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9/11 Without Tinfoil 6: Columbine: Road to 9/11
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:19 pm    Post subject: 9/11 Without Tinfoil 6: Columbine: Road to 9/11 Reply with quote

Columbine: Road to 9/11

How the events of Columbine are clear evidence of the same
tactical PsyWar which exploded onto the world scene on 9/11.

Guest: Ralph Zaeschmar joins Fintan Dunne to discuss his
investigation and analysis of Columbine, and the conclusive
proof that it was a covert government operation.

The 9/11-3i Investigation Continues

"The Next Level" Internet Radio Show

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Audio Music Tracks:
Metric - Police And The Private
Fintan - Network-Matrix Mix


CNN Columbine Special - Audio Video Timeline Diagrams

Primary Timeline

Columbine conspiracy theories

The Colorado Massacre

Columbine Pictures

Recent 'School Shooting' arrests

Previous 'Terror Shootings'

The Depressive and the Psychopath
At last we know why the Columbine killers did it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Five years ago today, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered their classmates and teachers at Columbine High School. Most Americans have reached one of two wrong conclusions about why they did it. The first conclusion is that the pair of supposed "Trench Coat Mafia outcasts" were taking revenge against the bullies who had made school miserable for them. The second conclusion is that the massacre was inexplicable: We can never understand what drove them to such horrific violence.

It was Robyn Anderson who helped purchase the two shotguns and the rifle that were used in the assault. She acted as a middleman in a "straw sale" to purchase the guns for them since Dylan and Eric were not 18 at the time (the legal age to purchase a firearm in Colorado) and she was. Shortly before the purchase, the owner of Dragon Arms gun shop in Littleton reported that five teen-agers tried to purchase an M-60 machine gun and a silencer-equipped assault pistol in early March. The five appeared on a store surveillance videoptape that was turned over to police but it hasn't been made known if any of the teens was Dylan or Eric.

Dylan was described by many who knew him to be a follower and he that Harris had a strong influence on him, particularly after 1998. He was also depicted by those who knew him as a young man who lacked confidence in himself - 'painfully shy', some folks said - but that he was not quick to anger.

There was some controversy regarding Dylan's death; he died from a single gun-shot wound to the left temple. Investigators initially believed that if Dylan was going to shoot himself, he would've shot himself in the right temple, however Dylan wasn't right-handed; he was left-handed and shot guns with his left hand, something that's clearly seen in the various videos left behind. The coroner ruled it a suicide in Dylan's autopsy report.

Dylan's autopsy summary:

Final Anatomic Diagnoses

1. Through and through close contact large calibre gunshot wound involving the left side of the head (region of the left temple) associated with: A. Brain injuries - lacerations and contusions B. Skull fractures
C. Subdural hemorrhage

2. Aspiration blood lower airway and lungs

COMMENT: The autopsy findings in this case reveal that the cause of death is due to brain injuries secondary to a close contact, large calibre, through and through gunshot wound involving the left side of the head. This gunshot wound is consistent with self-infliction.

Signed, Ben Galloway, M.D. Forensic Pathologist

The media went off on a circus jag, touting the two as misunderstood, picked on outcasts, driven to revenge.

It was quite the opposite. These two had a history of threatening violence, people, bullying, terrorising, being in trouble with police. Assholes, if you will. They had been threatening to kill student Brooks Brown and his family for years, and complaints by Brooks went ignored by police. They constantly targeted people they didn't like and even specifically sought out Rachel Scott to kill, a deeply religious girl who they made fun of constantly (one story said that Harris put a gun to her head and asked if she "believed in your God now?". When she said yes, he pulled the trigger). Talking Know It Alls said see? This is what you get when you're cruel. Talk shows discussed how the Picked On Weirdos can be driven off the edge. Teens were told see?

You snotty punks? This is what happens for you cruel remarks to the outcasts. Finally the media shut the hell up and students were heard about what Assholes these two had been.

The new thought is that Harris and Klebold didn't kill themselves in the school library. Some think Harris shot Klebold in the head, then himself. The reasoning behind that is Klebold had a bullet wound in his left temple while the guns all lay on the floor to his right. The cops explained that he shot himself through the roof of his mouth and the bullet existed the top of his head so this is why there's a wound on his left temple. This doesn't ring true because while his body is on his back, the blood clearly flowed at some point forward; horizontally over his face, nose and chin. Some say this indicates he was shot while looking down, then fell to the ground and Harris rolled him over to see if he was dead before shooting himself. Harris's brains are splattered all over the books on the library shelf as he lies on the floor, consistant with the idea that he shot himself as he laid there.

Third shooter theory

Shortly after the massacre, reports from five to seven witnesses at Columbine claimed that a third shooter was present. Other reports from around the neighborhood stated that at approximately 10:40 a.m., Klebold's BMW, carrying up to four people, was spotted a few blocks from the school. It was followed by a tan sedan carrying two people. Officials decided to look further into these claims as they believed it was impossible for Harris and Klebold to carry so many explosives into the building themselves.


25 Feared Dead In Colorado School Shooting

By Maureen Harrington

LITTLETON, Colo. (Reuters) - Two heavily armed gunmen on an apparent ``suicide mission'' opened fire on terrified students in a Colorado high school Tuesday. Several students said they recognized at least one of the assailants, a member of the ``Trench Coat Mafia.''

One student said there were two gunmen, accompanied by another young man in a white shirt throwing bombs onto the roof of the school. The student in the white shirt was not immediately found.

Police arrested three young men dressed in black in a field near the school. The three were believed to be friends of the suspects but not involved in the shootings.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:24 pm    Post subject: Research & Investigation by Ralph Zaeschmar Reply with quote

Research & Investigation by Ralph Zaeschmar

The Questions: Part 1

Compiled From:

--Is it just coincidence that the episode of CBS' television show "The Promised Land" that was scheduled to air that week featured a kid firing a gun in front of a Denver high school? Or that the plot of the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for that week was a student gunman and a plot to kill every one at school?

--Or that MTV aired a Justice Department-produced program called "Warning Signs" about violence and its effect on young people on 4-22-99 (date was scheduled before Columbine)?

--When ABC's "20/20" news program decided to do a show about a disturbing new educational phenomenom called 'Death Education,' back in the early '90s, why did they choose Columbine High as the featured school?

--What was the motive? Why would two teens who were not bullied, did not hate everyone, and were not psychopathic suddenly decide to destroy the lives of a dozen fellow students and themselves just six weeks before graduation?

--Why did it take police so long to enter the school, and why did it take almost three hours for them to reach the library, the area where the shooters were last seen? Who gave the orders not to go in?

--Why did over 100 eye- and ear- witnesses dispute the official theory of only two shooters? Why did over 40 of those witnesses identify other participants BY NAME?

--Why didn't the Final Report mention the brief exit of a shooter on the east side, according to many eyewitnesses?

--If the person seen on the roof of the school was a repairman, as police claim, why do witnesses say he was holding a weapon? Were shell casings found there, as some said?

--Where are dozens of missing interviews of students, especially those in the science hall? Why are there still thousands of pages of investgatory materials that have never been made public, including hundreds of reports of non-Columbine witnesses and tipsters?

--What were two high-ranking military figures (a colonel and a general) in cami uniforms doing at the scene? Why was a memorial service at a public park afterwards ringed by military trucks? Who authorized a flyover by military jets and why?

1) What were the command decisions made on April 20, 1999? Who made them? Did they actually tell police to stay out of the school? How much did the awareness by people in the Jeffco command center of the failures of the police to stop eric before this day have to do with their delays? How much did Dave Thomas influence the command decisions by being in the command trailer? Why were the doors to the command trailer closed for a period of time for a private conference? Why has this information never been released? Why have the command center tapes never been released?

2) Where was Gardner for the entire morning? He was in his car, then outside of the sw entrance, then he disappears for about three hours… where was he? Why wasn’t he used, as the school resource officer, as a source of information? Why did he fire into the library and cafeteria and yet give another story? Why was there never an investigation as to where he really fired once the incorrect information was revealed?

7) How many pages of reports are there? 30,000… 40,000… 120,000????? Why have these been hidden? Who are they protecting?

9) Did Dylan commit suicide or did eric kill him? How did Dylan shoot himself in the left temple with a tec9 held in his right hand?

10) What was important enough for the 20 people at the secret meetings to keep secret that it would be worth risking their careers and lying to the families of murdered children? What did they know on April 22, 1999, that would require such a drastic step? Why are these people being rewarded with promotions, judicial appointments and possible appointments to the Colorado supreme court?

11) Why were some policeman told not to file reports, even though they were on scene?

12) What could the sniper on the roof see? Did he have a shot? Was he told not to shoot?

16) Why did governor owens refuse to give justice Erickson subpoena power? It was a major embarrassment to owens, yet he still refused. What would stop a governor from giving such an elemental investigative tool to the man heading up his investigative commission? Why did Erickson accept such an assignment without subpoena power?

