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Audio: 'A Cure for Aids and Cancer'
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:19 pm    Post subject: Audio: 'A Cure for Aids and Cancer' Reply with quote

An interview with dissident
AIDS researcher Cal Crilly,
from Brisbane, Australia.

Audio MP3


Is This the Cure for AIDS?

Cal Crilly's devastating analysis of AIDS, below, highlights the outdated science behind current treatments and shows the true causes and cure.

He takes us on a densely referenced tour through the largely unknown mechanisms underlying viruses, reterovirus, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

His treatise is based on existing mainstream scientific and medical research. The kind of research the vendors of medicine's magic pills simply ignore in hope it will just go away. Crilly makes it impossible to ignore. An eye opener!

Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS,
Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

By Cal Crilly 26th May 2006

"HIV is so 80's. That's why it's called a retro virus."

First of all I'm not qualified. I've been an electronics factory worker for the last decade. I've done half a year part-time of university biology but discovered that under our governments cutbacks, that night classes don't exist anymore --so all of this was researched during tea breaks.

I'm here because I read John Lauritsen's 'AIDS War' and for me HIV/AIDS was over once I discovered the truth about the AIDS drugs. That book was written in 1994, so why am I even writing this now? I don't know.

I also became incredibly ill from Phenol (Benzene) exposure at work and that's why I know the fine details. This is because Benzene is still the most obvious culprit involved in the T-cell depletion that causes AIDS.

My first shot, if I ever say Benzene causes more T-cell depletion than HIV I get called a holocaust denier. Oh well.

So on to retroviruses. Retrovirus is a misnomer.

Just because Robert Gallo declared a retrovirus to be the probable cause of AIDS in 1984 at a press conference doesn't mean a thing. He knew nothing about retroviruses back then and his main peer Peter Duesberg said he was wrong immediately....

...Continue Reading

See Also:

HIV is cured by Methylation

AIDS - Retrovirus Expression Regulated by Methylation?

Glutathione Peroxidase - Selenium, Aminoacids Overcome AIDS

Dr. Harold D. Foster

Is this the CURE for AIDS?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:05 pm    Post subject: HIV/AIDS: Sophistry of the US Centers of Disease Control Reply with quote

Excellent broadcast. It's unfortunate that the conventional medical profession is essentially barred from 'dissent' (ie, rational research and findings). HIV/AIDs theory as it stands is AMA dogma, not to be refuted by doctors, researchers, or case workers in the position of being within the officially sanctioned systems.

Constructive articles from

Doctors who do not accept the official line on AIDS can find themselves in a lot of trouble.— Harris L. Coulter

Agents And Factors Responsible For Causing AIDS

Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

Why the scam? US Centers for Disease Control, a dubious history.

Did Military Innoculations Cause Hepatitis C?

US Centers for Disease Control official web site. The Official HIV/AIDS polemic

CDC implicated in vaccine experimentation on human populations

Zidovudine, better known as "AZT" or Retrovir

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 2:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. is a complete AIDS disinformer always has been and always will. His book Queer Blood was the first book i read on the subject of an AIDS conspiracy however he is more of a Alex Jones type who is there to turn the whole issue into a secret converment conspiracy. HIV was not created in a lab to depopulate the world. HIV is a total fraud.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 11:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HIV was not created in a lab to depopulate the world. HIV is a total fraud.

