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A New Democracy - 1928

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:17 pm    Post subject: A New Democracy - 1928 Reply with quote

A New Democracy

Democracy isn't 'new', and hasn't 'deteriorated' as the shills of the MSM do their best to make us believe. More about why and who really wants the public to believe 'democracy has failed' or is 'obsolete' later.

I will be posing a series of how corruption and totalitarians have been in power several times before in past. I will show you the real history of America, the men and women and news of past deacades that were huge in real-time, people who made a difference in the never ending struggle that must never be slackened to preserve the SELF RULE DEMOCRACY Americans have enjoyed--or lost--in cycles of approximately 70 years since the beginning.

First, a public service announcement. To understand WHY the public schools and MSM taught you all your life that Democracy 'used to work' but is 'failing' and 'obsolete', read here http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2998

Now, on to the story of when and how Huey Long brought ALL citizens the REAL right to vote (till he was murdered) back in 1928.

Note: Huey Long was immensley popular in the United States, and even historian 'deconstrustionists' have to concede that it is highly likely that he, not NWO insider Frankil Delano Roosevelt, would have become President of the United States in 1933.
It was also Huey Long's platforms of REAL economic reforms that were co-opted and morphed to suit the centralized government socialist version of FDR's 'New Deal'.
Who's the real hero here, and why is this man barely a footnote in American History?

Last year, a movie was released which the MSM promoted as the 'biography' of Long and his assassination. But don't believe everything you 'read in the papers' sonny.

Is the movie All the King's Men about Huey Long?

No. All the King's Men is a fictional story by Robert Penn Warren, who created the character Willie Stark. Penn Warren unequivocally stated: “Willie Stark was not Huey Long. Willie was only himself…”

Huey Long’s election in 1928 ushered in a democratic revolution in Louisiana, giving average citizens a stake in their government for the first time in the state’s history. By turning out the aristocratic ruling establishment and repealing the poll tax, Long enabled more than a quarter million citizens the opportunity to vote, nearly doubling the size of the electorate the year following his assassination.
yes, they killed him.

Prior to Long’s election, Louisiana’s electoral system was designed to keep poor people from voting, thus maintaining a strict division between the ruling upper class and their lower class ‘subjects’. The poll tax ensured that only citizens of sufficient wealth could vote. Before elections, voters were required to pay a dollar fee at the parish courthouse and receive a receipt. On election day, only voters presenting receipts for two consecutive years could cast a ballot. If you could not present two correct receipts, you were effectively disenfranchised for the next three years.

Most citizens could not afford to spend the dollar – a day’s wage for the average sawmill worker – or take the day off from work to travel to the parish seat to pay the tax. Property owners were the only citizens likely to pay the poll tax, because they could afford the fee and had to travel to the courthouse anyway to pay their annual property taxes. In a particularly cruel twist, the poll tax was due at Christmastime, adding another disincentive for poor citizens to seek the privilege of voting.

Huey Long speaking to a crowd in Coushatta, La.
Courtesy of the State Library of Louisiana
Participation in the legislative process was firmly restricted to the wealthy class. For generations, Louisiana politics had been dominated by three factions that enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship – the planter class, the New Orleans political machine known as the ‘Old Regulars’, and the big businesses that made money from state resources. This alliance represented the top 5% of the population and paid little attention to the plight or needs of the impoverished masses.

Political corruption and bribery was rampant. Legislators were unsalaried and received a per diem payment for each day the legislature was in session. House members received $10 a day and Senators received $20 a day. The Lt. Governor also received a per diem, and only the governor received a salary – $7,500 a year and a free residence. Traditionally, the governor bought his support through the political patronage system, promising state jobs and lucrative contracts to supporters. Big corporations usually resorted to offering good jobs and cash in exchange for friendly votes.

Huey Long promised voters a fairer shake from their state government and ridiculed the ruling establishment for their self-serving deals and indifference to the public’s plight. He pledged to provide free education, good roads, and a decent standard of living. Average citizens seized the opportunity to elect one of their own to the governorship and swept Long into office by a large plurality, beating his nearest opponent by 45,000 votes in a three way race.

The resulting sea-change in Louisiana politics was historic. The old political system was replaced by a new division between ‘pro-Longs’ and ‘anti-Longs’, a bitter feud between the conservative old guard and progressives. Over the next seven years, Long and his successors battled opponents to deliver his promises – good roads, modern bridges, education, health care, lower utility rates, reduced taxes and other public services.