18 ) Why did Ken Salazar, with no chance of political gain, do the right thing and investigate some of the corruption, and eventually expose Dave Thomas? Was this truly an act of integrity and honesty?
32) Why was all but one of the 'investigatory' teams headed or co-headed by an FBI man? (the one exception was a team headed by a CBI man, who was himself 'ex'-FBI) Did the Feds take over control of the investigation?

38 ) What was DPD Selander and an unidentified JeffCo sheriff doing at CHS before the shooting started?

41) Why did investigators turn down numerous promising leads?

42) Where are missing interviews of students, especially those in the science hall? Why didn't the Final Report conclude that shooters entered Science rooms 1 and 8, when shell casings were taken from these areas?

46) What two bodies were being taken out of the library on gurneys the afternoon of 4-20, when officially bodies weren't taken out until at least a day later?

How many shooters were there? You probably know something of the many eyewitnesses who identified or described other shooters, thus indicating more than two attackers. And of course there are the many outside witnesses who saw 2 guys in trench coats plus another guy in blue jeans and white T-shirt throwing bombs. But here's another list for your perusal of people who don't fall in either catagory but whose statements clearly indicated more than 2 attackers:

Channel 7 News at 12pm(noon) on 4-20, EP 21-244
"Reporter said that numerous witnesses he spoke to who were not named said they saw 3 gunmen."

Joe Marshall(5735)
Ramona Lee Madden says he observed 3 kids with guns.

ACSO Nelson(8810)
"... a list of 3 names that the 12 witnesses ID'd from a yearbook were turned over to ACSO investigators to foreward."

Jon Curtis, janitor(2286)
Saw 2 to 4 attackers, describes 3 of them.

Eric Campbell(732)
Walked out of school at 11:20am on 4-20 and saw Harris in the parking lot with 2 or 3 other guys, wearing a white T-shirt and a backward baseball cap.

Matt Katzenmeier(5745)
Saw 4 subjects carrying bags in, according to Darlene Mesch.

Alicia Maes(22755)
Saw 4 people with trenchcoats and guns, according to Rachel Nelson. Not mentioned in Maes' 11k interview.

Trista Fogerty(23144)
"Trista said she believes, as do most other students, that there were more than 4 people involved in shooting."

Natalie Baker(2583)
Told her mother there were 2 other shooters besides H&K. (2+2=4)

Jennifer Tyndall(1226)
Sees 2 suspects, neither of which is H&K. (2+2=4)

Ryan Ezzie(2967)
Saw 4 people outside with hats on backwards. On 20612, he says he "...saw at least 4 parties dressed in black standing calmly when others were running."(by the school library)

Jordan Grimm(22432)
According to Jordan's aunt, he saw H&K and 2 others together ouside school just before the incident began. Not mentioned in Grimm's own 11k interview(5760).

DPD dispatch log(9219)
"Male called from Canada and was talking with female student at Columbine and she told him there are 4 suspects not 2 but no further information."

John Spahlinger(1176)
Clement Park maintenance worker, "a majority of the students Spahlinger helped informed him there had been a trench coat mafia gang shooting over at the high school and that there were 4 shooters involved." Follow-up interview says "Spahlinger stated he had no further info to report and that he did not know where someone got that he had(sic) witnessed 5 individuals exit a black vehicle while working in the park."

Camille Campbell(7446)
Denies having CHS friends who told her about 4 shooters, 2 of whom discarded their trenchcoats and fled into the crowd.

Thornton/NorthglennPD SWAT Team, EP 9-34
At 11:35pm on 4-20 the team enters CHS for another search. "We were advised that 2 suspects(shooters) might still be in the school." (2+2=4)

Littleton PO Mike Eyman(8670)
Advised that "there were possibly 4 suspects in the school."

Dustin Gorton(10743)
"He named 2 other individuals he believed to be involved as Nathan Dykeman, Chris Morris." (2+2=4)

"Daphne Baca had listed 4 names of possible suspects. Those names included Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Chris Morris, and Robert Perry."

Kristen Schoenhoff(4321)
While being driven out of the senior lot, she hears fireworks outside. She turns around and sees 3 males at the top of the stairs. None of them are H&K. (3+2=5)

J. Adams(7422)
Construction worker near CHS; he refers to a black BMW and a small tan car drive down his cul-de-sac, followed five minutes later by the sound of bombs. A co-worker says the BMW was filled with 4 teenagers, the tan car which followed it had 2 people in it(7430).

Mr. Talocco(8876)
He says that the school roof repairman saw 3 people exit vehicle with H&K. Tan vehicle followed them into the lot. The repaiman(Clarke) denies it.

Dick Strange(1194)
"It was at approximately 11:45am(??) that Strange first observed 4 to 5 individuals, all dressed in black trench coats, standing alongside CHS in the vicinity of the gymnasium."

(UFN) Vassar(4691)
Sees 4-5 individuals at 11:15am dressed in black walk away from the school, all wearing trench coats, except one, who was wearing cami pants.

Seth Biggi(2475)
Was told by Courtney Shakowski she saw 4 to 5 TCMers enter cafeteria with a big, black duffel bag. Shakowski's interview itself(1157) only refers to 5 possible suspects in the parking lot.

Devon Adams(10614)
Names 3 (Redacted) names as being directly involved in the Columbine shooting--they are not H&K. (3+2=5)

Boulder PD SWAT Timeline(8245)
2130 hours: "2 suspects believed dead inside, 1 arrest, 1-2 other supects/associates."

Pat McDuffy(10786)
A member of the TCM names 5 people in the attack group. Says another 5 helped plan the attack and helped provide guns and bombs.

Barbara Karnkusis(7523)
At about 7:30am on 4-20 she saw a group of 5 to 6 people, dressed in black, standing at the corner of Pierce and the first street south of the school. One of them looked older, in his mid 20s with short blond hair. Two of them sitting on a large black backpack.

Nick Buhrer(2583)
Was told by Sean Graves in a hospital visit that he saw 5 or 6 people throwing 'devices' in the cafeteria.

Melissa Chavez(9023)
Met H&K and 4 other boys at the mall. They showed her a map of where they would bomb the school. (2+4=6)

Tim Kastle(3416)
Tells IOs of 5 suspects.

Rusty Schyler(4463)
According to Lacey Smith, he told her that he had seen 6 shooters.

Pam Wood(8902)
Got call at work in Pennys at South West Plaza from students trapped in school. One saw 6 trenchcoats and that all were shooting handguns.

Amy Terry(2207)
Was told by friend Elisha Encinias that she was in the commons when trench coaters(2 or more presumably) with masks on came in shooting. Running upstairs, she sees 4 people in trenchcoats coming in through the glass doors at the west end of the main hallway.(2+4=6)

Bryan Frye(806)
Told the IOs that while crawling past the admin office(where he had just heard gunshots), he saw 5 or 6 persons all dressed in black.

LFD Capt. Mike Gorman,. EP 1-335
"Capt. Gorman told me the only information was that there were 5 to 6 shooters from the Trench Coat Mafia."

JCSO Kevin Walker, EP 1-223
"Dep. Walker related the communications center advised there were approximately 6 gunmen, dressed in black."

JCSO Vincent DiManna, EP 1-363
At 11:35, JeffCo. Lt. Manwaring "advised him there were as many as 7 gunmen inside the cafeteria and commons area."

CBSNews.com, 4-19-2001
"They(the cops) believed that they really had 6 to 8 armed individuals inside there."

Eric Campbell(732)
Says fellow student Jessica Cave(1820) says she saw 10 shooters at the school(Jessica herself was not interviewed).

What did the ear witnesses hear? Numerous students heard gunshots/explosions in different parts of the school simaltaneously. IOs generally ignored the implications of this: that two or more parties were attacking the school. Which of course probably meant more than two shooters, as H&K were officially together almost the entire time.

To wit:

Sara Houy(380)
Heard bombs in cafeteria below, while shooters were inside library, exploding bombs.

Josh Lapp(480)
Heard gunfire in other parts of the school while attack on library is going on.

Holly Pinkham(1620)
Says friend Don Goin had his shoe shot off while in middle hall, while gunshots were going off in cafeteria.

Alex Babiner(1954)
"He thought the explosions were coming from the level he was on and from downstairs at the same time."

Doug Johnson(1947)
Heard gunfire and explosions coming from library and commons areas.

Drew Lagerborg(1999)
Ran west down south hallway, there was a gunman at end of that hallway. Ran to north hallway, he heard a shooter down that hallway as well.

Josh Brinkley(2528 )
Heard shots downstairs, then different shots upstairs(from two guns).

Jay Gallantine(3086)
Sees gunman by library then runs downstairs where he hears more gunshots "all this time hearing shots all around me and above me."

