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The Attempted Distruction of Sonofusion.....

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 1:53 pm    Post subject: The Attempted Distruction of Sonofusion..... Reply with quote

If you've heard of the controversy of Cold Fusion then check this out.. Eerily similar stories...

Back in college i worked on a research project involving a similar process to cold fusion. A process called Sonofusion. I worked on it as an RA for about a year or so.
After a couple months the professor i was working with, Dr. Richard T. Lahey told me some really interesting stories about the history of his research. Apparently there was what i saw as an attempt to discredit the whole project eerily similar to the cold fusion sabotage. Here is a link with the history of the research. http://home.fuse.net/clymer/snf/
I was shocked when i saw a certain name on the list, Steven E. Jones(who coined the name Sonofusion), so you know there are some sketchy characters lurking....

But it wasn't really him who did the sabotaging. One of the scientists who worked on the original experiment that did work at ORNL name was Dr. Taleyarkhan.
After he published his results, a group of scientists set out to duplicate his experiment, but didn't do it exactly the same way,and came back with negative results.
This is where it got weird, since then, two scientists named Seth Putterman and Ken Suslicka, have made it there life goal to make sure this research never gets anywhere, AND a magazine called Nature posted heavy hit pieces claiming misuse of funds and all types of nonsense, which caused launching of an investigation http://www.photonics.com/content/news/2006/June/21/83135.aspx which ended up finding nothing. After that the critics were still at it and weren't "satisfied with the investigation" http://www.nature.com/news/2007/070212/full/445690a.html , so a second investigation was launched and and came back with nothing( a hit peice http://physicsandphysicists.blogspot.com/2007/02/second-inquiry-exonerates-taleyarkhan.html ) . He has redeemed himself by literally bringing the people into his lab and showing them how it worked. Nature magazine keeps on publishing hit after hit too, definitely trying to drive the stake through this guy, they want an inquisition and crucifixion, not an inquiry. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/11/education/11purdue.html?n=Top/Reference/Times%20Topics/People/C/Chang,%20Kenneth The claims against him where outrageous(saying the neutrons were from other sources in his lab) just read the articles. Dr. Lahey has now picked up the torch and is the leading researcher in the field, and of course he has gotten a ton of flak from the science community. But all genius's get flak by there jealous peers, sometimes scientists are like prepubescent girls. The forces behind the destruction of this one is strong and clearly a hit squad trying there hardest to get Sonofusion in the ground for good.
I've worked on this stuff as an RA and i have to say it is promising, id say within 5-10 years well be seeing it, plus i believe there are people willing to give him mega grants to get it finished.

A hit piece, http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/sonofusion.shtml

There are a ton of interesting articles on this just Google, Sonofusion. Here are a few interesting links.

Here is the most recent research paper put out by Lahey

I have all the published papers, but im not sure how to upload them, the histroy link at the top has all the papers but im not sure if you have to subscribe or not.


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