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Christine Maggiore, AIDS Skeptic Dies at 52
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We now have the sequence of events in the weeks
leading to Christine's death --via an email which
Christine sent to a friend:

In Her Own Words,
a Dec 19 Email From Christine Maggiore

by Celia Farber

I’m told that I stand accused in Internet hate swamp sites of claiming
Christine Maggiore died “from a cleanse,” in the name of “denying” that
she died of AIDS.

She died, while suffering from bilateral bronchial pneumonia, after taking
on a de-tox cleanse, is what I reported. These people at these swampy
sites apparently can’t read, can’t decipher basic English. Every time I
report they accuse me of “denying,” but how can you be denying while
you are reporting?

Luckily there is such a thing as first hand sources. In this case, I have an
email from Christine herself, dated December 19, eight days before she
died, sent to a friend.

This friend forwarded it to me, and I am printing it here, because I knew
Christine very well and I know she would welcome it. Make of it what you
will. It certainly puts to rest the deliberate distortion of the AP story that
weirdly quotes the LA County Coroner’s Office, forbidden from touching
her body presently, stating that she suffered from pneumonia “within the
past six months.” That’s technically accurate but transparently distortive,
creating a smoke screen of a longer term illness, which suggests that they
aren’t sure somebody can succumb to AIDS in a few weeks after 16 years
of health. Why pad the few weeks into six months? Why can’t they ever
just report what is known and what it not known? That would inspire

Outtake of Dec 19 email from
Christine to un-named recipient :

Regarding my health, I finally figured out what’s going on…but it got really
scary. Here’s the scoop I just sent a friend:I have been through the
absolute worst health nightmare ever. The cleanse, while definitely
bringing about some profound benefits, left me feeling weak and
dehydrated. I lost my appetite almost completely about 10 days ago and
for some weird reason could only tolerate hot tea and hot chicken broth.

I had been in touch with the cleanse doc who said all was typical,
uncomfortable but typical. Not one to quit, I kept going. Then I started to
have trouble breathing, I was feeling winded after the most simple task
like making the bed. This last Sunday, I stopped being able to sleep at all.

So finally, genius that I am, I made an appointment to see my MD who is
really smart and very well versed in natural health care and not at all into
the HIV paradigm.I could only get in to see her yesterday. She said I was
totally dehydrated and having a reaction to the herbs in the cleanse which
she thought were suspicious. I asked her to check my lungs and she said
they sounded clear. I told her I thought I should have a chest Xray
anyway, just to be sure, but she was skeptical because I hadn’t had a
cold, flu, cough or fever. But I insisted so she wrote me up to go to a
radiology place that would give an immediate reading.

By then I felt so ill I had to ask my neighbor to drive me and thank god
he was there with me because I never would have made it to the
radiologist without his help. As it turned out, the Xray showed a very
serious case of bi-lateral bronchial pneumonia. The doctor immediately
gave me IV rehydration, IV natural cortisone, and IV antibiotic. She said if
I did not improve by the next day, I would have to go to the hospital
which I argued would give me worse treatment, lousy food and maybe a
MRS infection as a parting gift.

I went back again today, had more IV treatments and she said if I can
make it through the weekend without having to go to the hospital, she will
be very happy. She also said I’m pretty tough to have had such severe
pneumonia and keep going. I have three natural cortisone treatments I
am to take everyday, and today I started with another antibiotic called
Z pack which is different from the one used in the IV. It’s a little scary
because she asked me if I am allergic to the antibiotics she’s giving me
but I’ve never taken them, so I don’t know. She stayed next to me during
the IV antibiotic to make sure I was not going into reaction which sort of
made me feel like I might be having a reaction! But I didn’t and I slept for
the first time since Sunday last night.My appetite is getting back to normal
and I am on total bed rest for two weeks. I can’t imagine doing otherwise.


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Joined: 18 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's some inspirational comments from
other web forums and blogs re Christine:

Don't ever give up on the truth.
If the truth is that HIV causes AIDS,
then it is the truth. If it is not. It is not.

Losing Christine is a double tragedy. It is thoroughly sufficient to lose
such a beautiful human being at all, but to lose someone like her in a
manner which can be easily contorted by the establishment and used as
almost the ultimate "case-closed" argument for anyone who is even
thinking about questioning....Well....this basically brings the open debate
concept to the doorstep of the dark ages or McCarthyism.