Matt Katzenmeier(3424)
Heard shots and explosions inside the school at the same time there are 2 suspects outside.

Dan Lab(3495)
Hears shots and explosions from library and cafeteria.

Jesse Maddox(3610)
Upon the entry of a gunman into the northwest entrance, he runs upstairs to the first landing, hears gunshots upstairs, then ran back down.

Danae Pederson(4043)
Hears simaltaneous shots in north and south hallways.

Brandi Wiseman(4751)
Caught in one of the rooms off the kitchen, hears gunshots, bombs and screaming coming from cafeteria and library.

Lindsay Wyant(4799)
Heard shots in cafeteria and library at same time.

Ashley Egeland(5255)
Fleeing from 2 gunmen in the upper main hallway, she hears shots coming from the commons.

Ashley Burner(6022)
Someone told her they were watching 2 dead suspects and could hear gunfire upstairs at the same time.

Evan Todd(8826)
Heard bombs in other parts of the building while H&K were in library.

Diwata Perez and Jessica Holliday(9923)
Heard gunshots elsewhere while shooters were in library.

--Jason Baer
(1759) Hid in greenroom off science hall "I heard more than two people yelling to each other saying "over here" and stuff."

--Nathan Dykeman, email exchange of 9-17-06
"...anyway yes there were 2 more people in the school with handguns but they decided to bail.... eric and dylan went threw with it and the other 2 did not... dylan had no doubt in his mind he wanted to do this... "

--Lindsay Elmore
(332)"I believe there were 3 gunmen."
(334) "Lindsay stated because of the amount of shots fired 'I thought there had to be more than 2 shooters.' "
(340) ...there was so much movement that Elmore thought there was more than two people.

--Natalie Graves (672 of ACSO notes)
"Natalie also related she spoke with a a student named (Redacted). (Redacted) looked out the windows to the grassy hill and saw a person in a dark coat with a machine gun. This person was not one of the two doing the shooting."

--Sean Graves
"...saw guy with coat and gun standing by (Redacted)--saw his face and he wasn't one of the suspects." (ACSO 633)

--Richard Olejniczak, father of students Alicia and Sarah(5070)
"Richard then asked this Investigator what information had been obtained reference any other participants. Richard stated that while he was at Lea Wood Elementary School, waiting for information about his two daughters, he talked with two girls who came from the school. The girls said they had seen two guys in the cafeteria, wearing all black. There were also two guys who entered the main door from the parking lot. One was in black, the other in white. The girls said they all had guns.

--Anthony Sammauro, via Cindy Sammauro and Janice Olejniczak(5071)
"Tony stated that two suspects came in the front door and one came in the side door."

--Erik Sunde (4576,16309, 22972) saw two gunmen downstairs near cafeteria, runs upstairs and sees another person in trenchcoat in front of library doors.

--Julie Thomas, passerby eyewitness
That on 042099 at about 0755 hours, Julie turned onto Polk St. from Pierce St. and saw a small brownish/golden truck parked on the south side of Polk St. five male teens around it. At least three of them are wearing black trench coats. (ACSO 808 )

--Map on page 924 reads "Explosive devices found in three cars."

1) Cyrstal Archuleta(EP1-197)
"...she did see one person throw a pipe bomb. .....She told me at the time she thought it was Robert Perry."

2) Seth Dubois(EP21-125)
"...Seth told Katherine(Carlston) that Robert Perry was seen shooting a girl in the back while leaving the library."

3) Wade Allen Frank(EP1-91)
"Mr. Frank told me that he thought origonally one of the individuals(shooting) was someone by the name of Robert..." "He stated that the person was tall, approximately 6'3" and kind of ackward(sic) and gangly."

4) Bryan Frye(EP25-69)
"He stated that the person he had previously believed this shooter to be was Robert Perry. .....In a previous interview, after receiving his yearbook, he had told his father that he believed the shooter to be Robert Perry. He also stated that the gunman had bad acne."

5) Courtney Haulman(EP25-91)
"There was three guys. The guy I remember most was the main guy. He's over 6' tall and has long curly dark-colored hair. He was wearing a trench coat. His name is Robert Perry."

6) Lacey Hohn(EP1-186)
"...can you identify or descibe who was shooting? ....Ms. Hohn said that she does not believe it was Harris or Klebold. Ms. Hohn believes it was an individual named Robert."

7) Bijen Monty(EP1-110)
"I asked her if she saw the source of the shooting. She told me she saw who she thought, at the time, was Robert Perry with a gun hanging around his neck. She said she never actually saw him shoot the weapon.

"She asked me if I had any information in regards to Robert Perry. I informed her I did not."

8 ) Tessa Nelson(EP1-113)
"I asked her if she saw the source of the shots. She said she saw a male, who she thought was Robert Perry, wearing boots, dark jeans with dark hair, walking down the stairs outside the cafeteria. She said the male suspect pulled a gun and started shooting."

9) Katelyn Sue Place(EP21-285)
Kate said, "It was (Redacted). I'm almost positive of it. I remember looking him dead in the eye. He was in my debate class..... . ...Dylan kind of looked like Robert, but Dylan doesn't have the long face. Robert's teeth are messed up and he was smiling and I saw his teeth then. Kate said that she has since seen pictures of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, and she said, "It's not one of them."(Referring to the person she saw shooting out on the outside commons.)

"She remembers him shooting Ann Marie(Hochalter). .... Robert was just randomly shooting. ...Robert was still shooting. ....Kate said that Robert shot Ann Marie before he smiled at Kate. ....She looked and saw Jason(Autenrieth) trying to help Ann Marie, dragging her away from Robert, to the side."

10) Lacey Smith(4470)
"On the diagram she depicts (Redacted) as walking in through the doors, past where she was sitting, and going in about as far as they north end of the school store. It was at that time she heard the windows breaking and then realized she was hearing shots.

"....she did not have any trouble indentifying PERRY when he walked past her. I asked SMITH how sure she was that the person she saw and spoke with was (Redacted). I asked, "90 percent sure? 50 percent sure?" Her response was "100 percent sure." I then showed SMITH a photo lineup which included a picture of Dylan KLEBOLD, and asked her if the person who walked past her was in the lineup. She stated he was NOT in the lineup. .....As (Redacted) passed her and was near the commons area of the cafeteria, she then explained that (Redacted) pulled a weapon out from under his trench coat and started firing into the cafeteria.

11) Brenton Hooker(16397)
"....he turned around and observed an individual he thought was ROBERT PERRY(ex-student of Columbine High School) standing outside the door just to the north of the main entrance shooting a pistol in his direction...." ....HOOKER described the individual he thought was PERRY as 6'8" - 6'11" in height, very skinny, tight black pants, black trench coat..."

12) Tyler Chenoweth(1830)
"A student named Jen Smull saw through the (science classroom)door during the incident and said that the tall suspect had curly hair and was the student who came to a Halloween party as a warlock. He thought of Robert Perry based on that description."

The following eyewitnesses identified a (Redacted) as being the shooter, with the description fitting Perry's:

13) Tiffany Lien(968 )
"Lien stated she believed gunman number one was (Redacted).... ...Lien stated that she was approximately twenty to twenty-five feet away from gunman number one and looked at him face to face for approximately 25 seconds, frozen in her tracks." Tall male had long black trench coat, black jeans, dark brown hair. His hair was kind of long and had curls. He was skinny and his shoulders kind of hunched over. ...She also stated that the gunman had bad acne.

14) Kristen Long(20245)
"Long said suspect definitely had dark hair and a large nose, thought it might be (Redacted)."

15) Rusty Shyler(5464)
"The individual was very tall. ...Shyler saw his face partially and thought based upon his dress and size that it may have been (Redacted). He was a hundred percent sure it was (Redacted). He described (Redacted) as being 6'6" to 6'7" tall and having lots of zits."

16) Chris Thierren(1207)
Saw a tall shooter with acne, large nose, shoulder-length hair. "He stated that the picture he saw was of (Redacted) and he was 'pretty sure' he was the shooter he saw that morning at CHS."

17) Erin Walton(4139)
"Erin Walton said she knew one of the shooters, and that he not one of (the) two Eric and Dylan. ...he was a senior named (Redacted). and he was very tall, had bad acne scars on his cheeks.... "

The following witnesses did not identify the shooter, but the descriptions fits Perry's:

18 ) Pat Caruso(2683 and EP17-13)
"Thought the suspect looked like a trench coat student he has seen before who had bad acne, ....curly long dark brown hair, wearing black trenchcoat.... and a tie-dyed shirt, pink or yellow."

19) Justin Norman(3929)
"Upon the hill we saw a tall guy with blond hair, acne, big nose and buck teeth.... the guy had a handgun and he shot one kid in the ankle and another who didn't move." (Note: Accoding to Norman in a later interview, this was Klebold, though the description is more indicative of Perry.)