So it now appears.I hesitated to include that link because it's old and obselete.
But I think a lot of planning went into creating the HIV/AIDS 'explanation' much earlier. Something did hit the sex/drugs/rock n' roll/black generation during the early 1980's, and the Reagan government and media was ready to get a couple of decades of mileage of of precisely that occurance.
Think of the wave of illness and deaths during the 80's as a sort of 911. Official explainations and media spin were waiting in the wings.
There was something suspicious about a disease which allegedly targets poor people using drugs, blacks in particular, and on top of that gays. The AIDS scare hit the media in 1983 full tilt, but people really were dropping like flys, suddenly and in great number. This is when Jerry Falwell called it, "The wrath of God"......a statement rather like calling the shuttle disaster of 2002 "the wrath of Allah"....never-the-less that was the tone of the times, and gave AIDS the appearance of a disease that was a psyop 'gift' to the Reagan/Bush years.
The matter was so perfectly expoited, and now a multi-billion dollar industry has entrenched itself around AIDS dogma. There had to be a lot of planning involved in this scam. We're only beginning to sort out what it really is, and from there back track to understand what the condition really is, and who knew, and decided to conceal the truth in order to expoit it for political and financial gain.
One aspect getting clearer is that so-called HIV/AIDS 'symptoms' are being used in a program of treatment which kills people, in the AIDS dogma 'high risk' category. The cause of death appears now to the the 'treatment' itself. And the majority of those admistering the deadly treatment don't even seem to realize that they've been tricked into killing people.

My own view on it, though I have no proof, is that the CDC infected gay and crack/heroin using urban populations with something through vaccination in free clinics in New York, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, and Africa between 1977-79. There is evidence that something they did infect people with was the previously unknown Hepititus 'C'.
The 'CIA Hatian Lab' story may have been a psyop to distract activists, while actually reinforcing the official theory of HIV 'explodes' into they mythical mutant AIDS 'virus'.

Truth has been long in coming, as the bogus HIV = AIDS notion was early on carved in stone for all doctors, researchers, and social workers expected to deal with such a public health issue. To this day, that's their story and they're sticking to it.

The anticipated never happens. The unexpected constantly occurs
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 12:36 am    Post subject: Dropping like flies? Reply with quote

“The AIDS scare hit the media in 1983 full tilt, but people really were dropping like flys, suddenly and in great number.”

This is all untrue, I have heaps of dead friends who simply died from malnutrition and drugs in a very well off society, this is always happening, some die from alcohol very young, it doesn’t even have to be illegal drugs.
Some people simply get ill and die.
The real truth is how the media beat this up and we have all been listening to them for so long we take all these myths about dropping like flies to be truths.
‘Alternative’ media is guilty of this too, in fact the extreme cognitive dissonance over the AIDS scam has now left most in the alternative media as brainwashed as the rest.
Media reporting for instance of the Treatment Action Campaign propaganda in South Africa and elsewhere has been one of collaboration with the drug companies who pull the strings of the TAC.
This has been part of ‘alternative’ media so 2 decades later the entire history of AIDS is still in the unknown zone and all who make comment are now so out of date they simply look like complete lunatics.
Alan Cantwell also attacked Christine Maggiore needlessly last year and negated all his conspiracy rantings with one vicious post to rense.com.
I’d recommend a read of this to come back to earth.

‘The number of sick gay men in Dr. Gottlieb's milestone study numbered five. One of Gottlieb's five sick men had been dead a month before Gottlieb even heard of him; he existed only in hospital files. Another was diagnosed for the PCP on the telephone: "That was the first time I diagnosed PCP by telephone," boasted Gottlieb to the authors of an early AIDS propaganda book, "I've done it many times since."’
How the Chronicle Invented AIDS

CU's Cal
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 8:35 pm    Post subject: Circumcision 'could cut HIV risk' Reply with quote

Using mathematical modelling, they looked at what would happen if, over the next 10 years, all men in sub-Saharan Africa were circumcised.

They calculated that within a decade some two million new HIV infections and 300,000 deaths could be prevented. And in the ten years after that, a further 3.7 million infections and 2.7 million deaths could be avoided - with one in four of the deaths prevented being in South Africa.

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Joined: 23 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:59 pm    Post subject: Re: Circumcision 'could cut HIV risk' Reply with quote

Ozregeneration wrote:
Using mathematical modelling, they looked at what would happen if, over the next 10 years, all men in sub-Saharan Africa were circumcised.

They calculated that within a decade some two million new HIV infections and 300,000 deaths could be prevented. And in the ten years after that, a further 3.7 million infections and 2.7 million deaths could be avoided - with one in four of the deaths prevented being in South Africa.