I just have one thing to say to anyone who is shaken by this in terms of
the HIV = AIDS question, and that is this:

If a tragedy like this shakes your conviction about the cause of AIDS, I
wonder what it was in the first place that convinced you HIV doesn't cause

Were you just kind of "hoping" that HIV doesn't cause AIDS? Were you
taking the statements the dissidents made at face value and just blindly
believing what the dissidents said? Because if that is the case, you have
missed the point.

This is a time to be shaken by an extremely unfortunate end of someone's
life. It is a time to be exasperated that the circumstances were so
unbelievably happenstance. It is a time to feel the pain of the transiency
of life and how good people...truly good people...don't always have the
most fair lives and are often times vilified while they are alive only to be
redeemed posthumously.

If this event shakes you for these reasons then I am with you. I am with
you more than you imagine.

But if this god damn tragedy makes you blink for one moment that HIV
might cause AIDS, then I suggest indeed that one who feels this should
just as soon go back to believing the tall tale of HIV = AIDS. Because let
me tell you and everyone else who feels a bit of doubt due to this
catastrophe something:

This ain't about faith my friend. I even make it a point when someone
says to me "so let me get this straight; you don't believe that HIV causes
AIDS." ....I ALWAYS correct them and say "well, that's almost accurate. I
don't believe either way. In fact I have no belief at all about AIDS. But I
will say I have no reason to think that HIV causes AIDS, because there is
no evidence for it. Likewise I have good reason to hold the opinion that
AIDS is not infectious. Also I have good reason to think that there is a
great deal of fraud going on in the industry, there are ample ulterior
motives as to why such a lame theory could have made it so far for so
long, and there are plenty of pieces of evidence that go unexamined by
the establishment and for predictable reasons."

This is NOT a faith issue. But it's amazing how some of us get when faced
with what appears to be cognitive dissonance.

Don't worry though. If you thought being a dissident was hard and
alienating, boy, just you wait.

This whole movement is about to be rocked like a small boat which
ventured into Poseidon's angry waters.

If you are not well informed enough with the facts and if you don't get the
science and if you don't have the guts to fight for what's right and hold
truth as the ultimate authority you will be broken from this movement.
Either by your own choice or through the pressures of the status quo.

My suggestion is to save yourself the time. If this tragedy has given you
enough doubt to even verbalize it or post a forum response about it....you
might as well call it quits, indeed.

For the rest of us, who are not FAITHFUL dissidents, but REASONED
dissidents, we all have to understand the consequences of what just

I find it so hard to mourn for Christine while at the same time foresee and
try and prepare for the vicious attacks and slander and libel that is going
to come about her and on each of our own behalfs, but this is what it is.

It is an absolute shame that so much vitriol had to be endured by her for
the latter part of her prematurely-ended life, and it is going to be even
more bitter to see this poor woman's life be completely torn to shreads.
And it will be. All we have to do...is give up. "I know she wants us to be
strong - but this is getting to me"

That's the attitude of someone who is either not informed enough, or a

Either way, that is not a dissident.

You're damn right she wants us to be strong.

What's more, she DESERVES, and her family DESERVES our best efforts
at standing up for them, and for her memory.

How can we even have a doubt right now about the cause of her death?
What I am pissed off and depressed about is the fact that she's gone.
Not HOW.

I challenge everyone on this forum to find something that means
ANYTHING to them in this world. If it's not rethinking AIDS fine, whatever
it is, do it and do it like you mean it.

But if one of the passions you have is getting the truth to come out about
this piece of junk science, then dammit lets get something done and stop
screwing around.

Who knows how much longer this very internet we are using is going to be
so free and independent. Don't hold your breath for Barack Obama or any
other multi-million dollar puppet to change things.

It's far too easy in this world to see bloody murder in the streets and turn
away. For whatever reason: Fear, feeling that you aren't strong enough to
do anything about it any way, rationalizing risk-benefits of stepping in,
waiting for the guy next in line to make the move...whatever the reason
may be.

Instead of putting our morals and principles on our car bumpers, perhaps
it's time...it HIGH TIME, to start putting them in our actions.

I already have plenty of things planned which require no coordination and
no large sums of money. Just effort.

There are of course things that are easier to accomplish with greater
numbers. For instance getting this to be talked about in the mainstream
media more, getting politicians to listen, reaching out to people who have
been hit by a false diagnosis and so on.