20) Joanathan Ballard(1765)
"One of the (trenchcoated)kids(who was walking the halls during the shooting-implied to be a shooter) was about 6'5" or 6'6",.... I later saw on channel 4 or 9 news, I'm almost positive, that same man or teen, on t.v., acting all worried." (Note: this can't be Harris or Klebold, as they died in the shooting.)


21) Nathan Anema(2359)
"....Anema identified (Redacted) as possibly being the person he saw throw a pipe bomb during the shooting at Columbine High School on 4-20-99. ...Anema stated that he initially thought the person that he saw throwing the pipe bomb was (Redacted)."

22) Katie Beer(6636)
".... when the incident began at Columbine High School, she initially tried to get out of the school by going toward the main doors on the east side of the school by the administrative offices, however, she said she saw a third shooter next to these offices and that this third shooter shot out windows at that location. ...Katy Beer told him this third shooter may have been (Redacted)."

23) Jason Brehm(719)
One of the shooters had a very round face, shorter than 5'11". Not Harris or Klebold.

24) Leanne Clark(1422)
"...Clark told her that she saw who did the shooting in the cafeteria, and that Clark identified (Redacted) as a gunman."

25) John Cook(756)
A couple of weeks after the massacre, "Cook said he believed he could ID both of the suspects if he saw photos of them again." Since everybody had seen the photos of H&K in the media, and knew they had died in the incident, Cook is clearly not talking about Eric or Dylan here.

26) Frank DeAngelis, School Principle(8018 )
"I also assisted the principle of Columbine, who was having hard time giving the pictures of possible suspects to the command post and was present when he looked at and identified one of the suspects he was named.(sic) The male suspect was in the custody of, I believe, Jefferson Co. Sheriff's investigators."

27) David Eagle(1878 )
"The guy with the gun had black hair looked like it was spiked shaved on the sides.(sic) It was also blond on top. 5'9", about 18 years old.

"He has since seen pictures of Harris and Klebold on television. ...David said that the person he saw did not look like the people he's seen on television."

28 ) Ashley Egelund(22671)
"Ashley was in north corridor when she observed (Redacted) and Eric Harris coming around the corner from the library.... She said Chris Morris was armed with a handgun while Harris was armed with a shotgun.(5248 ) ....both started shooting at Ashley.... Ashley did not know (Redacted) at first but she saw his picture in the yearbook and is positive it was (Redacted).

"... No photo lineup per Investigator Battan."

29) Amy Evans(22205)
"....Amy Evans said there was a third shooter and it was (Redacted)."

30) Joel Hatfield(19277)
"Joel Hatfield interviewed 4-29-99. Saw one shooter with excellent description of dress, physical, guns and movement. Could ID in lineup if needed." Once again, this cannot be H or K, as everybody was aware that H&K were in no position to stand in a lineup!

31) Mark Hengel(5901)
"Hengel identified Klebold and (Redacted) from the photograph in the attached 1A envelope.... Also attached is a 1A envelope is a diagram of Columbine High School indicating the diection of Hengel and the two individuals dressed in black."

Apparently the interviewing officer didn't like what he was hearing, and so the interviewer ends up telling the eyewitness what he saw:

"I then advised Mark Hengel that the skinny person he saw standing and shooting was Dylan Klebold and the person he saw standing over the duffel bag was Eric Harris."

32) AnneMarie Hochalter, gunshot victim outside the cafeteria(18218 )
"Advised that Harris/Klebold did not shoot her. .... Has ID on shooters."

33) Leigh Kamens(1422)
While in the 'green room' off of the science hall, she identified (Redacted) as one of the gunmen.

34) Tim Kastle(3416)
"As far as I know the suspects are Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, (Redacted) and I think there might have been two others."

35) Alicia Maes(3614)
"Alicia stated that when she first observed the male in the black trench coat, she thought it was a person known to her as (Redacted)."

36) Lucas Milne
"Saw (Redacted) in commons at 11am in a black trenchcoat and knows (Redacted). States that Dan Goin and Brandon Little and Bijen Monte saw (Redacted) shooting at school. Milne picked out (Redacted) in photo lineup.

37) Leiha Murphy(3828 )
In the cafeteria, notices commotion outside north-west door. "I saw a guy I recognized as (Redacted). He was running... Stair had his blond hair down. It's past his shoulders. He's about 6', tall, skinny, he was wearing a long black trench coat.... I saw nothing in his hands. He was observed a short distance from whatever was going on at the door. My thought was that (Redacted) was involved if there was a fight."

Stair named in the cafeteria map(see page 3830). Leiha also immediately picked him out of a photo lineup.

"I ask Leiha if she was certain that this individual was (Redacted). Leiha said "Oh yeah, I'm certain.... I saw his face full on. I remember seeing his face completely....(she said he stood in place for about 15 seconds)....I remember him graduating last year." She remembers him wearing 'makeup on his face and hand' and that because of that, he stood out from other students." (3836)

Also, at least four ear- witnesses heard the suspects refer to one of their number as "Joe".(Encinas, 2943, Herivel, 1927, McKenna, 3525, and Salazar, EP21-224)

38 ) Mark Opfer(1064)
"At the time, Opfer believed the taller person in the black tenchcoat who with(sic) the shooter was (Redacted)....."

"CHS student Mark Opfer was interviewed on 4-27-99... In that interview Opfer stated that he believed (Redacted, wearing a trench coat) was standing next to a gunman and was involved in the shooting."

39) Josh Ortwein(1939)
"...Josh Ortwein witnessed the shooting and he was telling everyone he saw (Redacted) shooting a gun."

40) Bree Pasquale(18018 )
Library eyewitness, was made to beg for her life. Says the gunman lived down the street from her and played the character "Morgan" in a school play. She knew him, and he knew her. Definitely not H or K!

41) Jessica Rusch(2143)
"...she identified one of the gunmen at the Columbine High School as being an individual known as (Redacted)."

42) Cara Sander(EP25-203)
Describes gunman as pudgy, overweight, very full face, thick bushy eyebrows. IDs him as (Redacted), who is heavy-set with a round face, short dark hair and dark eyebrows. A copy of the CHS yearbook page with Brian Sargent's photo is included in her interview. [John Ungerland(1701) says Brian Sargent has a round chubby face and is a big guy with bushy eyebrows. He saw him that morning at school; Sargent was wearing a short sleeve white button-up shirt-a polo type.]

43) Mindy Pollock(10009)
Sees one gunman outside west entrance, holding a gun on the fence. ...Dressed in a "white dress-type shirt", short brown hair, with a "little bit of a gut". "POLLOCK stated she recognized the lower, #1 gunman as (Redacted)."(1095)

44) Trent Karnes(912)
Says one suspect... had on a white dress shirt or a white sleeve shirt, he was holding a rifle on fence, shooting at people outside of cafeteria. [Note: Officially, both H&K were wearing T-shirts during the assault.]

45) Jen Smull(2182)
In science hall, sees Klebold and an older suspect, 25-30, blond with short, spiky, buzz-cut hair.

46) Valeen Schnurr, gunshot victim in library(18969)
"Per Valeen's mother, Shari Schnurr, Valeen possibly identified her shooter as (Redacted)."

47) Jennifer Tindall(1226)
"....insisted that neither suspect she saw was Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold. ...Tindall picked out (Redacted) photograph as possibly being the male in the black trench coat."

48 ) Adam Thompson(21039)
"....he had seen a gunman shooting inside the school. Does not think it is the same as gunmen in the media."

49) John Vandemark(2216)
In the science hall, sees older shooter with dark hair, spiky with blond tips.

50) Erin Walton(2243)
In th science hall, sees suspect with short blond hair-"like he was going bald"-older, in his 30s.

51) Emily Wyant(641)
A week after 4-20, says to the interviewing officer "...she would recognize them again if she saw them again."

52) Chris Wisher(9832)
"....he recognized one of the shooters--the other shooter was the kid wearing black that was arrested and placed in cuffs and put inside a black police car. He said that he is 100% positive that he was the male that shot at him."

"Thought he recognized Chris Morris as being one of the shooters.... ...on the west side of the cafeteria."

53) Aaron Welsh(610)
Can ID both suspects(on 4-22).

54&55) According to Hilary Snyder, Rachel Danford and Janel Phiebolt saw (Redacted) in school on 4-20. He was wearing a tye-dye shirt. Rachel alter sees (Redacted) down at Columbine Public Library. [Sounds like Perry]

56) Terry Lawson(10020)
ID other than H&K.

57) Monica Schuster(19470)
"Schuster saw gunman but did not believe it was Harris and Klebold."

58 ) Lisa Forgen(3005)
She sees 2 shooters, and tells IOs that she could identify them if she had photos. Interview given days after 4-20; the implication is that they were not H&K. (2+2=4)

59) Arthur Curtis(19444)
Saw two shooters, can ID them. (interview given on 4-28-99, the implication once again is that they were not H or K)

60) Kacey Ruegsegger(128 )
"Ruegsegger did not recognize the pictures of Harris and Klebold she has seen in the media as the gunmen in the library."

