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Fri 25 March 2005
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Jodi Dean
Interview Below Right

> Jodi Dean's Blog
> Bio & Publications
> Review by Alex Burns

    Some Articles:
> A Culture of Cruelty
> Cruel Indifference
> Cruelty or God's will?
> Celebrity’s Drive

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Tue 10 May  56k  DSL
Wed 27 April  Listen  zip
'Bush and
the Culture
of Cruelty'

Jodi Dean

- on cruelty,
fear, paranoia
and conspiracy
in GW Bush's
America --with
Fintan Dunne
'The Mind
of Bush'

Jack Dresser
on how social
games rooted in
popular culture
and in families,
explain the grip
George Bush has
on the USA--with
Fintan Dunne

Audio mp3
Wed 13 April  Listen  zip
Fri 25 Mar  Listen  zip
Paul Levy
'The Madness
of GW Bush
- A Collective

Behind politics,
a transforming
dream plays out
Paul Levy with
Fintan Dunne

'The Messiah
You are your
own Messiah.

Story discusses
apects of life and
spirituality with
Fintan Dunne

Presented by

Fintan Dunne

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