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Read Dawn and Rise
  This is the developed G8 nations at war with the third world. This is the G8, as they building global supra-national super-state trading blocks and derail civil liberties with Psywar. This is them keeping the peasants in check as they globalize trade, with quite predictable effects on income. This is the G8 elite securing their position and creating the new Global Peasantry. The US is just the enforcement arm.

Welcome to the G8 New World Order.

The movement has not been
infiltrated. Why infiltrate what
they already own? It always
has been their movement.
They built it. They laid the
groundwork years before.
They are the leadership
& spokespersons.

The Rat's Nest
of 9/11

28 January, 2006

In the CIA Internet Fakes, released 4th August, 2005,
we outed a host of websites
--either controlled by the CIA/FBI/KGB/Etc, or else
hopelessly compromised
by willingly gushing out
heaps of Intel-designed
9/11 Tabloid Crud.

by Fintan Dunne
DSL mp3: Listen or
56K mp3: Listen

True Lies of 9/11: Amanda & Atta
And so it is with great honour that we nominate
Ms. Amanda Keller, reputed long-term girlfriend
of 9/11 'mastermind', Mohammed Atta for the award
in the category of 'Best Supporting Actress
in a 9/11 Coverup.'.' Latest

Cold Fusion's CIA Mole
This analysis shows how the agency
has previously used Stephen E. Jones
to destroy cold fusion research.

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Alex Jones
& the
CIA Fakes


Listen mp3:
CIA Fakes
The Inside

Fintan Dunne
about the CIA
Fakes, after
three years of
The Left &
Tabloid 9/11

How the Fake
9/11 operators
are part of CIA
control over the
left in the USA.
Also: 9/11 Was
Made Tabloid
by Fintan Dunne
'The 9/11

Why the 9/11
Movement was
created by, and
is fostered by
the very people
who carried out
the attacks --by
Fintan Dunne


The 9/11 Minority Report   PART 2

The CIA's Internet Fakes
by Fintan Dunne, Editor, 4th August, 2005


The CIA Fakes is a catchphrase term to describe a group which includes:

-- Covert Operatives of the CIA, NSA and DIA; of the U.S. Corporate/Military Industrial Complex; of the intelligence services of U.K. Spain, France Holland, Germany, and Russia.
-- Political Agents working within the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Democratic Black Caucus, Green Party, and Patriot Movement.
Politicians in the U.S., U.K. Spain, France, Germany and Russia --who pose as 9/11 skeptics.
-- Media, including
Mainstream, Alternative Media and Internet broadcasting media who either front for, cooperate with, or are directly employed by intelligence services mentioned above.

The primary objectives of the CIA FAKES are:

 -- To leverage the Fakes into position as the leadership/spokespersons
    for the 9/11 skeptics movement.
 -- To splinter and divide that movement.
 -- To promote lame, tame and/or booby-trapped questions about 9/11.
 -- To be sufficiently over-the-top as to prevent the 9/11 issue getting
    any traction in the media or left-wing.
 -- To ensure that the movement would not have a politically-active
    leadership capable of turning it into an effective political lobby campaign.

The questions about 9/11 were bound to be asked, the important
aspect for the perpetrators was and is whom?

Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.

  The CIA Fakes
 presented by 


  The CIA Fakes
 presented by 

Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.

Since the list above was published, and as evidence became decisive,
I have supplemented the list as follows:

Since then I have clearly said that Hopsicker-Keller-Edmonds are CIA.
Since then I have clearly said that Alex Jones is CIA.
Since then I have clearly said that Jimmy Walters is CIA.
Since then I have clearly said that Stephen E. Jones is CIA.

Since then I have implied that Dan Ellsberg is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Mohammed Atta & his father are CIA.
Since then I have implied that Scheuer and Ray McGovern are CIA.
Since then I have implied that David Cobb and William Rivers Pitt are CIA.

Since then I have implied that Cynthia McKinney is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Judith Miller and Patrick Fitzgerald are CIA.

Since then I have implied that Wayne Madsen is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Mark Zaid is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Bob Woodward is CIA.

Since then I have implied that Bev Harris is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Seymour Hersh is CIA.
Since then I have implied that WingTV is CIA.

Since then I have implied that Eric Hufschmid is CIA.
Since then I have implied that Bob Fitrakis is CIA.
Since then I have implied that David Ray Griffin is CIA.

When I say "is CIA", I mean knowingly playing a direct role
in GlobIntel (CIA/NSA/MI6/KGB/etc) deception operations.

9/11 was a G8 GlobIntel operation.

Fintan Dunne, Editor, 4th August, 2005

For the last three years we have been quietly investigating the cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Ours has been a wide-ranging inquiry which paid special attention to those who claim to be already exposing the truth.

During this time we have interviewed many people with alternative views on who were the real perpetrators. All the while, we kept our own counsel. Much of the time we played it as if we were uncritically buying the lines being put out on various alternative media.

We have examined a great deal of evidence and methodically traced the methods and networks used to mislead us all. Now we present the first of our findings.


We published our first investigative articles on the 9/11 attacks --just 7 and 14 days after the event. We knew, as did many others, that the real planners were not 'Al-Qaida'. That's the easy part. The challenge was to actually determine -rather than merely guess: who did carry out the attacks?