Long won support for his agenda by using the political patronage system to his advantage, installing supporters in all levels of government and winning legislative support with favors and threats. In the face of fierce opposition, Long wrestled power away from enemies and created a mighty political machine of his own. Opponents characterized Long as a power-hungry dictator. Supporters countered that Long was a true champion of the people, using the governor's clout to provide for the common good.

Long did not live to enjoy one of his greatest victories, the elimination of the poll tax, which occurred shortly before his assassination in 1935. By the 1936 election, more than 278,000 citizens registered to vote for the first time.


This Huey Long circular, 'You Have the Right to Vote Free', was distributed throughout Louisiana to encourage citizens to exercise their new right to vote without paying the dollar poll tax. Long used circulars like these to inform the public of their rights and to promote his programs, because the state's newspapers were aligned against him and often printed false information.
Courtesy of LSU Libraries Special Collections, Baton Rouge

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:28 pm    Post subject: Re: A New Democracy - 1928 Reply with quote

Ormond wrote:
A New Democracy

Thomas Paine and Huey Long. I look forward to this series.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Bornfree.

And thanks for mentioning Thomas Paine. I have definitely been planning to tell his story. Paine was 'ahead of his time'. He advocated UNIVERSAL right to vote! This, when many of the Founding Fathers owned human beings.

Here's an imaginary conversation between Paine and Jefferson off the top of my head....

JEFFERSON: "......and all men are created equal. How do you like it Thomas?"

THOMAS PAINE: "It's great. But....well, what about the men you own?"

JEFFERSON: "Men? What men? I don't own any men?"

THOMAS PAINE: "Those black fellows labouring in your fields and household, sir..."

JEFFERSON: "Ohhhh! You mean my Darkies! Hm...I hadn't thought of that! Well, I suppose they are....men....of a sort. um......after a fashion.......as such. Hm. Let me sleep on that. Good point."

But back to the Huey Long history...

At the peak of his active and brief career as Governor of Louisiana, Long had gained a huge national audience. I heard about it not from school--not a mention there--but from my grandparents.
Long was a national phenomenon. According to them no figure in their lifetimes or since had been so wanted by the American people to become President.

And the irrefutable fact remains undisputed that Huey Long effectively ended Jim Crow in Louisiana -- as long as he lived. And if Long had been elected President in the 1936 election instead of Franklin Roosevelt -- Jim Crow would have ended in the south in 1937, instead of 1963.

And Jim Crow wasn't just about denying blacks the access to voting. Poor whites were just as shut out. It was a system for allowing only the affluent to vote.

But Long's life was cut short one day on the steps of the Louisiana State House. He was shot.

What's the story? It varied. In the papers when it happened, the first report was that a doctor named Weiss, son of a crooked Judge whom Long had put out of office, ran up to Long on the State House steps and punched him in the nose. A scuffle ensued while Long's State Police bodyguards claim to have heard a shot and pulled their guns and shot Weiss. Next thing was both Weiss and Long lay shot on the steps. An inquest in progress, Weiss was dead on the spot but his gun hadn't been found.

That version was the first off the press......but from then on, the press dropped the punch in the nose part, and emphasized that Weiss pulled a gun and clearly shot long, at which point the bodyguards opened fire on Weiss..while Long had fallen down and....hit his nose on the marble steps...

The coronor ruled that the visible injury to Long's nose was 'from falling on the marble steps after he'd been shot by Weiss.

However, Weisses 'gun' was never found.

The only witnesses of record were.........the bodyguards.

Who Killed Long?

Did Dr. Weiss kill Long? Hermann Deutsch, in his book The Huey Long Murder Case (1963), argues that Weiss likely was the assassin. So does T. Harry Williams in his 1970 biography of Long. A 1970 staff report of a federal commission on preventing violence and James Clarke's American Assassins (1982), also are of the opinion that Weiss shot and killed Long.

On the other hand, David H. Zinman's The Day Huey Long Was Shot (1963) expresses the view, widely held from the beginning, that whether or not Weiss also shot Long, the fatal bullet was fired by a Long bodyguard. Among those who subscribe to the theory that the bodyguard killed Long, most believe the shooting was probably an accident caused by a panicky or trigger-happy guard, but others have suggested that the guard deliberately shot Long as part of a plot to kill the Senator and blame it on the hapless Weiss.

