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Audio: Hot Facts For A Cold Case Murder
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Recovered records revealed the heavy influence guiding this investigation. I will provide several updates and examples. Tonight, I will add only one. It should be enough to make everyone sit up and take notice.

This is an important date, 12-21.

On this date in 1981, Eleanor (aka Terry) Webster was handed the composite. I hope each one of you will think long and heard about what happened. The image has an uncanny resemblance to Trooper Andrew Palombo, an officer the family worked closely with for many years. Eleanor directed me to meet him at the airport in August 1984.

Her daughter was a missing person. This composite was suppressed by authorities. The Websters had unfettered access to the media. Four days later, on Christmas day 1981, the Websters were broadcast all over Boston in a pre taped appeal for information about their missing daughter.

This composite was locked in their files, never broadcast to the public. I did not know about it until I got into the files. They had a lead and did not want anyone to pursue it. When I recovered these records, I knew I was looking in the correct place to find truthful answers.

There was more in the records. The officer who received the call, received another call within the hour from the head of ITT security, Jack McEwen. He just happened to suggest submitting a composite or an image created from a psychic's vision. This was a diversion and clouded the issue. The details to compile the image recovered were provided by a cabbie.

I was at their home over Christmas in 1981. George and Eleanor did not shed a tear. George said she is gone, we have to move on. People process grief in different ways. On its own, judgments cannot be made. I cannot provide documentation for my recollections over that holiday, but I assure you, events get seared in your memory. These details are not significant because the records speak for themselves.

This is only the beginning.

George and Eleanor Webster were NOT looking for their missing daughter.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are almost too many examples of the heavy influence over this case. The previous post is the starting point. The Websters were in possession of a composite on 12-21-1981. George and Eleanor Webster and authorities suppressed the composite. Trooper Andrew Palombo has a frightening resemblance to the composite. Coincidence?

It is important to step through this a step at a time.

The Glen Ridge police were notified by Lt Larry Murphy of the Harvard Police about the composite on 12-21-1981. There is another entry on that date that raises concern of influence.

This report was taken by Det Tom Dugan of the GR police. Note the initial call at 10:10 and the next call received at 11:00. Jack McEwen was the head of security at ITT, George Webster's employer. The suggestion of submitting a composite from a psychic's image confuses the issue of the legitimate composite. The timing of the call is just too coincidental. This came out of George Webster's corner. No composites regardless the source, were ever broadcast to the public.

The following excerpts are from a Boston Globe article on 1-19-1982. Notice Lt Murphy, source for the composite to the GR police. is quoted in the article.

The "distribution" of the composite was exclusively to the Websters who apparently kept it locked in their files. They chose not to pursue a lead to find their daughter Joan at the same time they got in front of the media offering a reward for information. The public image was one thing while the private behavior was entirely different. That is classic CIA mentality.

There is more coming.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Connecting the dots. Today's interview deals with the abuse patterns in the Webster family.

Radio Freedom Talk Radio with Andy Peacher

Tonight's special guest is EVE Carson from Indianapolis, Indiana, a true crime author and whistle blower, who's recent book is "Mummys A Mole," the story of the still-unresolved 1981 murder of her sister-in-law, Joan Webster. Our show will focus, however, on how Eve's own children became abuse victims right under her nose! "Behavioral changes in my children were the first sign of trouble," she says. Family counselors involved with the family fragmented communication and complicated the issues. After the discovery of her daughter's written allegations of sexual abuse by her father, numerous professionals and law enforcement were involved. The system failed the victims. A mother trying to protect her children, Eve became a victim herself, alienated from her children by the paternal family. She'll discuss the dysfunctional system and the difficulty to identify abusers. False reports of abuse in our society leave real victims vulnerable and deny them the proper support for healing. The tendency to shun and vilify someone coming forward compounds the abuse for the children and the alienated parent. Eve learned the behaviors, not words, of the alleged offender and the victims are the key to understanding the truth. She writes, "Being vocal is critical to help victims of abuse. There are so many silent victims." She continues, "I want that part of my experience to be out there. When the system failed, it left my children without the love and support they need. It also opened my eyes to the patterns of abuse in the family. Support groups need to be better educated."
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Joined: 16 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is important to look at the level of influence on this case. The next example demonstrates an extraordinary level of access. The first excerpt is from a 1986 book, Trooper, written by Dave Moran. Moran was a Massachusetts State Trooper who was involved in different aspects of this case. He was also a sometime partner and personal friend with Andrew Palombo.