In uncovering those perpetrators, we felt that an investigation of the cover-up would be as much --if not more-- revealing than our examination of the attacks themselves.

Our analysis of the cover-up shows it requires, and has used, the official intelligence resources of more that one state. One of the ways of deflecting investigators from this grim reality has been to spin the facts to allege that a 'rogue group' within government carried out the attacks.

But we now state that the depth and multinational scope of the cover-up shows no mere rogue group was involved. The 9/11 attacks and cover-up have covert governmental support -deployed through an intelligence framework.

What will be the most startling aspect of our investigation for many people is the vast scale of governmental control of the 9/11 movement and alternative investigators and media. From websites to commentators; from analysts to political personages, this has given the cover-up team unprecedented control of alternative media perceptions.

In short, the government is running not only the 9/11 movement, but also controlling the 9/11 issue in the alternative media. It was relatively easy to do so, because they have controlled both mainstream and alternative media and politics increasingly over the last twenty years. This was just an extension of those operations.


Here's a quote from a recent article on the UK Guardian:

"The Chinese government, employs an estimated 30,000 internet police, as part of a long-standing policy to control the web so that it can be used by businesses but not by political opponents." [Source]

Think the ideology and practice of the USA would be any different? Of course not. Just well cloaked under a veneer of free expression.

In the US, it's less a case of internet 'police' and more a question of Internet fake opposition, misdirection websites, front organizations, pseudo-activist groups and a host of professional blogging and web journalism liars, acting in concert to create an impenetrable fog.

These people are all over the Internet They are all over the 9/11 issue; all over the 'stolen' election of 2004; behind the psychological operations designed to inspire fear of earth changes, of global warming, of the Super-State and the so-called New World Order; all over the landscape of anti-corporate, antifascist expression on the Internet.

This army of information controllers is all over the 'free' information you are getting on the Internet. Time we opened our eyes to see them. It's not just the mainstream which is controlled. From the moment the Internet became prominent, a vast budget has been expended to control all the high-trafficked intersections on the information superhighway.


Many of these sites/assets were put in place long before 9/11. A key goal was to ensure that if some truth must come out, it will be a truth designed and controlled by intelligence agencies --with agency assets in a position to ensure misdirection and damage limitation.

To this end, an orgy of evidence [See Minority Report Part I] in the form of deliberately misleading 9/11 'clues', were designed into the 9/11 operation from the start --to give these assets prearranged talking points with which to fill their column inches and programming. This has served to confuse and confound.

All this activity rose to a crescendo around the time the Kerry presidential bid hit it's planned implosion in the 'stolen' election. [The stealing of which was carefully managed in the controlled alternative media as a psychological operation against the left.]

The hyping of the 9/11 issue up until the 'defeat' of Kerry was designed to max out activist interest in the issue, then bury it with the aid of general post-Kerry, left-wing political disillusion -against the backdrop of division in the 9/11 Movement itself.

Also part of a similar confounding exercise were the subsequent 9/11 Movement 'flame wars', as different assets attacked each other to undermine their collective credibility and disillusion ordinary grassroots 9/11 truth activists.


A persistent theme of the disinformation spread by these assets is to portray the machinations of this elite group acting through the CIA/NSA/ETC. as if they originate from somewhere other than the US security/intelligence apparatus.

Suspicion is directed instead onto the Israelis, the 'City of London', 'International Bankers', The Rockefellers, The Bildebergers, and most infamously, the ill-defined, so-called New World Order. Of course, some of these elements are complicit in certain events, but the aim is to downplay the U.S. establishment's guiding hand and the broad CFR/corporate support.

Some may be surprised by the range and scope of the misinformation sites we have detailed, and may even be disconsolate to see the sheer scale of the social and political control which their virtually unlimited budget can achieve.

All we can say is.... deal with it. We had to. It's better than us all flailing around in ignorance. And it explains why men and women of good heart have been getting nowhere.


This level of deception has been going on since the 1950's and 1960's at an accelerating rate. Following the psywar against civilians induced by the nuclear arms race 'crisis,' the subsequent JFK killing was indeed an assassination, but it was also at heart an extension of these 1950's nuke-scare psychological operations.

The killing of Kennedy was not necessary for political reasons -but it was a powerful tool for social control via psychological warfare. Kennedy was killed to deliberately drive the US population into a grief state which would hamper the development of political opposition.

This type of PsyOps directed at the civilian population was, and still is the modus operandi. By now, it has produced a range of operations as varied as AIDS, SARS, 9/11 and the G8/Live8 London bombing.


Given the number of assets deployed in support of the 9/11 operation, and the operational requirements of the 9/11 attacks themselves, their origin is now clear. 9/11 was not carried out by some 'rogue group,' nor was it a fully official US Government-sanctioned operation.

But it was orchestrated by the highest levels of the US Military and military-industrial complex; on behalf of the national and international politicians, corporates, and moneyed interests. It had, and still has the full support of the US Military/intelligence apparatus -who control much of the alternative media and the 9/11 movement.

