 Bush 44
    Iowa Kerry 50 Bush 49
    NYC Kerry 62 Bush 36
    N Jsy Kerry 54 Bush 44

    Arks Kerry 45 Bush 54
    Miso Kerry 47 Bush 52
    N Carl Kerry 49 Bush 51
    Colo Kerry 49 Bush 50
    W Vir Kerry 45 Bush 54

    AP --Sole Election Source

    Huge Election Turnout

    Hackers target e-voting

    GOP keeps minorities
    from voting --Jessee J.

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