The above concession to the obvious question as to whether Long was shot by a Physician over Long's removing his father from his judgeship, or by an assassin among his Police bodyguards doesn't tell you what my grandparents and other people of that generation in the family agreed.

At the time, the public widely believed from the inconsistency of the press coverage switch in the story that Dr Weiss had been incited to anger against Long by a third party, came to punch him...and a guard or guard shot them both in a hail of bullets and pinned the frame on handy Weiss.

The full truth probably will never be known. No autopsy was performed on Long's body. The coroner's jury was not allowed within 11 feet of Long's corpse. The Louisiana legislature killed a bid to investigate Long's death. An inquest into the death of Long lasted minutes. An inquest into Weiss's death was postponed several times because some of Long's bodyguards, without explanation, refused to testify.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Every American and probably every person (esp. in a 'western democracy') should read this. I think people in 'client states' of the west don't need to be reminded.


Wall Street's Plot to Seize the White House:
Facing the Corporate Roots of American Fascism

Few realize that during the early 1930s, there was a homegrown fascist plot to overthrow the U.S. government and install a dictatorship. This plan was however thwarted by Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who was then the most popular military leader. Butler pretended to go along with the conspirators in order to learn who was behind it. He then blew the whistle by testifying to a government committee on "unamerican activities." Butler named the corporate leaders who he had discovered were planning to oust President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The committee however did not pursue the main culprits behind the fascist plot and did not include many of their names in their report. This incensed Butler who then held press conferences and went on the radio to name the top corporate leaders behind the plot. This issue contains original COAT research that examines who these American fascists were. They were associated with a powerful organization called the American Liberty League. Many of the companies that the plotters owned and contolled are now among the world's wealthiest corporations. As it turned out, they did not need to go ahead with this plot in order to regain control of the White House. By reading this issue of the magazine you will find out who the plotters were, who financed them and how they schemed to overthrow the White House and empower a fascist government in America.

The Bonus Army and Torching of Hooverville

#54 (August 2004) "All in the Family: The Apple does not Fall Far from the BUSH
The Bush family's links to fascism:
President George W.Bush's grandfather (Senator Prescott Bush) and his great-grandfather (George Herbert Walker) built vast fortunes that were later used to launch the careers of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush. This is how the two George Bushes could afford to get their start in the oil business as well as the slick business of politics. This issue of COAT's magazine provides shocking evidence showing that Prescott Bush and George H.Walker were the financial managers of well-organised American effort to funnel the investments of right-wing U.S. bankers and industrialists into Germany which funded the rise to power of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler. During WWII, the banking house of Prescott Bush and George H. Walker profited from companies that used slave labour at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Then, after the war, these forefathers of President George Bush helped launder Nazi loot in the U.S. U.S. intelligence agencies were then complicit in covering their tracks. The ill-gotten financial empire was used to launch the careers that eventually put two George Bushs in the White House. This issue of COAT's magazine also looks at the political actions of President George W.Bush, and his father President George H.W.Bush and shows that they continued the political and economic legacy of fascism that was begun by their forefathers.

Key Financiers, Organizers and Groups linked to the American Liberty League

American Legion
Association Against the Prohibition Amendment
Sewell Avery
Thomas L. Chadbourne
Chamber of Commerce
Christian America

Albert Christmas
Dr. Samuel H. Church
Robert S. Clark
William L. Clayton
Committee for a Sound Dollar and Sound Currency - why do Fascists support a "Sound Dollar"? I suppose that only with an "unsound" dollar can the government support labor and society via borrowing and social programs, whereas a "sound dollar" means no public spending, only the rich control everything, have a lockdown.
Bill Doyle
The Dupont family
Alfred W. Erickson
Walter E. Frew
Albert W. Hawkes
William R. Hearst
Howard Heinz
E.F. Hutton
William S. Knudsen
Douglas MacArthur

Hanford MacNider
Gerald MacGuire
Andrew W. Mellon - relative of Richard Mellon Scaife who tried to get rid of Clinton
Nathan L. Miller
George M. Moffett
J.P. Morgan
Grayson M.-P. Murphy
National Association of Manufacturers - N.A.M. (roots of John Birch Society)
Order of '76
Pitcairn family
J. Howard Pew - Pew Charitable Trusts, Sunoco
John L. Pratt
Joseph M. Proskauer
John J. Raskob
David A. Reed
Hal Roach
Rockefeller Associates
Pauline Sabin
Jouett Shouse
Alfred P. Sloan, Jr - General Motors head
Alfred Smith
Sentinels of the Republic
Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution

