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The NWO Took Out Benazir Bhutto
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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 10:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Just before saying that he believes bin Laden is dead, Zadari told Gregory that America has “been looking [in Afghanistan] for eight years… You lost him in Torah Borah, I didn’t.”

Yeah that's all he said. Just 30 seconds of riff raff in the middle of those two statements. Nothing of importance, move along.
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 12:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah guys, this is despicable by Raw Story
and "these so called 9/11 "truth" sites".

I regard that Raw Story article as a perfect example of the
"divert and bury" mode of information control. The objective
is effective damage limitation on the comments Zardari made.

It would have been dangerous to leave the coments hanging out
there --God knows who might have picked up on them and run with
the dynamite insight they provide into Bush Snr. and covert Ops.

So Raw Story are conscripted to handle the story and carefully
skirt around the thirty seconds of damaging information. That sets
the restricted scope of the story. Then Alex Jones simply reprints the
Raw Story article -at arms length. Now Jones has 'covered' the story,
but without risk of severe damage to the reputation of PJ Watson or
any other Infowars writer if it goes wrong.

Cute, ain't it?!

In the list of 108 websites named in 2005 as CIA Fakes, I did not
identify which sites were hardcore CIA and which were just along
for the ride, unthinkingly. I've since firmly identified specific sites
and individuals as originators of CIA material.

I've been watching Raw Story carefully and I think I am now justified
in elevating Raw Story to a hardcore CIA-controlled operation.

You can track the reach of that Raw Story article and who ran with it:

You can use Google also to see who ran with the telling Zardari quote:

Search: "So, we knew that he was your operator" Zardari

It's a lousy two pages of Google results. BreakForNews should be on that
list as soon as the Googlebots report back from this forum, but it's mostly
independent bloggers and one Freeper who are carrying the real news.

In print media, the real story of what Zadari said has also
leaked out --but mostly in uncontrolled Indian and Pakistani media:

Osama bin Laden was U.S. operator destabilising Benazir: Zardari
By IANS Monday,11 May 2009
Also: http://www.sindhtoday.net/pakistan/95510.htm

Benazir warned US about Bin Laden: Zardari

'Osama bin Laden was US operator destabilising Benazir govt'
2009-05-11 22:32:55

Also Kathy found InformationClearingHouse ran the real story. They are
listed as a CIA Fake -but this would tend to indicate they are an unwitting
regurgitator, as they are not implementing CIA damage limitation policy.

Osama bin Laden was US operator: President Asif Ali Zardari
By Arun Kumar

However that leakage was enough for the CIA-controlled NYTimes to run
a "guess what tinfoil crazy Pakis actually believe!" hit piece.

(By the way, the website daily.pk and Ahmed Quraishi --both featured
prominently in the NYT article-- are both hard assets of the CIA/ISI.
Might as well promote your own guys when attacking tinfoil, eh?)

A Grand Conspiracy Theory From Pakistan
May 12, 2009, 5:38 pm - By Robert Mackey

The Web site Pakistan Daily is an Islamabad-based hub for Pakistani citizen journalism, promising Pakistani readers: “Your News. Powered by You.” It is also an excellent place to turn if you want to read in on the latest conspiracy theories making the rounds in that country. Or just get very scared.

Somewhat disturbingly, the source for the “top story” on Pakistan Daily today is Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari. As an anonymous article on the site reports accurately, in an interview with NBC News which aired on Sunday, Mr. Zardari claimed that he “knew” that Osama bin Laden was an American “operator” during the 1980s.

Since Mr. Gregory made no effort to follow up on this statement by Mr. Zardari, we have no idea what information his belief about Mr. bin Laden is based on, but his statement does closely echo one he made in an interview with Fox News last September. In that earlier interview, Mr. Zardari displayed a shaky grasp of where exactly the line between fact and fiction lies, since he also recounted a story about Oliver North having supposedly warned Congress about the dangers posed by Mr. bin Laden in 1987 — a story that, as my colleague Brian Stelter pointed out, is based on a hoax e-mail message that circulated widely after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

While most of the conspiracy theories posted on Pakistan Daily seem easy to debunk — like allegations that “Osama bin Laden may be Jewish” or that Islamist militants in Pakistan’s Swat Valley are Indian intelligence agents — it is not hard to understand why some Pakistanis are so willing to believe that unseen forces are behind their current troubles. After all, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, the United States did in fact work closely, and secretly, with Pakistan’s spy service, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, to destabilize that country’s government by supporting Islamic extremists like Mr. bin Laden.

