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The Corruption of Academia - Francesco Fornetti Incompetence

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:23 am    Post subject: The Corruption of Academia - Francesco Fornetti Incompetence Reply with quote

Like most of the people, quite naively, I have always believed that the academia, universities, collages, and research institutions are the guardians of true science. This illusion seems to crumble now after this curious incident with a “teaching fellow” at the University of Bristol Dr. Francesco Fornetti.

The story of my Don Quixote encounter with this “windmill” of officialdom and scientific authorities, in a nutshell, goes like this. A friend of mine has found a multimedia package on the internet that promises to teach the customers the basics of radio frequency and microwave engineering in a unique and superior way. It is sold on the Amazon for about $100 now here:


He asked me to review the book and tell him my opinion about it. I don’t want to go into details here in this post, because you can read it all in the attached review pdf file (if I can attach it here) and also on this webpage:


The essence of the story is that there are so many grave conceptual errors and wrong explanations in the book that only a dilettante could have written such a sloppy, useless garbage. The book contains more than 200 pages and I have read and reviewed only the first 48 pages, because it was meaningless to even read the rest of it. As a well meaning naïve idealist, I have contacted the author via email to give him a chance to “quietly” fix the errors and save his reputation. Instead of welcoming the free useful information and the critique he got offended, because I have dared to find errors in his “perfect masterpiece”, and he did not want to hear about the mistakes. Instead, he wrote me that he doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore, and I should not contact him again.

Well, fine then, I will have to tell about the incompetence of Francesco Fornetti to everyone else. Next I have started a thread in a public forum of a website that wants to appear as an “independent” source of information about microwave engineering that supposed to be free from corporate influences. Even though our discussion of the subject there was not completely fruitless, it turned out that the owner of the website is not as independent and objective as she wants everybody to believe.

First of all quite sneakily, they made sure that the search engines could not crawl the forum, but only their main website, so that the comments of the visitors could not be found on google. I have also measured the number of visitors on that forum and specifically in our thread, which was miniscule. This was confirmed by the very low number of people who downloaded the partial reviews from my file sharing account. There were only two people who actually contributed to the evaluation of the book, and I am thankful for their comments.

Finally the website owner has closed our thread unexpectedly, blaming me for attacking Francesco. For the heavens sake, how am I supposed to write a critique, and not attack someone who is selling snake oil in the name of academia to the unsuspecting victims for $100? The website owner apparently got frightened, when she has realized that there are two other corporations behind this rip-off, from which she expects to rake in advertising profits, just like Francesco does. With her suppressive reaction she has demonstrated the real purpose of their “independent” website that provides free information to the visitors; which is making money via advertisements, just like all the other trade journals that they have criticized so much.

There is just one more “tiny problem” with that forum thread; namely that it was not possible to attach the pdf documents containing the bulk of my critique to my messages. I had to use a free file sharing account for letting people download the files, which will expire in less than 30 days now. Due to the unexpected closure of the thread, I was not even able to add more permanent links to the critique pdf file, or the above webpage. This way, essentially the subject got buried on that forum.

After consolidating the critical review in a single pdf document (attached to this post) I have sent it to the dean of Bristol University, and also to the head of department of electrical engineering and to other professors there. Two professors responded right away just briefly, like acknowledging that they have received the review. However, the people who supposed to take action, the dean and the head of EE department did not respond till now 4 days later. I am curious if they will ever mend the damage done by Francesco; or rather let the incompetence continue teaching the students more incompetence.

I have also sent the review to the two corporations AWR and Wolfspeed, who financed the creation, promotion, and selling of the multimedia package. A gentleman from Wolfspeed responded that they will take the complaint seriously, but my emails to AWR were delayed or even blocked by the recipient servers. I have asked Wolfspeed to forward the message to AWR, so hopefully they will get it sooner or later.

Few closing remarks about the nature of this scandal. Among more than a dozen of serious errors, wrong formulas, and false explanations, Francesco has described an ideal inductor to be able to maintain a current flow out of one of its terminals, while no current enters into its other terminal. He also claimed that voltage is not a physical quantity, and that at low frequencies the power is not transmitted by electromagnetic fields. For those not familiar with electrical engineering, let me illustrate how mind-boggling stupidities these are. It is like saying that a liquid can flow out from a funnel without the need to poor anything into it.

If this guy and his ilk can continue to teach stupidity to students and write textbooks, then we can announce that the degradation of our educational system has entered its final stage. The cancer of corruption has gobbled up science as well.

Joe D.

The review pdf can be downloaded from:

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the review Joe!

I've uploaded a copy to our server here:

I just scanned thru it on overview so far, but I read on a number
of issues (like induction (Laughing) for example) and the errors identified
do seem to be somewhere between laughable and tragic.....

Great critique Idea

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Joined: 20 Oct 2016
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for uploading the pdf to your site Fintan.
It is good to have it at several places on the internet, just in case someone would be motivated to take down my website…

The criticized book is indeed a tragicomic read for people who know electromagnetics. The worst part of the story is that the two corporations and the university don’t seem to feel the enormity of the scandal. If I were in their shoes, Francesco would not be teaching anymore at Bristol University, and would not get any more financial support from the corporations either. But perhaps it is still too early to judge, so let’s wait and see.

After many hour of pondering about this curiosity, I started to suspect that this case of Francesco might not be just a simple slip up of a bad apple. There might be a much more clandestine and sinister agenda behind this book (and others), which aims to deliberately degrade the truthfulness and usefulness of higher education. Here is an example of such deliberate falsification of true science in the field of history:


According to Churchill „history is written by the victors”, which makes sense at a certain level. But a deliberate agenda to falsify and dumb down technical sciences, and give degrees and academic positions to incompetent people is evil. Perhaps the money changers, the puppeteers think that the people (useless eaters) already know too much. Since knowledge is power, they want to deprive us of true knowledge, and force false teachings into the minds of new generations.
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