William H. Stayton
James W. Wadsworth, Jr
Ernest T. Weir
Joseph E. Widener
William Woodward Sr

Du Pont’s General Motors Co. funded a vigilante/terrorist organization to stop unionization in its Midwestern factories. Called the “Black Legion,” its members wore black robes decorated with a white skull and crossbones. Concealed behind their slitted hoods, this KKK-like network of white-supremacist thugs threw bombs into union halls, set fire to labor activists’ homes, tortured union organizers and killed at least 50 in Detroit alone. Many of their victims were Blacks lured North by tales of good auto-plant jobs. One of their victims, Rev. Earl Little, was murdered in 1931. His son, later called Malcolm X, was then six. An earlier memory, his first, was a night-time raid in 1929 when the Legion burnt down their house.

Gerard Colby had this to say about the Black Legion in his book Dupont Dynasty (1984):

"But corporate executives did not give up the tactic of vigilante groups, and on June 1, 1936, Cowdrick wrote Harry Anderson, G.M's labor relations director, to ask his opinion of the Sentinels of the Republic. Anderson was apparently unaware of Irénée du Pont's support of this organization, but offered his own home-brew alternative. "With reference to your letter of June 1 regarding the Sentinels of the Republic," he replied a few days later, "I have never heard of the organization. Maybe you could use a little Black Legion down in your country. It might help."

The "Black Legion" Anderson referred to was indeed a great help to General Motors in its struggle to prevent auto workers from unionizing. With members wearing black robes and slitted hoods adorned with white skull and crossbones, the Black Legion was the terror of Michigan and Ohio auto flelds, riding like Klansmen through the night in car caravans, bombing union halls, burning down homes of labor militants, and flogging and murdering union organizers. The organization was divided into arson squads, bombing squads, execution squads, and anti-communist squads, and membership discipline on pain of torture or death was strictly enforced. Legion cells filled G.M. factories, terrorizing workers and recruiting Ku Klux Klansmen.

Since 1933 the Black Legion's power had permeated police departments."


The Croix de feu was a fascist veterans group in France that was involved in a failed coup there. It was used as a model for the type of organization that American fascists wished to establish in the U.S to help foment their coup against President F.D. Roosevelt.

MacGuire was sent to Europe by the American coup plotters to study veterans organizations and how they aided fascist governments in Gemrany, Italy France and elsewhere. He sent a report to his backers from France on March 6, 1934. In it he said that the Croix de feu:

“will be very patriotic during this crisis and will take the [wage] cuts or be the moving spirit in the veterans to accept the cuts. Therefore, they will, in all probability, be in opposition to the Socialists and functionaries [who believe] the correct way to regain recovery is to spend more money and increase wages, rather than to put more people out of work and cut salaries.”

This group, that MacGuire saw as a model for use in America, was the largest and most active fascist organization in France between the wars. It was financed by top industrialists and bankers like André Michelin (tires), Louis Renault (cars) and François Coty (perfume and newspapers). The Wandel (munitions) and Rothschild (banking) families also sponsored it. Its vice-president, M. Pozzo di Borgo, was a director of several corporations, and its manager was a bank vice-president.

It arose in 1925, when Ernest Mercier, an electrical and gasoline magnate and director of 19 companies, initiated the creation a veterans group. This lead to the Croix de feu’s founding in 1927. In 1930, Colonel Robert de La Rocque became its leader and transformed it into a paramilitary force. The next year, la Rocque lead the Croix de feu and other fascists, in storming the final session of the International Disarmament Conference. By 1934, it claimed 120,000 members. On February 6, exactly one month before MacGuire’s report, the Croix de feu had staged a near-successful coup. At their huge riot outside the Chamber of Deputies, police killed 15 and wounded 1000. The Radical-Socialist government was forced to resign. In 1936, the escalating threat of a fascist coup brought communists, socialists and liberals into a Front Populaire. After winning the election, they outlawed paramilitary groups, like Croix de feu. So, it became a political party, Parti Social Francais (PSF).

