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Saving Fallujah,
And Other Movie Fantasies, 10th Nov., 2004
in association with
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Just as in the movie Saving Private Ryan, U.S. forces in the "assault" on Fallujah have a mission focussed on a single man: the elusive Musab al-Zarqawi. They seek him here. They seek him there. They seek him everywhere.

But, Zarqawi remains as disappointingly fictional as ever. No doubt he has "slipped away" from Fallujah. Australia's ABC reports:

' Lieutenant General Thomas Metz, the multi-national force corps commander, says he believes the most wanted man in Iraq has escaped the city. “Some of the senior leaders probably have fled,” he said. “I would hope not but I’ve got to assume that those kind of leaders understand the combat power we can bring.” '
Just as likely to be already deceased, Osama Bin Laden also "slipped away" at Tora Bora, we must presume.

But what about the "foreign fighters" with which Fallujah was teeming. Don't say that they too have slipped away. The Guardian reports:
"We expected a much fiercer reaction," said Major General Abdul Qader Mohammed Jassem, head of Iraqi forces in Falluja and the province's new military governor. He admitted some of the fighters may have already left. "There is movement in and out. It is a vast and difficult area. Some people even swim in and out," he said.
I suppose that's only to be expected when you are fighting against an enemy which uses guerilla warfare. There is every chance they will behave like guerillas. And guerilla warfare means never standing and fighting. "Slipping away" is the very definition of guerilla war. Or hasn't anyone told the Americans?


Not to worry, that still leaves the residents of Fallujah. In a war zone sparse with enemies of substance, civilians may just have to do.

The case that all Iraqis and perhaps all Muslims are now terrorists is underpinned by new "revelations" from Michael Scheuer. He is a "former" CIA officer who has been granted unprecedented license by the CIA to "criticize" George Bush's handling of the War on Terror.

On Monday Scheuer said that Al Qaida was now a 'global Islamic insurgency' rather than a terrorist organization, and that it posed a much different threat than previously believed.

Scheuer's impeccable timing coincides perfectly with events in Fallujah, where 'Al-Queda' is morphing into 'All-Muslims' right before our eyes.

As this Reuters report indicates:
' Tank platoon commander Lieutenant Joe Cash said: “Some take off their fighting clothes, walk to a weapons cache and next thing you know they are shooting at you,” he said.

“You see a guy walking in the street with normal clothes and he gives you a hard look and you just know he is one of them.” '

You just know.... Get it?

It's exactly like in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." The Aliens grew in pods, which hatched beings who looked just like the humans they had replaced.

But, one of them might give you a hard look... And then you just know! It's one of THEM!


Scheuer, by way of establishing his anti-establishment credentials, was on Monday also critical of the Sept. 11 commission for failing to identify top officials who should be held responsible for failing to prevent the "terrorist" attacks. Yawn.

Scheuer is an anti-Bush figure, so they say. Like Hans Blix, or Scott Ritter. Or pro-Palestinian, "anti-Israeli" journalist Robert Fisk, who on has momentarily taken off his anti-Israeli hat, to rather disconcertingly dance on the body of a comatose Arafat.

Lucky we have to bring his and other "alternative" views. Yawn.

Another "Alternative views" website is In a current plea for donations, bemoans the successes of the "War Party" --and wonders:
"How did they do it? How did they pull the wool over the eyes of a nation and lead us by the nose into the abyss of endless war? In a word: Propaganda.

The US government, the war industry, the big neocon foundations with multi-millions at their disposal – they are using all their resources to propagandize the American people with their message of hubris and fear. is engaged in a counter-propaganda campaign."

Pretty deep analysis, eh? Yawn.

So, how did the War Party really do it? Partly by means of skin-deep resistance groups like, and faintly pink intellectual sites like, that's how. The Washington Elite are peddling a soap opera war with soap opera villains and soap opera politicians.

Not forgetting the soap opera anti-war movement.

The Elite intention is to play both sides against each other as meticulously as they have played Democrat and Republican supporters against each other. With hot button issues such as liberal Gay Marriage and conservative dreams of rolling back Abortion.