61) Sean Graves(ACSO 633)
"...saw guy with coat and gun standing by (Redacted)--saw his face and he wasn't one of the suspects."

62) (DRMN 5-14-99)
"...people have reported that they saw others carry stuff into the building.

Continues below....

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Research & Investigation by Ralph Zaeschmar

The Questions: Part 2

The White T-shirt Bomber

There were a couple of publicized interviews of students on 4/20/99, in which students claimed to have seen three suspects. The official report, which came out several months later, claimed that these people were confused. The report claims that they saw Eric Harris both before and after he took of his trench coat, and thus thought that he was two different suspects.

Now, the southwest side of Columbine is where the shooting began, and it is a jumble of corners, angles and hills. People near the West entrance would not be able to see around to the stairs. People by or down the stairs would not be able to see the West entrance. So, only the witnesses further away would have the best perspective on the unfolding events.

What do these witnesses say?


Chris Wisher (page 1261 in the 11,000 pages of released files)
Chris states that he was behind the cafeteria about 100 yards away, and heard what he thought were fireworks. He turned and saw two kids wearing trench coats, and one kid wearing a white T-shirt who was throwing bombs onto the school. One of the trench-coated kids shot a shotgun at him, and then other kid in a trench coat had an automatic rifle. A little later, he and his friends also saw a person with a gun hiding in the bushes in Weaver Park.

Jake Apodaca (page 653)
He states that he saw 3 suspects, simultaneously. He was at the soccer field, heard firecrackers. He turned and saw two guys carrying shotguns, wearing black trench coats, black berets, black pants, black army boots, and black T-shirts. He had seen them at school before, but could not find them in the yearbook. A 3rd guy wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, light brown hair, that he had not seen him at school before, was seen throwing bombs onto the roof. It is not stated if the 3rd suspect had a gun or not. Jake also states that he saw a gunman with a shotgun hiding in the bushes in Weaver Park.

Jonathan Cole (page 749)
He states that he had met up with Jake Apodaca and Chris Wisher outside the main West entrance. There, he noticed two tall guys in black trench coats, no hats, one had on a ski mask, and one had "puffy" hair. One had a white T-shirt under his coat, the other had a black or dark T-shirt. These 2 walked over to top of the hill and looked down toward the cafeteria. He then saw a third male, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, exit the school through the same door. This person looked over to the other two suspect, and yelled "GO!! GO!!". The two suspects pulled out guns and began shooting. Jonathan began running, looked back and saw the person in the white T-shirt throwing some bombs onto the roof, which exploded. Several days later, when students were allowed back into the school to claim their belongings, he saw the white-t-shirted bomb-thrower at the school. This person is described as being 5'10", wearing black glasses, and having collar length blondish brown hair. Jonathan was shown a photo lineup, but could not identify him as one of those suspects. Jonathan was about 73' to 75' away from the gunmen, but could not identify them.

William Arapkiles (page 660)
On 5/5/99, Billy states that he was at the soccer field, and heard firecrackers. He turned and saw 3 people near the West entrance. Two were wearing black trench coats, and carrying guns. The third was wearing a white T-shirt, and no visible gun. The person in the white T-shirt was pacing back and forth about 5' away from the two gunmen. He saw the gunmen shoot toward the ground and into the air. He saw them shoot one person near the top of the stair, and another at the bottom of the hill, then a third victim that was trying to run away across the parking lot. The shooter then shot at the witnesses on the soccer field. Billy observed actions of one shooter, which seemed to him to be a jammed gun.

Don Arnold (page 666)
Don states that he was on the soccer field, heard firecrackers, and turned toward the school. He saw a "short, pudgy" male in a white T-shirt that was throwing bombs onto the roof. He did not see this person having a gun. Don saw another male standing at the top of the hill, shooting toward the parking lot. Don had gone shooting with his father before, and knew the sounds of gunshots. He heard two different gunshot sounds -- one was a shotgun, and the other was not. This shooter then turned and shot 5 or 6 time toward the soccer field using a shotgun. He saw that this shotgun was a pump shotgun.

Pat Neville (page 1043)
On 5/6/99, gave an account much like Don Arnold's. He was by the soccer field, heard firecrackers, turned and saw two suspects. One in a black trench coat, tall, all in black, shooting people with a long gun. The other had a white T-shirt, blue jeans, no visible gun, and was throwing bombs onto the roof.

Arthur Curtis (page 765)
Arthur was also on the soccer field. He only saw 2 shooters. One was tall, with long hair, and wore a black trench, the other wore a white T-shirt. He saw the one in the black trench coat carrying a sawed-off shotgun. Arthur states that he could identify the one in the trench coat if given a picture. He saw them shoot at groups of people and at the soccer field witnesses. He reported that the one in the white T-shirt descended the stairs, fired a few shots, and went back up the stairs.

Mike Kenny (page 938)
Mike was also on the soccer field when here heard a noise like firecrackers. He looked and saw two people about 100 yards away. One was in a black trench coat and black pants and was holding a TEC-9, the other was about 10 feet behind him and was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. They appeared to be together. The one in the trench coat was shooting, but Mike couldn't tell if the one in the white T-shirt was shooting or not. The trench coat shooter shot at the players on the soccer field, who ducked and ran. Mike looked back, and saw explosions on the roof. He did not see anyone throw a bomb up there, but either of the two suspects he did see could have thrown a bomb to that location.

Jason Brehm (page 718)
On 5/5/99, Jason give the following information: Jason walked out the West main doors, and saw a figure in a black trench coat, leaning against a post outside the library North door. This person was a little shorter than 5'11", with a round face, and was not Eric or Harris. This person had a black hat turned backward, black boots, and one pants leg tucked into a boot. This person also has a large, full, black nylon bag with straps at his feet. Jason walked to the soccer field, heard firecrackers, and turned around. He turned, and saw the guy in the trench coat still there, with smoke rising beside him. He said this lone gunman walked down and back up the stair, shooting, then threw some bombs onto the roof, then ran back down the stairs and shot a different, louder gun, which Jason thinks was a shotgun. He thinks that was when Lance Kirkland was shot in the face. As Jason was running away, he saw a figure in a white T-shirt walking calmly from the parking lot towards the shooter.

J-u-s-t-i-n Woods (page 1268)
J-u-s-t-i-n was on the soccer field, and states that he was about 50 feet away, and saw two guys come out of the West entrance of the school. He identifies one shooter as Dylan, describes him as wearing a trench coat, a black hat, and no mask, carrying a handgun with a banana clip. He says that the other suspect wore a white shirt, black pants, boots, not hat, no mask, and more clean-cut that the other. This suspect had a shotgun, leaned against the fence and shot at people. Klebold was shooting at @#%$ and the other people on the soccer field as they ran away. He heard explosions, and saw smoke on the roof of the school.

Bryan Stepp (page 1179)
On 4/30/99, Bryan stated that he was playing soccer, and saw two guys near the West main entrance. One was wearing all black, black cargo pants, black trench coat, and a hat. The other suspect was wearing a black trench coat and a white shirt, and a hat. He saw the first suspect bend down and light fireworks or pipe bombs. When he stood up, Bryan could see he held a gun with a banana clip. He said that someone walked out of the West entrance door, and this suspect shot at this person, who then fell down. Bryan said that this suspect shot at students down the hill from him, and they all ran away except one, then the shooter shot at the student in the soccer field, who fled. When Bryan looked again, he heard explosions and saw smoke above the roof of the school. He also saw the banana-clip shooter shoot out the windows in the double doors of the West main entrance, then both shooters walked down the stairs toward the cafeteria, where they shot out a window.

Evan Vitale (page 1243)
On 4/20/99, Evan stated that he was in the Sr. parking lot, in a car that was about to leave school. He heard a "pop pop pop" and looked, and saw a kid on the top of the hill, shooting a rifle, about 30 shots. This gunman was wearing a white T-shirt, a trench coat, black pants, had dark hair and dark skin. He saw another individual in a dark trench coat, a black ball cap worn backwards, and long, blond hair, who was running up and down the stairs outside the West side of the cafeteria. As the car began pulling out, Evan noticed a third suspect. This person was stand by the wall next to the West side of the cafeteria. This suspect was holding a pump shotgun, and wore a white shirt and black pants. He was very sure this was not Dylan. Evan did not believe it possible for this suspect to be the same as the shooter on the hill, as it seemed that this would have required this person to move too far too fast.

