Moore Interviewed Berg
Berg On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List
Western Voice on Berg Tape
Berg chair seen in Abu Ghraib photos

Iraqatrix: The S&M PsyOp
Torture psyop ends in Passion of Nick

by Fintan Dunne, Editor
18th May, 2004 10pmET

                                     By now, you must know the Nick Berg beheading video was some kind of fake or scam. How could you not know? The Internet is abuzz with details of a host of video anomalies.

Face it. You have just been PsyOped. Brutally. Shrewdly.

The Berg video was part of a PsyOp which has escalated in recent months. The aim is to traumatize you with images of brutal abuse --to foster a facsist social mindset in support of the so-called War on Terror.

The alternative media in the US is fumbling to put it's finger on why it all seems so wierd. But the crafted misdirection that the abuse photos were 'revealed' by a CBS investigation, cleverly covers the reality that the photos were designed from the beginning for public release.

The latest Psyop peak featured the beheading of a victim in a orange jumpsuit. That's where this PsyOp began: with the orange jumpsuits of Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

As was the case in Abu Ghraib, the abuse in Guantanamo was also filmed, and some photos of abuse were actually published in 2002. That was no leak. Those photos were deliberately released. As were the abuse photos from Abu Ghraib deliberately released.

Any blowback to the reputation of the USA is well compensated by the intimidation of internal and external opponents of the US War Party --which the PsyOp is designed to ensure.

Not to mention that the very real and now very public abuse of Iraqi prisoners recruits more rebel cannon fodder. Angry pawns whose suicial response will help turn Iraq into Palestine. The abuse scandal is the US equivalent of Ariel Sharon's provocative assassinations and Gaza onslaughts.

The Israel-Palestine dynamic is the model for US strategic aims in Iraq.

They started out with abuse of Al- Queda 'suspects' in Guantanamo Bay. If you saw photos of chained, blindfolded prisoners in Guantanamo, you already got the velvet glove component of the intimidation message.

With the beheading of Nick Berg, the gloves came off. The Guantanamo-clad victim, Nick Berg turned out to be one of YOU. One of you college intellectuals. One of you humanitarians. One of you middle-class liberals.

One of you anti-war movement types. One of you resistors of civil liberty theft by Patriot Act.

From Guantanamo to Berg has been one massive PsyOp to ensure you get the message that resistance is useless and downright dangerous.

Don't be fooled by the words around the images. It's the images which matter. You see, it's your subliminal consciousness at which all this is aimed. The images depict a brutal authority.

The beheading images also send your subconscious a message that you should loose your head. Live in the body instead. The world of emotion. The home of the rage which the next elements of the PsyOp will trigger.

Come to think of it, the Abu Ghraib prisoners had no heads either, now did they? Most of them were hooded. You saw those images too, didn't you?

Which indicates that the beheading of Nick Berg was in the plan from the beginning.

From the time back before 9/11 when Nick Berg was deliberately linked peripherally to suspected hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui. That's the same MO used in the peripheral linking of Lee Harvey Oswald to a whole raft of murky connections. It muddies the waters.

That's how far back the planning goes. Berg looks like a groomed patsy with both real and red herring intell connections.

All this did not start when the torture and abuse scandal broke. The weeks before were full of something now very familiar. They were full of torture and abuse. Remember?

It was called the Passion of Christ. It was blood-drenched, wall to wall, non-stop, technicolor abuse and torture. Sort of set the scene didn't it?

Then we moved on to the torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib. Before we climaxed with the beheading of the Christ figure. The lamb unto the slaughter. You.

Someone is messing with your Judeo-Christian mind.

You have been swimming in a media sea of manipulation. A sea of well-funded, well-planned, ruthless PsyOp - the indespensible enabling tool of modern warfare.

You better wake up to the implications. You better watch what you let into your mind.

The theme is a descent into the body. The loss of the 'head' is the loss of intellect leading to the triumph of emotion. The PsyOp is analagous to the burning of books and the killing of intellectuals which are classic precursors of the rise of fascism.

Yet no books have been burned. Apart from Berg, no intellectuals killed. It's all effectively done with PsyOps.

The overlay is kinky sexual humiliation. The overlay is like some twisted wartime porn movie. We even had some war porn mixed into Abu Ghraib abuse scenes to emphasize the point.

When cultural fantasy S&M meets very real and horrific war --you better watch out for the synergy. It's lethal.

In a wartime context this evokes the mood and tone of the movie "Cabaret," starring Lisa Minelli. It's virtually a cliché that the iconography and subtext of S&M is culturally rooted in Nazi imagery.

We are in an agenda of induced depravity.

It's a virtual certainty that the entry of S&M into the mainstream culture in recent years, was greased by the people behind this PsyOp.

Now this is payoff time --as a 'socially acceptable' S&M veneer smooths the social mindset for blatant fascism.

Welcome to the New World Order.

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Iraqatrix: It's Leather War!
Berg's A Big Hit in the S&M Theater

by Fintan Dunne, Editor
18th May, 2004 3amET

                                     You know a movie has truly grabbed the mass consciousness, when the question invigorating coffee houses, bars and most dinner tables is: What did you think of Iraqatrix?

I don't know how you feel, but I thought the ending of New World Order's (NWO) latest blockbuster was a little gory and not very believable. Set in modern Iraq during the current conflict, it's a rather predictable movie about torture, psyops and covert action.

However, the sex scenes were racily kinky and the imagery was savage and relentless. From the moment the action kicked off with an opening shot of charred human remains hung from a bridge, through the to the decapitation climax, it grabbed and mostly never let go.

Apart, that is from a boring sub-plot about Washington lawmakers coming out of hibernation for the cliché courtroom drama bit. We all knew that somehow the Rummy guy would get off, but how? The surprise twist of the bad guys beheading their own CIA agent was worthy of the Coen brothers and made for a terrific ending.