More in these Audio mp3s:

21st Aug '05
8th Aug '05 Mp3
5th Aug '05 Mp3
7th May '05   Mp3
Alex Jones
& the
CIA Fakes


Listen mp3:
CIA Fakes
The Inside

Fintan Dunne
about the CIA
Fakes, after
three years of
The Left &
Tabloid 9/11

How the Fake
9/11 operators
are part of CIA
control over the
left in the USA.
Also: 9/11 Was
Made Tabloid
by Fintan Dunne
'The 9/11

Why the 9/11
Movement was
created by, and
is fostered by
the very people
who carried out
the attacks --by
Fintan Dunne

The 9/11 Minority Report

The CIA Myths
& the Reality

by Fintan Dunne, Editor,
20th December, 2005


This is a compilation from the research, writing and
audio o
n BreakForNews over the last year. It brings
together the key themes we have explored as we
developed the case on the CIA Internet Fakes.

It's trimmed to the minimum so that those not familiar
with our analysis have a comprehensive overview that
shows a flavor of what has really been going on.
--Fintan Dunne



An alternative media article about 9/11 from The San Francisco Bay Guardian, which went beyond the usual knee-jerk 'conspiracy nuts' angle, noted that:

"As the public reached its pinnacle of being open to considering alternative views of 9/11, the truth movement fractured into disparate subgroups, each pushing its own pet theories, torn by internal divisions over strategy, and unable to mount a cohesive strategy that would break through the din of election-year politics.
This fracturing was, of course delberately engineered by the disinfo agents in the 9/11 movement. Indeed, the 'splits' were a carefully planned and integral part of the coverup from the start. The establishment has been actively 'managing' the 9/11 skeptics all the while -with a focussed plan which relied opon the guaranteed reelection of G.W. Bush.

A 9/11 movement was inevitable. When it arose, the establishment was there in advance, waiting for it with open arms. Many genuine people play key roles in the 9/11 movement, but are outnumbered by the operatives. 'Management' of the aftermath was always integral to the plot, and was likely resourced more heavily than the attack scenario itself.

Another part of the gameplan was to start with a reasonably sensible 9/11 movement. But they don't want a functioning 9/11 movement around forever.

The longer-term idea was to have the whole host of investigators and activist leaders take each other out, and thus run the movement into the ground.

If you remember back, Ruppert was to first to bite the dust, in a controversy over his promotion of the Peak Oil issue (a pro-nuclear power psyop]. Now, that was no accident. Ruppert was/is disposable. You see, they all are.

The next pre-planned outing was John Gray of -whom Daniel Hopsicker linked to funding by arms dealer, Adnan Kashoggi. Once again -no accident. Build up 'heroes' of the 9/11 issue. Then later expose their deliberate flaws to cause their supporters to loose heart.

About a year ahead of the Kerry presidential bid 'defeat', they began a slow escalation of the process of undermining their collective credibility.

Also note when the official 9/11 report was released. This was timed so that activists would be busy with opposition to the Iraq War and the forthcoming Kerry presidential bid. But, the big idea was that the 'defeat' of Kerry would be the final blow to 9/11 activists already reeling from seeing their heroes' feet of clay --as exposed by all the 9/11 flame wars.

Furthermore, as soon as Kerry was 'defeated', left-wing activists were soon chasing their tails about the stolen election. So, by the time that was all over, the 9/11 issue was firmly on the back-burner.


Remember back in the summer of 2004. Everybody Knew Bush was going down. Despite the official polls, true sentiment in the U.S. was running 60:40 against the president. Actual votes on the day were likely to run around Kerry 55/Bush 45.

Nobody expected Karl Rove to take this lying down, so when pundits predicted he was about to stage the 'capture' of Osama, or was plotting a fake terrorism attack to boost Bush, it seemed credible.

This perception was reinforced by the like of Wayne Madsen's confidential 'sources', who in the closing stages of the election campaign reported that the terror strike was imminent.

It never happened. The elite didn't ensure Bush's reelection by means of a fake terror strike.

They stole the election instead. As they had always planned to do. While carefully misdirecting us to look elsewhere during the run up. Now that's good quality disinformation. Notice the emotional surface appeal of the terror attack spin. Always the appeal to the emotions -to get reason looking the other way.

And when we finally realized that ballots -not bullets- were the KO punch, leading election fraud activist Bev Harris of staged her own spectacular self-destruction on Air America's Randi Rhodes show. Just to make sure your votefraud outrage was axed by one of it's 'leaders'.

Just to make sure you could blame Bev when nothing happened about the stolen election. Another convenient scapegoat -just like Kerry. All of which disillusioning of opposition comes copyright COINTELPRO, 2004 via Air America, MSNBC and the Green Party's David Cobb Democracy Memorial Fund.

But, hey! Bev looked good for a while there. As did MSNBC Countdown's Keith Olberman -stolen election hero of the left- while he helped box a national controversy into 20 minute slots on liberal cable. Yeah that was a breakthrough, wasn't it? NOT.


The next phase of the plan was for those who started out making some sense on the 9/11 issue to get more and more shoddy; more hysterical in tone; and slowly turn into virtual carricatures of 'conspiracy nuts'.

Satanic rituals( Alex Jones), Homosexuality and child prostitution have already emerged as key themes(Jeff Gannon). All this happens slowly. But the whole effect is rather seedy. It's meant to be.

Who can forget GannonGate: a mutedly salacious gay version of MonicaGate. The sex scandal rocked the Blogsphere -conveniently giving investigative blogs a discrediting tabloid sheen in the process.