Trent Karnes (page 911)
Trent was the driver of the car Evan Vitale was riding in. He was in the parking lot when he heard what he thought was someone roofing. It was 6 or 7 rapid gunshots. He turned and saw a person at the top of the outside stairs, holding a rifle, leaning on a fence, shooting down the hill at people. He was wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and a thin black vest. Trent saw another person, about 6'2" or 6'3" tall, in a black trench coat, black pants, medium brown shoulder length hair, a black leather hat, and sunglasses. He saw this person running up and down the stairs, apparently looking at the victims between groups of shots by the first person. Trent estimated the distance at between 100 and 200 yards. He also mentions that there was a kid wearing a white T-shirt and faded blue jean shorts, standing, watching and smiling. He thinks this kid was not part of it, only that he thought it was a joke, as apparently did the other people he saw smiling as they ran.

Mindy Pollock (page 1093)
On 4/26/99, she gave this information to the FBI: She was about to get into Trent's car with Evan, where she heard firecrackers. She looked, and saw a man running up and down the stairs, and another standing at the top of the stairs shooting people. She thought is a skit. She described the running man as wearing black pants, black shirt, a black hat backwards, a black trench coat, and carrying a silver handgun, which she did not see him shoot. She described the shooter as wearing black pants, a white shirt, black suspenders, a red hat backwards, and a huge black gun.


Summary table deleted here. I'll edit in a reformatted version later.

We know Harris was wearing a white T-shirt, but did the investigators come to the correct conclusion that every sighting of a suspect in a white T-shirt was Harris? Of the 15 sightings listed above, only 7 are consistent with Harris. Even with these 7, 3 are clearly inconsistent with the official timeline. (See detailed analysis of the witnesses' accounts below.) Put another way: of the 14 people that witnessed these events, only 4 gave statements consistent with the description and activities of Eric Harris, as seen in the Sheriff's Report.

Most telling however, is that no less than 4 witnesses saw 3 suspects AT THE SAME TIME. These 4 witnesses were Chris Wisher, Jake Apodaca, Jonathan Cole, and William Arapkiles. This is very, very strong corroboration - corroboration that was either overlooked or ignored. Two others had strong evidence of a third suspect. These two were Don Arnold and Evan Vitale.

It is certainly reasonable to assume that not every witness will see every suspect. So, for the sake of argument, lets suppose that there was a third, T-shirt wearing bomb thrower, and see how well the witnesses' statements support this. Please note we will not be counting the failure to notice a suspect as an anomaly. This could easily be accounted for by a bad angle, or by the witness focusing on the more immediate threat rather than surveying the scene carefully.

Since we know that Harris wore a white shirt as well, how can we tell the two apart? Well, Harris wore black pants, had a gun, and spent all of his time outside the school at the top of the hill, shooting people (according to the official report). The possible 3rd suspect, as reported by the 4 witnesses who saw 3 suspects at once, wore blue jeans, had no gun, and threw bombs onto the roof.

Do any of the other witnesses report a shooter that more closely matches our hypothetical bomber? Lets examine each:

Don Arnold: The description of the trench-coated shooter with a pump shotgun, shooting from the top of the hill, much more closely fits Harris that Klebold. Since the suspect in the white T-shirt does not match Klebold at all, he must be a 3rd suspect. Don hears two distinct weapons, but the suspect in the white T-shirt did not have a gun, which also strongly indicates a 3rd suspect.

Pat Neville: The description of the trench-coated shooter much more closely fits Harris that Klebold. Which means the suspect in the white T-shirt must be a 3rd suspect.

Arthur Curtis: The description of this suspect in a white T-shirt fits Harris very well.

Mike Kenny: This report has little information, but Mike did notice the explosion, and since the suspect in the white T-shirt was wearing blue jeans and had no visible gun, it does give more support to the white T bomber theory.

Jason Brehm: This muddled account is mostly likely a combination of Harris and Klebold.

J-u-s-t-i-n Woods: A sighting of Harris without a gun seems most likely. Who threw the bombs is unclear.

Bryan Stepp: Given the sparse details, it is most likely Harris

Evan Vitale: The 3rd suspect could possibly have been Harris. Even if it was not, this suspect is not the white T-shirt bomber as described above.

Trent Karnes: The shooting suspect in a white T-shirt is consistent with Harris. The other person mentioned seems most likely to be uninvolved

Mindy Pollock: This suspect also is consistent with Harris.

So, let's try these groupings:

Arthur Curtis, Jason Brehm, J-u-s-t-i-n Woods, Bryan Stepp, Trent Karnes, Mindy Pollock, and Evan Vitale do not report seeing this white T-shirt bomber. The person in a white T-shirt that they do see conforms well to Harris's description. If we assume that the official timeline is erroneous in not having Harris go down the stairs, then they are very consistent.

Don Arnold, Pat Neville, and Mike Kenny saw a suspect that very strongly supports the account of the bomber seen by Chris Wisher, Jake Apodaca, Jonathan Cole, and William Arapkiles.


There was a third accomplice, the White T-shirt Bomber.

Switching to this theory instead of a two-shooter theory, the number of anomalous testimonies falls from 11 to 4. (Evan, Jason, Trent and Mindy all reported a shooter that may not have been Eric or Dylan).

Of the 14 witnesses, four witnesses saw him simultaneously with Eric and Dylan, and 3 other witnesses saw him with one of the two shooters.

Put in percents:
No white T-shirt bomber: Anomalous reports: 73%
With white T-shirt bomber: Anomalous reports: 28%

If we factor out the anomalies that do not directly relate to the white T-shirt bomber, we have:
No white T-shirt bomber: Anomalous reports: 50%
With white T-shirt bomber: Anomalous reports: 0% None. Zip.

Seven corroborating witnesses, four of whom saw 3 suspects simultaneously. Furthermore, none of the seven reports about the white T-shirt bomber contradict each other. And the theory much more closely aligns with the actual witnesses' reports than does the official report.

Could it be any plainer than that?

There was a third accomplice, the White T-shirt Bomber.


--Prior to 4-20-99
Chief of Police, McComb, Mississippi said a local trench coater--"carbon copy of Harris and Klebold"--"was doing planning"(of a school shooting?) Chief said the youth was in custody. "It is believed by the chief that there many be some connection."(21111)


"West Metro Fire Investigator Dave Green advised Pomona High School students (Redacted) and (Redacted) arrested on April 17, 1999 with explosives. Also within past month (Redacted) contacted in early AM hours at Pomona High School in fatigues. Claimed to be on maneuvers..... There is no connection with this investigation."(17824)

Note: the "splatter punks", those three guys in black jackets and camo pants seen on national TV being arrested in Clement Park(next to CHS) were initially accused of a planned attack on Pomona High School(same school district as CHS) "based on numerous tips the police received". A 'phony" bomb threat would cause Pomona HS to be evacuated about a week later.


There was a probable planned attack with many similarities to Columbine in far-off Evans High School in Georgia. The Columbia County Seriff's Department in Appling, Georgia questioned two students(Michael Buckner, 15, and an unk youth) on April 19, 1999(the day before Columbine) regarding death threats they reportedly had made at Evans High. Police seized guns at both boys homes as well as computers, and "Excalibur and Samurai-type swords". They both were believed to practice some type of witchcraft, and they participated in LARP war games. They wore trench coats over their all-black outfits with combat boots. {Note that all of these characteristics were shared with the TCM in Colorado.}

The Georgia authorities said there was no connection to the events in Colorado, which was "contrary to many news reports fueled by roumor, that are currently circulating throughout the region." Early local media reports, however, said the two groups were in internet contact or were visiting the same web site.
[FBI Report on Columbine, pg 8]


Employee at Stein Elementary School got voice mail message on 4-19 that she saved for the cops:
"Yes, I'm one of the trench coat robbers, so you idiots and(sic) if you don't give up $10million we're going to kill everybody in the school. You have my warning."
The Stein Elementary Security Office says "It is believed to be young children."


--7:30am on 4-20-99
Bomb found at Highlands Ranch High School(neighboring Douglas County)(7962)

"The sheriff's office also made two arrests in connection with a bomb hoax April 20 at Highlands Park Ranch School.

"Four days after the incident, the sheriff's office charged Ben A. Bennett, 18, and Jonathan Reich, 18, with the possession, use or removal of explosives or incendiary devices--a felony.

"One teen is a student at the high school and the other is a former classmate....

"As new of the shootings at Columbine High School began to spread, rumors began to circulate that the fake bomb was in fact legitimate.

"The bomb was not real" Deputy Kim Stuckenschneider of the sheriff's office said. "It just happened at the wrong time. That had absolutely no connection whatsoever with Columbine. It's just a rumor."
[Douglas County News Press, 4-22-99]

Cops said it was a "hoax".


--11:15am on 4-20
Columbine Massacre begins


--At 1:30pm on 4-20
A gun with ammo is found in the trunk of a student's car at Kiowa High School(Denver metro area). The owner, 17, tried to run away. Cops also said he may have threatened others, and that he vowed revenge.
[DP.com 4-22, see "How tragedy unfolded"]


--8:50pm on 4-20
A theft of four handguns occurs from the Jumbo Sports Store in the town of Lone Tree in Douglas County using smash-and-grab techniques. Arrested later was 18yr old Joel David Freiboth, ex-CHS student at 7700 South Garrison Street and an unidentified 17yr old in the 5800 block of South Garland Way. Four handguns were recovered.