First point to highlight is the Marie Iannuzzi case being assigned to Tim Burke. This was a case in Essex County under DA Kevin Burke. Flanagan was the DA in Suffolk County where Tim Burke worked. There was no jurisdiction for Flanagan to assign this case to Tim Burke. On old law was used to shift jurisdiction because the body was within a certain distance from the county line. Burke's explanation Marie's sister contacted him bringing him into the Iannuzzi case does not fit with the facts. His timeline does not work. He claimed Kathy Leonti contacted him after reading an article about a cold case Burke handled. The article was published on the front page of the metro section of the Boston Globe on Saturday February 27, 1982. By Tuesday March 2, 1982, subpoenas were issued for the Iannuzzi case. Burke claims it was a John Doe grand jury when in fact the grand jury was seated on March 5, 1982 in the Commonwealth v. Leonard Paradiso. Grand jury testimony implicated David Doyle.

Palombo took over as lead office on the Iannuzzi case in February 1981, replacing Karl Sjoberg, according to his own testimony. He had an improper relationship with the boyfriend, prime suspect David Doyle.

There is a discrepancy where Joan's suitcase was recovered on January 29, 1982. Authorities used the media to make a big production the suitcase was found at the Park Square Greyhound Station in Boston. Burke published the bag was located at the Port Authority in NYC. There is a distance of 190 miles separating the locations. Where was the bag actually found? Of course he offered an explanation, but nothing to support it. NYC was in close proximity to the Websters in NJ, and they travelled past that location all the time going in and out of the city through Lincoln Tunnel.

The Websters called the meeting in February 1982. Look at the line up of attendees. You do not have 3 DA's all taking part in a case. Middlesex started the case in December 1981. Joan resided on campus in Cambridge. Essex County handled the Iannuzzi case and the location of the Joan's purse. Suffolk County had no business there at all if the suitcase was recovered in NYC.

Middlesex continued on the case for a few more months, the visible presence. They handled the Zodiac confusion, a convenient diversion that sensationalized the case. The next post will deal with the Webster contact with Gareth Penn.

Essex County relinquished the Iannuzzi case. Coincidence Burke and Palombo were assigned to Joan's investigation? The Iannuzzi case was used as a smokescreen to fraudulently use the courts to implicate Paradiso for Joan's loss. Note the April 25, 1983 warrant looking for Joan look-a-like photos.

Suffolk County was exposed in 1991 for secret and duplicate files bringing into question prosecutions from 1980-1988. The pursuit if Paradiso fell right in the heart of corrupt and deceptive practices in Newman Flanagan's office.

This example illustrates the Websters' influence. They were running the show. What happened soon after this meeting was the grand jury to indict Paradiso for Marie Iannuzzi's murder.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The next level of influence was found in multiple files beginning with FBI files regarding the Zodiac killer. The FBI released thousands of pages related to the unresolved serial crimes. A sensational tangent in Joan's case dealt with Gareth Penn's fixation on a Harvard professor. Penn hypothesized Joan was part of the Zodiac spree.

I damn near fell off my chair when I came across 3 documents written by George Webster. I can positively identify his handwriting. I obtained a copy of Penn's 1987 book, Times 17. It was stunning how much communication the Webters had with Penn and shared personal information. Mind you, the Websters are hostile with my inquiries and think Joan is none of my business. Bull s***!

This is an envelope to the Boston FBI. The post mark is 4-3-1982 in Cambridge, MA. Media reports indicated an anonymous letter mailed from Cambridge that led to dredging Walden pond 4-8-1982.

The 4-12-1982 letter affirms George Webster's contact with Penn and an upcoming FBI meeting on 4-16-82.

Here is another letter dated 4-16-1982. Note George is going to give direction to the Middlesex DAO, still the visible presence on the case.

The timeline details what happened during the course of George Webster's communication. FBI profiler Roger DePue was scheduled to meet with authorities in Boston. Look at the next report carefully.

Joan's case was discussed in depth, but they have no crime scene data or complete victim background. So these discussions were generalities, speculation that undoubtedly honed in on Paradiso implicated by an anonymous call. If a profiler is giving general things to look for, it's a good road map to find things to fit a scenario. According to Dave Moran, Palombo and Burke had been assigned to Joan's investigation in February 1982, but the visible case was Iannuzzi, the smokescreen.

George Webster had the influence that pulled the FBI into the case. The original file was actually opened on 12-3-1981. Burke tells a different story. Burke pats himself on the back that he reached out to the FBI on 5-3-1983 to enlist their help. Below are signed sworn affidavits from SA Steve Broce and Tim Burke, both dated 5-24-1984.