The GannonGate team accelerated a planned downmarket shift into the cosy, elite-funded internet conspiracy market. Where GannonGate had to compete with Peak Oil, imminent asteroid impacts, earthchanges, alien abductions, and other fantasies designed to give 'conspiracy theory' a bad name.

The wild spin was that Gannon is actually Johnny Gosh -kidnapped as a child and used as a plaything of Washington politicians. An affidavit in a lawsuit was used as part of 'evidence' that a "vast network of children [was] trained to work for the government and participate in deviant sexual acts to make the blackmail of politicians possible." It's National Enquirer material.

The same applies to the story of Clint Curtis and Florida Republican Tom Feeney. Wayne Madsen's active here again -moving from predicting the 'terror strike' that never happened, to helping to launch this account of a computer vote-stealing plot in Florida. Bradblog is a key vehicle for the Feeney tale, and a tame mainstream hack has recently been wheeled in to try kickstart some interest in the story.

None of these internet sensations will ever discomfort the mainstream. They, and a plethora of similar spins are intended to waste your time and divert your energy as surely as the Osama no-show terror attack.

A fake alternative media unable to champion the real issues, is in continual desperate need of half-plausible-sounding drivel to fill the pages and try divert from real alternative news.

The Orwellian news managers have the market beautifully segmented by see-no-evil Chinese walls, which allow the manufacture of crude opinion zones: Fox News fanaticism; gun-totin' Patriots; Mainstream myopia; Soros-funded MoveOn; Deaniac Dems; the Green Gremlins; CounterPunching Lefties; 9/11 Truthers; God-dammed Communists; and End of the Worlders.

The information war boys have a gambit for each of those markets. And they have a wide range of specialist media fronts, well placed to roll out these ploys. It must cost a bundle, but hey, your taxes pay for it all anyway.

That's the difference between and this host of 'alternative' websites and radio feeds carrying a diet of information, rich in subtle (and not subtle enough) disinformation. We don't have their kind of reach or that level of unlimited budget for unprincipled bullshit.

Yeah, Jeff Gannon was leading to the inevitable downfall of Karl Rove. Just like that terror attack in October '04 which got Bush releected.


In one fell swoop Sibel Edmonds offloaded blame from the CIA --and spread it across the FBI, the State Department; an unnamed (i.e. Mossad) foreign intelligence operation; and a non-terrorist criminal network.

Quite a feat.

Soon, from miles away in Florida, Daniel Hopsicker, with help from Atta's girlfriend Amanda Keller was insisting that Edmonds' story dovetailed with his discoveries of a drug network linked to 9/11. His list of Florida-based villians is as exhaustive as that of the dynamic duo in D.C..

One big corner of that overall 9/11 picture is formed by four disparate-seeming individuals: a veteran whistleblower, an attractive novice whistleblower, a campaigning journalist and a reputed lingerie model; jigsaw peices called Ellsberg, Edmonds, Hopsicker and Keller. Ellsberg supports Edmonds, confirmed by Hopsicker --backed by eyewitness accounts from Keller. But they're all telling different flavors of the same story.

To specify which story that is, let's take a look at the popular tales of 9/11. The notorious main division is between LIHOP and MIHOP. But it's much more detailed than that. Explanations come in a full range of flavors --starting with the official story:

A. Official story:
CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush and/or Clinton were complacent.
B. Official Lame Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI were incompetent; Bush/Cheney maybe let it happen; Israelis Knew.
C. Official LIHOP Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI were compromised; Bush/Cheney did let it happen; Israelis Helped.
D. Official LIHOP Wild Conspiracy:
CIA/FBI compromised; Bush/Cheney/Neocons let it happen; Israelis Did It.
E. Official LIHOP Tinfoil Conspiracy:
Israelis/Neocons/Bush/Cheney Did It; CIA/FBI looked the other way.
F. Official MIHOP 'Serious' Conspiracy:
Israelis/Neocons/CIA/FBI/Bush/Cheney/Military-Industrial-Complex Did It.
G. Official Loony Conspiracies:
Rothschilds and/or Rockefellers and/or CFR and/or Bildebergers did it.
Jews and Jewish bankers -who already run everything- did it.
Satanists, Opus Dei or Reptilians did it.
It's a terrific variety of theories.
It plays out something like this:
  • The mainstream media push version A; hint at B; sneer at G.
  • The controlled right/intellectual media pushes version B.
  • The controlled left/intellectual media pushes version C.
  • The 'moderate' Fake internet sites push versions C and D.
  • The 'softcore' Fake internet sites push versions D and E.
  • The 'independent' Fake internet sites push version F.
  • The 'loony' Fake interent sites push variations of version G.
But every single one, from A to G are OFFICIAL versions, sanctioned and promoted by the 9/11 intelligence coverup operation and their CIA Fakes network. They have a flavor for every market.

The creation of this multiplicity of explanations is a core element of the coverup. Left to their own devices, people on the Internet might have figured out the truth themselves. But with this circus in action, there is always plenty of distraction and lots of division in opinion.

The intelligence coverup is not trying to stop 9/11 conspiracy theories on the internet. It's creating them. Then playing off supporters of the different theories against each other. That's a classic Cointelpro-style tactic.

