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Nano Air Vehicles (NAV)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:51 pm    Post subject: Nano Air Vehicles (NAV) Reply with quote

Nano Air Vehicles (NAV)
February 16, 2011 - 'The diminutive flapping-wing spybot was made by famous Californian crazytech company AeroVironment. It has a wingspan of 16cm and weighs just 19 grammes, which is "less than the weight of a common AA battery", AeroVironment says. The little machine also comes with "a removable body fairing, which is shaped to have the appearance of a real hummingbird". The company says that these specs are a little larger and heavier than an average hummingbird, but there are species of hummingbird which are bigger. Like its flesh-and-blood namesake, the little ornithopter is capable of maintaining a sustained hover as well as forward flight, and is highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces. It is quite capable of flying into a building through a normal-sized door and then moving about within, controlled by an operator using only the video feed from the machine's tiny vidcam.'

'DARPAís objective in the NAV program is to prove the principle of having a very small remote-controlled air vehicle collect and transmit real-time military intelligence indoors and outdoors on the urban battlefield.

In a typical operation, a warfighter carrying a handful of the diminutive NAVs in his pocket will launch and fly one toward the target by viewing its flight path through a camera embedded in the wing. Like the maple tree seed that it resembles, the one-bladed device will rotate in flight, but its camera will provide a stable forward view and transmit real-time images back to a small, hand-held display. According to Dr. Allen, Lockheed Martinís NAV can fly at speeds up to 10 meters per second and have a flight path of about 1,000 meters. As the system matures, a simple autopilot aboard the NAV will provide limited autonomous operations. Once the nano vehicle completes its mission, it can return to the warfighter to be refurbished. Dr. Allen noted that in addition to being ground launched, NAVs could readily be deployed by airdrop or from a grenade launcher with the vehicles and their payloads actuated by pressure change.'

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Sasha for posting this.Wink It just proves while benign in design and engineering and certainly really cool, you know DARPA will use this for bad and not good. Makes you wonder what the Satellite that was launched a couple of weeks ago by the NRO from Vandenberg AFB is capable of. And then there's the trickle down technology that will arrive in Law Enforcement's hands in the future and everybody will be watched much closer than they are now. Too bad we can't use our collective minds for good, ya know? Confused
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