More outragous AIDS inc. BS based on supersition and myths/fears about sexuality. Beware a big part of the AIDS agenda is to control sexuality and this article is a classic example of the type of crap we have seen for years. HIV does not cause AIDS and it is not sexually transmited. AIDS is a construct.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:10 pm    Post subject: AIDS cure Reply with quote

"He was one of my most dramatic recoveries with AIDS, and the reason I say that is that he was the most far gone. He was in the absolute, end stage -- they have that wing in the hospital where they have given up on you. You can smoke pot and do anything you want. They had given up on him."—Dr Shulze, who cured 16 from last stage full-blown AIDS. http://www.whale.to/c/shulze.html

You have to first believe in a new disease called "AIDS", then that HIV causes it, then believe the HIV test works.

If commerce laws were applied equally, the “knowing is beautiful” ads for HIV testing would have to bear a disclaimer, just like cigarettes: “Warning: This test will not tell you if you’re infected with a virus. It may confirm that you are pregnant or have used drugs or alcohol, or that you’ve been vaccinated; that you have a cold, liver disease, arthritis, or are stressed, poor, hungry or tired. Or that you’re African. It will not tell you if you’re going to live or die; in fact, we really don’t know what testing positive, or negative, means at all.”----- The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1 By Liam Scheff http://www.whale.to/a/scheff2.html

medical tests are enough to make you run a mile, even Duesberg said they made up the Hep C test up out of thin air.

they haven't even proven Hep B virus exists yet have a vaccine for it!

"If you read the literature very carefully, you will find that, while there is a strong marker for the disease, there is no hard scientific evidence to support the existence of a hepatitis C virus. Clearly, a non-A, non-B hepatitis disease exists, but the science behind an associated virus is weak at best. As a scientist I am compelled to ask, how can we vaccinate people against a disease-causing agent that has not been fully characterized?"---Dr Urnovitz

And they have known for 50 years Vitamin C will cure all infections yet don't use it http://www.whale.to/a/levy_h.html. Hardly people you would trust! In fact if you are not sure what the truth is ask them or Tony blair and do the opposite, isn't a bad yardstick.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:32 pm    Post subject: How to stop TB Reply with quote

Here is a prime example of the way the media beats this HIV rubbish up.
This family in China were hit by TB, I remember TB in relatives of mine in Northern Ireland in the mid ‘70’s, they were not well and better housing and healthcare changed that.
Now we have TB resistance to TB drugs, shocking pollution from cars and more plus infrastructure worldwide collapsing because governments are out-sourcing and all services are disappearing.
This is why South Africa has a problem, when apartheid ended the business people fled with their capital and on the ground people are starving and worse off even if they do have more freedoms.

“On Feb. 5, 1998, Shen Cheng was born, a few weeks early and a bit small, but otherwise apparently healthy. The Shens moved back to Suzhou, where they bought their beauty salon.
But by 1999, there were already signs that neither mother nor daughter was entirely well. Ms. Chen was beset with an endless sequence of colds, coughs and strange rashes. The baby had boils and other skin problems and -- at 18 months -- developed a severe case of tuberculosis forcing her to stay in the hospital for more than three months.
Both had obvious signs of H.I.V. infection that were overlooked by local doctors. Finally, in June 2000, a doctor suggested an AIDS test.”
Blood and Tears: a Chinese Family's Ordeal in a Nation in Denial of AIDS

Now I believe TB is curable and cheaply.
The thing that really takes out TB is our own body’s source of Nitric Oxide that White Blood Cells release.

“Nitric oxide is the only molecule known to be produced by mammalian cells that can kill tubercle bacilli in vitro with a molar potency comparable to that of chemotherapy.”
Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Tuberculous Human Lung

Well athletes use Arginine for increased NO.
“L-Arginine is a natural catalyst for the bodies natural production of the
blood gas Nitric Oxide.”

To do that you can eat peanuts.
But avoid peanuts if you have a Herpes or Chickenpox attack.

The other thing to use is Ginseng
“Moreover, the effects of ginseng on the corpus cavernosum appear to be mediated by the release and/or modification of release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells and perivascular nerves.
Ginseng, sex behavior, and nitric oxide.

