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Banned, At Last! by

by Fintan Dunne, Editor www.BreakForNews.com
6th May, '04 Update 23:00 ET

"Remember, RMN is NOT a democracy.
It is a benevolent dictatorship and I am the
ruling dictator!" - Rayelan Allen 14 April '04

As of today I am no longer a member of the Rumor Mill News forum, an alternative news site. My posting name there was nFormedSources.


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Sianews: RMN's Rayelan succumbs to her own mind control

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Rayelan Denies Ban
"I did NOT ban Fintan! Evidently he has decided he no longer wants to be part of RMN and he has chosen this lie to extricate himself! Rayelan

Well, for the record, here's how and when the dirty deed was done.

On the 27th April RMN moved to a new server < Check.

"Rumor Mill will go offline about 45 minutes after this message is posted. That will be approximately midnight, Eastern Daylight Time. We expect to be back online by daybreak on America´s East Coast, but possibly several hours earlier than that."

The 'server' move was actually flagged by Rayelan < Check.

"we get hit with denial of service attacks or other things that keep readers from knowing what we are posting on RMN!! The change to a bigger, more secure server is just part of what we have to do to maintain our presence on the web and not get knocked off each time we make someone angry."

Using that 'server move' as cover, they withdrew my forum password.

I knew full what had happened, but just in case of an explicable error, I wrote three emails to Zapper and Rayelan over the next 3 days, saying that I was locked out of the forum.

Eventually I got this reply from Rayelan:

" If you wish to begin a dialogue, then please respond. If you don't, then you have my sincere thanks for what you have provided to RMN, and consider this email as good-bye."

Forget the dialog smokescreen bit. When they pulled my password I was out. Goodbye.

Anyway, how exactly do you dialogue with this:

"Remember, RMN is NOT a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship and I am the ruling dictator!"
- Rayelan Allen 14 April '04

So for the record, RMN used a server move to ban me. Didn't have the guts to do it openly. or to own up today.

The latest move is a vaporware imaginary email Rayelan has invented and now claims to have sent to me on Sunday:

" I just wanted to make sure that you received my email. We have had our differences, but that's because we are both strong minded Taureans. I was hoping that we could have at least had a dialogue. Good luck with your work. You are a fine writer and an excellent webmaster. sorry to have lost you." --Rayelan

This entirely imaginary post-facto email was never sent, or received. If you think it was, then there's this bridge in Brooklyn I happen to own.....

Enough already. I just detail this for the record. Time to move on. More important work to be done.

Of late, Rayelan Allen - the publisher of RMN has been on a spree of banning agents from her forum. The stated reasons vary. But the real reason is that the imperial system is under pressure because of events in Iraq, and anyway Rumor Mill News was past its sell-by date as a vehicle for spinning disinformation

All this may be news to you, although rumors about the Rumor Mill have been increasingly ventilated on the Internet over the last year. If you ever visited the site you may have seen a lot of interesting anti-establishment material posted there. Could it be a disinfo site?

Let me give those unfamiliar with these affairs, an outline of the disinformation tactics used to twist your perceptions of what is going on in the world. A little background first.

To understand what is going on, you need to know the establishment's tactics for dealing with the flood of information freely available on the Internet. It boils down to this: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Fact is, there is no way to stop information coming out on the Internet. And they know it. The Net is too leaky, so any attempt to squelch information would only draw attention to the very material in question.

And so they have invested heavily in the Internet. They own websites, activist groups, political commentators, analysts, writers. The lot. The same tactics used to penetrate mainstream media have been used on alternative media --and some. A small army of online con artists are deployed in this manner. It's a big budget enterprise which has covered the Internet in pseudo alternative websites.

Here's their reasoning:

This way they can drown out legitimate investigation with a host of false trails, dead ends and fabrication. And, their fingers are on the delete button for really sensitive information.

Operating the websites themselves offers the advantage of being able to highlight the tailings of rubbish and ignore the nuggets of dangerous truth. Finally, throw in a generous dash of esoteric New Age mumbo-jumbo, which muddies the waters still more; and before you know it, you can't tell the wood from the trees.

Rumor Mill News used to have some outstanding wood. Now it's mostly trees.