Whom do liberals need to defend them against the maniacal Fundamentalist Christians? The Democratic Party, of course. Whom do Christians need to defend them against the maniacal Liberals? The Republican Party, of course.

All of which guarantees an endless series of "exciting" 51% versus 49% elections --tweaked by means of electronic manipulation of the vote. This is a game they can play forever.

So, now you know why John Kerry conceded.
It isn't the Democrats turn. Yet.

The only elite embarassment, was the sheer scale of the anti-Bush vote. The electronic massaging of the election result was thus larger than had been envisaged, and left telltale footprints.


The presidential "election" was a staged farce designed to dishearten opposition to the 9/11 cover-up, the war in Iraq, and the War on Terror --while priming the pump for an eventual rebound effect.

All this is essentially a low budget rerun of Vietnam. It will feature a reenactment of the antiwar resistance of the Vietnam era. They know, that we know the landscape of Vietnam. And so they nudge us to replay the predictable politics of resistance.

The political elite are in the business of running a Two Party State. And you are not invited to the party. The recent mass electoral campaigns by both parties were never after your vote. Your vote can be manufactured electronically.

The "election" was a recruitment drive --aimed at building the support-base of both parties. Indeed, all significant current events are designed with that objective in mind.

That's why international vulture capitalist, George Soros is funding the anti-Bush group That's why is now changing into an antiwar movement. That's why the elite press are assuring us that George Bush will soon face "the most determined antiwar movement since the '60's."

There's no doubt that's true. Because the Elite are arranging it that way.

Needless to say, the "right" people are already in position to benefit from this ebb and flow of political tides.

Recall that John Kerry on his return from Vietnam, was positioned in the antiwar movement to establish grassroots credibility and thus springboard his political career. Kerry is soooo Elite that it's laughable. That's already beginning to dawn on bewildered Democratic supporters.

Kerry's modern era successors are already in place in the Republican and Democrat camps. Hey, it worked in the '60's. Why shouldn't it work again?


It's social programming, folks. With a media machine --more glamorous than ever-- as the means to a meticulously planned end.

The people of Iraq, Muslims in general, US military forces and the bewildered global population, are mere extras in a major Elite movie. Extras get paid a pittance, in case you didn't know. Oh well, you soon will --as your income plummets towards Third World levels.

The big roles --as usual-- go to the carefully-selected stars. Bush is terrific in the role of the modern Hitler. Great piece of casting. Movie stars are picked based on their potential for star-appeal to the public.

Political leaders are now selected on the basis of psychodynamic profiles which predict how well they will trigger responses in the gullible public.

The Elite know that millions tuned into Dallas to see if the scoundrel, J. R. would eventually get what he deserved. We love to hate. But first, we have to care.

If you can't stand Bush, that's understandable. He was picked to be hated. He has the basic attributes. The rest is as false as the marketing image of Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, Madonna or Eminem.

By any standard, George Bush is a hit. Although it did take some spectacular pyrotechnics in Iraq to help foster concerted public hatred. Which meant that a lot of extras had to die. Ah well, that's the movie business.

Speaking of movies. George's replacement [for we will eventually tire of hating him], is Arnie the Hun. President Arnie blurs the line between political leader and movie star, even more than did Reagan. Millions of "extras" may need to be killed. Politics has turned into deadly soap opera.


The Media and the Movies are a Political Fantasyland theme-park and a major political and social conditioning tool.

Movies suych as 'The Day After Tomorrow' --which warns of global warming --from which only global government can save us. Or, 'The Passion' which serves to invigorate Christians for Holy War. And 'Braveheart' --designed to inflame the Scottish-Protestant heartland of Bush's fundamentalist support-base. And so on.

Similarly, television, mass media and even the Internet are used to acomplish social conditioning. Notice the use of graphic images of beheadings spread by Internet to deprave and degenerate the popular psyche. Or the "leaking" of prisoner abuse photos to create outrage and political momentum.

Media, movies, politics and society came together famously on 9/11 [See 'Wag The WTC']. The strategic goals of the attacks were: to condition us into fear; to launch the demonization of Muslims --via superstar Osama Bin Laden; and to destabilize the public, softening them up for all that has followed.