The Croix de feu began with two main demons: Leftists and Freemasons. The Marxists/Socialists were blamed for economic problems, labour strikes and because they advocated higher income taxes. Masons were accused of threatening traditional Catholic values (Pope's authority) with social decadence. By 1941, the Croix de feu/PSF added Jews to its list and fought a tripartite “Judeo-Masonic-Bolshevik” conspiracy.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gary to the rescue! Thanks Gary. It was your postings reminding me of the terrible history of America during the Post-Reconstruction rise of Monopolies and the 'robber barons' that got me to thinking that most people today were taught that America used to be this wonderful free candy land .... and that plays into the hands of Fascists like Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the so-called 'Federalist Society' gang. There has been a gradualist propaganda smear going on since the 1980's to con the public with the notion that 'Democracy is Obsolete'......that it's too 'slow', too 'antique'...and wipiing the floor with the Constitution saying it was written for the horse and carriage and just isn't as good a system as the 'efficient' Corporate .... Just look at Bill Gates? What a humanitarian....I mean, he cares about the AIDS stricken Africans! Yeah, leave it to the New Plutocrats to be our 'good shepherds' and know what's best for us.

Pure bunk. America has been through a constant tug of war with monopolists and mafias and conspiracies to enslave the public and they DID it many times. They don't want that taught in public school, either.
Our history involved OWNING HUMAN BEINGS for Christ's sake..... and they are still coming back again to own human beings and steal all the real estate again.

Through it all, the Constitution is a document of SELF RULE. It is not like an automatic transmission, though, and has no 'auto pilot'. It requires the participation of the drivers. So if the public curls up in the back seat, there are others who are only too happy to take the wheel.......
But like hitching a ride with a rapist or serial killer, we might just better pass on that and keep all our eyes on the road.....and on the wheel.


The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ormond wrote:
Thanks Bornfree.

And thanks for mentioning Thomas Paine. I have definitely been planning to tell his story. Paine was 'ahead of his time'. He advocated UNIVERSAL right to vote! This, when many of the Founding Fathers owned human beings.

I look forward Ormond to more of your articles. Thomas Paine has been censored from history because he is THE founding father. Thomas Jefferson as I'm sure you know got Paine out of French prison and brought him back to the United States. So we can thank Thomas Jefferson for having the sense to free at least one man. Smile

I was raised to believe that JFK was the new FDR but rather I think JFK was following in the foot steps of Huey Long. It is a long road to find the true history of our struggle. Thankfully Ormond and others are working to bring this history back into the public domain.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[EDITED] on SCUC, Christian America, Sloan
Kudos to you Ormond for bringing up the topic.

The only thing to take note of is some of the names:
American Legion
Christian America
Committee for a Sound Dollar and Sound Currency
Sentinels of the Republic
Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution (against democracy and radicalism of working stiffs)

SCUC was formed to provoke fear and hatred of blacks, and to deprive the president of his southern vote.
The most important of these [du Pont funded fascist] organizations was the Southern Committee to Uphold the Constitution (SCUC). Its goal was the creation of a mass movement of whites in the South, in the hope of robbing Roosevelt of his Dixie vote and also, through stirring up anti-Black racism, attacking the organizing drives of CIO unions from the North. It's chairman was Texas oil magnate and former National Association of Manufacturers president, John H. Kirby. Vance Muse, editor of The Christian American and right-hand man of John Kirby, circulated "a picture of Mrs. Roosevelt going to a Negro meeting with a Negro escort on either side of her" (New York Times, April 13, 1936). The SCUC leaflet read, "President Roosevelt has … permitted Negroes to come to the White House banquet table and sleep in the White House beds." Muse said of New Deal labor policies, "White women and white men will be forced into organizations with black African apes whom they will have to call 'brother' or lose their jobs."
Source: Gerard Colby, from the chapter, "Decade of Despair," Du Pont Dynasty: Behind the Nylon Curtain.

A strategy of deception favored by the Republican Establishment was to subsidize fascist, antidemocratic organizations with very officialsounding, “democratic” names.

Christian America
Another member of the Christian America was Lewis Ulrey who took over the distribution of Gerald Winrod's propaganda, he openly advocated a 12 hour work day.

Ulrey penned the following quotation for Gerald Winrod's Defender.