Note the reference to marine equipment. Testimony brought out recovered equipment was manufactured by Danforth. The equipment from the missing boat was Ray Jefferson. Different manufacturers were not interchangeable. Also note Burke had knowledge of the insurance records regarding the boat, the alleged crime scene. Finally, not that Burke's office provided registration information. An invalid registration from the Suffolk County DAO for the boat was submitted as evidence in CR 85-010-S bankruptcy case in the federal district court of RI. Supporting records were improperly removed from the registrar's office. Testimony in that case affirms this information and why one of the registrations for the boat was invalid. Burke provided a fake ID, fabricated evidence.

Burke is out front with his publication wanting to take credit. In fact, he is shielding the real influence that directed this case. George Webster is "comforted" with Burke's explanations.

George Webster brought the FBI in. If there was some verifiable reason to suspect Paradiso, it might be viewed as a parent doing all they could. In fact, the evidence does not point to Paradiso, and those constructing the case knew it.
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Joined: 16 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Influence is often subtle and not easily visible to the casual observer. Putting things in a timeline and viewing the sequence of events helps expose the influence over Joan's case.

Ralph Anthony Pisa was one of the witnesses the state brought forward. Pisa knew Paradiso from prison in 1976. Pisa was convicted of the murder of George Dean in the 1st degree. He was on death row for a period of time. Several factors, including the state's repeal of death sentences, downgraded Pisa's conviction status. Pisa testified during the Iannuzzi pretrial on 3-12-1984. He claimed Paradiso confessed Marie's murder on 12-24-1979. Pisa was out of prison at that time on a "furlough" courtesy of Gov. Dukakis. That in and of itself is insane. Pisa claimed Paradiso called him on 12-18-1981 and confessed to Joan's murder. Pisa was incarcerated at the time and even testified calls were likely recorded. Nothing supports Pisa's testimony, it is just his say so. He is not credible, but then neither is Tim Burke.

During the pretrial, Pisa details when he contacted the DA offices. Middlesex as 1st, they had oversight of his case. Contact began in February 1983, a considerable time from the alleged confessions.

Burke tries to paint Pisa as an upstanding citizen coming forward. Look closely who Pisa said he spoke to. Apparently, MA authorities abdicated to George Webster. It was completely out of line for George Webster to be speaking and getting assurances from a witness in multiple alleged felonies.
The day after Pisa's pretrial testimony, Burke and other MA authorities were in a Middlesex courtroom trying to gain advantages for Pisa.

The timeline is very important here. Pisa comes forward February 1983 after Bond's allegations explode in the press. He starts talking to Burke within a month. He makes assurances to George Webster. He testifies on 3-12-84 in the Iannuzzi pretrial. The next day, Burke is pleading to get Pisa out.

Pisa testified at the Iannuzzi trial on 7-13-1984. Notice the date that slips into the record. Pisa is moved from one correctional facility to a pre release facility, Park Drive, in Boston the end of February 1984. That takes place just before he testified at the pretrial. The state and apparently George Webster wanted his testimony. He made unverified allegations Paradiso confessed Joan's murder.

For 14+ years, Middlesex County opposed parole for Tony Pisa, more commonly known inside as "Death Row Tony." Even during the trial, representatives from the Middlesex office testified they opposed parole for the convicted killer.

On January 3, 1985, Burke accompanied ADA Laurence Hardoon in a Middlesex courtroom. Hardoon represented the Middlesex DA reversed their position for parole, even though there was opposition in the courtroom. Reasons 5 & 6 are significant. Pisa helped nail Paradiso with unverified allegations.

Pisa changed his story about the George Dean murder. He pleaded down to manslaughter and was released for time served. Talk about a miscarriage of justice and abuse in the system. A convicted murderer once on death row walked out a free man with authorities holding the door for him.

Pisa made assurances to George Webster.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Throughout the tragedy and investigation with Joan, George and Eleanor were visible in front of the media. The natural tendency of any human being was to empathize with parents of a missing daughter. The Websters had unfettered access to the media.

The Iannuzzi pretrial took place in March 1984. Tim Burke brought forward numerous women with very harrowing stories. It was clear during testimony, there was an effort to attach Joan's name to the Iannuzzi case.

George and Eleanor were there; their presence undoubtedly playing on people's sympathies.

The pretrial was an open session with the media in attendance. The above excerpt is from the Boston Globe on 3-6-1984.

This clip appeared in the Lynn Daily Item on 3-6-1984. Patti Bono and Charlene Bullerwell are the two women referenced. Bono made unverified accusations of a 1972 assault. She grew up with Sgt Carmen Tammaro, Tr Andy Palombo's superior, and placed an anonymous call in January 1982 implicating Paradiso for the Iannuzzi murder and Joan's disappearance. Bullerwell claimed Paradiso was a hit man for the mob who chopped bodies, tied cinderblocks, and disposed bodies from his boat. She testified she was pressured by the FBI and refused to testify at the trial. Neither of these women were credible.