The perpetrators knew that a sizeable segment of people were going to be pretty sure 9/11 was not as it seems. They don't mind that, for now. The immediate objectives are first, to to stop these skeptical views from gaining hold in mainstream opinion. Second, to prevent a coherent view forming which could convince a much broader number of people -particularly those on the political left. columnist Justin Raimondo, is as ever pushing the "Israelis Knew/Did It" angle on 9/11. Many other CIA Fakes are heavily promoting this line, because it's a key part of what the coverup hopes will forever be the main vaguely-hinted, but unproven conspiracy theory on 9/11: Bush, Cheney, and Mossad let it happen on purpose.


Atta, Atta, Atta, Atta, Atta.

Each new "question" raised about Atta is designed to relentlessly focus on the official patsy. But you're supposed to think these are "breakthroughs" by the CIA Fake conspiracy sites.

The 9/11 perpetrators carefully designed this wild back-story for Atta in every detail, but you are not supposed to figure that out. It's all thousands of miles from the major crime scene at the WTC, but then this is hamburger-style conspiracy marketing. Grab an Atta McWhopper.

Many of the Fakes are running the Able Danger story about a secret intelligence unit which had identified Atta either in 2000, or in late 1999 -while Clinton was still running things. The spin is that this shows how fraudulent is the Bush administration official line on Atta. As usual, it sounds promising on first sight. It's Bush's fault.

But, puzzlingly, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax and other right-wing media are running the same story. But their take is that the Clinton Justice Department leaned on the DIA to squelch the report. So it's Clinton's fault.

More spin alleges that the CIA knew but never told the 9/11 Commission, and that a culture of "obstructionism" still prevails in the agency. So it's the CIA's fault.

Also doing the rounds, is the account of a "suspicious" visit by Atta to a gambling ship owned by Republican money-man, Jack Abramoff. All that is being loosely connected to Al-Qaida drug dealing and money laundering. So it's the Saudi's fault.

And all the while, as Sibel Edmonds implies, it's the FBI's fault and the Israeli's fault.

Amazing, isn't it, that one story can be spun so many different directions.

Everything "discovered" about Mohammed Atta was planned. Atta-Boy's job was to smear a false trail of associations all over the Florida landscape.

But when it comes down to it, it's all LIHOP. Bush/Cheney had the motive and let it happen on purpose. Throw in Al-Qaida, some drugs, a few Republicans and Saudis . Now you have means and opportunity. The LIHOP is complete. So, let's drop the BS.

The CIA-backed "conspiracy theory" features scapegoats GWB and Cheney, whose LIHOP sins will remain forever unproven, but deeply suspected.

Their official conspiracy theory diversion patsy is as pervasive as Mickey Mouse: the over-the-top, tabloid Atta.

The hazy connections supposedly run to the drugs trade, Jeb Bush, the Saudis and of course the Zionist Mossad [who are reputedly cunning in the extreme, but somehow also so dumb that they leave a wide trail of incompetent operatives arrested nationwide in suspicious circumstances].

In other words, the government-sponsored 9/11 conspiracy theory is a masterpiece of loose innuendo designed to appeal to many target markets. From MadCowProd to Newsmax to Time magazine.

Same story, same actors, different spins. Cute.


All this keeps everybody real busy. Always a new "breakthrough" on the CIA Fake sites.

Like when radio host, Alex Jones ran overblown claims linking Peter Power, a crisis management consultant and former member of Britain's anti-terror police, to a 'terrorism drill' which Jones alleges was used to provide cover for State perpetrators of the multiple London bombs.

The weekend article by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones was published on the website.

They claimed that in a BBC Radio 5 interview on July 7th, Peter Power admitted that his Visor Consulting firm: "was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life."

The article went on to claim that the Visor Consulting drill: "acts as a cover for the small compartamentalized government terrorists to carry out their operation without the larger security services becoming aware of what they're doing, and, more importantly, if they get caught during the attack or after with any incriminating evidence they can just claim that they were just taking part in the exercise."

In fact, Power's consultancy firm was running a small "corporate wargame" drill for the management team of a British company which had 1,000 employees. [mp3 Audio] The figure of 1,000 refers to the size of the company whose managers were being drilled - and not to the number of participants in the drill.

The London corporate drill was just a glorified administration seminar where managers get to use security buzzwords --while seated around an office table guessing how they would respond to loss of available staff for call centers, power outages, or travel restrictions, etc..

The hype, was subsequently used to laugh off critics of the official line on both the 9/11 attacks and the London bombings. The article turned all skeptics into tinfoil hat fodder. The whole thing was deliberate decoy designed to allow mainstream media to later ridicule 'conspiracy theories' which turn out to be untrue.

U.K. TV Channel 4 is used the Alex Jones' article to sneer at bloggers and alternative media. News reporter JJ King wrote:
Prison Planet, in an article entitled 'London Underground Bombing "Exercises" argued that the simulated attacks were, whether Power knew it or not, intended to act as a cover for the real ones. News agency Al Jazeera agreed, baldly asserting that 'The London Underground exercises were used as the fallback cover to carry out the attack.'
King then quoted my article debunking Jones (which I knew the mainstream probably would do, but I had to try prevent alternative media walking wholesale into the setup.)
In fact, the 'exercises' he spoke of on Five Live were carried out purely 'on paper', or at least PowerPoint, by a small group of seven or eight executives..." As Fintan Dunne, editor of points out, 'these types of private-sector "risk management" drills never use field staff.
What was galling was that the London bombs black op was full of holes, but that information sort of got lost as the sensational claims fall flat. [more]


Not only can the CIA Fakes be used to decoy away from such operations, they are also useful to create complete diversions, which contain misleading spin.