I don't think I can stand to see this disgusting world swallow up another
Christine Maggiore. If we all don't actually get something accomplished
soon this whole movement is nothing but a social networking group. We
might as well be a Saturday Morning Weavers and Knitters group.

If I am indeed the only person who feels this way, I can't feel ashamed.
I can't feel let down.

I am still going to do what I know needs to be done. I only speak on this
subject in this way because I know how complacency can be. In a game
of tug of war it is not too long before both sides loosen the grip, relax the
knees and pretend that the struggle is the same intensity as during the
opening moments of the match.

I have fallen subject to this deflation brought about by gradualism. So in
case others are in the same boat, I say this for you. We have to end this
damn hoax. It's time. It's been time. It's not about believing. It has
nothing to do with faith at all and we know it.

What's stopping us from destroying this pathetic lie and making it an
asterisk in the history books.

Good night, and it has been a privilege reading many of the posts on this
site over the recent times.

-mario c

As a criminal investigator who has completed several thousand
investigations, I’ve only been criticized and attacked by criminal suspects.
Good citizens do not attack police officers for doing their jobs.

So when the pharmaceutical industry attacked me for investigating their
allegations that Peter Duesberg is guilty of killing millions of Africans, I
was pretty alarmed. If their allegations were true, why would they not
want me to investigate their claims and why wouldn’t they welcome my
independent confirmation?

If Christine Maggiore, Celia Farber, Peter Duesberg, and others were
simply crazy, they’d be ignored like flat-earthers and Wiccans.

The fact that these pharmaceutically-funded hate websites exploit deaths
like EJ’s and Christine’s ONLY suggests that Christine and others are on
the right track.

The fact that these white-coated Dr. Melenges use hate groups and the
false epithet of "denialism" to respond to these unanswered questions only
suggests that there is something very wrong with HIV and AIDS science.
The noisier they get, the more troubling the unanswered questions

To end the controvery, Gallo and the pharmaceutical industry need do
nothing more than explain exactly how scientists proved that HIV attacks
cells and causes AIDS. Until they do, the fact that thousands of injuries
and deaths may have unnecessarily occurred because of the profitable
delivery of DNA inhibitor drugs may be the result of the deadliest fraud
and systematic poisoning in American history.

If this is the deadly fraud it appears to be, I could understand why
thousands of young PhDs would want to pay off their astronomical college
loans with high-paying pharmaceutial jobs. And once they discovered the
lie, I would understand why they would keep quiet.

My only other question is WHERE IS THE JEFFREY WIGAND OF THE
PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY? Isn’t there ONE scientist with a conscience
in that industry, or is everyone a coward?

This is why Christine Maggiore was so dangerous - as a former peddler of
HIV Testing and AIDS science, her desire to seek the truth and endure the
pharmaceutical retaliation at such a great personal cost made her a
significant target of hatred.

If after six years in the Marine Corps and twenty on the LAPD revealed
one real hero to me, that hero would be Christine Maggiore. Her tireless
work and boundless energy finally caught up with her. I am as saddened
by her passing as the pharmaceutical industry is celebratory.

Clark Baker


You must remember as well as I do the dire warnings we were
all taught about HIV in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s.
This was one of the deadliest pathogens mankind had ever seen.
It spread sexually, and was an instant death sentence to anyone
who was infected–with near 100% fatality.

So why is her husband HIV-? Why is her son? Why is there no positive HIV
test on her daughter? Why was she alive and healthy SEVENTEEN YEARS
without any chemotherapy? Only to succomb, at the age of 52, to a type
of pneumonia that commonly kills over 100,000 Americans a year?

I put it to you thusly: let’s pretend HIV really is a deadly pathogen. As
deadly as we were all told 10, 15, 20 years ago. How did she make it
those 17 years, all of them in good health until the very end? What do
YOU make of the fact that she tested positive, tested negative, and tested
inconclusive for HIV multiple times?

As for the nastiness and the hatefulness: I can’t begin to document it for
you now in this comment. I’ve covered it many times on this blog, but I
lack the energy to dig up all the links right now. But I knew Christine
personally. Not as a close friend, but from multiple phone calls and email
exchanges. Christine had lost all faith in conventional medical science, in
part because nothing they’d told her of her supposed HIV status made any
damned sense, and she was too stubborn to stop asking questions and
demanding answers before she put herself (or her children) on any drug
regimen. This DID, over time, lead to her investigating so-called
"alternative medicine" for a lot of things: why wouldn’t she? Standard
medical science had given her bad advice, advice she could OBJECTIVELY
PROVE QUESTIONABLE, time and time again.