Unfortunately, real humans had to die in this political movie spectacular, but that downside never mattered to the ruthless perpetrators. In made-for-TV "Reality" features like 9/11 or Iraq, it's always real human blood that flows. That's what makes them so gripping. And so deadly.

The only solution is to Tune Out. Period. Otherwise they will keep making these gory "reality" movies. Turn away. Turn off the TV and get your knowledge from the Internet, and the written word.

Eastern religious tradition warns of Maya -the world of illusion which draws mankind in. It's a warning worth heeding in this Virtual Reality world.

In time, the "stars" who acted in these staged events, the planners who dreamed them up and the intelligence grunts who helped fog the public with mind games, will all be regarded as spiritually sick. They won't even be hated. They will be pitied.

But, why this, and why now?

The key reasons have to do with accelerating communications and the Internet --creating a global infosphere which helps foster tolerance, understanding and equity. An emerging infrastructure for spreading information free of the grip of the media monopoly.

The development of printing, similarly took the written word out of the ambit of the Roman Church. The result was the Reformation, the notion of individual conscience and thus, indirectly the U.S. Constitution.

The equivalent modern revolution threatens all forms of political and social power built on fear and the hatred of enemies.

And so, the Power Elite are mounting a determined effort to create new enemies: Devout Muslims, Devout Christians, Abortion-loving Liberals, Job-raiding Immigrants, Right-wing Republicans, Left-loving Democrats, etc. etc.

Divide and conquer - the oldest game, yet again.

Along with new enemies, have come newly manufactured, fear-inducing threats: Aliens, AIDS, Flu, SARS, Serial Killers, Terrorism, Weather etc.,etc.. A relentless diet of threats.

These enemies and fears are designed to keep the public willingly entrapped in the maw of Power --purely for protection.

It's a psychological Protection Racket.

The grisliest victims of the racket are mostly non-whites. Not surprising --given the racist, colonial mindset of the pivotal Anglo-American-Germanic-White-Russian cabals.

Ironically, the minority disenfranchisement seen in the recent US presidential election and the vast minority prison population, make it clear that the US elite have become an apartheid regime to rival the old South Africa.

World hunger? Who cares? Just kill 'em off. Too many non-whites on the planet anyway. Global poverty? What poverty? Besides, poverty can be character-building.


How are men and women with a spiritual focus and a desire to see peace, understanding and equity, supposed to counter this appalling and cynical manipulation of the general pubic?

Partly, by steering clear of mass organized politics and putting their efforts instead into humanitarian efforts which seek to relieve the suffering of those most affected. In that way, they are more likely to see direct and measurable results.

Also, by heeding the dictum "Small is Beautiful."

"Mass" movements and large scale systems are subject to corruption by Power. Stay away from "mass" anything. The village and the small community are the natural scope of humanity. Even the global internet, we can use to make electronic villages. Anything bigger tends to be a delusion. That's the message in the "Towel of Babel" tale.

The Internet is an apposite model for the emerging post-mass-movement social structure. Distributed, small scale, inter-connected networks of people --loosely coming together to achieve project-centered goals.

It's a structure which enlightened corporates are already adopting for their businesses. Why? Because it works.

Instead of one person dedicated solely to one project, people are simultaneously connected to many projects. Projects and people form groups, then disband, in a fluid fashion which prevents the structuring that leads to institutionalization and rigidity.

In Nature, a year is the primary cycle from beginning to end. Perhaps there is a message there for us.

Some will say that only a mass effort can defeat the mass madness of current political, military and bureaucratic structures which are wreaking havoc across the globe.

But, consider this: a government needs an opposition. The two sides of any duality are inbuilt. One day, the opposition may become the government. And you may not be able to tell the difference.

That which you oppose - you may become.

Now, tell me which is easier to stop. A single giant lumbering ant weighing 1,000 pounds. Or an interconnected army of millions of ants --weighing 1,000 pounds in total.

I think you know the answer.

Fintan Dunne, Editor


The iconography of war -
developed in movies, is
directly echoed in Iraq.

A propaganda photo
just released from the
current U.S. forces attack
on Fallujah -borrows heavily
from 'Saving Private Ryan.'

This photo in a news story


Divide & Conquer

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