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The Search for "Ecological Goodness"

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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 2:38 am    Post subject: The Search for "Ecological Goodness" Reply with quote

Source: Joachim Wolschke Bulmahn: The Search for "Ecological
Goodness among Graden Historians. In addition to the former,
Gert Groening; The Native Plant Enthusiasm: Ecological Panacea or
Xenophobia; Gert Groening: Ideological Aspects of Nature Garden
Concepts in Last twentieth Century Germany]
When Al Gore was Vice President, living at the mansion in
the park of U.S. Naval Observatory, he embarked on a project to
restore the grounds, especially the gardens and forest.

An article describing this project at the time Gore was running for President, stated,

"Gore restored the rich diversity and lush beauty of his own
backyard by yanking out FOREIGN EXOTICA IN FAVOR OF NATIVE
PLANTS."(emphasis added; www. homegardens.move.com). Treating
plants as if they were unwanted foreigners from the "mixed races
of the south" or other unwanted immigrants under orders from
Gore, the gardeners "dug out all exotic plants," including such
"invasive" immigrants as English ivy and garlic mustard from Europe and Kudzu from Japan.

A series of articles written by two German professors of
landscape and gardening, Professors Drs. Gert Groening and
Joachem Wolschke Bulmahn, have exposed that the trend towards
"ecological goodness" of so-called "nature gardens" or ecological
gardens, free of "foreign exotica in favor of native plants" has
its roots deep in blood and soil romanticism that became the
ideological foundation of the Nazi movement.

The promoters of "nature gardens" at the turn of the century
in Germany, under the Nazis later became directly involved in the
drafting of the notorious "Generalplan Ost," whose aim was to
eliminate the unwanted Poles, Jews and Slavs in the captured
territories, and restore a so-called natural Germanic landscape
for the German settlers. In addition to the removal of all
non-Germans, all non-German plants were removed and replaced with
what were at the time called "native plants". Those who began
this revival of nature and ecological gardens in the 1970s and
1980s, as part of development the fascist Green movement,
referred directly to these very same Nazi gardeners who were
involved in Generalplan Ost. The only problem was, as the above
two German professors have documented, that not only did they
fail to write about the Nazi and racist ideology that went into
these ideas, but the fact that these gardeners were card-carrying
members of the Nazi party. The two authors have not been able to
get any of their well-documented articles published in Germany.
Those published in the US have created a fire storm in the field,
not to mention a lot of hate mail.

The authors point out that the very term Ecology was coined
by the German naturalist Ernst Haeckel in 1866. Haeckel was the
principal promoter of the theories of Charles Darwin in
Germany, who was deployed against the tradition of Alexander
Humboldt. There have been entire books relating the theories of
Haeckel to those of the Nazis (Ernst Haeckel and the German
Monist League: The Volkish Origins of National Socialism).

Putting aside the fact that to eliminate "foreign plants"
from Germany would mean the elimination of the potato and
grapevine, the Aryan struggle for the true nature garden was
every bit as brutal as the Nazi racism, bigotry and brutality.

The German landscape architect Albert Kraemer wrote in 1936,
Germans "still lack gardens that are race-specific, that have
their origins in nationality and landscape, in blood and soil.
Only our knowledge of the laws of the blood, and the spiritually
inherited property and our knowledge of the conditions of the
home soil and its plant world (plant sociology) enable and
oblige us to design blood and solid rooted gardens."

Groening and Wolschke-Buhlman write that a team of Nazi era
Saxon botanists equated "their fight against foreign plants with
the fight of Nazi Germany against other nationals especially
`against the plague of Bolshevism'. The team demanded `a war of
extermination' against impatiens parviflora , a little herb that
grows in lightly shaded areas in forests." They quote these
botanists again: "As with the fight against Bolshevism, our
entire occidental culture is at stake, so with the fight against
this Mongolian invader, an essential element of this culture,
namely, the beauty of our home forest" is at stake.