And of course it is cheaper than Viagra.

A vitamin to use is B6 because of it’s effect again on Nitric Oxide but also red blood cell production.

“The findings suggest that pyridoxine prevents LDL-induced dysfunction of endothelial cell NO generation, most likely through its antioxidant effects as well as through its effects on cellular homocysteine metabolism. This has important potential therapeutic implications for cardiovascular disease prevention.”
Pyridoxine prevents dysfunction of endothelial cell nitric oxide production in response to low-density lipoprotein

And last of all Thyme is a cooking herb most can afford, TB patients should be told to use the tea because it also dramatically allows breathing for asthma and other lung problems.

“Acetone as well as water extracts of Cryptocarya latifolia, Euclea natalensis, Helichrysum melanacme, Nidorella anomala and Thymus vulgaris inhibited the growth of M. tuberculosis.”
In vitro inhibition of drug-resistant and drug-sensitive strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by ethnobotanically selected South African plants.

My opinions.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:41 am    Post subject: The Alternative Reply with quote

Great to see you here dude.

I'm still getting rave reviews about your aricle.
Hope we can help get the word out.

Because, a lot of people just love to bash the mainstream on AIDS --without a concommitant emphasis on what are the real alternatives.

And your insights make the alternative much clearer.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One of the reasons I enjoy this site and this forum so much is because real alternatives are presented. I am sure many of you have read Daniel Quinn's Ishmael and while I don't wish to start a discussion on that book (I'm sure there are a wide variety of opinions given the personalities on this site) there is a portion of it that I always think of when I browse this site. Towards the end the idea is presented that change for the better will not be made by asking people to give up things, to deny themselves of things. Only by creating positive alternatives can positive change be made.

It was very refreshing to read Cal's article and see that it is possible for ordinary people to make a difference. Until I started browsing this site I definitely thought HIV was created in a lab to depopulate the world, to weaken minority groups, etc. While the truth isn't exactly morally superior to this, to see real people battling both sides of the HIV myth and getting results is inspiring.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:47 am    Post subject: Hopeless Healthcare Reply with quote

Thanks for that.
The truth may seem unexciting but has more useful consequences.
Lack of alternatives has been a problem with AIDS dissidence but there are many good ideas like anti-oxidant treatments, which do work.
The outrage that the HIV/AIDS industry could get away with such vague science has made people like me and others go on the attack and the result has been a never ending argument, quite vicious at times.
Gradually I became aware that the alternatives for getting better were not there for any of us, so this about all diseases in my opinion.
We have been slaves to a cult of drugs and vaccines ever since the Rockefeller Empire took over the teaching colleges a century ago.
We are also facing an inquisition because they believe they have authority over our bodies, parents who don’t vaccinate get called child molesters, those who disagree with AIDS drugs get called nazis mainly because of Edwin Cameron’s speech in South Africa.
This is what he said to remind you.

“My theme touches on two momentous issues from the past century. The first is the Holocaust - the Nazi state's methodical extinction during World War II of approximately six million people, mostly Jews. The second is the Aids pandemic - the global pandemic of disease and death, particularly in Africa and the developing world, resulting from infection with the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV).”
South Africa: AIDS Denialism Speech, 05/09/03

Yet if you look closely Cameron doesn’t mind his ideas on AIDS to be placed on the HIVAN AIDS network.
This organization and many other AIDS organizations get funding from the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, look at the bottom of the page.
These foundations funded the Eugenics movement and that led to the Holocaust.

Judge challenges HIV counselling

“One of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute doctors in the program financed by the Rockefeller Foundation was Josef Mengele who continued his research in Auschwitz, making daily eugenic reports on twins.”
War Against the Weak
This is the topsy-turvy world of AIDS we have to face.
I mean what a contradictory mess.

I became extremely ill a few years ago from chemical exposure and I’m still healing but I was left with no choices but do it myself because the doctors had none except to use cortisone for the rest of my life.
I don’t want to do that, it works but only for a little while.
When I got better I was then left with my own sense of responsibility that I had to tell someone somewhere about things I noticed or lose my mind thinking about it.