Like when Seymour Hersh "uncovered" information about Bush plans to attack Iran.

Back in January, 2005 Hersh kicked off with his article 'The Coming Wars'. Then Scott Ritter fanned the flames in April with his prediction on disinfo site that by June, 2005 the U.S. was set to invade Iran. On, Gary Leupp told us that "Reports about the recent flurry of Iran-Iraq diplomacy must shock the neocons."

A reality check would have revealed that the U.S. was logistically, militarily and politically sinking in the mire in Iraq -thus in no position to take on any new adventures. It was laughable then, to see the Seymour Hersh 'exclusive' marketed to public opinion in the U.S. -like it was a real discovery of secret Bush plans. It was downright side-splitting to see a raft of gullible/useful left-wing commentators promoting this lie.

Could Hersh really be so dumb as to fail to see he was being used? Was eyeryone else just as credulous? Or is it just that the CIA hacks outnumber semi-journalists by enough to guarantee these disinformation campaigns will always work?

Why do you think that there is no trouble in the Tehran-dominated Shia south of Iraq? Why do you think the U.S. invaded Iraq in the first place? Because they knew there would be no problem in the south. That's why the British got the easy job of occupying the region --while the GI's were sent north to demolish the Sunni, who were the real target of the invasion.

Yes, there were a few hotheads in the south, but nothing the combined wits of Sistani and Al-Sadr couldn't carefully defuse with the help of some well-timed, persuasive, military muscle from their friends in high places. Our high places.

The Iraqi Shia leadership have been in the bag from the get-go.
Because the Iranians are U.S./British/French tools in the region for a long, long time. The British and the French have been in on the whole Iranian revolution from the start. In the 1970's, Ayatollah Khomeini wasn't staying in Paris to see the nice pictures in the Louvre.

Our boys run Iran like they used to run the old Iraq -by means of intelligence-controlled
stooges. That's why it was so easy to arrange the Iran-Iraq war.


We did a radio show about WingTV [mp3] -who have been cheerleaders for the 'truth' on 9/11. Our report detailed how cosy they had become with Rick Stanley, from the gun-totin' fringes of the already fringe Patriot Movement.

That kind of association gives 9/11 research a big image problem. One that serves to discredit the whole movement. By accident or design.

It gets worse.

Another 'champion' on the 9/11 issue is Jim Marrs, who has written and spoken on the subject a great deal. Which means that this lecture booking of his has similiar troubling associations:
The Earth Revelations 2012 Series
Join Tricia McCannon, internationally known author, speaker and Founder of the UFO Forum as she kicks off a phenomenal 13-week audio visual series on Star Gates, UFO’s, DNA Activations, Alien Visitation, Prophecies, Revelations and Planetary Awakening.

WEEK THREE: Gorgio Bongiovanni - An Italian Peacemaker and Contactee with the full Stigmata reveals the appearance of Mary the Mother in broad daylight that blasted him with light for the first of the signs of the full Stigmata.

WEEK FIVE: Jim Marrs, Investigative Reporter and author of "Alien Agenda," and "Ruled by Secrecy" – Speaking on "Inside Job - Unmasking the 9-11 Conspiracies"
Now, when you and I say that 9/11 was an inside job, we mean that political forces were behind the attacks. But the company that ace reporter Marrs keeps is disastrous for any credible questioning.

Yeah, maybe the Virgin Mary secretly arranged for aliens to carry out the attacks. Marrs has been on leading 'investigative' shows like Coast to Coast and Jeff Rense. Once Rense had David Booth on a number of times about an asteroid that was goning to destroy half of America when it hit. Never happened. But you can't be too careful.

In the world of the CIA Myths, 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney rogue cabal plot. But the trail is confused and hopelessly compromised by deliberate ineptitude of research and analysis.

Or then again, maybe the aliens did it.



Naomi Klien has written about the methodology of the psychological warfare being conducted by the U.S. against it's own citizens and the rest of the world. She finds evidence of this tactic in way torture is being used to engender fear and so function as a mechanism of social control:

...This fear has to be finely calibrated. The people being intimidated need to know enough to be afraid but not so much that they demand justice. This helps explain why the Defense Department will release certain kinds of seemingly incriminating information about Guantánamo--pictures of men in cages, for instance--at the same time that it acts to suppress photographs on a par with what escaped from Abu Ghraib. "

This strategic leaking of information, combined with official denials, induces a state of mind that Argentines describe as "knowing/not knowing," a vestige of their "dirty war."
A fine example is the deliberately created plethora of glaring anomalies in the video depcting the beheading of Nick Berg. Viewed on face value (not knowing), the video looks like a ruthless and savage act by Iraqi 'terrorists'.

But Berg was shown in video wearing orange jumpsuit identical to the jumpsuits used at Guantanamo. The chair that Berg was seated in during the filming was the exact same kind as seen in a color photo taken at the Abu Ghraib Prison. The walls and baseboard seen were the same color as in Abu Ghraid prison.