14th May 1pmET

Fintan Dunne
live interview
with Alex Jones
on InfoWars Show
discussing the latest
on Nick Berg case
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14th May 9amET

Fintan Dunne
live interview
Ken & Company
KABC Los Angles
discussing the latest
on Nick Berg case

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Duration 7 mins

Since Iraqatrix opened worldwide on March 31st, 2004 it's been a runaway international success.

Maybe the corporal abuse angle was why Middle Eastern audiences lapped up the movie. Across Iraq, audiences were riveted, scarcely believing their eyes as the drama unfolded with a staged prison abuse scandal.

Meanwhile, US audiences primed by NWO's The Passion and hungry for some more self-flagellation, were equally bowled over.

Americans generally wouldn't take to what you could call a snuff movie with an S&M theme. But the Iraqatrix marketing team borrowed from the Blair Witch Project innovation. They released the movie stills from the sex scenes as if the photos had been leaked for real.

That got the Internet buzz going. Then the mainstream jumped aboard and next thing, before you knew it, we had a hit on our hands --and Nick Berg was a household name.

Movie industry analyst, Bill Payerz says the secret to New World Order's success is their strategic placement of movies in sequence.

"The Passion looks like a completely different movie, but thematically it was all about bodily abuse and torture," notes Payerz.

"Iraqatrix allowed NWO to take a second bite out of the same market --having already built themes with the Gibson movie which ensured the success of the follow-up."

For the movie's previously unknown stars, Nick Berg and Lynndie England, the world- wide attention has come as a surprise. Nick wasn't even sure he wanted to be actor in the first place.

was talent spotted a few years ago by an agency," says Berg. "And I got a few bit parts before landing Iraqatrix. But I'm stunned how it has all turned out. I thought it was to be a much more modest production."

Co-star Lyndie England --who is not even a professional actress-- is coyly downplaying her abilities, and credits director Bill Zebub with her stunning debut preformance.

"I just showed up on the set, read the lines and did what I was told," she demurs laughingly. "Bill is a very clever director and he knew exactly what he was trying to achieve. I just went along with it all."

Her refreshing candour sounds more than just a starlet's cynical fake praise. By the way, rumor has it that she and John Milops --who plays her boyfriend in the movie-- had more than just a professional relationship on the set.

With Iraqatrix having hansomely rewarded investors and continuing to do good box office --weeks after launch, NWO and director Bill Zebub are considering releasing more stills as part of a push for the sequel: Iraqatrix II.

And movie house New World Order have given Zebub a blank cheque for future projects, say inside sources. They can afford to, after a string of runaway hits has left their balance sheet drenched in black ink.

From their first mega hit, the legendary fall 2001 production: Wag the WTC; to the reality-drama 2003 success of Embedded: Shock & Awe; to the recent Christmas comedy Saddamplicity double feature; it's all been a goldmine for NWO and their associated defense industry arm, the giant MilliPlex Inc.

The synergy between Milliplex and NWO goes a good way to explaining their early successes. NWO's movie budgets are kept down because they are able to use MilliPlex's troops, munitions and theater suport.

While, Milliplex sees the movies as helping to condition US attitudes, to help form a brand image for it's Guantanamo division, to lead world opinion by the nose and hopefully to generate the kind of profit margins which only frenzied international conflict can produce.

It's a winning combination. But with competitors around the world eager to pre-empt or copy that success, no wonder the next NWO blockbuster is shrouded in secrecy.

Don't say you heard it from me, but it stars Arnie Z. himself --in a big budget epic set in California, following a bioterror incident and an attack on the Golden Gate bridge.
Shooting is set to begin very soon.

The above article is a satirical onslaught on a simplistic view of what is going on in media and in the world. No disrespect is intended to those who suffered very real abuse as US prisoners, or to the real loss by the family of Nick Berg.
    Fintan Dunne,
    BreakForNews.com 18th May '04

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Update 1
Western Voice Heard On
Nick Berg Videotape

by Fintan Dunne, Editor
13th May, 2004 9pmET

   Western Voice--Berg Tape    
A faint Western voice can be heard twice in the final seconds of the infamous videotape of the beheading of Nick Berg. The voice may be saying "Thy Will Be Done."

Update 2
Berg's Execution Chair
Also Seen in Abu Ghraib

by Fintan Dunne, Editor
13th May, 2004 9pmET

In the latest startling development, the chair in which Nick Berg was seen seated prior to his death is exactly the same type of chair in which disgraced U.S. soldier Lynndie England was seen to sit.

The same chair featured in one of the infamous photos taken in Abu Ghraib prison, a researcher on the Internet has spotted. It shows Pfc. Lynndie England seated in a white plastic chair, with Army Spec. Charles A. Graner, Jr leaning over her.

The stackable, white plastic chair which Lynndie England is using seems to be a type of chair commonly used in Abu Ghraib prison. As this second photo clearly shows. It was published yesterday in an MSNBC article on the prison.

With this photo angle, you can see the chair is an open-backed style, with sloping arm supports.
Just an ironic coincidence?

Berg's Father and Firm
Were On A Right-Wing
'Enemies' List

by Fintan Dunne, Editor
BreakForNews.com EXCLUSIVE
Research by Kathy McMahon

12th May, 2004 10amET

The family firm of beheaded American Nick Berg, was named by a conservative website in a list of 'enemies' of the Iraq occupation. That could explain his arrest by Iraqi police --a detention which fatally delayed his planned return from Iraq and may have led directly to his death.

The official story of his gruesome murder has many dubious aspects, not least the real reason why Iraqi police detained the young man at a checkpoint. New research by BreakForNews has uncovered a plausible explanation.

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