Christine believed in vegetarianism. I don’t, I think it’s unhealthy and
unnatural. She was into the whole vitamins, herbal supplements,
"cleansing" side of alternative medicine, most of which I also think is junk.

But I never could blame her: conventional medical science had obviously,
from her frame of reference, already fed her a bunch of junk.

17 years disease-free, Sean, and then she suddenly dies of COMMON (not
AIDS-defining) pneumonia, and even you now unquestioningly accept that
she must have died of AIDS. Ignoring her decade-and-a-half of good
health without any chemotherapy. Ignoring her still-stubbornly HIV-
husband, who never used condoms with his wife. Despite her HIV- son.
Despite her daughter’s equally-indeterminate HIV status.

Here’s one of the things I’ve learned about HIV: I’m pretty sure HIV
doesn’t do much of anything. I admit I may be wrong. Even if I was
wrong, Christine’s case raises some really important questions anyway: at
rock bottom, the biggest question is, "is this infection an automatic death
sentence, as we’ve all been taught for 25 years?"

Finally, as for the charge of "conspiracy": tell me, Sean, what in this
discussion is different in your mind from those who question the Global
Warming hypothesis? Because you must have noticed by now that those
who question the Global Warming hypothesis are also demonized,
ostracized, called "deniers," and even lose funding as scientists. You don’t
see any parallel there?

To document the hate that’s been poured out upon Christine, I will leave it
for another day to document it for you. It’s been abundant. I myself, just
for being willing to play host to debates on the matter, have been vilified
by many, many sources, and left a quite raw from it.

Just look what they’re doing to Celia. Celia calmly reports facts, and is
accused of all sorts of hateful things merely for doing that.

In quite recent years, we’ve seen all sorts of incredible news on HIV.
Again and again and again, those pushing the paradigm have been caught
out as making extreme claims that can’t be supported. We know now–we
KNOW–that HIV is not a big threat to the general heterosexual population.
We KNOW this, this isn’t something I made up. We KNOW now that there
are people running around HIV+ who have been symptom-free for over
25 years. We KNOW now that the cocktail chemotherapy drugs are lethal,
and we KNOW there are people who refused those chemotherapy drugs
who are healthy and normal DECADES after their diagnosis.

Oh, and we also KNOW now, beyond question, that the numbers on HIV in
Africa were terrifically inflated–the establishment admitted that too, just
within the last few years.

For the record, I don’t need to invoke any grand "conspiracy" theories. I
firmly believe that the vast majority of medical professionals, and most
scientifically respectable investigators, have never had anything but the
best intentions on this whole thing. If there was any "conspiracy," it does
not involve the Jews or the Freemasons or the Catholic Church or the CIA
or the Communists or any of that shit. If there was any "conspiracy," it
involved Robert Gallo and a few of his friends–and their motivation was no
more than pride (and, yes, money), and a few cowardly editors at
Science, Nature, and PNAS.

But I can’t prove a negative to you.

Here’s what I would suggest to you is a possible way to
view this whole thing:

In the early to mid 1980s, a bunch of gay men were diagnosed with a
bunch of weird symptoms: they had Kaposi’s Sarcoma, pneumocystis
pneumonia, and other weird infections that were normally very rare in the
general population. No one was sure what was hitting them. Then a
relatively young scientist named Robert Gallo proposed that a recent
virus–of a then-rare type called a retrovirus–suggested that one particular
retrovirus might be the culprit. And, early tests indicated something
significant: it looked like about half of those early AIDS patients were
positive for that particular retrovirus.

Of the other half that did not test positive for that retrovirus, they were
shunted aside and given their own separate diagnosis. Those who were
dying of the same symptoms (PCP, KS, etc.) who tested positive for this
one retrovirus were labeled as having "idiopathic cytopathic lymphoma,"
and otherwise ignored. They died within a few weeks anyway, and were
never heard about again.

Peter Duesberg, a man who was instrumental in proving the very
existence of the beastie called a "retrovirus," said it was impossible. If you
ask him today he’ll say the same thing: even though he helped prove the
very existence of a retrovirus, he says it’s nearly impossible for a
retrovirus to cause disease anyway. Not impossible, but extremely
unlikely. And now I have to ask you: how many diseases other than HIV
have you ever heard cause any deadly disease? It’s now 2009, and you
MUST remember that we were told the retrovirus was the scary type of
pathogen that might bring untold new diseases to the human race–and
yet, in the vast scheme of things, how many other retrovirus-caused
ailments can you name? And, frankly, how many people do YOU
PERSONALLY know who’ve died of HIV?

