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The People Versus Corporate Scientology
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scientology Slave Camps aka SEA ORG part A 1 of 6

If this YouTube video does not display - play it at the YouTube Link.

Much more here: http://scientology-victims-testimonies.com/

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, TWO scientology videos disappeared.

TO back Fintan on this, NOTE:
Viewers say Cruise is nuts. But look/listen to Oprah's guests scream, at him and Katie.
He's so d-r-e-a-m-y. And in L-O-V-E!!!

Re: Miscavage's 'handling' of Ted Koppel:
how to handle Reporters
Once the student PR handles basic questions, the heat is turned up. The coach/reporter gets more antagonistic. (My use of the sci-fi question should actually have waited just a tad. The early questions merely deal with the basic, until the student PR is comfortable with those answers.) When the student can handle antagonistic questions, it is turned up another notch, where the student now begins to see questions he/she doesn't want to answer and interrupts and cuts the reporter off, taking control. For example:

Coach: "So when Hubbard was writing science fiction, how much of it spilled over into Scientology?" Flunk. You should have cut me off. You've already seen my antagonism. Take control. Start. So when Hubbard was writing science fiction, how...

Student: Wait a minute, Mr. Hubbard was famous for many fields of writing. If you want to deal with one field, let's take it up. Do you want to discuss his science fiction writing?

Coach: Well, I was wondering if...

Student: (interrupting) Let's do science fiction. Mr. Hubbard is known as one of the giants of the era, not only for his foresight but....

And so it goes.

The last Reporter TRs" drill was what was called "verbal karate." This is where the "reporter" is arguing and the student PR has to cut him down, take control, wipe him out and dominate. The PR is told he is free to scream, curse, pound the table, do anything he wants to take command and control. When we wanted to really put the PR through the wringer, we'd pit two people against him/her and let 'er rip! That was why it was called "verbal karate."

The idea was not that one should approach all reporters that way, although we did get some who misunderstood when to do it, but that the PR was _able_ to do it. Plus there were always non-reporter occasions when similar tactics would be needed. The fact that the drill was called "Reporter TRs" didn't mean that it was for reporters only. The same drills would be used in preparation for meetings with authorities or any situation that might turn hostile where the PR had to field questions.

The Manson connection.
An avowed conservative recently taunted me about liberalism, Manson, hippies, drugs, permissiveness.
And to think. Manson and Manson family riddled with Scientology, BOTH riddled w macabre theatrical murders.
The language in Manson's poetry and speeches.
Then the fact that key Manson member and killer Tex Watson had 40 visits from Spahn Ranch to a LA lawyer who was the head of the Young Republicans during the Nixon era.
It's all getting clearer.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

interesting tidbits
from Lerma forum about a court case

The questioning began with this "Do you think Scientology is a cult?"

"I replied, NO, I do not. Scientology is a FRAUD conceived to gain money power and influence for Hubbard with written internal policies to cloak that fraud as a CULT, and secret internal policies to cloak the apparancy (appearance?) of a cult, in turn, as a religion."

neat -- tri-level concealment

created CCHR for Human Rights -- i.e. freedom of religion
One would have no idea that it exists solely to defend Scientology against "religious persecution", i.e. criticism, exposure

NOTE: A significant number of orgs listed for example on Rightweb are Neo-Conservative "Human Rights" institutes. That's like asking Richard Perle to help w Human Rights. It's a cover for many things, most especially going after people like Saddam Hussein by unleashing mass murder on multiple Iraqi cities.

I read that Brzezinski and others helped establish *THE* HRW Human Rights Watch, specifically to attack the USSR on human rights issues. Not that the USSR didn't have them, but it was a focused smear effort. It was aimed at a takedown and the context was The West and the USA defending Human Rights, with the USSR violating Human Rights.
Consequently, for a long time they remained almost silent (except on rare occasions) about severe US and Israeli Human Rights violations. Natch.

This may have changed -- need to maintain some credibility -- but the idea was that even when violating an 'ally' they would minimize and obscure issues, cite minor violations, but when violating an 'enemy', maximize.