Thus mainstream 'not knowing', was counterpointed by the internet 'knowing' the murder of Berg was an inside job. Among the 'not knowing' the Berg video served to smear Iraqis as 'animals'. Among the 'knowing' it was meant intimidate antiwar resistance.

Both groups were manipulated by video images which were traumatic to view. It's called trauma programming. From Guantanamo to Berg has been one massive PsyOp to ensure you get the message that resistance is useless and downright dangerous.

And the same type of tactics have been used to intimidate those who see through the pretence of arab hijackers being responsible for 9/11. The September 11 attacks were coincident with the release of the CD 'Party Music' by the group 'Coup'. It was a classic of PsyOps technique -which triggered the destabilizing flip/flop between knowing and not knowing that a coup had just taken place in the USA.

What is eerie is that other than Naomi Klien, nobody in the mainstream is writing about the widespread use of these Psywar tactics in news content aimed at Western civillian populations. Are the media -mainstream and alleged alternative- really that dumb?


Live8. There hadn't been anything like it since... well since the last Pharma-inspired major world PsyOp: the so-called SARS epidemic which 'raged' at exactly the time the U.S. wanted to turn eyes away from Iraq -and yet maintain the elevated sense of threat which the Iraq invasion had created. Pharma's interests and those of the G8 New World Order are as one, needless to say.

Populations who perceive themselves as under threat are more right-wing in their political and social expression. Which is why these PsyOps are ruthlessly deployed to set the tone of public attitude -with a lot of help from Big Media.

The whole global campaign on debt relief was political-psychological operation from the start. A trap. The technique works like this:

Just as in military matters, you never fight an enemy on ground that doesn't suit you. You manouver your enemy into a landscape as disadvantageous as possible. Then you meet and defeat. Similarly, in Machiavellian political manouvering, you don't wait for an issue to get to the point where it is a problem. Well before it gets to that point, you meet the issue head on --but on grounds of your choosing.

The issues of natural justice and global equity are and impediment for an imperial G8 determined on colonial-style exploitation. So, what better way to meet the issue than by cynically raising hopes in advance, in the sure knowledge these hopes will be dashed, by a bombing which will also reinforce the G8-backed War on Terror?

A double-whammy of psychological warfare which serves the short term war support issue and the long term global equity issue. If that thought is too much for you, stop reading long articles like this and go back to comics.

The London bombing attacks conform to a pattern of civilian-directed psychological operations, of which the Bali and Madrid bombings were a precedent. The bombings came just a day after London was selected to host the 2012 Olympic games, and after the world focus on London as part of the Live 8 concert events. Were the attack to have taken place just 24hrs. before -it would have scuppered London's bid for the games.

Leaders of the G8 immediately lined up somberly behind British prime minister, Tony Blair as he vowed to win against the "terrorists." U.S. President, George W. Bush later declared that "the war on terrorism goes on."

The resulting public relations image portrayed by the western corporate media, effectively presenting the G8 as a de facto world government, rising to power on the basis of their self-portrayal as defenders of our freedoms.

And, sidelined by the London bombs, the debt-relief campaigners were effectively dismissed.

We are witnessing a series of choreographed psychological-military operations inspired by core elements of the G8, which are designed to stampede people into casting aside hard won civil liberties, while moving to a global governmental/military/economic order based on the values of power and money -not social development, equity and justice.

Can we see signs of the same cynical technique of the calculated smashing of the hopes of ordinary people being applied elsewhere? Unfortunately, we can.


After the presidential 'election' of 2004, John Kerry should have taken a chopper to some aircraft carrier and pose in front of one of those "Mission Acomplished" banners.

John Kerry's lasting legacy in American politics will be as the willing enabler of the destruction of Fallujah (a city 300,000 had called home) and the slaughter of around 6,000 mostly civillian inhabitants. Kerry's slick Hari-Kari created the opening. The U.S. military drove through the gap, while a numbed and PsyOp'ed U.S. (and world) population flailed around trying to understand what had just happened.

Protests took place across the world marking the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. New York activist Michael Letwin told the BBC: "I think Bush's re-election took the steam out of the anti-war movement".

Which is precisely what Kerry's pied piper, alternative candidacy pretence was intended to achieve. The Kerry presidential bid co-opted anti-war sentiment; diverted resistance from anti-war protest to pro-Kerry canvassing; and then disenchanted the opposition to the war when their 'hero" fell without substantially challenging the "stolen election."

In truth, the establishment runs all major political movements in the USA. From the Republicans to Nader. From the Democrats and Greens to the gun-totin' patriots. It's the best democracy money can buy, USA-style.


A key objective of the elite agenda was, and is to use resistance to Bush as a recruiting seargeant for a "grassroots" relaunch of the Democratic Party. That's why we have had the Move-On phenomenon and the lavish funding of the 'soft' left by a Bush opponent(don't make me laugh!) like George Soros.

Think of it as an outreach program akin to that used to engineer the ascension of Yushchenko in the Ukraine. The process continues with the elevation of Howard Dean to chair the DNC-in a rebound from his pre-arranged exit from the presidential campaign. Dean and the Dems are still selling hard, buy buying interest is low.

"Shock and Awe" is the U.S. military's term for the psychologically-oriented mass bombing of Iraq. "Shock and Awe" is also the modus operandi in political assassinations (JFK, Diana, Sgrena) and in political suicide, Kerry-style.