"Into this bedlam and chaos in germany adolf hitler injected himself as a new messiah to lead ordely german from political confusion to systematic unity. Hitler put it up to the germans to decide between the Jewish ownership and domination of the country or domination and ownership by the ninety nine percent of the German population. Human nature being what it is, it is not strange that the Germans decided against the Jews and in favor of Hitler. Our president has sent two insulting messages to Hitler and a number of his pink cabineteers have most blantantly and violently broadcast silly insults to the German government."

None of these groups billed themselves with pro-Reich names, even though some openly supported Mussolini, Hitler, and other assorted fascists. They wrapped themselves in the flag, AND The Constitution. (It's all about the Benjamins.)

They also used the Constitution selectively, and leaned heavily on it's flaws and weaknesses and loopholes, to protect the new capitalist aristocracy of wealth as well as family. They wanted the "Natural Order" or money-power-political power to rule. Of course the rich are obviously the 'best' men, right? Of course the rich are de facto wise, and best suited to rule. To suggest otherwise was RED.

The Constitution, which protected agrarian property rights against theft and govt confiscation in the pre-Industrial Age, but was silent on the rights of un-landed labor, was used against the idea of the poor being stakeholders in America. In particular it was used (with much double-talk) against those who charged "unfair labor practices" -- let's be more explicit: corporate gangsterism -- to state that workers had NO recourse but to quit their jobs and let "the more humble worker" replace them.

It was used in the "race to the bottom" to pit people against one another by encouraging jealousy and ethnic hatred, and to support the idea that the "noble businessman" (who now may be a guy whose hardest labor and biggest contribution to Mankind is to shuffle daddy's fortune around the stock market) was endowed with the inherent liberty to bust people down to the cheapest salary and the shittiest working conditions (most surveillance?) which they could possibly enforce, as the power-brokers played blind to the obvious unequal power distribution between an individual vs. a large protected conglomerate.

Sometimes they blatantly violated the Constitution, but more conveniently it was used as an ideological wedge against the HUMAN rights of those who did not build or inherit successful corporations, or as in contrast to Samuel Bush and others, were not fortunate enough to fenagle side-deals with 'connected' businessmen (or become Skull and Bones appointees) and with politically-connected profiteers, to thereby 'earn' their riches via "hard work".

Here's some more on the Croix de feu, what they called 'the model' for what they wanted in America, a fascist army of retired Veterans propagandized by "fear of Reds":

The Croix de feu violently disrupted leftist gatherings, using weapons to assault workers as they left meetings. Fights between organized labour and the Croix de feu sometimes went on for hours. The government long ignored the fact that the Croix de feu and other fascist groups had munitions, machine guns and even airplanes.

The group’s policies included:

(1) Curtailing the free speech and assembly of those they disliked,
(2) Dissolving federations of labor,
(3) Privatizing state monopolies and abrogating social insurance laws,
(4) Stopping state “interference” in education. Technical schools would be run by big corporations,
(5) Opposing state-planned economy,
(6) Distrusting other countries,
(7) Mandatory 2-year military service; not reducing military spending,
(8 ) Making the public sacrifice to solve France’s financial problems.

A sad thing is that most of the themes developed and honed decades ago by Mercantilist elites are making a post-liberal resurgence --- including that Freedom to Fascism schtick and the Ron Paul campaign which are both heavily-laden with these old themes dressed in new rags.

Back in tha era, there was some appearance of some split in interests between politicians who needed public support from both business interests as well as consumers and labor, as compared to the goals of corporate and large financial interests (of all nationalities) whose allegiance is only to greater profits, and as compared to military officers whose strength lies in the ability to command killing machines.

One can see why some of Wall Street’s fascist plotters saw MacArthur as their “Man on a White Horse” to lead a Croix de feu-like organization. MacArthur, was born for the job. Raised on Army bases by a high-ranking militarist, he had a good fascist disrespect for politicians.

Douglas was a chip off the old block. Arthur MacArthur II, son of a judge, was a hero of Civil War and Wyoming’s Indian Wars. In 1898, he projected his Wild West mentality and tactics onto the Far East as commander of an Expeditionary Force to the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. He so ably crushed Philippine guerillas that President McKinley made him the colony’s Military Governor. Their undeclared counter-insurgency war was a blatantly imperialist affair, replete with unspeakable atrocities designed to terrorize those who, after waging a revolution against Spanish rule, now faced the likes of MacArthur’s colleague, General “Hell Roaring” Jake Smith. This veteran of the Wounded Knee massacre commanded U.S. soldiers to kill all Filipino males over the age of ten. He said: “I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better it will please me.”
By this time, with far-right politics deeply entrenched, he argued that “pacifism and its bedfellow, communism, are all about us. Day by day this cancer eats deeper into the body politic.” Such paranoia fueled MacArthur in 1932, when as Army Chief of Staff, he commanded Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton in the eight-hour “Battle of Anacostia Flats.” Hundreds were injured, two babies suffocated from tear gas asphixiation, a boy’s leg was run through by Army bayonet.