Like for Iraq, talk about waterboarding, but not pouring burning acid into someone's rectum, beating to death, vaginal or anal rape with bottles, or that YouTube vid with a soldier bragging about a colleague "pimping out" a 15-y-o Iraqi girl until she killed herself -- "I guess she was unhappy" grins and laughter.

Those would probably NOT be cited as Human Rights violations, like "Saddam's dungeons" and "Uday's actions" were cited.

So be wary of HUMAN RIGHTS and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM groups.

Scientology created an offshoot called ADORE, which is an acronym for ... I forget ... maybe A Deep Outrageous Religious Experience.

Anyhow, I want to be aware of obscure groups which are fronts for Scientology, or offshoots i.e. squirrels.

I want to be aware of *super-excited* and *spiritual* people who want to *help* others, like Cruise. I want to remember to listen for Scientology language.

AMWAY is known to do the same, front groups. Quixtar and other companies.
AMWAY is tied to
a) Republicans
b) Bush Sr. spoke there, probably Reagan too, anyhow they adored him -- FREE ENTERPRISE!!!
c) Blackwater
d) Miss America performed there (I was in for about 3 weeks w a friend about 10 y ago)
e) Religious Right in general

Many stories about AMWAY's effect of breaking up families and breaking up churches by zealous leaders telling people to NOT talk to or associate with negative thinkers and detractors (there was a cute name for them too, like SPs).
Sell the DREAM. Sell the sizzle, not the bacon.

A person did a website with simple math showing why ALL and MLM is a scam. ALL make money by recruiting downline, more than selling any product. Any decent sales job is going to have *restricted* territory, not multiple salesman blanketing same territory. Success in Amway requires massive recruiting -- mostly in your area -- which means that to really, really succeed you'd have to have recruits stepping all over each other, or else go very wide, geographically. No room for commissions like that.

But each recruit would have to do the same thing.
And each of theirs.
Very quickly and exponentially, everyone would be signed up, before someone's pyramid got too deep.
In practice, it never happens. Most ppl drop out, some quickly, some later on.
Some feel suicidal, esp after having shunned all their old friends, lost family, lost home, gone bankrupt, now called a LOSER and lost new friends.
Leaders make money mostly by selling tapes and tapes and other accessories to downline, additional high costs besides membership.
Priced well over even "Suggested Retail" which is top price that most stores don't sell for, plus shipping. Therefore, the products do not sell themselves, but ppl 'invest' in them for 'The Dream'.

Probably no one here is interested, but it's been quite popular at times, and it's almost as cultish and deceptive as Scientology.
There ARE ethics rules written down, but "winners" regularly break them and encourage their downline to do the same.
Also, FUCK right wing fanatic Republicans.
I know that New Democrat politicians are conservative pro-business people who are "creative" and "adaptive" in ways that ordinary conservatives are not, so that's not a big saving grace, but still, hard right Repubicans are a whole nuther animal. Equally sneaky, but in different ways. I don't believe the L-R paradigm is entirely Hegelian and fake, that's an AJ psyop (as 'Mike' once said, meant to 'merge' the two by eliminating the grassroots Left and replacing it with *hip* Paleo-cons like AJ clones or Vote Ron Paul clones), but the exaggerated HYPE over differences certainly becomes Hegelian.
END -----------------------------------
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Probably the deepest explanation.

L. Ron Hubbard Junior.


Hubbard: It cost as much as a person had. He had to stay in the organization, getting audited higher and higher, until he paid us as much as he had. People would sell their house, their car, convert their stocks and securities into cash, and turn it all over to Scientology.

Penthouse: What did you promise them for this price?

Hubbard: We promised them the moon and then demonstrated a way to get there. They would sell their soul for that. We were telling someone that they could have the power of a god --that's what we were telling them.

Penthouse: What kind of people were tempted by this promise?