So what has triggered this rant?
I’m talking about hopeless healthcare because of the Chinese family used as an example of the terrible scourge of ‘AIDS’ by the New York Times.
It really annoyed me.
If the AIDS cult can extrapolate an epidemic from the retroviruses they find in the placentas of pregnant women across the Third World I can extrapolate the chaos that ensues from ill advice and the sheer ignorance of the entire medical profession.
Emergency care people still perform miracles.
I have a friend who has a pregnant wife with anemia and of course the doctor has placed her on iron supplements.
This causes constipation and doesn’t really fix the problem because iron needs Vitamin C to absorb it properly, the other great secret of the 21st century is that copper deficiency cause anemia.
Look at the Chinese lady who had anemia and was then given blood transfusions, no one told her that she needed Vitamin C or copper and she could have easily got the TB from the transfusion.
In the 1970’s when someone had TB they were given TB drugs, now they give you anti-retrovirals for HIV because obviously HIV is causing the TB, go figure, that’s this insane century.
I found out about copper because a deficiency can cause Hyperthyroid symptoms, it stopped mine.
Because I had hyperthyroid auto-immune dramas I became a HERV nerd, that is, I found out that our own retroviruses turn up with this and if you read my article why I worked out auto-immune diseases come up positive in the HIV antibody test.
This was the site where I found out about copper and why I eat Brazil nuts, lots of copper.

“It seems that many doctors are unaware of copper-deficiency anemia and will try to correct all cases of anemia by prescribing very large doses of iron. Since the majority of cases of anemia are probably the result of iron deficiency, then this procedure usually works. However, in copper-deficiency anemia, taking excess amounts of iron will further deplete copper and cause the anemia to worsen.”

Too much Vitamin C can also deplete the copper, all about balance.
But this goes into collagen territory, that is heart disease and every auto-immune disease where we dissolve.
And farmers have worked it out but our doctors are a century behind because they are obsessed with drugs.

“A deficiency of copper leads to poor iron mobilization, abnormal hematopoiesis, keratinization and decreased synthesis of elastin, myelin and collagen. Leg weakness, various types and degrees of leg crookedness, and the incoordination of muscular action also result. A subclinical deficiency causes reduced blood serum copper and ceroplasmin, a microcytic, hypochromic anemia, aortic rupture and cardiac hypertrophy.”

Now here we have the possible root cause of MS, Alzheimer’s and all sorts of wasting disease and still this is not a subject for your doctor’s surgery to point out.
Alzheimer’s is caused by a build up of copper and iron that then cooks the nerves with free radicals, it’s actually caused by scurvy.

“Copper deficiency induced by a low copper diet in three generations of rats was associated with substantial reductions in the yield of myelin (56%), brain weight (11%), and body weight (43%) in F2 generation rat pups nursed by their own copper-deficient mothers.”
Hypomyelination in copper-deficient rats.

And by the way almost all AIDS patients are low in copper.
Hopeless healthcare and we have to walk away from it.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:58 pm    Post subject: Great audio, guys... Reply with quote

Great audio, guys... Isn't it amazing what one person, millions of miles away from any medical qualification whatsoever can see wood when countless myopic MDs and scientists of all stripes can't even make a forest clearly. Smile

Weirdly, enough, I *also* used to be an electonics factory worker. And have no medical qualifications, whatsoever. Smile

Many moons ago I used to work in a factory that made hi-tech security cameras (of all things). I, too inhaled mucho nasty solvents, and was the one on our shift who demanded even just *latex gloves* to be provided for us, never mind a respirator... Cheap bastards. *Sheesh*. The other guys just didn't care. They didn't want me 'making trouble' for our shift, even. Exclamation I got out quite soon, but some of those guys had been working there *years*. They just stopped using some *really* nasty flourinated stuff just as I started there.

