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by Fintan Dunne, Editor EXCLUSIVE

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Grounds To UnConcede
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In the Ukraine, a challenger to election fraud needs a physical constitution able to withstand hours of freezing temperatures at interminable rallies, and capable of surviving the ravages of dioxin poisoning. For John Kerry, Victor Yuschenko's American counterpart, the challenges are more media-related and stylistic, less physical.

Under cover of John Edwards' late night promise to "count every vote," Kerry's lawyers have been adeptly pursuing evidence that could reverse the election outcome, while keeping their candidate so Teflon-coated that he remains untouchable by "sore loser" or "conspiracy theory" jibes.

Indeed, Kerry's slick moves have been so effective that many of his own supporters still half-believe that all this is not about questioning the election result.

In the last few days, Kerry has launched a further escalation of his legal involvement, while also leaving casual observers even more convinced that Bush is safely ensconced in office.

It was yet another political dance routine with Kerry's now familiar two steps forward, one step back footwork.


Just before the Christmas holiday, on 23 December, 2004 Kerry lawyer, Daniel Hoffheimer called for a demonstrably legitimate recount in Ohio, explaining that:

"...Only then can the integrity of the entire electoral process and the election of Bush/Cheney warrant the public trust."

The occasion for this first questioning of the legitimacy of the Bush reelection was the news that the Kerry/Edwards campaign has just joined in aspects of an ongoing recount suit by the Green and Libertarian parties targeting Triad Systems, a Republican-linked supplier of voting machines to around half of Ohio counties.

The legal move comes against a backdrop of allegations that Triad GSI orchestrated a system of "cheat sheets" to enable a fraudulent recount in Ohio, and may have tampered with vote tabulation equipment. With Triad equipment in half of Ohio's counties, any systematic fraud could well have scuppered a Kerry win.

A legal assault and a verbal slight -both directed at the Bush "victory."

Two steps forward.

Based on the news, ran a Christmas 'eve analysis maintaining that Kerry was effectively laying grounds for unconceding, by now pursuing potential direct evidence of election fraud, while impugning Bush's victory. And we pointed out that legal actions that might end in overturning the Ohio election result were a default way to unconcede without ever saying the "U" word.

Two days later, before Santa could awaken from a well deserved sleep, election fraud pointman for the mainstream media, Keith Olbermann
weighed in.

"Them’s fightin’ words, " opined Olbermann.

"Fightin’ words that came just eight working days before the Electoral College votes are opened before Congress."

But before the day was out, Hoffheimer was already scolding "conspiracy theories" while "clarifying" his comments, and then some.

This was part of Hoffheimers "clarification":

"I would caution the media not to read more into what the Kerry-Edwards campaign has said, than what you hear in the plain meaning of our comments. There are many conspiracy theorists opining these days...

"When all of the problems in Ohio are added together, however bad they are, they do not add up to a victory for Kerry-Edwards."

Later that same Monday, guessing that Kerry was just playing for kudos from the election fraud movement, a befuddled Olbermann reported:

"This evening, after several Web columnists and bloggers joined me in questioning the bluntness of the phrase (one even wildly claiming this was a precursor to a Kerry "un-concession"), Hoffheimer changed his tone."

Well, we didn't join Mr. Olbermann, we preceded him by 60 hours with our analysis on

Olbermann later admits that:

" was not some great, conspiracy-based, tin-foil-hat, piece of linguistic gymnastics, to infer..., that the Kerry-Edwards campaign did not believe that "the integrity of the entire electoral process and the election of Bush-Cheney" warranted the public trust."

Of course it wasn't. We knew that. And Olbermann knew because:

"...I can understand the English language."

Hoffheimer had just totally reversed the spin, within days. Think of it as... two small but significant steps for Kerry-kind. One giant leap back for GOP and media befuddlement.

Here we have the Kerry campaign's Ohio lawyer scorning conspiracy theories. Perfect positioning for the Kerry/Edwards camp. It's beautiful!