Key Nazi gardeners who have been cited by modern "nature
gardeners" searching for "ecological goodness," as Wolschke
Bulmahn has written, include Willy Lange (1864-1941) who adopted
his idea of a nature garden from the so-called English Garden or
nature park of the 19th century. Writing on garden architecture
theory, Lange wrote in 1927 of the difference between the "metal
state" of the south alpine "Mediterranean mixed races" and their
geometrical architectonic gardens, in contrast to the "reawakened
race feeling" of the "originally unified northern-alpine Nordic
race," as expressed in the "nature garden" which necessarily
draws its inspiration from the "natural" German landscape and its
"native plants." Lange accused those Germans who preferred the
renaissance-style geometrical gardens as having "perished in the
racial swamps of the south".

Another is H.F. Wiepking-Jurgensmann who helped draft a
proposed law on rules of Nazi landscape gardening for the Third
Reich in 1944, "Only the existence of a race-specific
environment...produces within us the best creative forces." Under
National Sozialism he collaborated with war criminal Konrad
Meyer, a professor of agronomy and a member of the SS, who headed
the commission which drafted the Generalplan Ost. Meyer was put
on trial at Nuremberg; although acquitted of crimes against
humanity, he was found guilty of membership in a criminal
organization. Nonetheless, both enjoyed succeesful postwar
professional careers as the University of Hannover.

This form of race gardening had its collaborators in the
United States in the 1920s and 1930s. One was Jens Jenson, who
was among the originators of the so called "prairie school." In
1937 Jens wrote of the American garden of the prairie school
shall "express the spirit of American and therefore shall be free
of foreign character as far as possible... The Latin and the
Oriental crept and creeps more and more over our land, coming
from the South, which is settled by Latin people, and also from
other centers of mixed masses of immigrants. The Germanic
character of our race, of our cities and settlement was overgrown
by foreign character. Latin spirit has spoiled a lot and still spoils things ever day."

Since he was participating in the landscaping of state and
national parks, Franklin D. Roosevelt's Secretary of Interior,
Harold L. Ickes, denounced Jensen's anti-semitism and racial
views. This has not stopped the fact that Jensen is still very
popular among current ecological gardeners, although they always
fail to report the racialist and anti-Semitic foundation of his ideas.

In 1983 the 21st Congress of the International Federation of
Landscape Architects wanted "nature to become the law" passed a
resolution demanding, "All humans need to be instructed that they
are part of nature without mercy and without chance for escape,
and above all are subject to her laws..." You can be sure they
were not discussing the Leibnitzian law.

By contrast Groening quotes Humboldt, who in {The Kosmos}
counters this blood and soil approach to the study of nature:

"Deceived, we believed to receive from the environment
(Aussenwelt) what we have put into ourselves." Later on in his
remarks on "Stimuli for Nature Studies," he writes, "This is why
it belongs to the most beautiful fruit of the European education
of nations that man has enabled himself to create part of the
pleasures of nature nearly everywhere he feels threatened by
deprivation, by means of cultivating and grouping exotic plants,
by the magic of landscape painting, and via the power of
stimulating words, which otherwise is granted by real experience
on faraway, often dangerous journeys through the inter parts of continents."

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
Posts: 355
Location: Mexico

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:47 pm    Post subject: HARD GORE - Reply with quote

Al Gore has been in bed with Prince Charles for at least 20 years.
Gore has been hired as an adviser to the Blair government
on Global Warming in the recent period, but his pedigree
as an Anglo-Dutch British agent is not a recent phenomenon.

Gore is culturally a sick man, and the root of his disease
is the oligarchical principle. The global warming hoax
perpetrated by Gore is a fraud, far worse than the fraud
of Claudius Ptolemy, which by obliterating science
in behalf of the oligarchical model led ineluctibly
to the genocide of the 14th-Century Dark Age.

What Gore is advocating now, would result in an even greater genocide than in the 14th Century
and the primary targets of that genocide are in Africa and in third world nations generally.

In January of this year, Prince Charles was awarded the
Global Environmental Citizen's Award by the Harvard Medical
School's Center for Health and Global Environment.

The person selected to present the award
was none other than the Gore of Babylon,
who received the same award in 2005.

