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Judiciary Cmte. Report Clearly
Questioning Bush Reelection, 5th Jan, 2005 17:00ET   
by Fintan Dunne, Editor EXCLUSIVE

A status report of the House Judiciary Committee investigating the U.S. presidential election, has questioned the certainty of the reelection of president George Bush, based on irregularities in the Ohio contest.

Citing recent election controversy in Washington State and in the "apparent defeat of the opposition leader Victor Yushchenko" in the Ukraine, the report says these contexts show that elections "...are subject to manipulation and mistake."

The report(pdf) goes on: "It is therefore, critical that elections be investigated and audited to assure the accuracy of the results"

The report then repeats and reinforces comments by Daniel Hoffheimer, an attorney for the Kerry/Edwards campaign --first reported in writing by on 24th December, 2004. Hoffheimer said that Kerry/Edwards:

"....want to be sure that all circumstances involved in the Ohio election, including the recount, should be put before the Court and disclosed to the American people. Only then, can the integrity of the entire electoral process and the election of Bush-Cheney warrant the public trust."

The Judiciary Cmte. report adds to those earlier comments by the Kerry/Edwards campaign, saying that: "regardless of the outcome of the election..., that outcome cannot be certain as long as legitimate questions remain."


By virtue of this report and other investigations, reasonable proof of major Ohio irregularities exists. Based on this, the limited public thrust of the report and comments by the Kerry/Edwards campaign is that the Ohio electoral process is at question, not the presidential election outcome.

But on examination, the language used by the House Judiciary Cmte. Report shows that its authors stand ready to potentially fully question the reelection of George Bush --against the backdrop recent fateful events in the Ukraine.

We should note that this is not a final report from the Judiciary Cmte. It is an interim status report only. The triggers for an extension of the scope of their position would be the establishing of further reasonable proofs.

Either by establishing that sufficient votes are in question to potentially alter the outcome of the Ohio election. Or by establishing that malicious intent betond mere incompetence, lay behind the existing irregularities they have detailed.

That would indicate that further investigation is required to determine if the malign intent covertly subverted the will of the voters in Ohio or in the election contests in other states.

Peering through the fog of nuanced wording, neither Kerry/Edwards nor the latest report are saying that Kerry may have won the presidential election. But they are saying something else quite interesting.

Right now, they are saying that nobody knows who won.

Fintan Dunne, Jan 5, 2004 5pmET

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See Below: Pages 12/13 of the House Judiciary Report

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The report below uses the BreakForNews graphic screenshot
from our first-to-print report of comments by the Kerry lawyer.



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