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goldenmean"fractal field'cause-gravity/self organizatn/
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:13 am    Post subject: c Reply with quote

funny things some find with the word Elenin. saw some gematria which was for some reason totally off base as it's easy enough to learn hebrew letter's number equivalents. i really don't get that. some guy had L or lamed as 20. it's fucking 30 for simpleton sake. is it me? these folks aren't stupid so they must be making a show or something.

anyway, this is not Quite what I'm referring to when in the zone and clock glancing (new form of metaphysical practice : ) this latter seems a real time, ongoing witness to/participation in the field of consciousness. funny how it fades...

but can add again that it's not linear. there are times you can read the display or hour side as the past etc.
like this; past <00> future
times (numbers) like 6:06 - 6:39 - 7:16 and variations of etc blah most always coincide with significant thoughts or feeling states (when in the zone mostly). it's not the time but the numbers.
i at first thought it ridiculous when David Wilcock mentioned that 606 had something to do with worm hole technology. maybe i've simply been influenced by that claim. yet it's one of these series that pops up at very cool times; times when i feel expansive and open (in heart) to everything.........

i'm now wondering if there's a way to use this effect. i intuitively or whimsically did play with the idea. i got this impression that when a 0 is in the middle of a certain (those magick numbers) time/number series, it's like an empty space ...for projecting your intent into the future.
on the converse, there are "times" (can't recall any right now) when you intuit that the numbers are reflecting past karma...and what you can do with it now. freaky stuff and it's too easy to lose.


i mentioned meaning. seems both above and below, Combined, is where any meaning can come about. but then what about experiences in OBE or after death? can't be just memory imprints on the astral or aether. it is part of that.
it may also be like the various levels; where the most "high" is kinda like the end of the line to loop back round. it's just beyond anything a point of awareness could relate to (as to that Final glory of Heaven). you would be beyond any meaning. i guess this is like Ain Soph etc.

it's this thing about pure aether/energy As To > pure Idea.... and ideas you'd think need something Other to perceive them. yet it's All One ain't it?
of course Some archetypes or similar might Be the "ideas" of this underlying aether. usual kabbalah here; the Word (and letters).
combine these with your transverse and longitudinal waves and poof, we're here.

i'm just wondering about the split if any. there's the Word...which implies the idea side....but these are "contained" in the Light or aether....
so does this mean there is No dichotomy betwixt pure idea and pure energy?


btw, i've P LaViolette's genesis of the cosmos. whatever the state of his speculations, the latter portion of the book is great as it details mainstream shortcomings. the hard data seems to back this (him) up. this goes for black holes, expansion theory, red shift etc blah. best part of the book. folks need to see this data in light of Nassim and co.

von blut
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:57 pm    Post subject: fractal cause of gravity- new book Reply with quote

phase conjugation/fractality
optimized by golden ratio
is the symmetry and cause
and all self organizing centripetal forces
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