The 'defeat' of Kerry in the stolen U.S. presidential election --which in advance had raised such high hopes on the left in the U.S.-- shattered the left psychologically and nipped the U.S. anti-war movement in the bud.

The establishment knew in advance that Kerry would loose. Partly by arrangement with Mr. Kerry, and partly by means of being able to tweak the electronic voting system in the U.S. to ensure a Bush victory. Therefore they knew they would send packing a horde of left-wing voters symbolically led by John Kerry, the pied piper of the losing team.

But that still left them a problem. The hard-core left activists would not slump off as readily. And they knew about covert control of the electronic voting systems. So they would immediately start making noise about all that and might spoil the illusion of democracy. So, what to do?

The answer was tactically brilliant. Why not dupe the left again --using the same tatic and the same person? If the broad mass of voters could be suckered into backing Kerry --only to be stunned by the betrayal, then why not pull the same stunt immediately afterwards on the hard-core activists who remain.

Seed their doubts using a Zogby poll and some provocateurs. Get the plastic John Edwards to make an election night promise that "every vote will be counted." Have the Kerry campaign make ambiguous moves that indicate he is going to challege the result. But then, after weeks of raised expectations, have him fail to deliver. You can't really challenge an elction if the challenger won't challenge, so in the let-down, the issue will fizzle out.


The attitude to Africa which the G8 wanted us to have is that it should be seen as a failing continent in need of a swift neocolonial power-grab by the G8 to rescue it from the maw of both AIDS and poverty. [See: Dawn of the G8 New World Order]

So, here's how this will really pan out: the debt-relief will be used to copperfasten the dependance of African governments on the G8 and as a lever to secure ruinous 'fair' trade deals. A lot of any extra aid will be funneled through Paul Wolfowitz's World Bank.

The Pharma people will pocket much of the rest -as profit from discounted sales of failing toxic AIDS drugs. All of this ushered in as a 'feel good' phenomenon by wealthy revolutionaries, against the unworrying background of the banal lyrics of mass-market pop-pap music.

But what makes this global African Colonization PsyOp so ironic for Africa is that the whole AIDS paradigm on which it is based has itself also been a PsyOp from the start.

The AIDS hysteria was launched in (appropriately) 1984 under Ronald Regan's presidency. HIV was the Osama Bin Laden of 1984. The evidence that the virus was the real cause of the disease was about as flimsy and/or nonexistant as that linking Osama to 9/11. And we are still waiting for that evidence in both cases.

Both 9/11 and AIDS have fulfilled the fear, terror and social hysteria agenda of the G8 NWO. Their astounding success with AIDS led directly to 9/11.

AIDS is a concocted disease syndrome which now lumps together a range of illness from tuberculosis to cervical cancer to malaria and hypothesizes that these are new AIDS-versions of the same old diseases. The so-called 'gay-plague' made scapegoats of gays in the U.S. and around the world. Pharma-funded gay health groups sold the party line to their members with backing from a hysterical media. It played just like the Iraq WMD hysteria.

The invented 'syndrome' was not just designed to freak out gullible Westerners. It was designed to nip African independence in the bud. Why bother trying to overthrow the colonial powers pulling the strings in Africa, if the continent was doomed anyway by AIDS?

That was the PsyWar message to Africans: embrace despair and disillusion -not revolution.

It's an information age. What is going on is information warfare.


The U.N. has rubber-stamped an Iraqi puppet government --complete with a CIA-sponsored Iraqi president --and a U.S. ambassador with a blind spot about death squads. The ultimate bad-cop: the USA, and the pseudo good-cop: the UN --are carving up Iraq together, behind a facade.

In Brussels at an international conference on the future of Iraq, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, sat down next to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to lend the endorsement of the United Nations to the U.S. in Iraq.

This is the same U.N. which postured against the illegal invasion of Iraq. This is the same EU which supposedly opposed the same invasion. In the interim, the occupation forces have ironically and ruthlessly bombed Iraq with nuclear weapons; flattened Fallujah and slaughtered up to 6,000 of it's inhabitants with napalm, nerve gas and other weapons of mass destruction.

The U.N. and EU political opposition to the invasion was fake. Merely a sop to outraged public opinion in countries around the world. The gloves have been off for quite a while.

And the G8 summit in Georgia announced a 50,000 strong global "peacekeeping" force --aimed first at Africa. And they simultaneously declared a "partnership" with a zone called "Broader Middle East and North Africa." U.S. Centcom, in other words.

Next comes the carve up of Africa, and the rest of the Middle East. Next comes the continuation of genocidal policies against the world's poor. Next comes the global corporate order, resource pillage, and a modern version of old-style colonialism.

In the real world, 9/11 is no rogue Bush/Cheney operation, it is part of a coherent and calculated gambit by global corporate-sponsored imperialism.

Welcome to the G8 New World Order

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  Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.

  The CIA Fakes
 presented by and

  The CIA Fakes
 presented by and
Note: We do not contend that everyone associated with these websites are knowing intelligence operatives. Some have been professionally manipulated, others merely misled. In any event these are promoting the psyop agendas and disinformation themes of the covert controllers. This is also not meant to be a fully comprehensive listing of all the fake websites.

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