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Rosslyn Chapel's Sacred Harmonics

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:26 pm    Post subject: Rosslyn Chapel's Sacred Harmonics Reply with quote

Richard Merrick shows in his book 'Interference a Grand Scientific Musical Theory' that 1:81 is a ratio found in the architectural proportions of Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn chapel is said to have the same proportions as Solomon's temple. Not only Rosslyn, but many other very ancient structures have this same harmonic measurement of 1:81 built into the design.

1/81 = 0.012345679012345...

Richard devised an instrumental tuning system with the method that he has called 81-AET (Arithmetic Equal Temperament) which he has sometimes called 'Chapel Temperament' as it is adapted to the maximally resonant interior space of the chapel.

He divides the octave into 81 equal proportions, and assigns each note in the chromatic scale with a frequency nearest to whole number proportions out of these 81 divisions.

Here is an important section in his book regarding 1:81

Excerpt from The Venus StarKey

In most buildings today, the dimensions of a room are designed only to serve certain functional requirements, such as maximum occupancy, intended use, aesthetic style and sometimes acoustics and lighting. But, never would the dimensions of a room be intended to express a specific philosophical or theological idea. Not so for 15th century Rosslyn chapel outside of Edinburgh in the Scottish Pentlands.

Take for instance the exterior dimensions of the main chapel: 81 feet long, 68 feet wide and 40.5 feet tall. When the chapel width is divided by its height, a special acoustical proportion called an Enlightened Sixth is revealed:

Enlightened Sixth = 68 / 40.5 = 1.679012345679

This proportion is enlightening in the way it refracts out each of the natural numbers into counting order, with the exception of 8. It becomes even more enlightening when a “just” major sixth (the most resonant interval possible) is subtracted, yielding an even simpler acoustical proportion called the Rosslyn Magic Ratio.

Rosslyn Magic Ratio = Enlightened Sixth – Major Sixth
= (68 / 40.5) – (5 / 3)
= 0.012345679
= 1 / 81

This “magic ratio” is magic because it represents 1/81st of the length of the chapel, which given the chapel’s dimensions is equal to exactly one foot. Walking the length of the chapel in one-foot steps, we can then identify specific locations corresponding to common musical intervals and chords.

For instance, an A major scale from the entrance of the chapel can be represented as:

Scale note: A B C# D E F# G#
Steps into the chapel: 0 9 21 27 39 55 75

The amazing thing about this is the F# forms another Enlightened Sixth with the length of the chapel, thus creating what we might call an Enlightened Square with respect to the height-to-width proportion. As a result, it is here where we find the greatest harmony (and greatest enlightenment) in the chapel’s design.

This F# location actually corresponds to the forward edge of the Journeyman pillar at the front of the chapel. Originally named in Hebrew as the Shekinah pillar, this perfectly resonant and harmonious location in the chapel translates as “divine dwelling” or “royal residence.”


Mythmath from the Abrahadabra forums goes into great detail regarding the 81 Lo Shu Tones.


729/512 (or about 1.424 or 611.73 cents) is the tritone ratio for F# (augmented fourth) Wink

Arrow http://www.harmonictheory.com/files/astronomy/earth-moon-circle.pdf

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