Elements of Pakistan’s government have also obviously played on the fears of the population to win their cooperation at certain times. In fact, they have done it as recently as last week. As my colleague Dexter Filkins pointed out, the prominent Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported last Friday reported that Pakistani soldiers were using the threat of shadowy foreign forces to encourage citizens to support their current battle with the Taliban. According to Dawn:

The security forces also distributed pamphlets in various areas accusing the Taliban of playing in the hands of anti-Pakistan elements. ‘They are the same as Jewish forces who are against the existence and security of the country and wanted to create disturbance in the region,’ read a leaflet.

But one of the most interesting conspiracy theories posted recently on Pakistan Daily is the grand, unified theory in a signed essay by a Pakistani blogger and journalist named Ahmed Quraishi, headlined “Barack Obama Is Lying About Pakistan.” In his essay Mr. Quraishi, who has worked as a television journalist for PTV, Pakistan’s state broadcaster, outlines a supposed plot against Pakistan by the American government and media.

According to Mr. Quraishi, the entire battle against militants in Pakistan is nothing less than a huge “American psy-ops” campaign to distract from the failures of the United States in Afghanistan. Mr. Quraishi writes:

In less than two years, the United States has successfully managed to drop from news headlines its failure to pacify Afghanistan. The focus of the Anglo-American media – American and British – has been locked on Pakistan. In order to justify this shift, multiple insurgencies and endless supply of money and weapons has trickled from U.S.-occupied Afghanistan into Pakistan to sustain a number of warlords inside Pakistan whom the American media calls ‘Taliban’ but they are actually nothing but hired mercenaries with sophisticated weapons who mostly did not even exist as recently as the year 2005.

Mr. Quraishi’s reading of events hinges on the idea that a statement by President Obama, during the news conference on his 100th day in office, that he was concerned that Pakistan’s “civilian government right now is very fragile,” was a veiled call for a military coup and “essentially amounts to a declaration of war against another country.” Mr. Quraishi also claims that “academic programs are being launched in the U.S. that advocate the breakup of Pakistan and the creation of smaller entities.”

How you might ask, has Mr. Obama been able to get away with this huge psy-ops campaign against Pakistan? That’s where we come in. In Mr. Quraishi’s view, alarming reports on the progress of Taliban militants in Pakistan are all part of the plot, in which, he says, “the U.S. media and officials are single-handedly tarnishing Pakistan’s image worldwide to justify a military intervention.” According to Mr. Quraishi:

The most spectacular, anti-Pakistan media campaign ever against our country has been launched by the U.S. media and continues unabated, with the purpose of softening the international opinion for a possible military action against Pakistan. And there is no question that this campaign has some backing from official U.S. quarters as was the case in the propaganda that preceded the invasion of Iraq.

Your Lede blogger can only say that if there is a plot like this someone forgot to send us the memo. That said, we have seen signs that some readers of this blog seem to agree with Mr. Quraishi that the fix is in. Here, for instance, is a recent comment from a reader named Chithra KarunaKaran, explaining the purpose of my work, and that of my colleagues Dexter Filkins and Alan Cowell:

It is disturbing but predictable that Mackey, Filkins and Cowell would file articles and blog posts that hide the US hand in the vast internal displacement of Pakistanis within their own homeland. Despite their claims of objectivity, their job is in accordance with the diktat of the Obama administration and Congress.

Clear evidence that the Pakistani public is not buying the Western media’s explanation of recent events is also offered by the results of a recent poll conducted in Pakistan of 3,500 adult men and women by the International Republican Institute, a nonprofit group based in Washington that is affiliated with the Republican Party and promotes democracy abroad. Despite strong indications that the attacks in Mumbai last November were the work of a militant group based in Pakistan, Pakistanis surveyed overwhelmingly said that they did not believe the media reports:

International Republican Institute
Results from a survey of Pakistan public opinion conducted in March, 2009.

Asked, by the same pollsters, to say who they believed was behind the attacks in Mumbai, the largest number of Pakistanis pointed the finger at the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s intelligence service. Just one per cent of the sample said that terrorists were responsible, while 20 times that many Pakistanis blamed America:

International Republican Institute
Results from a survey of Pakistan public opinion conducted in March, 2009.