"...the suspects do live in the area and have ties to Columbine High School" according to the Douglas County Sheriff's spokesperson.

"No motive has been established, but one possibility is that they were arming themselves because they were scared and wanted to protect themselves.

"With Freiboth was a 14yr old boy, a student at Columbine who claimed to be a witness to the shooting, authorities said."
[DP.com(DenverPost online) for 4-22-99. Header: "Two CHS students arrested"]

Cops implied it was a "hoax".


In Colorado Springs(70 miles south of Denver), one Shannon Waltz and three other teenagers dressed "as gothics in black trench coats and masks were charged with trespassing after a disturbance wedesday afternoon at Coronado High School." Another report had them armed with 'firecrackers'. Three were students at another high school and one was a dropout.
[DP.com for 4-22, see "Notes from somber days"]

Cops said it was a "hoax".


--4-21 Shutdown of Kennedy High
Manager of a 7-11 near Kennedy High School, she sees 3 males, including one wearing TC(tall, slender, long blonde hair, shoulder length) enter her store at 1:55pm on 4-20, acting 'strange' and 'nervous'. They deny any knowledge of what's going on at CHS. Dana Baylis(8912)

Manager of 7/11 at South Wadsworth and Yukon has video of TCMers from Kennedy High wearing trenchcoats on 4-20-99. Other kids say there will be an incident at Kennedy High on 4-21-99.(19680)

"A 'potential link' to students responsible for the massacre at Columbine High School triggered the shutdown Wedesday(4-21) of Denver's Kennedy High School .... the boundaries of the two schools are adjacent.... However, they said it wasn't a bomb or bomb threat that prompted the school's closure, along with the closure of all ten Denver high schools....denver Lt. Frank Conner said Kennedy was closed primarily because of its proximity to Columbine."--Denver Post, 4-22-99

Kennedy High School student Aaron Ratliff's journal entry dated 2-22- titled "56 days to classified information". (56 days after 2-22 is 4-20-99) He said it referred to pot smoking.--(17854)

-A 15-year-old Kennedy High School freshman was arrested(5-14-99) for allegedly threatening to kill classmates and a teacher and blow up the Denver school. † The youth allegedly told two students about detailed plans to handcuff those on a hit list to desks and "blow their hands off or shoot them in the head," police said. "He also said he was going to go in the hallways and start shooting other students. He said it was going to be Columbine all over again."


Chesterfield, VA, VirginiaRichmond Times-Dispatch, 4/23/99
Two Manchester High School students were charged yesterday with conspiracy offenses in an alleged scheme to manufacture explosive devices and detonate them inside the 2,400-student school with the intent "to kill more than one person." The students, ages 14 and 15, each were charged with conspiracy to manufacture explosive devices and conspiracy to commit capital murder. They're charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder and manufacture explosive devices. Chesterfield County Police said the stolen key and alleged bombing scheme at Manchester High School were not intended to copy the Colorado crimes, instead, the two teens charged were making plans to manufacture bombs long before the Littleton massacre.


R.E. Lee High School, Staunton, Virginia, Richmond Times-Dispatch of 4/24/99
Police arrested a 14-year-old high school student Thursday on a bomb-
making charge after a tipster alerted them to an apparent parallel
with the deadly Colorado school shooting. Prompted by news reports
of the Littleton, Colo., massacre, someone in the Staunton area directed authorities to a Web page the local teen allegedly had set up, the city prosecutor said.

R.E. Lee High School shut down for two days in Staunton, VA area because a student had threatened bombing. He was arrested after a home search turned up a pipe bomb and a floor plan for the school. After the arrest, the rumors were so wild that the school was shut down while it was searched.
From: rwt60 (emailname) *
04/30/99 10:03:12 PDT

[Although the arrest occured on 4-22, the fact that the suspect had a website setup may indicate it was created before 4-20. And what was the "apparent parallel" with Columbine?]


Petersburg, Newport News, and Culpeper, VARichmond Times-Dispatch, 4/24/99
Students have been arrested on a variety of charges in Petersburg,
Newport News and Culpeper in the wake of the deadly shooting in
Colorado that has focused attention on school safety.

Five students arrested in Richmond VA and charged with conspiracy for contemplating a Columbine style attack.
From: rwt60 (emailname) *
04/30/99 10:03:12 PDT

In the Richmond, Virginia, area, at least 13 students have been arrested in recent days for making various threats. One police official said: "I've never seen anything that's quite taken on the hysteria that this has. Rumors are just feeding on themselves ..."


"Two 16-year old males were arrested Thursday(4-22-99) for making bomb threats to Douglas County High School(on 4-21) in Castle Rock(Colorado), according to county officials. They claimed to be members of the Trench Coat Mafia, officials said."(Denver Post, 4-25-99 and FBI-1619)

"Someone called the school about 11am Wedesday and stated: "This is the Trench Coat Mafia and there is a bomb in the building; detonation time three minutes." Investigators got tips from numerous parents and students implicating two boys, a student and a former student, Stuckenschneider said. They were charged Thursday with making false reports of explosives and conspiracy, which are both felonies,...."

"The reason we're pushing so hard for felony coviction on this is so we won't get so many hoaxes," Stuckenschneider said."(Denver Post 4-23-99 and FBI-1619)

Cops think it was a "hoax".


--4-27-99(or before)
"Student found with pipe bomb at Dakota Ridge High School"(18665). Same student arrested a couple of weeks later.

--Shane Neuhouse "provided information on (Redacted's) criminal activity and (his)plans to attack Englewood High School."(21154)


Faye "Rae" Holt, 34, of Westminster(Colorado), the mother of a former Pomona High School student, was arrested(4-30-99) on false reporting and felony menacing charges for bomb scare that forced the evacuation of the school. She is suspected of calling the school on 4-28-99, claiming there were bombs in backpacks and saying "There goes your students. There goes your school. This is not a Joke."

Witness accounts led police to Holt, Arvada police spokeswoman Susan Rossi said.
The task force investigating the Columbine shootings was called in to determine if the threat was connected to the events at Columbine, but police have discounted that, Rossi said. Authorities believe she was just unhappy with the school.
"She had ongoing dealings with the school ... and felt her son did not get treated fairly,'' District Attorney Dave Thomas said.

[I wonder if the name of her kid was Nalty, Akard, or Brunetti]


Rampart Range- Proving ground for teen killers? Unless there's another Rampart Range in the Denver area, this shooting range was also used by another group of Colorado teen killers- the "Operation and Reconnaissance Agents" who in Jan 1, 2001 killed three people in rural Park County. The three teens involved were students at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, and reportedly used the range to test automatic weapons. This case has many interesting parallels to the Columbine shootings: satanism, study of military tactics, accusations of mind control, a charismatic leader, facsination with knives and swords, etc, etc.

I wonder if they closed the range to prevent it from becoming some kind of tourist attraction to conspiracy theorists.

From the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Final Report-"Findings of the Threats Team"-we read

"IMMEDIATELY after the shooting on April 20, the command post received NUMEROUS reports of additional attacks that were to occur at other schools in the metro area as well as schools outside the state."(emphasis mine)

Based upon the sheer number of these incidents happening on or very near to 4-20, I'd have to say there is a probable connection--and that what was being planned was far more horrific than what actually happened.

Compiled From:
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Two words for this broadcast, Fintan.


Columbine confused the hell out of me when it happened as did the Waco AFT/Delta Force massacre, and all the rest of the 1990's domestic State Terror events.

We couldn't figure out what they had to gain, really, with any of those. The reason is simple--because we could not know what it was prep for until the 'big op' deployed. 911.

I well remember seeing high school kids in Austin dressing in the black trenchcoats, in pairs. Obviously they bought the 'persecuted underdog geeks who couldn't take it anymore' psyop--and identified with it.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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Wu Li

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:06 pm    Post subject: Columba? Reply with quote

Great and amazing show Fintan. Cheers!!
I'm listening now and am thinking about the MO which has shown to be so visible within the last 20 odd years. I have suggested the Lockerbie bombing on another thread.

I hate to sound like a "Conspiracy Theorist" But what the heck.
Spaceship Columbia?