In making the presentation, Gore bragged
that he and the prince have been discussing the global
environment for 20 years. The Prince in response said that he was
"touched" by Gore. (One can only wonder where.) The co-sponsor of
the event was Frederick Osborne, who is on the advisory board of
the Harvard Medical School's Center for Health and Global
Environment. He is the grandson of the Frederick Osborne who was
the president and secretary of the Eugenics Society and, later,
when Hitler made the name eugenics socially unpopular,
the founder of the Population Council.

In December of 2006, Gore addressed a conference sponsored
by Prince Charles at St. James Palace in London, to launch his
Accounting for Sustainability project, a project heavily funded
and directed by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Prior to this
conference, which Gore addressed by video, Gore met privately
with Prince Charles at his Highgrove country home to discuss
their shared passion for racist genocide.

But as stated above, the relationship is more deeply-seated.
In April 1991, Prince Charles held a meeting on his yacht prior
to the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The purpose of
the meeting was to win agreement from the U.S., Europe, and the
developing sector on the biodiversity convention
which was later adopted at the summit. Among those
joining Prince Charles on his yacht were the Gore of Babylon
and the Anglo-Dutch elite, represented by Shell, British Petroleum, etc.

And if you want to know how close Prince Charles and Al Gore
really are, take a look at who their common mentor is--none other
than Armand Hammer, the man who promoted Gore's father--
a common cracker racist --into a high-class, or at least a higher-paid, Gore,
the man who then made Al into an even bigger Gore.

According to author Joan Veon in her book "Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince,"
this same Armand Hammer was godfather to Charles's first born son, Prince William.

The London Observer on the other hand writes
that Charles wanted to name Hammer the godfather,
but that an indignant Dianna vetoed it.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
Posts: 355
Location: Mexico

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:03 am    Post subject: Prince Charles and Al Gore Reply with quote

[Sources: Jan. 28, 2007 Prince Charles speech transcript; Feb. 1, {Harvard Gazette};
Jan. 28 {Associated Press}]

INTENSE COLLABORATION FOR GENOCIDE. This represents the top-down
process by which the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy exercizes control over
Al Goring. Together, with Charles leading, they have shaped many
important events, which would include a significant role in the
1992 Rio Summit; in December 2006, Charles and Gore launched,
in coordination with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the head
of British Petroleum, the "Costing the Earth--the Accounting
for Sustainability" project to enforce a radical accounting
scheme for the world's use of resources.

Into this process enters Armand Hammer, the sponsor for
Gore's father and racist Al himself; Hammer at the same time,
became a close figure for Charles.

Here are some of the leading developments.

During January, 2007 the Prince of Wales, Charles, and
Camelia Parker Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall, toured the
United States. On January 28, 2007, the Harvard Medical School's
Center for Health and the Global Environment presented the Global
Environmental Citizen's Award to Charles at the Harvard Club, at
the University. Al Gore was selected to present the award to
Charles. The Feb. 1 {Harvard Gazette} carries a picture of a
fawning bloated Gore, who, it appears, would get down on his
knees and lick Charles' shoes if Charles asked for it. The Jan.
28, 2007 Associated Press reported, "{Gore, who praised the
Prince of Wales' knowledge and passion, said he and the prince
have had conversations about the global environment for 20
years.}" (emphasis added). (The picture that shows Gore
presenting the award, also shows actress Meryl Streep who also spoke).

The AP article reported, "The prince said he was 'touched'
at being honored, especially by Gore." After acknowledging the
award, Charles, who only apparently looked alive on the stage, opened his speech:

"I must warn you that I am in fact a video recording. I
have only made a virtual flight across the Atlantic and am
virtually half-dead and only virtually royal. In truth, I am
merely a hologramatic visitor from cyber-space who could not be
more flattered and honoured to be receiving this award from Mr
Gore." Charles got in a dig at Gore. "I suspect that many of you
will have seen Al's remarkable film {An Inconvenient Truth.}
Interestingly, or worryingly, we both produced personal
statements on the environment as long ago as 1990, with
remarkably similar titles. Al very kindly took the risk of being
associated with my film for the BBC, called {Earth in Balance}.
And he was equally articulate and thoughtful in his own book,
{Earth in the Balance} which appeared just a little later. Great minds think alike!"