Update: A reader notes that Mr. Quraishi’s biography on his Web site says that since 2003 he has worked for FurmaanRealpolitik, Inc., which is a political consulting firm that designs media campaigns. Mr. Quraishi says on his site that he “tailored and executed government-assigned public outreach projects,” for that firm. The firm’s Web site brags of “practical experience of using the internet as a campaign-management and issue-advocacy tool.”

In 2007 the blog MicroPakistan cast some doubt on another elaborate theory of Mr. Quraishi’s. Reader comments on that blog post echoed some posted here by readers who suggest tthat there may be some connection between Mr. Quraishi's government-assigned public outreach projects and his writing online.


By the way, Time magazine did a hit piece on Zardari back in 2008:

Is Pakistan's Zardari Mentally Fit?
By Omar Waraich/Islamabad Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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Joined: 16 Jun 2006
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Location: Capacious Creek

PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 1:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead Prison Planet.com

Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead - 911truth.org

Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead - Democratic Underground

Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Yeah, Osama's dead heard that one before move on to the next issue.

Of course, this can be spun and fed to any crowd as bread and circuses for the Truthers or just another reason to mistrust the President's sanity and efforts to enhance our "security".
All the while avoiding the actual statements in between that should be causing a real ruckus.
Crafty, sneaky bastards.

Oddly enough, GlobalResearch picked it up but it seems to be in similar circumstances as InfoCLearingHouse. Zero Analysis
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 8:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

current Pakistani president and husband of assassinated Benazir Bhutto

Maybe it's not so CIA/conspiratorial. Sometimes, ambition is motive enough. Helluva way to get the sympathy vote.

In 2007 Bhutto told Frost in an interview that OBL was murdered by Omar Sheikh. Then told the US military she would cooperate with them in targeting OBL.

Personally I think OBL has been dead a long, long, long time and that Bhutto and Zardari was/are as corrupt as US pols.

The "mentally fit" don't run for high office.

There is a side of every competitor that wants to leave his opponent lifeless and demoralized on the side of the road. And then there is that other, darker side.
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 10:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The "mentally fit" don't run for high office.



just cos things are fucked up doesn't mean it isn't progress...
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 10:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Playing a stormer Evelyn. Subtle. I like it.

Bhutto and Zardari was/are as corrupt as US pols.

Here's a few facts to derail your casual dismissal.

Benazir Bhutto; and her father; and her now President husband have all
spent more time in jail for political reasons, in conditions of abuse, than
any of the US political leeches you so casually equate them with.

Benazir was by no means perfect, but she was driven by a personal
sense of destiny and by politics --not by money. Here's why:

At 1:45 A.M. on April 4, 1979, four wardens entered the prison cell of
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a waifishly thin man, nearly wasted away by malaria,
dysentery, and hunger strikes.

Two of them lifted him by the arms and two by the feet, and he was
carried out. His back was so low that it sometimes brushed the floor. He
had insisted on shaving and bathing earlier that night—and had done so,
with some difficulty—and he had changed into fresh clothes. He had
always been fastidious about his appearance. But now the tail of his
blousy shirt, ensnarled in the cleats of one of the wardens’ boots,
became tattered and soiled.

Outside, in the courtyard of the Rawalpindi District Jail, Zulfi Bhutto, the
first popularly elected Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan, was
deposited on a stretcher, and his wrists were manacled. There was no
guard of honor, and no military salute.

As he was carried two hundred yards or so to a wooden scaffold, he
raised his head slightly, but he said nothing. Otherwise, he didn’t move.
The wardens led him up the scaffold, onto a wooden plank, and there a
hangman put a hood over Bhutto’s head, completely covering his face,
and a rope around his neck.

At four minutes after two, three hours ahead of schedule, and contrary to
the prison code, the hangman pulled a lever, releasing the wooden plank,
and Bhutto’s body plunged into a well.

“The bastard’s dead!” General Muhammad Zia ul-Haq, Pakistan’s military
ruler, gleefully told his generals when the news came.

The only family members who had been permitted to see Bhutto in the
hours before he died were his daughter Benazir, his firstborn and
favorite child, who was then in her twenties, and his wife, Nusrat. They
had been taken under guard from a deserted police-training camp where
they were imprisoned and driven the few miles to the jail. Unlike previous
visits, they had not been permitted inside his cell, and Benazir had sat
cross-legged on a concrete floor as they received his final instructions
through a thick, barred door.