The enemy was a bedraggled and destitute “Bonus Army.” MacArthur rationalized his illegal military assault against these unarmed veterans by claiming they were a communist vanguard planning to overthrow the government. Saying “there is incipient revolution in the air” he had ordered Patton’s cavalry charge. In blatant contempt for presidential authority, MacArthur disobeyed Hoover’s orders and burned the protesters’ makeshift town to the ground!

(Then he publicly praised Hoover for making that decision.)

MacArthur was outraged that FDR planned cuts to military spending. He told FDR:

“When we lose the next war and an American boy is writhing in pain in the mud with a Japanese bayonet in his belly, I want the last words that he spits out in the form of a curse to be not against Douglas MacArthur but against Franklin Roosevelt.” FDR replied “Never speak to the President of the United States that way.”

Alfred Pritchard Sloan, Jr. (1875-1966)
Sloan was a member, Advisory Council of the American Liberty League.

Son of a coffee and tea importer, Alfred Sloan, became America’s first great corporate celebrity. His greatest contributions to his class included the destruction of mass transit, the crushing of labour strikes at du Pont's General Motors (GM), arming Hitler before and during WWII and promoting President Wilson’s slogan that “What’s good for General Motors is good for the U.S.” (That’s GM president Charles Wilson, 1941-1953).

GM systematically bought up and destroyed America’s highly-efficient electric train, streetcar and tram infrastructure, and literally burnt the vehicles.

David Farber, author of Sloan Rules: Alfred P. Sloan and the Triumph of General Motors (2002) said:

"There’s a lot I don’t like about Mr. Sloan. His steady opposition to making safer automobiles, his dismissal of workers’ rights, his inability to see Adolf Hitler as evil and dangerous..., and his general disregard for social justice and the common good make him a not very lovable figure. Those failings are usually not weaknesses in a corporate manager, even as they make Sloan less than a model of good citizenship. But good citizenship has little to do with maximizing corporate profits. Which makes it pretty obvious to me that putting corporate leaders in charge of our public good is ill-advised."

Farber also notes that GM destroyed Sloan’s files to protect itself from lawsuits regarding antitrust issues, the neglect of automobile safety and its investments in Nazi Germany

You can kinda get a taste of what FDR was up against.

Truman, despite his decision to Atom bomb Japan, invade and split Korea, and his lackey willingness sign the National Security Act of 1947, faced similar abuse from MacArthur, and from MacArthur's buddy Joe McCarthy. It was not until Truman received a long string of similar insults from MacArthur that he relieved Mac of some of his responsibility. MacArthur, who defied politicians and wanted to nuke China, got 30 standing ovations in Congress upon his retirement --- to Rand Corporation.

In conflict with what Anthony Sutton wrote, it's clear from these articles that FDR was NOT a party to the coup plans to oust him, but the plotters suspected that he could be pressured to become so inclined to the plans, that the dumb American public would buy the idea that FDR was 'sick' and needed a manager to replace him. They speculated that FDR would willingly choose his own side, his own upbringing, his own class in their Class War, particularly if given an offer he could not refuse. And if he was not smart enough to follow the history they intended to create, they would sweep him aside.

Reading these articles you can just SMELL the STENCH of what opportunists these fascist lackey politicians were, people like Truman and Nixon, if not Ike.

I posted that photo of Clinton with Jay-Z. Although Nixon possessed the ruthlessness to have his henchman derail the Paris Peace talks and to bomb the living hell out of Vietnamese, if Nixon were placed into an environment with a real (?) street thug like Jay-Z or DMX, I think he'd have a his ass capped in a week, just on general principle.

If anyone underestimates the 'natural' rule of outright fascism, of those with a strong desire for applying "military discipline" to the entire civilian society, and how many people can be bought off or flummoxed into supporting the destruction of their own easy freedom, or who have a developed taste for taking orders from people in authority, you should take a gander at this website.

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