Ofcourse all power lies within the District of Columbia.
I think I might be over simplifying but purposefully.
Some events are created for a scare effect (meant to lead us in a direction which will satisfy the needs of the perpetraters (purpotraitors).
Others are used to mask the events that happened previously.
Either way we are being shown a positive thing here. That is human Beings have a good chance of not killing each other if we get rid of these people who insist on controling the direction of all people.
These megalomaniacal sychophants have to be outed and soon.
I'll end with a thank you for the real deal and a simple definition of Columba/Columbia/Columb
It leaves out the Goddess Columbia but you all get what I'm getting at.

columba-, columb-

(Latin: pigeon or dove)

There are an estimated 300 pigeon and dove species of near passerine birds (mainly perching songbirds) in the order Columbiformes. The terms "dove" and "pigeon" are used interchangeably, although smaller species are more likely to be called doves.
1. Typical pigeons.
2. A small faint constellation of the southern hemisphere between Canis Major and Pictor.
A reference to pigeons.
1. A dove-keeper, a pigeon-fancier.
2. A chamber or wall in which urns containing the ashes of the dead are stored.
3. A niche in which an urn containing funeral ashes is placed in a columbarium.
[Origin: 1840–50; Latin, literally, "a nesting box for pigeons, equivalent to columba, "pigeon, dove" plus -?rium -ary.
columbarium (s), columbaria (pl)
1. From Latin, columba, dove (pigeon); then it came to mean "a sepurchre for urns" and a "dovecote".
2. Also known as a columbary, a vault with nitches for urns containing ashes of the dead; a niche in such a vault.
3. A dovecote, or a pigeonhole in a dovecote (or dovecot), is a roost for domesticated pigeons.
1. A dovecote; a pigeonhole in a dovecote (a structure, usually at a height above the ground, for housing domestic pigeons); a pigeon house.
2. A vault with niches for urns containing ashes of the dead; one of the niches in such a vault.
1. Dove-like; resembling the dove as a type of innocence or gentleness.
2. Columbidae, a family that contains pigeons and doves of about 300 species of small to medium-sized terrestrial and arboreal birds found worldwide in woodland, forests, cities, and arid areas.
They feed mostly on seeds and fruit, nest in trees, cliffs, on window ledges or lofts, or on the ground. The young are fed on what is called “crop-milk”.
Like or similar to a pigeon or dove.
Dat veniam corvis, vexat censura columbas.
Our censors are indulgent to the crows, but harass the doves.
From Decimus Iunius (Junius) Iuvenalis (Juvenalis) (c. A.D. 60-117); Saturae, I, 63; who attacked the vices of the plutocrats, the wickedness and immorality of women and foreigners (particularly Greeks), and laments the decline of the ancient aristocratic virtues.
1. A medium-sized bird with a stocky body and short legs, powerful flight, and a "cooing" call, which eats seeds and fruit.
There are more than 300 species of pigeons found worldwide. Family Columbidae.
2. Medium-sized bird living in cities; a variety of rock dove, commonly seen in cities or trained for racing or carrying messages. Latin name Columba livia.
3. From Late Latin pipionem, "squab, young chirping bird", from Latin pipio, "chirping bird", from pipire "to peep, chirp" of imitative origin.
Modern spelling is from later French pigeon. Replaced culver (Old English culufre, from Vulgar Latin columbra, from Latin columbula and native dove.
Terretur minimo pennae stridore columba unguibus, accipiter, saucia facta tuis.
O hawk, the dove that's been wounded by your talons is frightened by the least flutter of a feather.
A Latin idiom. The French, Italians, and Spanish have an equivalent idiom: "A scalded cat is afraid of cold water." Another similar idiom: "A burned child is afraid of a puff of smoke."

"Fear is the passion of slaves."
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As you suggested Fintan, the government and every body, corporate and military, under its wing is violently ruthless. The bastards kill children daily. 9/11 pales next to everything else they are doing on a daily basis, it was nothing. And they are dusting off the old Ops for the feature... Waco, Columbine, OKC, we ain't seen nothing yet.

You've been looking over their shoulders for a long time too, Fintan. You sense the time. Thats why you are doing audios more frequently now. Thats why you did this particular audio. Because its more than 9/11 and massacring children for television. Because you know what job is coming down next. You and I both understand the coming year, especially 2008 and 2009.

The guns dammit! Give us all your guns!

The millions of sporting gun owners are the primary reason that the democrats were/are being installed here in the USA. Its queen Hillary Bush's mandate to seize them immediately upon her break and entry. Her mission and purpose. The supporting cast is already in place. The Ops are off and running now to provide the cover. The media are the goddam trigger men.

Waco and Columbine is coming to your area and mine too. Because my neighbors and your neighbors have lots of guns and ammo. Not for defense, but for sport and hunting food. We all have precious and loved children too.

Its dead-nut timely that we have an open discussion per the current agenda on the gun issues. Contrary to all the lies and spin, American sporting gun owners are not right-wingers. They are just ordinary people who may, and do, vote either way... Sportsmen and hunters are not motivated to own and use guns per political alignments. Thats nonsense, as many gun owners vote democrat, as vote republican, as don't vote at all.

The media would like you to believe otherwise though, of course. Thats why its the democrats led by criminal Hillary, that will be tasked to take them through force. And so the "republicans" will curse the dems, conveniently keeping the left/right lies alive. And many more children will die for the trigger men. Live. Its prime time.

Great audio Fintan, thank you for bringing it now. Thank you too, to Starviego for all your hard work and dedication. Children's lives are sacred, you've helped them and us, tremendously. We must pull our families near and protect them. Hopefully, the existence of this audio will help us accomplish that.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

t'was an excellent show, poignant, and we can only hope, not prescient Shocked

truly impressive work, Starviego and Dale...thanks Fintan for the continuing excellence
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Damian Flynn

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doesn't the U.S. constitution garantee the people's freedom to own a rifle? Why don't Americans defend their constitution? It's the best in the world. Guns might be a bit over rated though. I think taking away people's rifles is just an effort to help the more paranoid social leaders sleep a bit easier. It wouldn't help them if they were confronted by a mob with a good length of rope. Oprah Winfrey's weight could be put to good use in such a situation.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Although at first sight there would appear to be very little similarity between Columbine, Dunblane and Port Arthur, I would say that this was probably deliberate. You wouldn't want to make it too easy for people to connect up the dots, would you?

So, Port Arthur and Columbine (which came AFTER Dunblane: PA 6 weeks later, Columbine 3 years later - but all 3 incidents happening in the months of March/April) were never going to happen in a primary school.

But, staged covert ops, they definitely were.

I also believe that the MO of each massacre took account of the population types of the different countries: America, Australia and Britain. Dunblane was a fairly simple - if brutal - operation. Nothing very sophisticated was needed. We are cowed by authority here. The OFFICIAL Dunblane/Cullen Inquiry put us all right in our place. Nobody would DARE to question LORD Cullen!

I've heard one Port Arthur massacre researcher refer to how straightforward and simple Dunblane was in comparison to Port Arthur (which would appear to have involved a 'double cross') and I would certainly agree that the PA massacre IS far more complicated, as is Columbine.

The hurdles and obstacles I had to overcome in investigating Dunblane were very different, for example, no real eye witnesses, other than the injured children who were just 5/6 years old. It was very easy for the authorities to decide not to take witness statements from these children. They could have been accused of causing unnecessary distress. But as I've said before, I think it was wrong not to take statements from the children, as 5 year olds are perfectly capable of describing what they saw. The children's teacher, Gwen Mayor, was dead, and the 2 surviving teachers (both with gunshot injuries) were hiding in a storeroom off the gym, injured, shocked, and not able to see what was going on. But they HEARD what was going on, including someone entering the gym before the shooting stopped...

In the first few days after the massacre, one injured child, Matthew Birnie, was reported in the press as saying "I know the bad man is dead because the policeman shot him". Now this doesn't necessarily mean a man in uniform.... just a 'good person' who came and stopped what was happening. A girl in a classroom nearby was reported as saying "Just before the final shots I heard a man scream" ... would you scream before killing YOURSELF?!?!?!!

I have copies of ALL the newspaper coverage of Dunblane from those first few weeks and months, and these articles tell us much about what really went on. I was going to say that this has now been erased from public consciousness, but I'm not sure it ever really reached there...

So it didn't take much to fool the British public. I'm afraid to say, this is a very docile population. Any of my fellow Brits who want to challenge me on that, feel free!
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There has to come a time when we as citizens of all countries try to find a way to cut through the process of not fully investigating these crimes.

I dont know how that can be done but it would sure help if somehow we could force the powers that be to conduct INDEPENDENT investigations.........its crazy how these invetigations take place and we are left with so much evidence and testimony completely left out of the picture.

I can only speak for people I know but I am sure it is this way all over.............OKC,Waco,911,Columbine etc.etc...........its crazy when you realize alot of the factual evidence is totally unknown by the average citizen.............if it were I have to believe there would be alot more pissed off citizens.........
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A society can be created to provide an environment where graft and corruption cannot exist, but first we must free ourselves to co-create. We only require freedom.

The moment we declare our freedom is the moment this shit stops. The choice is all ours. Are you ready to declare and defend your freedom yet?
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 11:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More happenings at Columbine:

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