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9/11 Without Tinfoil 5: Alex Jones & the Temple of Doom
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Jerry Fletcher

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:36 pm    Post subject: small con Reply with quote

Dilbert_g wrote:
Then Jones hooks up with, and gives cred to, Jimmy Walters who was covered here on B4N making a total ass out of himself on "Asshole". Sane Jimmy on CNN vs. Loony Jimmy on Asshole. Jimmy who says the South Tower was hit by a Blue Hologram Laser ILLUSION. Like those ppl that say CGI. (This defies logic in that many ppl saw it live from different angles.)

As these anomalies went on and on, what gradually wore down my resistance of defending Alex Jones as merely 'weird' vs. seeing him as an agent was Alex Jones himself.

That and my parallel growing understanding of the subtlety of how CIA operates. Did you know that CIA funded and provided hype for Abstract Expressionism, in the 50's and 60's? WHY? Why would CIA do that? Because of it's lack of social/political content. Yeah, it gets that deep, and if it's that subtle, then Jones is obvious. IMO.

Long con or short?

Perhaps intel controls the overriding list of allowable media topics, but the footsoldiers of 'truth' may well be two bit scammers who consider the NWO controversy simply a goldmine for selling useless crap to scared sheep, and making a bundle providing user info to data management marketing companies.

Maybe we're giving AJ way too much credit calling him an asset - the 'et' may not be necessary.

Anyway, here's another opinion that raised my eyebrow - either way, notice how "Inside Job" is lumped together with "blood sacrifice to Moloch". Good work AJ.

The Inside Straight
Turning scraps of data into intelligence is like trying to fill an inside straight: You need patience -and a bit of luck !

The Alex Jones 9/11 "Truthers" : a Spam Scam

You may have read about the Alex Jones 9/11 Truthers (AJTs), and how they distort history for fun and profit: ( 9/11 was an Inside Job ! The Zionists Are Coming ! Bilderbergers Make Blood Sacrifices to Moloch ! Homeland Security is Setting Up Concentration Camps ! )

The name of the game for AJTs is to get you to click on the links to their hair-raising stories .

Once you do so, your Internet ID - in the form of a "cookie" , registers (more or less permanently) on their visitor stats, where it may be "harvested" by the site owner, and sold to those lovable folks: the Spammers.

In addition, while you are on the AJT site, you may be attracted by one of the ads - of which there are plenty. This results in additional revenue to the AJT site owner,and might result in you making a purchase from one of the AJT affiliates , or signing up for one of their multitudinous "get-rich-quick" programs....which typically leave the eager investor holding the short end of a very expensive stick.

Buy Gold!


The Internet is proving a virtual goldmine for the AJT crowd as its smarter charlatans post their garbage on discussion sites, and exasperate the participants into clicking on their links and reading their nonsense in an effort to prove them wrong.

My advice is simple : The next time you see an AJT story on your discussion board, ignore it !

Well, that would be me now, wouldn't it? Doh.


Things that sound too good or too bad to be true are almost always false.

The Alex Jones 9/11 Truthers chuckle all the way to the bank every time we forget this .

(If you really enjoy getting email from Nigerian scammers, purveyors of worthless stock,and people who want to sell you "performance enhancing" drugs, forget I said anything ! )

March 04, 2007 in Sarcastic Response to Gross Aggravations | Permalink


Hmm. Got me thinkin...
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The evidence mounts. Nice find, Jerry.

atm Cool
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