This article was in the Boston Globe on 3-7-1984.

This appeared in the Lynn Daily Item on 3-7-1984. Janet McCarthy was the witness referenced coming forward for the reward. There were discrepancies in her testimony versus the actual police reports. The clip highlights another level of influence, reward money.

This clip was in the Boston Herald on 3-7-1984.

This last excerpt is really very telling. It comes from a very lengthy article in the Boston Magazine in the December 1984 issue. Notice the first statement George made.

George Webster stated they did not attend the Iannuzzi pretrial. That is false. I cannot read someone's mind why George would lie about their attendance. George and Eleanor were very involved during every aspect of the investigation. That was not visible. They preyed on people's emotions. They did not want to be a visible influence. That is clear after getting into the records. It is reasonable to conclude George did not want to be viewed as influencing perceptions in the pursuit of Paradiso by his presence in the courtroom during the Iannuzzi pretrial.

George and Eleanor Webster were there.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Influence is the ability to create perceptions and get others to act.

Here are 3 very good examples of influence during the Iannuzzi trial in July 1984. George and Eleanor were in attendance, very visible in the courtroom and accessible to the media.

This article appeared in the Boston Herald on 7-17-1984 following the testimony of the state's "star" witness Robert Bond.

George claimed all the evidence points to Paradiso as the culprit in Joan's disappearance. At this point, they had a coffee table book that was out-of-print 6 years before Joan disappeared. There was a silk pouch part of a 3 piece set belonging to Candy Weyent. The boat in question was raised and had no evidence connecting Joan to Paradiso or the vessel that was sunk before she disappeared. Burke claimed a fake gun near the boat that assigned divers missed and supported his find with a false witness statement attributed to John O'Connell. Burke claimed a witness pressured by the FBI was in possession of one of Joan's belongings. Her testimony debunked Burke's claim. They had negative fingerprint results. I could go on. The bottom line is there was no verifiable evidence to indicate Paradiso was the culprit. It was all speculation and fabrication.

George goes on to influence the credibility of Robert Bond, a two-time convicted murderer who relied on promises made. Bond's written statement and testimony is discredited on numerous points in both the Iannuzzi and Webster cases.

This article appeared in the Boston Globe on 7-17-1984, after the Bond testimony. Again, George is touting Bond's credibility. George claims Bond could have only learned the details speaking to Paradiso. Joan was not on the boat, the boat did not exist. She was not dumped in Boston Harbor, she was buried more than 30 miles away. Bond named the officials he relied on: Palombo, Tammaro, Burke, and "Bill." Those are the people Bond talked to and did their bidding talking to Paradiso.

George and Eleanor, intelligence trained individuals, both tout Bond as a credible witness with a fantastic memory in the 7-17-1984 article in the Lynn Daily Item. Problem, the boat did not exist when Joan disappeared, she was not in Boston Harbor. There was no evidence to link Paradiso to Joan's loss. Why are the Websters promoting an unsubstantiated theory that was later verified to be false? There were already enough facts learned to discredit the theory.

This is influence people, and a driving force to perpetuate the boat story.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The time line I constructed really helps to see what was going on. The sequence of these events demonstrate the problem very clearly.

This is a certification of court records for case CR 85-010-S in the federal District Court in RI, Judge Bruce Selya presiding. The paper trail confirms Tim Burke instigated the bankruptcy fraud case contacting SA Steve Broce. AUSA Marie Buckley received "documents" from Burke during the course of the trial. Count C involved Paradiso's boat, the alleged crime scene of Joan's murder. The Suffolk County DA's office, Tim Burke's office, provided an invalid boat registration, not provided to the defense, and supporting documentation was improperly "removed" from the registrar's office.

The statement made by Judge Bruce Selya on April 9, 1985 affirms the boat did not exist by August 1981 when Paradiso filed for bankruptcy. Joan disappeared on November 28, 1981.

There was media attention after Gareth Penn released his book Times 17 in 1987. WBZ TV channel 4 in Boston did a piece in November 1987 along with other media outlets. Brad Willis is the reporter. All of the central individuals promoting the "boat" theory were interviewed for comment. Tim Burke places Joan on Paradiso's phantom boat, alleges she was raped and murdered, and dumped in Boston Harbor. He claims the boat was sunk after Joan's murder. Joan's body had not been recovered at this time.

Eleanor Webster, alias Terry, influences public perception Paradiso murdered Joan. George Webster proclaims Paradiso rapes and murders and should never walk the streets again. They clearly support what the state was promoting. This was after the court found the alleged crime scene did not exist when Joan disappeared.

