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Video Game Celebrates
Fallujah Slaughter, 3rd Dec, 2004 11:00ET
by Fintan Dunne, Editor
Research KathyMcMahon EXCLUSIVE

If you thought the new video game inviting players to try their virtual skills at assassinating JFK was tasteless, hold on to your hat. A just-released mission in the Kuma wargame series is themed “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr." It re-creates the recent assault on Fallujah, which may have left thousands of civilians dead.

Players join U.S. Marines and Army soldiers in their attack on the Jolan district in Fallujah. For the making of “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr,” Kuma Reality Games used detailed satellite imagery of Jolan.

Publicity material for yesterday's new game says players "dodge sniper fire and protect civilians," while fighting to secure the Jolan district.

"Protect civilians"?


Perhaps the action isn't really that "realistic" after all. Civilians in Fallujah outnumbered rebels by perhaps thirty to one. They bore the brunt of a relentless US bombardment of Jolan. News media reports say this included 2,000-pound bombs, helicopter gunships and artillery.

Independent journalists and Arab media say napalm-like weapons and poison gas were also deployed. Reporter, Dahr Jamail told that witnesses saw people poisoned, fall to the ground and die. Other reports describe firebombs spewing lethal contents which adhered to skin and burned unquenchably.

Only later did the soldiers --the real ones-- come to root out any "resistance" left alive. This involved the use of cluster bombs and grenades tossed into homes, with devastating results in at least one case. Cowering inside was a family - not virtual terrorists. A young boy was hospitalized with grenade fragment injuries.

Don't expect that kind of realism from the latest Kuma offering. “Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr,” is the sanitized electronic world of good guys and bad guys. Just like Bush's war. And you can guess who the good guys are.

The Kuma /War series is lovingly following the action around Iraq, and modeling game chapters on set-piece recreations of real military operations. Players have battled the Medi army in the south and hunted down Uday and Qusay Hussein. We are now up to Mission #28.

In the coming weeks, game subscribers will get missions that re-create current combat in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq.


Many missions are being developed in cooperation with the US military.

“Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr” even contains a discussion with Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (ret) on the strategy behind the fight for control of Fallujah. The last mission before Fallujah, was "Ramadi Convoy Exercise,"
based on the same training mission Kuma\War modeled for CASCOM - the US Army Combined Arms Support Command.

Kuma Reality Games has just opened voting for its "Stories from the Front" contest. The contest asked soldiers to contribute stories from their actual experiences in the battlefield. The winner's story will become an upcoming mission. The winner will be featured with three friends as characters in the re-creation of the winning story.

The eligible entries have been slimmed to finalists like: Beneath the Saddam Mosque, the story of a rescue team searching for a kidnapped woman in the tunnels beneath a mujahedeen-controled mosque; Baghdad Cowboy details an ambush on enemies to rescue a troubled Fallujah convoy; and Saddam City Shocker centers around a squad that fights its way across a bridge into Saddam City.

This is the seamless integration of military gaming and real military action. The two have become one. Virtually. A seamless virtual reality whose barbarity and insensitivity is puzzling to the "reality-based" community.

In Fallujah, during the bombing families could hear the screams from those whose homes had been hit, but they had to keep their heads down and pray.

Kuma should have taped those screams.

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Fallujah's 9/11:
U.S. Used
Weapons of
Mass Destruction

November 9th, 2004 was Fallujah's 9/11 Tuesday. It marked the peak of 3 days of indiscriminate bombing by US forces.

The bomb blitz featured weapons of mass destruction:
banned napalm-type munitions, chemical poison gas and super-bombs of up to 2,000-pounds.

The ground assault was also indiscriminate. The target was a city where at least 60,000 civilians outnumbered rebel fighters by over thirty to one.

The evidence of those crimes is accumulating, as accounts by aid workers' from inside Fallujah manage to bypass reporting restrictions.  ..Our Exposé
The relevant US commanders
should be immediately detained and interrogated --so we can determine
on whose orders they acted, that
others may also face justice.

The attack on Fallujah was the worst single terrorism
atrocity since 2,752 people died in New York on
Tuesday, 9/11/2001. The Iraqi Red Crescent fear
up to 6,000 killed so far, in the terror on Fallujah.

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Fallujah Aid Blocked
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6,000 Killed in Falluja
Saving Fallujah,
And Other
Movie Fantasies

by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Just as in the movie Saving Private Ryan, U.S. forces in the "assault" on Fallujah
have a mission aimed at a single man: the elusive
Musab al-Zarqawi. They seek
him here. They seek him there.
They seek him everywhere.

But, Zarqawi remains as disappointingly fictional as ever.

No doubt he has "slipped
away" from Fallujah. I suppose
that's only to be expected
when you are fighting against
an enemy which uses guerilla
warfare. "Slipping away" is the
very definition of guerilla war.

Or hasn't anyone told the Americans?  ..Read on


     by Kathy McMahon
   Mon 6 Dec

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U.S. Used Weapons
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Covering Up
US War Crimes In Iraq

One returned soldier, who recently committed suicide, constantly called himself a 'murderer' for killing an unarmed child in Iraq

U.S. Death Toll in Falluja Offensive Reaches 71
Seventy-one U.S. troops were killed in the offensive led by U.S. Marines to take control of the Iraqi city Falluja the U.S. military said on Wednesday, 20 higher than previously reported

100,000 Iraq's civilian dead get no hearing in the U.S.
American behavior and self-perceptions reveal the ease with which a civilized country can engage in large-scale killing of civilians without public discussion.

Packaging violence
The war hides in public sight, while the USA wrings its hands over 'declining moral values' that seem to allow a basketball player to punch a fan at a basketball game

From Guernica
to Fallujah

After Fallujah no two Americans shall meet without a corpse lying between them

Nastiest Regimes PR Man

Fallujah Aid Blocked,
NGO's Intimidated

by Eva Jasiewicz

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