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Polio Joins the
War on Terror  4 August, 2004
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

In case you hadn't heard, polio has joined George Bush's War on Terror. The disease is resurgent in the Muslim north of Nigeria, which currently has the largest polio outbreak in the world. Early last year Muslims in India were stricken. And polio is now a concern in the Darfur area of Muslim-run Sudan.

It's the first time a disease has shown such political bias.

The crisis has been a propaganda bonanza for those who wish to depict some Muslim administrations as throwbacks to a Dark Age.

Doubly so, because northern Nigerians had earlier this year refused to participate in a polio vaccination program, alleging the vaccines had contaminants which could interfere with female fertility.

Some say it was an American plot. Others dismiss this as a conspiracy theory and maintain the vaccines were safe. But Dr. Haruna Kaita of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, oversaw tests in India which clearly revealed contamination with toxins and estrogen.

Either way, international health agencies now describe northern Nigeria as a world epicenter of polio --a haven from which the disease is already spreading to threaten neighboring countries. They say the Muslim north of Nigeria is a pressing challenge to world health.

It's eerily reminiscent of Afghanistan.

The Taliban were accused of providing a safe haven for "terrorists" using bases there to threaten neighboring countries. The accusers said Afghanistan was a pressing challenge to world security.

And it's also reminiscent of Iraq.

Substitute "polio" for "terrorism" and you have the makings of a new propaganda slogan: "Northern Nigeria has Weapons of Mass Infection."

Here is the puzzle: if all this is tied to wartime demonization of the Muslim leaders of Northern Nigeria, why would polio be acting with such convenient timing and with its recent incidence growing at the fastest ever rate?

What on earth is really going on?


Surprisingly, the first clues are not found in Nigeria, but in wartime Nazi Germany and in a bygone medical controversy about polio --little heard outside the USA.

The most interesting clue is already well known to medicine: under the microscope, it's almost impossible to differentiate between tissue samples from polio victims and those from victims of DDT-type pesticide poisoning.

The medical histology is identical.

Organochlorine pesticides such as DDT and Lindane arose from research to develop toxic nerve gasses to kill or disable enemies. Just as the new generation organophosphates such as Malathion, were an offshoot of the Nazi war research project.

So it's hardly surprising that these pesticides derived from war weapons are toxic to the human nervous system. That's why their neurotoxic effects on humans are so clinically similar to polio.

Evidence from the USA shows that the great bulk of its polio cases were undiagnosed poisoning with pesticides like DDT. The astonishing evidence for this polio causation model has been unearthed in the USA by independent polio researcher Jim West.

He is already renowned for uncovering the driving force behind so-called West Nile virus in the USA. The prestigious Townsend Letter for Doctors (June, 2000) has featured West's groundbreaking analysis, showing that petrochemical pollution is the key disease vector.

Turning to polio, West has charted the U.S. domestic production of persistent pesticides such as DDT. Polio incidence peaked coincident with the peak in pesticide production. And the rise and fall of pesticide production closely matches the incidence of polio syndrome.

The polio "outbreak" eased sharply following US reforms to tackle DDT use in agricultural production. But, by then polio had already taken a heavy toll.

The chart shows how the incidence of various neurological diseases called polio, tracks the production of persistent pesticides such as DDT, BCH and older lead and arsenic pesticides. Source

Back in the early 1950's, some scientists had argued the case for a pesticide cause of polio --but they were sidelined and eventually refused publication.

Then the medical establishment of the time claimed the fall in the polio rate was due to the hastily introduced vaccination campaign --even though polio was already diminishing before vaccination began.

In one fell swoop the case for mass polio vaccination was established.

The DDT-polio issue could have been the 1950's equivalent of the modern era's "Big Tobacco" lawsuits. But DDT did not become infamous for what Dr. Morton Biskind, in the American Journal of Digestive Diseases, called the “most intensive campaign of mass poisoning in known human history."

Instead DDT became notorious for its effect on the environment. It was an emphasis convenient for the pharma-chemical industry. Birds cannot sue over DDT, whereas humans can.

The same dynamics arose again in the 1990's, when neurotoxic organophosphate insecticides triggered the mass outbreak of "Mad Cow" disease in Britain --following a government warble fly eradication campaign.