In the period immediately after 9/11, some talented researchers and journalists were posting there. Many stories broke first on RMN. I even broke some of them there myself. For independent journalists like yours truly, RMN offered the chance to bring an alternative take on world events to a large audience.

Small matter that there was a lot of disinformation packed around the truly insightful material. Independent researchers were only too capable of putting their views and arguing their corner against naysayers. The forum thrived.

There was only one problem. The information coming out on RMN was often truly groundbreaking. For a website committed to pumping out disinformation, this was a significant drawback.

Then, during 2002, there were a number of key occasions when the forum went off-line after sensitive information had been posted. The site operators claimed on these occasions that hackers had done the damage. It's a common claim.

But independent researchers are a cynical and wary bunch with a lot of experience of detecting when they are on the receiving end of BS. Many key individuals got so suspicious that they left. That was the beginning of the end.


                BY KATHY
Friday      7 May
11 am

Old Iraqi army is
reborn in Fallujah

Soldiers Back from Iraq Tell of More Abuses

In this incoherent article Justin Raimondo almost gets what I said days ago on air --the PoW abuse issue is a PsyOp

Bush to resume
Mideast talks

Iraq: Polish, Algerian Reporters Shot Dead

Enigmatic Putin
launches second term

Researchers: oceans polluted with plastic

Sadr Strolls In To Lead
Friday Prayers in Kufa

Al-Sadr Moves Freely
Despite US Assault

US Pressures Sadr Before Friday Prayers?

Denver Hostage Tape
Airs on Arab TV

Up to 1,000 Killed
in Nigerian massacre

North-South Korea
to Hold Talks

Iraqis mediate in
US-Sadr fight

Was 9/11
Good for Bush?

Turkey Indicts 12 Over Masons Lodge Bomb

  More Stories...



As 2002 rolled into 2003, a new tranche of posters arrived on the site and the emphasis became much more new age and far less geopolitical.

The editorial spin intensified. The angle being pushed was that G. W. Bush was a member of a "Faction 2" which was going to save us all from NWO World Government. This view was increasingly promoted by Rayelan Allen and others. Another tale to feature on RMN was the infamous Nesara alternative currencies scam.

But the rush to the exit was already on. More posters left. The traffic to the website dropped. We were entering the final phase.

A new piece of software was added which allowed the site operators to edit the forum listings so some posts would not appear. The listings have many examples of hanging posts --where the first and main post in a sequence is not listed --instead the third or fourth post is shown. Click on that post and sure enough --you can see that there were prior posts in the thread. But you only get to see them if you stumble across them by accident. Furthermore some posts were quietly deleted altogether.

Then a "Lounge" was added, to which only forum posters, or "agents" had access. Regular visitors could not see the content of the Lounge, where the flow of information to the main forum was controlled. Some "agents" actually ask in the Lounge for permission to post certain material. Yep, that's how low things have sunk.

Why did I stick so long on RMN? Well, as I say, I mostly used it a channel for getting the truth out. I just ignored the disinfo and the diversions.

But, to continue at this point would be simply lending credibility to the spin running on RMN. I'm not saying everyone who posts there is knowingly spreading disinfo. But RMN is not a home for open investigative reporting. Which is why they want me out. RMN is now a G. W. Bush political spin site.

At least, with... say, Free Republic forum, what you see --rabid Republicanism-- is what you get. They got strong views there and that's just fine with me. Actually, "Freepers" gave me my best unknown tale of Bill Clinton and 9/11.

Free expression is fine. What bugs me is the plethora of subterfuge agents who pretend to be what they are not. It's time to get a clearer view of who is, and is not, on the side of truth.

John Kaminsky in his latest article "Shadow of a hologram" hints at the need for the 9/11 movement to root out pretenders. And Carol Valentine in her recent article "911 Lawsuit Is A Booby Trap" goes on record with grave doubts about the direction of the Mariani 9/11 suit against the Bush administration.

Push is coming to shove. But, we need to proceed with care, because there is a confusion agenda the establishment is trying to sow among its opponents.

This article was not meant to make a comprehensive case against RMN. It's not worth the effort. There are more important tasks. I am only too happy to leave. And take this opportunity to thank the many readers of the site who have corresponded with me. To get my news and analysis articles, visit my website www.BreakForNews.com. My material is unlikely to be on RMN.