Hubbard: A whole range of people. People who wanted to raise their IQ, to feel better, to solve their problems. You also got people who wished to lord it over other people in the use of power. Remember, it's a power game, a matter of climbing a pyramidal hierarchy to the top, and it's who you can step on to get more power that counts. It appeals a great deal to neurotics. And to people who are greedy. It appeals a great deal to Americans, I think, because they tend to believe in instant everything, from instant coffee to instant nirvana. By just saying a few magic words or by doing a few assignments, one can become a god. People believe this. You see, Scientology doesn't really address the soul; it addresses the ego. What happens in Scientology is that a person's ego gets pumped up by this science-fiction fantasy helium into universe-sized proportions. And this is very appealing. It is especially appealing to the intelligentsia of this country, who are made to feel that they are the most highly intelligent people, when in actual fact, from an emotional standpoint, they are completely stupid. Fine professors, doctors, scientists, people involved in the arts and sciences, would fall into Scientology like you wouldn't believe. It appealed to their intellectual level and buttressed their emotional weaknesses. You show me a professor and I revert back to the fifties: I just kick him in the head, eat him for breakfast.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That was a lovely find, Gary!!!

That kind of BS applies to all religions, don't you think?


just cos things are fucked up doesn't mean it isn't progress...
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not sure what he means by "emotionally stupid", but... apart from that, a very revealing dialogue.
"No matter what happens, ever... there's ALWAYS at least one reason. And the top reason is ALWAYS money."
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dilbert_g: Wow, TWO scientology videos disappeared.

Yeah, information warfare sukz. Folks can go around the major
Anonymous / Project Chanology sites listed in the first post to find the
latest locations of these videos. Notify me of missing videos please.

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


You stole my show:


But, it's okay.

Way to Happiness. It's KFC.

Take it away. Heheheh.

Next stop: Mormons taking over in Buddhist SEA.

Believe it. And now, for something completely different:


atm Wink
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some interesing comments by L. Ron H. Junior in
that interview which Gary dug up. They take us
neatly to the intel angles on all this.

Penthouse: You mentioned that Scientology attracted a great many well-known or important people. Can you give us some examples?

Hubbard: Two of the people we were involved with in the late fifties in England were Errol Flynn and a man who was high up in the Labor Party at the time.......

Penthouse: And what about this Labor Party official?

Hubbard: He was a double agent for the KGB and for the British intelligence agency. He was also a raging homosexual. He wanted my father to use his black-magic, soul-cracking, brainwashing techniques on young boys. He wanted these boys as his own sexual slaves. He wanted to use my father's techniques to crack people's heads open because he was very influential in and around the British government --plus he was selling information to the Russians. And so was my father.

Penthouse: Your father was selling information to the Soviets?

Hubbard: Yes. That's where my father got the money to buy St. Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex, which is the English headquarters of Scientology today.

Penthouse: What information did your father have to sell the Soviet government?

Hubbard: He didn't do any spying himself. What he normally did was allow these strange little people to go into the offices and into his home at odd hours of the night. He told me that he was allowing the KGB to go through our files, and that he was charging £40,000 for it. This was the money he used for the purchase of St. Hill Manor.

Penthouse: Do you know any specific information that the KGB got from your father that might have been harmful to security?

Hubbard: The plans for an infrared heat-seeking missile in the early fifties. They obtained the information by extensive auditing of the guy who was one of the head engineers. There were great infiltrations clear to this day. There has always been an inordinate interest on the part of Scientology in military and government personnel. There's no way for me to prove it sitting here, but I believe that the KGB trained East German agents who came via Denmark to London to the United States who were, supposedly, Scientologists. They made very good Scientologists. They were very well trained.


As expected, this is confirmation --as if we needed it-- that intel agencies
always have a great interest in cults, as described above.

Where the KGB goes the CIA is not far behind. Or in front, for that matter.

On we go, from the same interview:

Penthouse: Were there any other high level British government people in Scientology?

Hubbard: There was a member of Winston Churchill's medical staff. We had him by the balls.

Penthouse: Did he give you any information about Churchill?

Hubbard: Yes, certainly. You see, these people didn't realize where their information was going. They always thought that in Scientology auditing they had the priest-confessor's confidentiality --but it was never that way. People just assumed it, and still do. But everybody knew what was in everybody's files.......

Penthouse: What was the first example you can remember of your father's espionage activity?