This was supposed to be the most lethal virus mankind had ever seen.
Only suddenly: not.

How many people dead from HIV do you personally know, Sean? For
something that’s sexually transmitted? I’ll bet that you know more people
who’ve got herpes simplex II (which is not a retrovirus) than you know
HIV+ people.

What, you think all that "safe sex" literature just made everyone more
cautious, and therefore the most lethal pathogen in human history was
stopped dead in its tracks, even though syphilis, ghonorrhea, and herpes
are as common as they’ve ever been?

Ah, I can’t keep going. There’s boatloads of information on this, and most
of it does not require a grand conspiracy theory. It does not require you
to join a movement. It just requires you to engage your own analytic
thinking skills.

Here’s what I propose, Sean: go out on some of these blogs and sites,
and engage your own (considerable, as I know) skeptical faculties, and
just ask these people, "can you explain to me in plain black and white why
HIV causes AIDS and is absolutely deadly?"

Come back to me and tell me your results. My guess, knowing you, is that
you’ll come back to me in a few weeks and say "wow Dean, this really is

Go ahead. Do it. Spend a few cycles of your spare time over the next few
weeks simply engaging your own intellectual curiosity. Just put your full
effort as a very good skeptic asking these folks to prove it to you. Ask
whatever questions you want, however you want to ask them. Just
remember a few basic things:

Viruses are just strangs of DNA/RNA that invade a cell and reproduce
themselves. And, every single one of us (including you) has multiple
viruses running around in their system right now. Which we do: you, me,
and everyone reading this has multiple viruses running through our
systems at all times. Check if you don’t believe me: you, Sean Golden, at
this moment have multiple viruses running around in your system, just
like you have multiple bacteria running around in your system. It proves
NOTHING about your health status if I can isolate a single virus or
bacterium running around in your system. We’ve all got a ton of those.
Only a few actually cause disease. You are a carrier of countless bugs
every damned day–we all are.

So, knowing that, what is the proof if we isolate any particular bug in your
system? And what is the proof of those who carry HIV (originally dubbed
HTLV-III) are going to have their immune systems destroyed?

If you’re interested, I challenge you to do it. All you gotta do is go out to
these sites that all claim Christine was done in by HIV, and respectfully
ask how they know it was HIV that done it.

Report back. I’ll put it on the front page if you want me to.

Dean Esmay


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Christine Maggoire
Did Not Die of AIDS

AidsIsOver.com - 4th January, 2009

Based on an emerging time line of her illness, there is now increasing certainty that AIDS skeptic, Christine Maggiore did not suffer from from AIDS-related PCP pneumonia. There is also considerable doubt that her death was due to respiratory failure --the common cause of a fatal outcome resulting from a pneumonia infection.

Journalist, Celia Farber has published an email from Christine to a personal friend on the 19th December -- eight days prior to her untimely demise.

The email makes clear that her health problems were associated with her commencing a therapeutic cleanse. An extract follows (my capitalization):

"Regarding my health, I finally figured out what’s going on… but it got really scary. Here’s the scoop I just sent a friend: I have been through the absolute worst health nightmare ever. THE CLEANSE, while definitely bringing about some profound benefits, LEFT ME FEELING WEAK AND DEHYDRATED. I LOST MY APPETITE COMPLETELY ALMOST 10 DAYS AGO and for some weird reason could only tolerate hot tea and hot chicken broth. I had been in touch with the cleanse doc who said all was typical, uncomfortable but typical. Not one to quit, I KEPT GOING. Then I started to have trouble breathing...."

The above extract clearly shows that Christine's health problems started with the 'cleanse.' Complete loss of appetite was a serious development, indicating the severe impact of the cleanse on her metabolism. She writes that she had contacted the cleanse doctor, was reassured and "kept going." A fatal decision, in retrospect.

Let's allow a couple of days during which Christine "kept going" with the cleanse. Only then does she write of breathing difficulty beginning:

"Then I started to have trouble breathing, I was feeling winded after the most simple task like making the bed. This last Sunday, I stopped being able to sleep at all. So finally, genius that I am, I made an appointment to see my MD..."