Somehow, Kerry & Co. are working hand in legal hand with hundreds of thousands who know that the 2004 election was stolen. All the while displaying an adeptly senatorial stance which scoffs at conspiracy theories!

Teflon Kerry's post-election edifice of investigation is like a Mayan pyramid. There isn't a single crack anywhere into which the right-wing media could insert a mere penknife.

That's no accident. It's careful planning.


In the wake of the sorry events of 2000, only a fool would not have expected an election-stealing repeat attempt in 2004. When the Bush administration began preparing an assault on Fallujah timed to begin within days of the November '04 vote, the motive was transparent.

If Kerry took the bait, he would be pilloried for undermining the commander-in-chief with the nation at war, by daring to question the election outcome. Not to mention leaving the United States vulnerable to an opportunistic attack by an Al-Queda leadership keen to exploit division in its imperial enemy.

Not taking the bait was a no-brainer. But first, no matter what the cost, Kerry supporters would have to be dissuaded from swallowing bait that the leadership knew bore only the taste of defeat.

And so, John Edwards strolled out to reassure supporters and launch the cover story about counting every vote. But Kerry would have to halt his supporters by quickly killing off the questions about the result -before they could begin. Kerry would choose his own timing. That's why the quick preemptive concession.

At the same time, John Kerry nailed the "sore loser" angle, and nailed it good. He was a paragon of graciousness. It was a faultless, if slightly incredible performance. Something jarred about it. Even grassroots Republicans sensed that, but never pondered the motive.

Before long, with the Internet in full stolen election mode, Kerry was mending fences with his activist supporters by means of his calculatedly ambiguous "whatever the outcome of this election" statement. Less noticed was Edwards similar gambit. A resounding "This fight's not over... because I'm not finished with this fight" rallying cry to his home state supporters.


In short order, the election fraud issues were soon under attack from multiple directions. The Cobb/LaMarche legal team led the charge on the recount front. Focussed on uncovering malfeasance precinct by precinct, they now say recount laws were broken in 86 of Ohio's 88 counties.

Furthermore, against a background of concerns that central voting tabulators were remotely hacked, attorneys are also examining links between Triad GSI and Tallahassee-based Datamaxx --which makes remote access products for computers.

Cliff Arnebeck with John Bonifaz headed an Ohio Supreme Court challenge directed towards revealing larger scale vote manipulations. Another Arnebeck suit embarrassingly tainted Chief Justice Moyers of the Ohio Supreme Courts bench by charging that the judge's own election was suspect.

By the way, today yet another Arnebeck suit scored a victory. Over half the members of the Ohio Supreme Court had to recuse themselves from his long-running case seeking to reveal who put up the money for a $4 million advertising campaign which influenced Supreme Court judicial elections in the state. Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, Terrence O'Donnell, and Evelyn Lundberg Stratton were all beneficiaries of the TV adverts. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce now faces potential fines of $25,000 for each day it refuses to reveal who bankrolled the campaign.

Arnebeck has hit a number of delays and legal roadblocks in his legal cases, whether by accident or deliberate design related to timing reasons. In any event he had already put the Ohio Supreme Court under a spotlight as to it's impartiality.

Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson has been mobilizing disenfranchised minority voters and John Conyers has held two pivotal hearings at which vital evidence came into the public domain.

And, both by Internet, and on the ground in Ohio thousands of activists have launched their own investigations, become their own media and grown into their own movement.

Lest anyone get the idea that all this was coherent rather than haphazard activity, the route has been sprinkled with false cues to distance Kerry from the frenzy of action.

In mid-December, Cliff Arnebeck told the L.A.Times that Kerry did not really want to challenge Bush. Why? It must be some kind of "Skull & Bones thing," said Arnebeck.

Just eleven days ago, David Cobb, said that Kerry was trying to "undermine" Green party efforts to get an effective recount. He called Kerry a member of the "ruling elite."

Within days Kerry had signed on to the G/Lib lawsuit -as just announced by Daniel Hoffheimer with such great gusto. And then as quickly downplayed by him with such great chutzpah.

Confused? Good. It must be working.