And so we come back to northern Nigeria and the polio vaccination controversy. In the light of the above information, can there be any certainty that a vaccination program will alleviate polio incidence in Nigeria?


Despite the above indications, we should be wary of implicating DDT in the current Nigerian outbreak. For example, another organochlorine pesticide could be involved. The pesticide Lindane(BCH) has a human toxicity even greater than DDT. Other similar compounds could be involved.

Of course medical orthodoxy claims science has isolated the polio virus and it is infectious, transmissive and known to cause polio. Fine.

Shall we then simply ignore DDT's neurotoxicity and its symptomatic and histological similarity to polio? Shall we simply ignore the DDT/Polio graph?

Or must we concede that at least some "polio" has a toxic origin? If so, we can find answers in toxicology --not in virology.

Before jumping to hasty conclusions, let's take stock of modern Western medicine.

There is now a disturbing scarcity of toxicologists in an era of toxic assault on health. Pardon the poor pun, but toxicology is medicine's palsied limb.

Probably because its diagnostic conclusions are highly actionable at law against the same pharma-chemical interests which escape scrutiny due to our toxicological incapacity.

And virology is medicine's 'Clever Hans'. This was the horse who could supposedly do math --tapping out correct answers to sums with his hoof.

In truth, Hans was just picking up subtle human body language --but hadn't a clue what was going on.

Just like virology. So inept that a primitive piece of HIV genetic code is supposedly able to defeat it. Virology buries its head in a nosebag of high-tech funding, but it's a cliché that it cannot cure the common cold.

Maybe there is a good reason why.


Western medicine has a strong tendency to attack symptoms of disease not causes. Fever? Here's a drug to lower it. Let's ignore the fact that the fever is the body's clever response to a current infection. In other words, a symptom.

Here's the big question: is the virus always the cause of the disease, and never the symptom? Or could it even be a bit of both?

We know that under oxidative stress or toxic assault, cells express "viral" packages of genetic code.

These then "infect" other cells.

Let's drop the emotive terms "viral" and "infect," and rephrase the above in terms appropriate to this information age: under oxidative stress or toxic assault, cells exchange information packets.

Communication, in other words.

What are these cells talking about? In what language are they speaking? Clearly it is one we do not yet understand. Yet we identify particular "sounds," call them viruses; decide they are invading enemies. And we try to kill them.

In the process of which the patient's body becomes --as usual-- a battleground, with predictable "collateral damage." It's war!

Hold on a second.

Is medicine the waging of war, or the restoration of balance?

Just as: is terrorism the cause or the symptom? Is it alleviated by balance in international relations or by waging war against the symptom?

Oh Africa, beware our Western mindset. We see enemies everywhere.

We always have. When we imperialists came first to Africa, the old-style missionaries spoke of demons from which only they could save you. They used Latin --the language of the oldest Western empire.

Now we come to you again, with a new priesthood of medicine speaking of viral demons from which only their science can save you.

But in the USA, experts estimate that between a half a million and a million people unnecessarily die each year, from drug side effects [including vaccines], doctor error and the unquestioned warlike mindset of the "battle" against disease.

And doctors still prescribe in Latin --the language of the oldest Western empire.


Our Western medicine --with its neo-Puritan impetus-- struggles to conquer the heartbeat of life and death instead of accommodating it. We wage war on disease because we seek a clinically clean, Puritan world --where not alone death, but even discomfort, have been vanquished by mechanical means.

Our inevitable failure haunts us.

Thus, everywhere are demons: the War on AIDS; the War on Cancer; the War on Drugs; the War on Terror, and the War on Polio.

Take care Africa, that you don't suffer collateral damage.

Perhaps you do not need a war on disease, but a peace of good health.

Fintan Dunne
4 August, 2004

Copyright © 2004 You may republish with attribution.


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27th July 2004

Fintan Dunne
live interview with
polio researcher:
Jim West

Listen: mp3
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Duration 30 mins


Polio Vaccination
& Population Control

Lothrop Stoddard's "The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy" has become, alongside Adolf Hitler’s "Mein Kampf", a major contender to the title of the racial supremacists’ bible. And the developed world is not loath to stooping to criminality in pursuit of population control in foreign policy initiatives towards the "Third World."