“I pleaded with the jailers, I begged them to open the cell door, so that I
could embrace him, and say a proper goodbye,” Benazir told me this
summer. "But they refused. When I left him, I couldn’t look back; I knew
that I couldn’t control myself. I’m not even sure how I managed to walk
down that corridor, past the soldiers and past the guards. All I could think
of was my head. ‘Keep it high,’ I told myself. ‘They are all watching.’ "

Some fourteen hours later, Benazir remembers, she awoke suddenly at
precisely two o’clock in the morning and sat bolt upright in bed. “No! No!”
she screamed. “Papa! Papa!”

Continuing... later in the same article:

The political game is in Benazir Bhutto’s blood. And if it is a paradox
for the daughter of a patrician family to be preaching mass politics, then
she fails to grasp it. It is just one of the anomalies of her life. She is an
Eastern fatalist by birth, a Western liberal by conviction, and a people-
power revolutionary—who has carefully modelled herself on Evita Perón
and Corazon Aquino—through sheer necessity. She is an expensively
educated product of the West who has ruled a male-dominated Islamic
society of the East. She is a democrat who appeals to feudal loyalties....

A shadow crosses Benazir’s face when she is asked about her father’s
well-documented acts of repression—the tortures and imprisonments—
and the charges of a rigged election in 1977, which was his final bid to
retain power. She remembers only one side of him: the genius, without
flaws; the populist reformer and spellbinding orator, who restored
national pride after a humiliating defeat by the Indian Army in 1971;
the man who returned Pakistan to civilian rule.

Detailing her own incarceration:

Benazir underwent profound changes between 1977, when her father
was overthrown, and 1986. These were the years of imprisonment,
London exile, and house arrest. She and her mother, sometimes together
but most often separately, were shunted across the country and detained
in some of its most hideous jails.

Her worst period of imprisonment came in 1981, when she was held for
five months, from March until August, in solitary confinement in the
Sukkur jail—a sprawling brick complex, medieval in design, in the Sindh
desert, where temperatures often reached a hundred and twenty degrees.

Benazir’s health deteriorated badly during her prison years; the
medical facilities in Sukkur were nonexistent..... Her cell was separated from the
rest of the compound by four sets of padlocked gates, and consisted of
four walls of open bars. She was confined, to all intents and purposes, in
a giant metal cage. There was no furniture except a rope cot, and no
toilet or running water; she bathed, when she could, from plastic buckets,
under the watchful eyes of her female guards. There was only one light—
a bare ceiling bulb—and it was extinguished every evening at seven
o’clock. From time to time, one or another of her guards would leave a
bottle of poison in her cell. If General Zia had a purpose in mind in
subjecting her to all this, it was apparently to break her and to humiliate
the Bhutto family.

Some days later, as I sat with Benazir in her drawing room, munching
chips and sipping cranberry juice, the conversation turned to the past,
and I asked her about her Sukkur imprisonment.

“The days turn into months. You grow older, but there’s no measure—
nothing is a landmark. I’ll never forget how hot the desert was. There
seemed to be a constant dust storm swirling inside my cell. I was always
sticky from sweat, and often coated with grit. My skin cracked open from
the dryness, and the sweat felt like acid as it cut into my skin. My entire
body changed: I couldn’t eat, yet I always felt bloated—my stomach
seemed to expand. I discovered later that I’d become anorexic, and, as
though that were not enough, my teeth began to rot, and my hair fell out.”

Her voice was flat, perhaps too controlled, as she talked; only her
flashing eyes betrayed the emotion that she must have felt. “Sounds
become so important in solitary confinement,” she went on. “Like the
sounds of dead bats falling on the roof of my cell. What did I do all that
time? It’s strange, when you’re released you can’t remember how you
passed the time. I used to ask my father in his death cell how he survived
in prison, and he said that he’d pick a day from his life and go through the
entire day, minute by minute. And that’s what I did. It forced me to keep
my memory intact.


This was a woman who admired Margaret Thatcher for her privitization
initiatives, but opposed Thatcher's cuts in health and education. Truly
a complex individual with a political determination born of heritage.
I'm not a fan --just a student of history, past and current.

But, is she the same as Nancy Pelosi??