Hubbard: I remember one day in 1944 when he came home from the naval base where he was stationed in Oregon with a big, gray metal box under his arm. He put in our little attached garage and put a tarp over it. That weekend a couple of funny little guys came over to the house. I remember it was summer and they were wearing heavy woollen overcoats --dark brown overcoats. It stuck in my mind: what are they doing wearing overcoats when it's hotter than hell? I was only about ten at the time. Anyway, these big, sweating guys take the box and put in in their car and drive off. But before they'd come, I'd snuck a look in the box. It had this strange-looking object in it. I didn't know what the hell it was. Later on, in the fifties, I was walking through a war surplus store and I suddenly saw an object that was just like the one I'd seen in the box. It was the heart of the radar. During the war --when those men took it from our garage --it was super-secret, super-valuable, worth thousands of dollars. I remember that people were told to commit suicide if it ever got captured in order to blow it up.

Then, in 1955, I went to work in the Scientology office in London. I noticed a woman in the office doing strange things with strange people in the office, so I investigated her. I found out she was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party. I got very angry at her and broke into her apartment, where I found dozens of little code pads. They looked like little milk pads with a whole mess of letters and numbers on them. I had people follow her to the Russian Embassy. I finally wrote a long report to my father about her. He was furious. He told me not to investigate anymore, not to write anymore, not to tell anyone what I had found out, to destroy all my evidence. I yelled at him, "The goddamn Russians are running around the office and doing God knows what." He yelled back. "I want'em there!" He told me that she was placed there by the KGB with his knowledge and consent.


So, even on these grounds, we can take it for granted that Scientology
must be literally crawling with CIA and other intel agency people from
way, way back. Purely on opportunistic grounds.

But this raises the question of whether the CIA would have taken care
to place some people as high as possible in the organization (Duh!).
And the question I raised at the outset: Was the agency behind the
takeover of Scientology by David Miscavige?

Not that Scientology lacked it own internal intel either, by the way:

Understanding Scientology, by Margery Wakefield

Chapter 12 OSA (Office of Special Affairs)

The Secret CIA of Scientology

Remember one thing, we are not running a business, we are running a government. We are in direct control of people's lives.
-- L. Ron Hubbard, Policy letter of 5 August 1959

By the mid-1960s, Scientology was a religion under siege. In the U.S., the Church had been raided by the F.D.A. In England, Scientology was being investigated by Parliament and St. Hill students lived in danger of being deported. The Australian Inquiry was underway and there were tremors from South Africa. Hubbard had been deported from Rhodesia and was under constant F.B.I. surveillance at St. Hill.

Predisposed to paranoia, Hubbard was not one to remain on the defensive for long. "Don't ever defend, always attack," he wrote. "If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace...." (1)

Evidence of the war mentality promoted by Hubbard and highly contagious within Scientology is a policy written by Hubbard called The War, in which he announced:

You may not realize it ... but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for eighteen years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive ... were generated by this one group. Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world.... (2)

Hubbard claimed that a group of twelve men associated with the World Bank had set up psychiatry and the mental health movement as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West. And this twelve-man conspiracy was the real source of all opposition to Scientology.

In February of 1966, Lord Balniel of the English House of Commons called for an investigation into Scientology. Hubbard responded by setting up the Public Investigation Section at St. Hill for the purposes of "helping LRH (Hubbard) investigate public matters and individuals which seem to impede human liberty," and to "furnish intelligence." (3)

By the late 60s, the Public Investigation Section had evolved into the "Guardian's Office," a separate and unique agency within Scientology which became Hubbard's private intelligence bureau, a private CIA within the "Church."


Then there's the links between Remote Viewing and Scientology:

It's quite curious that Pat Price, who has been described as being "widely considered to be the best of the remote viewers," was a Scientology OT IV, and was very instrumental in the early success of the CIA's Remote Viewing Project. An unconfirmed report says that Price went on from there to work directly for the CIA, with one Ken Kress as his handler. Then when Price decided to return to SRI, he stopped over in Las Vegas, and died of a purported heart attack in his hotel room. There was no autopsy peformed, allegedly due to the persuasion of an unknown individual with a briefcase full of Price's medical records.

(For those wanting to know learn more about Pat Price and his connections, we suggest you start at http://www.io.com/~hambone/web/price.html.)

But you don't know anything about any of this, do you, Major Ed? No, you said-- Let's see, what were your words? Oh, yes--"bunk," you called it. Is that correct? Yes, that's what you said: "Bunk."