In the art of politics, status, tone and gravitas are preeminent attributes. Especially in Anglo-American politics -with its British heritage so captive to "form."

It's not "form" to be overly ambitious or to be a sore loser.

The attitude of the candidate must be one of gracious and humble reluctance to dare seek high office. The higher the office the greater the need to not appear self-serving. Yes, it's hypocrisy run rampant, but that's how it's done.

When the candidate is asked whether he is running for office, the reply is not:

"You bet!. I've been eyeing this job for years."

Rather the approach is:

"Well, I could never aspire to such a position, but so many friends and members of the public have urged me to run that I am now actively considering the position."

See. Within "form" constraints, Kerry can never lead the election fraud charge. Rather it must be his friends and the public who lead. Kerry must await definitive and publicly demonstrated proof before again donning his political gravitas. Any premature move would instantly diminish his standing.

Kerry is the good cop. He investigates for the benefit of the community and the long term good. We, the members of the election fraud activist community must be the bad cops - unafraid to badger suspects and determined to nail the culprits.

The more Kerry's team distance themselves from those hard-nosed realists so inappropriately deemed "conspiracy theorists," the more politically credible and secure his escalating involvement and the more likely his chances of seeing the will of the people fulfilled.

But I never wrote this. You never read this. File and forget.

And if you are speaking to people outside the election fraud movement don't hesitate to reassure them that Kerry is unconcerned with being robbed of the presidency.

Come again Keith. My analysis was that Kerry's legal moves mark the start of a de-facto unconcession process. Say again that I'm "wildly claiming." I can take the flack. We want to take the flack.

And Daniel Hoffheimer. Call me a "conspiracy theorist." Anytime.

I'm bad. We're all soooo bad.

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In an Ohio voters legal suit, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio has denied having personal knowledge of a plot to steal votes and has refused an emergency motion to recuse himself from the case.

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Kerry Preparing
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If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments.

The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given. Kerry's lawyer confirmed that Kerry will be seeking to expedite court proceedings in an ongoing recount suit by the Green and Libertarian parties. That might sound like just another "count every vote" exercise by Kerry, were it not for two important details.

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12/27: Full text of statement by Kerry Lawyer
No Holiday for Vote Thieves

John Conyers, Jr., the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee is confident that a few U.S. Senators will join House members on January 6 to question the November 2 election.

Conyers has thrown a spotlight on GOP vote crimes. How 'high' these crimes can be connected is another story. Those who act in concert with others to violate the Voting Rights Act or related laws should be confronted with the prospect of conspiracy charges in addition to criminal penalties (prison time) for individual offenses. Thatís the way gangsters are brought down, every day.
Kerry Lawyer Questions
Bush Reelection

Video of a segment covering
the a statement Thur 23rd to MSNBC's Countdown by
John Kerry's Ohio Laywer.

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Conyers, others may
challenge Bush 6th Jan

"He and others in Congress are considering formally challenging Ohioís vote, Jan 6th."

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Ohio Forum Hears
of Recount Fraud Plans

The House Judiciary Cmte., meeting in Ohio to investigate election vote irregularities, has heard that preparations to conduct a fraudulent recount are underway statewide.

In early testimony, chairman of the forum, Rep. John Conyers heard from Green party presidential candidate, David Cobb say that employees of punch card vendor, Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. are attempting to orchestrate a fraudulent recount of precincts likely to be included in the first phase of the recount process.
Kerry Gets "Hands On" with
Recount Letter to Ohio Counties

Dear Director and Deputy Director:

Enclosed please find a copy of a letter personally signed by John Kerry appointing me as his legal counsel, with full authority to act for him and John Edwards, including appointing witnesses to attend the recount.
On behalf of John Kerry and John Edwards I am making the following requests re. the recount...  rest of letter

  Also: Kerry tells Jackson to turn up heat
  On Sunday, John Kerry urged Jesse Jackson to take a more active role in investigating vote irregularities like: 92,000 over and undervote ballots; provisional ballots; and independent analysis of the op-scan voting machines.
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This little noticed fact was mentioned
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