We don't know the date in December on which she began the cleanse, but we now have enough information to construct a rough time line:

Dec ?th: Begins 'cleanse'.
Dec 6th: Weak and exhausted.
Dec 9th: Total appetite loss.
Dec 10th: Records an audio with David Crowe.
Dec 11th: Contacts cleanse doctor, continues cleanse.
Dec 13th: Breathlessness begins.
Dec 14th: No longer able to sleep.
Dec 15th: Makes appointment with regular physician.
Dec 18th: Sees physician, pneumonia diagnosed.
Dec 27th: Deceased.

Now let's take a look at Christine's description of the visit with her doctor:

"She said I was totally dehydrated and having a reaction to the herbs in the cleanse which she thought were suspicious. I asked her to check my lungs and she said they sounded clear. I told her I thought I should have a chest Xray anyway, just to be sure, but she was skeptical because I hadn’t had a cold, flu, cough or fever. But I insisted so she wrote me up to go to a radiology place that would give an immediate reading."

There we have an informed medical opinion that Christine's health problems were, in the words of her doctor: "a reaction to the herbs in the cleanse which she thought were suspicious."

Of further medical significance is that on Dec 18th her lungs, again in the words of her doctor, "sounded clear." Also significant is the atypical absence of cough or fever.

All this confirms the thrust of an audio I presented, that Christine's audibly healthy respiratory function in broadcasts recorded just weeks prior to her death belies implications drawn from the L.A. coroner's office statement asserting she had been treated for pneumonia in the previous six months.

LISTEN : http://AidsIsOver.com/audio/aidsisover090102.mp3

We have a period of 14 days from the start of breathlessness to death. That is inconsistent with AIDS-related PCP Pneumonia, which typically has a much longer progression.

Furthermore, and this is again of great significance, her condition was under medical review, with the question of a possible hospital admission being on her doctor's agenda. Again quoting from Christine's email:

"She said if I did not improve by the next day, I would have to go to the hospital..... I went back again today, had more IV treatments and she said if I can make it through the weekend without having to go to the hospital, she will be very happy."

Any worsening of Christine's condition and her doctor would have consigned Christine to hospital quicker than you can say "ER".

In fact, the reverse happened. She immediately improved:

"...I slept for the first time since Sunday last night. My appetite is getting back to normal..."

As those with a medical background will know, it is virtually unheard of for a pneumonia patient to die at home. Invariably, mortality occurs in ICU on a ventilator:

Improvements in Outcomes of Acute
Respiratory Failure for HIV PC Pneumonia
We examined ICU use and outcomes for patients with acute respiratory failure from PCP from 1995 to 1997.... Among 1,660 patients with confirmed or presumed PCP, 155 (9%) received mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure.... In conclusion, from 1995 to 1997, hospital survival after PCP requiring mechanical ventilation was approximately 40%
Christine's medical issues were in response to the 'cleanse'. A medical opinion supports that. Her pneumonia was improving. There was no ICU admission, thus no death from respiratory failure. Further investigation may reveal the actual proximate cause of death.

I hope those who jumped to conclusions about the cause of Christine's death will withdraw and apologize for that presumption. They should have waited until the facts began to emerge. Their intemperance spurred others into vindictive public comments on the Internet which have been very distressing to Christine's bereaved extended family.

The comment by the L.A coroner's office to the L.A. Times that Christine had been treated for pneumonia "in the last six months", is inexplicable and entirely unsupported by the emerging facts.

Such a long period of treatment would have been consistent with an AIDS PCP pneumonia. Given that Christine was about to begin a legal action against L.A. coroner Dr James K Ribe, the question of whether coroner's office comment was malicious in intent is an open one. But there is no evidence it was. It is entirely possible it was an unintentional error.

However, if it were to have been malicious, it would open up the possibility of a successful legal action for the entirely predictable distressing consequences for Christine's bereaved relatives of such a prejudicial statement.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can't believe the amount of abuse Christine and her family have taken over the years. Truly inhuman.

To crucify her on national television like they did with that Law and Order episode was absolutely sick. For those of you who don't know, there was a Law and Order SVU episode two months ago demonizing Christine and at the end of the episode "Christine" dies.


Again, great coverage of the issue Fintan and I'm doing my best to make the dissident voice heard on some of those blogs. Don't know if you have an audio in the works on this or not but I would love to hear from other dissidents and see how they are dealing with this.

"Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is"- Albert Camus
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