The only slight problem is that Veritas has inarguably, uncontestably, and verifiably confirmed that Puthoff, Swann, and Price all WERE key players in the CIA's Remote Viewing Program, and that they all WERE high-level Scientologists when they entered that program at its inception.

Two of those Scientologists--Puthoff and Swann--had intelligence backgrounds BEFORE they penetrated Scientology's super-secret "OT Levels," then turned right around and set up the Remote Viewing Program for CIA. Probably just coincidence, right Major Ed?


Of course, Both David Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch are listed by
'CIA Fake' Cryptome as CIA sources, but we would have to take that
bare listing with a grain of salt: http://cryptome.org/cia-2619.htm

However, if so inclined there is much more by Googling: "Scientology CIA"

Just use discretion and watch out for both drivel and disinfo.

Finally for now, scarcely worth reminding ourselves that Scientology
is heavily based in the Peoples Republic of JebBushistan(aka Florida).

Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

What I found just as interesting -- or more interesting -- than the Intelligence connections, are the methods.

Namely, transference, and the abuse of same.


"It could be more aptly described as
"The church of the hole in the ground"
(April 30th is the date of everything evil from Hitler's death to Witches Day to Miscavige's Birthday, Goebbels, LaVey, etc., and the corporate fiscal year ending for CST, Church of Spiritual Technology, Incorporated.)

Refund and Reparation - Essay: Scientology: Soul Hackers

As a former auditor of the upper levels of Scientology, my exit brought with it an attempt to find a technical explanation for the subjective effects that Scientology creates in a person. How does Scientology control its members? Why do Scientologists find it so hard to leave? Psychologically and spiritually battered, they persist in their bewildering allegiance to their founder and the organization. Why would that be? These effects are laid in at every level of Scientology. They are laid in deliberately and with malice aforethought. This essay is about how Scientology hacks your soul.

Every human being is susceptible to transference. It is emphatically not the sole domain of the psychotic or mentally unstable. What is not normal is the intentional manipulation of transference phenomena to profit and enslave.

Transference does not only occur in therapy. This naturally occurring phenomenon can easily be found in life, although very often it is not understood. An extreme example would be that of a battered wife, compelled to return home to her husband.

Hubbard knew about transference from the very beginning. He used it with full knowledge and with a diabolical malevolence that only God can forgive. Transference itself has been carefully hidden from every Scientologist, so he would never know.

The terrible thing is that transference in Scientology has been hidden in broad daylight. Every Scientologist reads it. And passes it by.

Scientology and Transference Abuse

Unlike Scientology, certified psychotherapists are instructed to educate their patients on transference. Depending on the type of therapy, the patient and therapist consciously use the mechanism of transference to resolve the patient’s difficulties. Both therapist and patient are aware of the various patterns of transference.

Psychologists are enjoined under their ethics code so as to not abuse the phenomenon of transference to further their own ends. The following few excerpts are taken from the American Psychological Association’s ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGISTS AND CODE OF CONDUCT

Scientology does not inform their members of the unconscious hold they have on them. They do everything in their power to create in their members’ minds a complete dependence upon Scientology for answers to every aspect of their lives. And they do this while misrepresenting to the new Scientologist: that with each course and with each auditing session, he is becoming more independent and more “himself.”

Scientology uses their religious façade to avoid legal issues relating to transference abuse. In every single technical, administrative, and ethics training course Hubbard teaches specialized applications of control that exactly match the transference. Every staff member has been trained to control the public using these specialized functions of his post. Every staff member is taught that he is doing the very best for the new person, and that by simply doing his job as instructed, he is helping the person.

(Tom Cruise said he was driven to HELP people, I lost count how many times.)

Transference is the Alpha and the Omega of psychoanalyis, according to Sigmund Freud and his student Karl Jung.
Psychoanalyists (presumably psychologists, psychiatrists who mostly dispense drugs nowadays) have a lengthy Ethic which says that transference is inherent, it's powerful, it can be abused, so don't abuse it. Warn your patients about it. Don't schtupp your patient who thinks they have fallen in love with you, don't get your patients to unload their wallets for you, don't make them your slaves.

