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Google Zaps 9/11
'Terror Drill' Research, 21st Dec, 2004 17:00ET
by Fintan Dunne, Editor EXCLUSIVE

Just weeks ago, 9/11 researcher Nico Haupt released the long awaited final chapter in his exhaustive research into the wargames and terror drills taking place in the months and days before the 9/11 attacks. But, already his research has slipped down the memory hole.

Like previous Nico investigations, in late November, 2004 "The lost "terror drill"? Pt.11" was published on But when that entire website went offline one week ago --due to a fatigued webmaster, it seems-- so also did that latest instalment of Nico's research .

Which is a pity --because it was a real pageturner (or mouse clicker). Here's Nico's own summary of the contents of that final chapter:
" This final chapter includes the real reason of "wargames" as a planted distraction to "anti terror drills", two government "agents" on Delta1989 and Colgan5930?, Amalgam Virgo "1.5", Rosetta Stone, the significance of 1951, Tinker AFB, White Sands, STARS, Club Cabana, Coalminers with Tomahawks, Flight91, the story of Dave Friedman, Scrap Yards and the WTC, a mysterious yellow cord, American Airlines in Shanksville, more from Buffalo, Dayton and the Westmore County drills, the soldier disguised as a firefighter, a passenger who died "twice", Codeshares, more BTS, the lost motel manager, Operation Provide Comfort, Honolulu and more..."


Not to worry, let's search Google and get the article from their cache of archived webpages. But, a search of Google using the URL for Nico's article yields Google's standard "miss" message: "Sorry, no information is available."

Which is strange, because Google clearly knows well of the INN website. The Google cache of the INN homepage is on regular update --last cached on 20th December, 2004. And Google has cached a previous Nico article from INN --and one by WoodyBox.

So, Google has no copy. Perhaps someone has. Let's try searching again on the title of the article instead of its URL.

When we search Google for "The lost "terror drill"? Pt.11" we get many news pages referring to the article. However these pages only quote the first few paragraphs. One such summary page is on Portland's Indymedia website.

But what's this? Down at the bottom of that summary are links to Google caches of the both parts (A and B) of Nico's lost article!

They are: (A) and (B)


So Google DID cache the article after all. We know that, because some considerate person even made a tinyurl link to take us to the articles in the Google cache.

But mysteriously, when you try these links now, Google reports that no such cache page exists. Very strange. These Google cache pages definitely existed sometime in the last few weeks. Now they are gone.

Luckily, some of the article is online after all.
We have an incomplete online version of Part A.
And all of Part B is available.

Nico Haupt hopes to have the articles back online soon. Meanwhile if you have the complete Part A -let us know!


Another r
ecent interesting INN article by Nico: 'The Johnstown "Terror Team" Cover-up' has met the same fate in Google's cache.

The previously functional link (found on this cached page) leads only to yet another Google "miss." Luckily this article too is available elsewhere.

Perhaps it would be a good idea too save these and other vital 9/11 research articles to your local hard disc. Given Google's failures detailed here and their appaling squelching of vote fraud issues in recent weeks, the king of search engines is fast becoming a memory hole for non-mainstream research.

Fintan Dunne,
21 Dec, 2004

STOP PRESS: We believe we now have all of Nico's recent articles and
we will be putting them online in the next few days. Check Homepage : )

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