In his {Earth in Balance}, Charles featured Al Gore.
One of the policy advisers to Harvard Medical School's
Center for Health and the Global Environment, and a financial
sponsor of this event, was Fred Osborn III, whose grandfather was
President and Secretary of the Eugenics Society, and the founder
of the Population Council.

The Prince Charles direction of, and collaboration with Gore
was persistent, and goes back much further. {Prince Charles: The
Sustainable Prince} is a book written by Joan Veon, who did a lot
of work on Prince Charles. Veon observes in her book:

"April 1991
"Charles hosts a key meeting aboard the royal yacht to bring
together key international figures in an attempt to achieve a
degreee of hamony between the conflicting attitudes of Euope, the
U.S., and the developing nations with regard to the planned 1992
Rio summit. Among those invited were then-Senator Al Gore, sneior
officials from the World Bank, CEOs from Shell and BP, principal
nongovernmental organizations, European politicians, and the
president of Brazil. According to some present, Charles also
played a crucial role in preparing north and south for the
accomodation in their positions, which would be needed for the Rio summit."

Thus, Charles had a major hand, working for the Anglo-Dutch
oligarchy, in drafting the Nazi perspective of the 1992 Rio
Summit-- the United Nations Conference on Environment and
Development, also known as the Earth Summit, which was held in
Rio de Janeiro from June 3 to June 14, 1992. Among the atrocities
of this summit was the adoption of the Convention on Biological
Diversity as an international treaty, that propounded
eco-regions, and conservation of biological diversity, etc. The
Prince of Wales' inflatable whale, Al Gore, was a participant at this meeting.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:05 am    Post subject: COSTING THE EARTH Reply with quote

[sources: Jan 2007 issued of journal {Prometheus}, described as
an internet bulletin of "News, Politics, Art, and Science"; Dec. 2, 2006 {sundary Telegraph}]

the collusion of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams;
Lord Browne of Madingley, the chief executive of BP (British
Petorleum) (until he was forced a few months ago to resign, after
cost-cutting led to a BP refinery explosion that killed 15 people
in Texas), and Al Gore.

The organization is financed by BP, Shell, and HongKong and
Shanghai Bank (HSBC). The purpose of the CTE-ATP was given in
Charles' opening tirade: "We are consuming the resources of our
planet at such a rate that we are, in effect, living off credit
and living on borrowed time. It is our children and grandchildren
who will have to pay off this debt and we owe it to them and
ouselves to do something about it before it is too late."

The purposes of the project -- which is one of two dozen business
organizations that Charles has set up over the last three decades
-- are threefold. First, to take an inventory of Earth's
lyingly-presumed fixed resources, to see what has been exhausted,
and what man must be stopped from using.

Second, to gain top-down control over all business and industry,
by battering top executives until their companies join this 'alliance,' to
implement the agenda of destroying manufacturing and agriculture.
Third, this project is permeated by the Gaia religion.
The Dec. 2, 2006 {Sunday Telegraph} reported on the founding
of the "Costing the Earth" project. It reported that the event
was held at St. James' Palace, Charles's London palace hangout
(his main estate, outside London, is Highgrove). The Telegraph stated:

"The Prince of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Al Gore
will this week launch a new project to encourage big business to become more 'green'.

"Prince Charles is said by aides to be 'totally committed'
to the scheme in which companies will be urged to assess and
reverse the damage they are doing to the environment.
"The Sunday Telegraph can also reveal that Prince Charles
recently held a private meeting at Highgrove, his country home,
with Mr. Gore, the former Presidential Candidate, to discuss
their shared passion for saving the environment."

Once again, the House of Windsor's Charles did the tooling
and changing of electrodes in his Gorbot.