Andrew Palombo fuels the story, again promoting Paradiso murdered Joan on his boat and discarded her from the boat. She was found buried more than 30 miles from the alleged crime scene in April 1990.

In case anyone has forgotten, the Websters cooperated with Tim Burke's book announced in the Boston Herald on November 28, 2006.

Here's Burke's published comment about the bankruptcy fraud case involving the boat, Burke's alleged crime scene. Burke gives a graphic description of his vision of the crime, an impossible scenario. There is only one Judge Richard Stearns; I have the correct spelling. He is a federal district court judge in Massachusetts, appointed to the bench in 1993, eight years after the case.

Is anybody getting the picture here? Burke blatantly lied. The Websters support him and influence others to believe the boat scenario as the explanation for their daughter's brutal murder.

I will come back to the timeframe of case CR 85-010-S, so keep this post in mind. The influence is very visible in the records. It was a matter of getting to the records.
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Southpark Fan

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If the slack jawed mainstream Media was as thorough and tenacious as you Eve; there would be no place, no rock and no use for the 'evil' do'rs to hide. They could run, but they would only die tired.

Hard to argue with the case you have built up above. Time to call out Judge 100 years' for a ruling me thinks!

"Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend." - Bruce Lee
"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Southpark Fan. The influence is going to get even clearer in the next few posts.

Joan's skull was discovered on 4-18-1990. After a week long search, the grave was located. Joan was identified through dentals on 4-30-1990. The location was on Chebacco Road in Hamilton, MA. This was and still is a remote and heavily wooded area. It is more than 30 miles from the alleged crime at Pier 7 on Paradiso's boat, the boat that did not exist when Joan disappeared on 11-28-1981.

Before identification, George Webster commented.

This is 5 years after CR 85-010-S, the bankruptcy fraud case that affirmed the boat did not exist when Joan disappeared. George is correct that the location makes no sense based on the story being promoted. He continues to perpetuate that Joan was murdered on the boat and discarded in the ocean. This excerpt is from the Harvard Crimson on 4-28-1990.

After the remains were identified, the Websters were very visible in the media. This was in the Beverly Times on 5-4-1990. George suggests Paradiso was the source of Bond's information. There is a paper trail who Bond spoke to. I have a copy of Bonds written statement and testimony. The authorities misrepresented information that was blatantly false or speculation. However, George and Eleanor, parents of the victim, bolster Bond's credibility and influence Paradiso murdered Joan. It is important to note that the remains had been found. However, there is no evidence of an inquest against Paradiso, the Websters cremated Joan contrary to MA law, and the case is unresolved. Bond's statement was false. There was no boat and Joan was not in Boston Harbor.

This was in the Salem News 5-4-1990. Important to note, George Webster refused to elaborate. MA law does not allow the parents of a victim to assign guilt, be the judge and jury playing God with people's lives as far as I can find. Presently, the Websters oppose release of records according to the DAO. They stated they wanted justice.

Here is the Webster influence assigning guilt in the Boston Globe on 5-4-1990. I was informed by Hamilton PD detective Paul Grant that the Websters did not want certain individuals talked to. Trooper Andrew Palombo would not answer questions and directed queries to Tim Burke. The Websters declined to have an investigative program do a story about Joan. Cooperation to find Joan's killer? The conversation with Grant, now deceased, is documented.

Eleanor gets emphatic rejecting Paradiso's statement of innocence. I have experienced this indignant behavior. Paradiso's guilt was the "opinion" the Websters promoted. This quote is in the Boston Herald on 5-4-1990.

The Boston Herald quoted Tim Burke on 5-6-1990. The Websters, Tim Burke, and Andrew Palombo were the ones all on the same page. The Bond statement was not verified to be true. As a matter of fact, the discovery of the remains debunked it. There is no verification Paradiso made claims to Bond. It's the authorities and Websters that say so. There is a big question what the actual source was for Bond's statement.

I will get into the components of Bond's statement, who knew what and when. The pieces all fit.
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Southpark Fan:
If the slack jawed mainstream Media was
as thorough and tenacious as you Eve;
there would be no place, no rock and no
use for the 'evil' do'rs to hide.

Well said!
When it comes to 'tenacious' homicide work...
Monsieur Maigret has a daughter!

[Maigret's] character strengths mirror the demands of his job:
his ability to talk to criminals — to empathize with and inhabit their
reasoning — is indispensable to his work as a detective....

Maigret’s brilliance lies in his.... commitment to
seeing routine procedures through to their conclusion...


Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when open.
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