Starsludge, I wanted to ask you this:

Firstly, my diet isn't the best, but I *do* take multi-vitamins and minerals, and seperate VitC, try to eat fish some (I bought 3 tins of sardines the other day. Tip'o't'hat to Fintan. Smile) and have the odd banana. In your opinion, am I just pissing it all away, or do you think this may help some? I know I get at least 8-10mg copper/day (as the sulphate) & 500mg iron (as fumarate), for example, and matching vits.

Secondly, what are your views over the whole Wolf Szmuness, 'tainted' HepB vaccine affair?


The rule for today.
Touch my tail, I shred your hand.
New rule tomorrow.

Cat Haiku
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:58 am    Post subject: Fair Cop Guv Reply with quote

First of all I should mention the HIV tagged people I’ve met or swap emails with don’t take AIDS drugs and so they’re no different from anyone else and have the same copper levels.
In other words thay are not sick.
The ones on AIDS drugs have the nutrient problems.
There are zillions of studies that show low Selenium for AIDS and Cancer patients too.
In my case I may have quite by accident sorted my hyperthyroid/autoimmune hassles with the copper, zinc and selenium out of Brazil nuts.

“A large proportion of the ZDV-treated participants exhibited decreased levels of zinc and copper along with a significant increase in red cell folate.”
Zidovudine-associated adverse reactions in a longitudinal study of asymptomatic HIV-1-infected homosexual males.

The trick is to realize that these minerals come out of simple protein foods and Vitamin C is needed for their uptake.
When I became ill I took too much Vitamin C and that can move the minerals out of the body and cause a depletion and I may have got worse with too much Vitamin C.
I was still working so it’s hard to tell.
So my formula is to get enough protein and I squeeze a lemon a day, the only supplements I take are Lysine to help collagen repair, cod liver oil, milk thistle and Vitamin B6.
I reckon good old Vegemite spread made in Australia is enough B vitamins a day plus food.

Here’s the Linus Pauling Site, very useful for finding the right foods if you think you need more.
“Food sources
Copper is found in a wide variety of foods and is most plentiful in organ meats, shellfish, nuts, and seeds. Wheat bran cereals and whole grain products are also good sources of copper.”

Copper needs to be balanced with zinc, you find cancer patients, AIDS etc often have high serum copper (as in it’s not being absorbed by the cells) and low zinc.
Half of this is actually due to a lack of Vitamin C to absorb it, magnesium comes into the equation too (greens).
It’s just that drugs deplete too much of everything and are never a long term fix.
Electronics workers world wide are coming into a danger zone soon, they are replacing lead solder but this needs a higher melting temperature and this breaks solder flux into benzene chemicals like phenol, the one that made me sick
No one will really care, workplace health and safety gave the red light for all the Benzene/Nitrate glues I used and the usual will happen, anyone who complains will get bullied.

I’m nerding copper, zinc etc. at the moment, fascinating stuff.
Show you later.
CU Cal
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Joined: 23 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Wrongful Death: AIDS on Trial"
A Novel Take on the AIDS Controversy

Stephen Davis, a former state senator, found a new way to alert the
public to the AIDS controversy: a courtroom novel that uses fiction to
bring historical facts to light. The book's web site describes Wrongful
Death as "the true story behind AIDS?based on over 900 actual medical and
scientific research papers and reports."

Wrongful Death imagines what might happen if the scientific evidence
for the HIV/AIDS hypothesis was called into question in a legal forum.

Find out more about the book, the back-story, and author Stephen Davis
at http://www.TheAIDSTrial.com

Some upcoming opportunities to hear Davis talk about the book and his
perspectives on AIDS:

July 12th at 5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Pacific WZTK-FM 101.1 FM
with host Allan Handleman Broadcasts from Greensboro, North Carolina

July 15th at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific
http://www.healthradionetwork.com Naturally Good For You with host "Doc
Watson" Broadcasts from Tempe, Arizona

July 16th at 9:10 AM Eastern, 6:10 AM Pacific KFAQ-AM 1170 AM
with host Dr. Howard Hagglund Broadcasts from Tulsa, Oklahoma

AUDIO - http://www.theaidstrial.com/recinter.htm
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