Not in a million frikkin' years.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 1:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Benazir was by no means perfect, but she was driven by a personal
sense of destiny and by politics --not by money.

What about the Rockwood scandal? And Zardari's passion for stud farming and polo? The Swiss investigations? Zardari's "Mr. 10 Percent" vig? Her family's deadly meddling in Afghanistan created as much havoc as the US did.

Sort of the Hillary and Bill of Pakistan. I'm sure many would claim Hill and Bill too are driven by a sense of political destiny. Or the Bush, Rockefeller, Kennedy destiny driven dynasties. It's an oft used phrase describing pol heritage and families.

They are all driven by ego and power - money is just a job benefit.

The fact that Pakistan jails, tortures, hangs its pols or forces them to live in "exile," doesn't make their pols any less corrupt and maniacal than Pelosi, et al.

There is a side of every competitor that wants to leave his opponent lifeless and demoralized on the side of the road. And then there is that other, darker side.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One pretty big difference between Hillary and Benazir.

Benazir is dead.

That's the fundamental difference. One plays ball with GHWB.
The other gets a bullet in the back of the head when convenient.
Benazir was a mere plaything of GHWB & the NWO elite, in the end.

But none of that matters. Because as you know deeply, politicians
are all totally evil. And the world is black and white, lacking gray.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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Joined: 25 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 2:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GHWB and the NWO? How gray is that?

And yes I believe at a certain level of office all pols are evil - the good ones don't have the stomach for the game and leave.

I think you give too much power to the Bushes/NWO people. So powerful they rule the world - gods of the universe, dictating which pols live and die, how they die, where, and when, and for what - b/c they don't agree with the global agenda?

There is a side of every competitor that wants to leave his opponent lifeless and demoralized on the side of the road. And then there is that other, darker side.
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Big Boss

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 3:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Or the problem could be that you honestly do not give them enough credit, but that plays into their game either way. GHWB is not supposed to be in the limelight. He keeps a low profile, honestly one of the slickest and most corrupt politicians the world has ever known, but lets get it right. John Hankey made a good point when he basically said that the Bushes are stooges, and indeed I believe it, just look up a bit of history. Lets connect that with the statement made by William Pepper who basically said that the CIA/Military/FBI etc are basically 'footsoldiers' for the international elites, which would make even more sense when Sr's. past is looked at closely. He got his ticket with the JFK assassination and has, as a result of Prescott's dealings in politics, gained eventually the trust of these elites, inherited the CIA and later on formed (or at least was a big part of) the formation of probably one of the biggest black ops elements in the world. Dunne made a good point when he mentioned that Turner's cleaning of the CIA forced many loyalists to Sr's side, which in turn gave him enormous resources to carry out much of the mess he does today, behind the scenes.

Thought for the day? GHWB = Damned powerful stooge and power broker for the west. I might also add that the good ones do have the stomach for it and usually get the hell shot out of them, dispatched in some way, shot in the jaw, head, stomach, etc just to give a few examples.
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Joined: 25 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 7:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Big Boss,

Bushes are stooges ... .... power broker for the west.

If the stooges are this powerful - image the real bosses, with that much power they would be impossible to beat.

got his ticket with the JFK assassination

I used to entertain that notion a bit. But now I don't believe that in '63 Poppy Bush even had his foot in the door of "ops" of any kind. The old codger had to ride into the WH on the coattails of a 3rd rate actor and the worst they could come up with was arms for hostages, scaring the shit out the Sandinistas, and playing rock music to capture Noriega and make Panama banks safe again for drug money.

(Not to mention the standard post WWII pre-21st century proxy wars in Central America, Chad, Angola, Afghanistan, etc., but all presidents after WWII signed on to those.)

Not everyone in the public eye or politics who is shot, discredited, or done away with can be laid at the feet of the Bushes/NWO/CIA/Mossad/West/etc. I don't think "they" are as united or smart as some seem to think, although I used to.

You guys don't seem to give any credit to the "shit happens" theory or even to the little people who occasionally, sometimes unbeknownst and unintentionally, throw a wrench into the wheels of the power drivers and muck things up.

Maybe you're experience is different, but I've known too many pols and the good guys refused to stay in politics.

There is a side of every competitor that wants to leave his opponent lifeless and demoralized on the side of the road. And then there is that other, darker side.
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2009 10:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Look at the facts mam, just the facts
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