Remember too that the "Father of Modern Propaganda", Edward Bernays who is featured prominently in that Century of Self video http://www.Takeoverworld.info/vid.html by Adam Curtis, credits Uncle Siggy with handing him the foundation that he utilized to
a) get Americans into WW One
b) convert Americans from citizens to a complacent consumer society, with none of that nasty revolutionary ethic
c) taught corporations and ad agencies how to manipulate minds and emotions instead of selling features and benefits
d) got Americans sucked in to overthrowing Arbenz
e) become the forefather of the type of "message" politics that brought Reagan and Thatcher and Clinton and Bush to office, which is the key to of the current vapid campaign, and to a society where politcians can claim in newspapers that a particular politician is "wrong on their *message*"

In other words, if L. Ron Hubbard is EVIL for using Uncle Siggy's simplest concepts to enslave people, then Eddie Bernays is EQUALLY EVIL for unleashing MODERN ADVERTISING and MARKETING on us, and this means our whole Western Culture is largely warped by ABUSE of similar techniques to Scientology.

Not the same methods. Transference seems to involve a one-on-one dependency relationship. What goes on in Mass Culture is surely different, but think of the same IDOLIZATION of George W. Bush, the Godhead. Hillary may try, some people may say "Thank GOD for Hillary Clinton .. so we can get rid of Bush." Some may say "Obama reminds me of the princely demeanor of John F. Kennedy ... or close enough, and at least he ain't Hillary".

But most people seem apathetic about the Democrats, irritated, resigned. NOT so with Bush. NOW? Sure, they are. Then? No. The debacle in Iraq, seen for what it is, has turned the majority. More Republicans and moderates are aware that "Bush Lied" is just not a MoveOn talking point, a mantra of Bush-haters. More people have finally realized that Bush betrayed almost everyone, including the Christian zealots. But in 2000 and in 2004, their defense and idolization of Bush, beyond logic and beyond reason (tho not beyond sound bytes) was and remains an astonishing cultural artifact.

Some people thought that the Bush is Jesus website was NOT a parody.

Bush -- to many, not just the zealots -- seemed like the guy from whom our very lives could be SAVED! From da terrierists.

I think about political marketing, TV shows, movies, commecial marketing, Sept 11 marketing, War on Terror marketing. Packaging, making and breaking mental associations described here in how the Jargon works:

But EVERYTHING has been reduced to Jargon. Say what you will about Chomsky, you can watch that clip of him and Buckley debating, and while Buckley (CIA) weaves much jargon into the discussion, this was TV which was NOT reduced to pure jargon and messages.

You may have seen that clip where Fox and Friends debates whether it would be a GOOD thing if WE got bombed --- not that we'd bomb ourselves --- but if someone else bombed us, great!!
the dialogue and tone and interplay here is fascinating, like watching jazz musicians
"We Need Another 9-11 to Heal the Nation"

"or does this columnist actually have a valid point?"

Fox News' John Gibson mocks Jon Stewart 9/11 response
"phone calls" "we NEED another 9-11"

and this is ACCEPTED! (by many people)

Even Iraqi kids are playing video games where they have to play US Troops shooting the Evil Ragheads.

When I was writing about how PNAC did not *SAY* (in a manner that can be pinned down) "we need to bomb New York in order to carry out our Grand Plan of Total War to remake the Middle East", this was their MESSAGE and their MARKETING -- I was thinking about Edward Bernays and his intellectual heirs on Madison Ave and the Rendon Group and Burson-Marsteller and Hill & Knowlton, and all the incestuous think tanks that SEDUCE many of us into enthusiastically supporting whatever and whomever they want.

Scientology similarly hides more than it reveals, while the inductee must reveal everything. Kinda like that data tracking.

A quip I once made that Charlie Manson killed less people than George Bush, and by the same "hands off" methods, has just a pinch more relevance after watching this. George "Helter-Skelter" Bush. What was Charlie's idea? Kill whites, make it look like blacks did it, start a race war to begin The Revolution. False-flag operation.

Mae Brussel said that Charles 'Tex' Watson, while living on Spahn Ranch, with no job and little money, and facing no known legal problems, visited a high-class Los Angeles attorney 40 (FORTY) times, in the month before the Manson killings. That attorney was the head of California Young Republicans. Was that attorney a Scientologist? I'll bet you half an E-meter he was.