So before inevitable allegations fly that I am a 'plant' trying to subvert freedom of expression, here below are a few quotes and a summary of the establishment lies I have been exposing over the last few years. You decide what you believe.

After all, t
hat's what free speech is all about.

Fintan Dunne
www.BreakForNews.com 6th May, 2004
URL: http://www.BreakForNews.com/RumorMillNews.htm


"Arch conspiracy theorist Fintan Dunne"
-- Mail & Guardian "The Triumph of Unreason," April 19th, 2002

"[GuluFuture.com] suggestions of cover-up [are] false and even silly."
-- Space.com "NASA Cover-up of 'NEAT' Comet," 28 Feb, 2003

"There are reporters, and then there are reporters.
Fintan Dunne is the real thing. In a sane world,
he would have collected a few heavy journalistic
prizes by now. But in a sane world, he would
be doing other things."
-- John Rappoport, 28 April, 2003



In April, 2000 I started the AidsMyth website with my partner Kathy McMahon. That was when the president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki began to question the HIV=AIDS paradigm.

It began a heady year of battling the vast propaganda resources of the Pharma Cartel. That battle continues, but not without casualties:

In March, 2004 legendary AIDS activist, David Pasquarelli died following health problems caused by being jailed. [DavidPasqarelli.com]

He had been arrested on November 28, 2001, and imprisoned for 72 days in the San Francisco County Jail for charges related to his political activities. San Francisco authorities had used 'terrorism' laws and outlandish multi-million dollar bail to try shut David up about the corruption of AIDS Inc.

History will mark his energy and outrageous unique political theater of dissent, to be as vital a contribution as Mbeki's measured opposition.


We launched the website just a few months before 9/11, and this is where my infamous world scoop ' Wag The WTC ' first appeared --these groundbreaking articles were the first to expose the holes in the official 9/11 story.

'The Split Second Error' was published online just seven days after 9/11, and the second article 'The Blockbuster' a week later.

Within a month there had been half a million hits to the website.

9/11 activists tell me the articles spotlighted the key smoking guns and helped set the themes for examination by 9/11 investigators.

Unfortunately, we had to pull the website off the Internet only weeks after 9/11, warning readers in advance to copy the site contents. They did, and the articles were widely republished --most notably on www.Serendipity.li [Here and Here]


From the eye-opening experience gained in investigating the AIDS fraud, it was clear that medicine was deeply corrupted --with an estimated 400,000 Americans being killed annually by iatrogenic medicine. The website examines a host of medical issues with a skeptical eye.


The Gulu websites, launched in 2002 were inspired by the appalling plight of the now landless Acholi people of northern Uganda, who are slowly being decimated, under cover of a staged 'conflict' between a rebel army and their government. Their story is on GuluFuture.org.

Early material on the GuluFuture.com site covered the Iraq II invasion and the attempts to prevent it --on which we reported extensively during 2003.

GuluFuture is where we exposed the outlandish cover-up by NASA of solar images depcting the passage of Comet NeatVI in February, 2003.

We were also among the first to reveal the highly suspicious aspects surrounding the 'suicide' of weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly --working with Rowena Thursby's 'Kelly Group', who have made such a strong case for murder.

The website is also a member of the eVote Truth Alliance, helping to spread word --along with with Scoop.co.nz -- of Bev Harris' devestating revelations about the built-for-fraud capabilities of Diebold's e-voting systems. Incredibly, this software keeps not one, but two Microsoft Access data tables of voting results. It's like a business keeping two sets of account books.


With all that background in AIDS investigation, it didn't take us long to figure that the SARS hysteria just after the fall of Baghdad was based on junk science.

Launched 4th April, 2003 as SARS took off, and featuring articles by investigative journalist John Rappoport [NoMoreFakeNews.com], the site charts the rise of the SARS myth and it's flimsy scientific basis.


At last a home for our groundbreaking 9/11 articles, which are now back online on this site. There also is the world-first story of the greatest deception of the current Iraq war -- 'The Sham Saddam Scam'.

This is a series of articles laying out the evidence that the Saddam 'capture' caper was a grand deception involving a Saddam double, prepared fake video clips, creative photography and a compliant, credulous and often complicit media.


Our latest site, launched in March, 2004 features daily world news and analysis, with audio news broadcasts twice a day. Also keeps up with the best stories on alternative media.


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