UNICEF Nigerian Polio
Vaccine Contaminated
with Sterilizing Agents
Scientist Finds

This is not the first time UNICEF has been embroiled in a controversy over sterilizing agents in vaccines.

The Catholic Women's League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF anti-tetanus program because the vaccine had been laced with B-hCG, which when given in a vaccine permanently causes women to be unable to sustain a pregnancy.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines found the surreptitious sterilization program had already vaccinated three million women, aged 12 to 45.

Similarly-laced vaccine was also found in at least four other developing countries.

Nigeria: Polio Vaccine
Found Contaminated

Dr Haruna Kaita:
" The results were very interesting because I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the Lab could not believe the discovery.

I thought at first something was wrong with my calculations, then we repeated it again and again, and again, it kept giving us the same results of contaminants.

Some of the Indian scientists who were in the lab also wondered how come a polio vaccine had such contaminants that were not supposed to be there.

Some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effect on human reproductive system. "


27th July 2004

Fintan Dunne
live interview with
polio researcher:
Jim West

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Duration 30 mins

Jim West's Website

Pesticides and Polio:
Graphic documentation

Pesticides and Polio:
Clioquinol and SMON

Will The Poliovirus
Eradication Program
Rid the World of
Childhood Paralysis?


Parents still refusing polio
vaccine in Muslim north

UNICEF: Nigeria Polio
Could Be Halted by Year-End

Polio jabs cleared
after fertility row

Forty-four new cases of polio believed to be linked to the Kano outbreak have been recorded elsewhere in Africa, as far away as Botswana.

Health officials have been particularly concerned about a case of polio detected in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, where militia attacks have forced hundreds of thousands of refugees from their homes.

Within Nigeria, there are also fears that the onset of heavy annual rains will further increase what is already the fastest ever recorded rate of polio transmission.

With 257 cases, Nigeria now has more than three-quarters of the world's active polio infections.

Nigeria state resumes polio drive

Nigerian State Maintains
Skepticism over WHO
Agenda on Polio
Vaccine Drive

Amana Online
THE POLIO VACCINE CONTROVERSY: Dr. Kaita is a pharmacologist of international repute, whose expertise Jokolo would want to now rubbish as a way to get we Nigerians to accept yet another rerun of the tests.

Blackherbals' Editorial
The concern of the Islamic leaders is basically the safety of the vaccines and all they needed was concrete reassurance and not mere verbal assurances from Abuja.

But another worry is why all the emphasis is being given to polio eradication rather than the other deadly vaccinable diseases like measles and meningitis?

Why is so much money spent on polio than the other diseases? These are fundamental questions that need answers if the conspiracy theory of depopulation is to be eradicated. Could there be smoke without fire?

Google Search: Haruna Kaita

UNICEF & Population Control

UNICEF & Catholic schools

HIV & AIDS - AIDS in Africa?

Unlike the West, AIDS in Africa is diagnosed without any laboratory tests. Patients are classified as AIDS cases without laboratory proof that they have either immunodeficiency or HIV infection. All that is required is to have various clinical conditions.

In the West, AIDS is diagnosed if a person has one or more of approximately 27 relatively rare diseases.

However in Africa, AIDS is diagnosed according to common non-specific symptoms, such as cough, fever, diarrhea, tuberculosis (TB) and a cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma.

Every one of these diseases have been endemic in Africa for generations.

Of the 661 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, 2-3 million have active TB with an annual mortality of 790,000. Despite this and the fact that in adults, "HIV infection" usually follows TB infection, TB has now become an AIDS defining illness.

In fact, 30-50% of African "AIDS" deaths are from TB.

In spite of all this, AIDS experts expect that we should accept that something "new" is afoot in Africa and that it is caused by a new agent, HIV.

Suddenly, a new disease, caused by a new agent has appeared. The old diseases and their deleterious effects on the immune system are no longer operative.

Dr. Jekyll and the
Patient, Mr. Hyde

  The physician, patient
  death dance

Allopathic medicine in its worst excesses is a mental virus that undermines psychological health, feeds hysteria and diverts the battle against the real diseases.

Doctors are reduced to being the distribution channel of market-driven pharmaceutical corporations wherein the victim is not a patient --merely a market. more

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