And that section on the Dear Alice exercise compared to Alice in Wonderland CIA interrogation techniques, to cause confusion and induce hypnotic suggestion. Watch some TV, especially some kiddie shows and cartoons, and teen shows, ADD inducement mechanisms. I do like Family Guy, but notice the pacing. And the commercials.

Watch some of Bush's State of the Union addresses, or other press conferences, particularly when he was *selling* the war, and the media followup. I have to guess that most people, even many outraged peaceniks, did not *get* how it was pure psyop marketing, designed to turn off critical thinking.

My assertion is -- though I've not really analyzed it enough to put a finger right on it -- is that there's a lot in common between Scientology methods and our entire modern Western culture, especially POST Sept 11. Especially the tight packaging of partial ideas.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Illegal as well as legal means of obtaining information were sanctioned. In a Scientology policy called Re: Intelligence, the following are given as possibilities for collecting data:


From a Scientology perspective, the world is in great danger of nuclear extinction, and Scientology exists as the only deterrent to this terrible inevitability.

To a Scientologist, Scientology is the elite organization on this planet, superior to all other earth organizations. The Scientology system of ethics, based on the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics," is therefore superior to any system of "wog" law.

Transgressions of "wog" law necessary to further the ends of Scientology are sanctioned on the basis of the "greatest good." In this way, lying, stealing, burgling and a host of other crimes become justified as means to the end of saving mankind.

Shielded by this philosophy, Scientologists have, over the years, been involved in a staggering array of crimes most unbecoming to members of a church. (probably true of most churches, but not all)


Infiltrating, or "penetrating," these agencies was achieved by having a Scientology agent obtain employment at an agency, then use his credentials to gain access to desired materials in the agency's files.

A report called Compliance Report lists 136 such agencies targeted for penetration, prioritized by a star system, i.e., * low priority, ** higher priority, and *** highest priority. Some of the *** agencies listed in this report are: the AEC, the CIA, the FBI, the FTC, the FDA, the IRS, the NSA, the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Attorney General, the DEA, the US Coast Guard, the US Department of Justice, the US Department of Labor, the US Department of State, the US Department of Treasury, the US House of Representatives, the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization, the US Marshall's Office, the US Navy, the US Post Office, the US Selective Service, and the US Senate.

In this report, several agencies, such as the IRS, the DEA, the US Coast Guard, and the US Department of Labor are marked: "Done."

Another policy called Safe U.S. details plans to get agents into the US Attorney's offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, into the IRS Office of International Operations, into the headquarters of the AMA, and into various state and local district attorneys' offices.

Especially illuminating is the course checksheet for the "Information Full Hat," the course used to train G.O. agents. Included on this course are the following:

To read a book on brainwashing;

To be able to define the following words: Spy; Spying; Agent; Operative; Information; Intelligence; Espionage; Counter espionage; Counter intelligence; Fascism; Socialism; Communism; CIA; FBI; MI6; MI5; KGB; GRU.

To write an essay on: What could happen if Intelligence was not anonymous or elusive;

To read the following policy letters written by Hubbard:

"Terror Stalks"
"Communism and Scientology"
"The War"
"PDH" (Pain, Drugs, Hypnosis)
"The Art of Building a Cover"
"Covert Operations I"
"Covert Operations II"
"Black PR"
"Secret, Notes on SMERSH"

Other books read on the course include: The Spy and His Master; KGB; CIA and the Cult of Intelligence; Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany; and The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.

A sample of the hundreds of drills on this course:

Demo a covert operation on an opponent which restrains him and the beneficial result.

Demo why it is important to know your public's hate and love buttons when running an operation on an enemy.


It is the siege mentality of Scientology, the idea of "us" against "them," that helps to maintain a high degree of unity within the cult.

The G.O. was formed to deal with the many real and perceived "enemies" of Scientology. This enemy mentality in Scientology was born from the paranoid lobes of Hubbard's mind.

("Israel's Sacred Terrorism" is about creating a "siege mentality". Not that these two are together, just that it's a common technique of control of a society.)
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Scientology is no worse that any cultic religion, it is just more successful, newer and somewhat less traditionally religious
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