Accordingly, on Dec. 5, 2006, Goring appeared as a featured
speaker, through video-conferencing, to spur the founding of the
Nazi "Costing the Environment -- the Accounting for Sustainability" project, which was held at Prince Charles' feudal St. James Palace.
Nearly 200 politicians, businessmen, religious figures, and others attended and joined.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
Posts: 355
Location: Mexico

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:12 am    Post subject: THE PRINCE OF WALES THE AMERICAN WHALE GORE ARMAND HAMMER Reply with quote

Armand Hammer created Al Gore, Sr., the opponent of the 1965
Voters Right Act, and his son, Al, Jr. In fact, Al Gore, Sr. left the Senate
to become the head of Hammer's Occidental Petroleum's coal division.

Author Veon, in the book, {The Sustainable Prince}, asserted,

"It should be remembered that Vice President Al Gore and
Prince Charles have a common mentor, now-deceased oil
industrialist Armand Hammer, who was godfather to Charles' first
son, Prince William. Armand Hammer, in his autobiography {Hammer}
tells how he met Prince Charles in 1977 at an exhibition of paintings
and drawing by Sir Winston Churchill. He writes that the beginning
of their "deeply cherished and wide-ranging friendship" began
when he offered to Charles one of Churchill's paintings for the Queen's Jubilee Fund.

A year later the Prince invited Mr. and Mrs. Hammer to a
reception at Buckingham Palace for Friends of the United World
Colleges (UWC). Since Hammer did not have any knowledge of the
colleges, Prince Charles introduced him to his "great uncle Lord
Louis Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and Britain's last Viceroy of India.

Lord Louis had been the first President of the
International Council of United World Colleges. Mountbatten went
on to tell Hammer, "I witnessed the horrors of two world wars,
and I came to the conclusion that, if we were ever to have peace
in the world, we would have to start with young people of an
mpressionable age."

Gore [Hammer?] contributed $5 million to Prince Charles to
construct the first United World College in the United States: In
1982, the Armand Hammer United World College of the American West
opened its doors in Montezuma, New Mexico. Prince Charles gave
the keynote opening address, and was the college's President
until the mid-1990s. There are reports that Hammer gave
significantly more money to Charles.

a June 1, 1987 London {Daily Mail} article
reported that Hammer was in Britain to plug his autobiogrpahy,
and to dine in private with Prince Charles, "who frequently
confides in him." In June, 1988, Hammer arrived in Britain to
attend as a guest at Charles' 40th birthday party.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
Posts: 355
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:55 am    Post subject: AL GORE MAKE BRITISH CONTACTS AT CAMBRIDGE MEETING. Reply with quote

[Source: Guardian, March 29,2007, Wikipedia, internet sources]

reporting Gore's two days in Britain, Monday and Tuesday in
Cambridge where he spoke before executives from Shell, Barclays,
Unilever, BBC, as well as green campaigners, teachers, councilors
and scientists, Guardian reports that not all of those attending
were convinced, writing that "one said the Channel 4 documentary
`The Great Global Warming Swindle' has made him more skeptical."

More interesting is that they reveal those whom Gore had
sent a special letter requesting cooperation in his campaign.
These include, Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester
United football (soccer) team. Ferguson is one of the most
successful football coaches in Britain. The club is owned by the
American businessman Malcolm Glazer who own several Amercan
professional sports teams. He is known for having bought the
Zapata company founded by George H.W. Bush. Another is Charles
Dunstone, chief executive of Carphone Warehouse. Sixty-fourth on
the Times rich list, Dunstone is also a director of HBOS, the
holding company which owns the Bank of Scotland. Also included is
Vivian Cox, chief executive of BP and a director of Rio Tinto
PLC., and Father Sean McDonagh, a Columban priest and eco-theologian.

In his letter Gore wrote, "I hope that you will be first of
many deeply concerned citizens who will receive this training in
the UK and spread the message to deal with this looming threat to
our planet, neighbors and way of life."

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Damian Flynn

Joined: 29 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I recently listened to an interview with Paul Ehrlich who is infamous for writing a book called "The Population Bomb". I think his propaganda is related to the use of ecological goodness to promote eugenics and extreme social control. He also uses ecological goodness to denigrate human life in general, while at the same time promoting animal liberation. He sort of reminds me of Mike Ruppert and Adolf Hitler.
Here's the interview
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