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Cultural Stigmata, Foucault, Activism

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:30 pm    Post subject: Cultural Stigmata, Foucault, Activism Reply with quote


Cultural Stigmata

Plato wrote in Phaedo

"Because Every pleasure and pain, as if armed with a nail, fastens and rivets to the soul, to the body, and causes it to become corporeal and fills it with the opinion that whatever the body asserts is true"

Pleasure and Pain is written into our bodies, our DNA, our spiritual essence.
Christ experienced the pain of our sins, he was killed in a scene of our fear of anything
that lifts us higher. Christ carried our psychic baggage from aeons before. Christ was one of many martyrs that have came before and after Christ (not just religious martyrs).

Isn't it interesting that people can connect so strongly to Christ and the energy that the pain of crucifixion. that it literally manifests itself as physical wounds from no outside source. Stigmata is quite Fascinating. The energy of trauma and pain can manifest so strongly in the mind that it causes a physical crisis.

Is it a big leap then, to assume that trauma can be transferred through cultural beliefs to the point that it causes physical pain from psychic baggage/trauma? Those who are oppressed, in any sense of this word, are carrying traumatic pain from not only being part of an identity that is repressed or acted on in violence, but the years prior to their own body. If trauma travels spiritually or genetically, then this adds quite a new level to diseases, violence, pain, and stigmata in actual from (mutilation of the body). Cultural stigmata could even affect those who, to some degree, are unaware to the connection they have to groups or beliefs that have been oppressed.

That would be why it is relevant to continually explore those groups (in all time periods) that have been afflicted with great traumas.

Foucault wrote, "The body is the inscribed surface of events (traced by language and dissolved by ideas), the locus of a dissociated Self (adopting the illusion of substantial unity), and a volume in perpetual disintregration. Genealogy, as an analysis of descent, is thus situated within the articulation of the body ad history, Its task is to expose a body totally imprinted by history and the process of history's destruction of the body."

Thus, we should try hard to not allow our bodies to be destroyed by trauma (rather physical or spiritual). We must find ways to get this trauma out of our bodies. No more stigmata. Is this really Holy or is this a sign of destroying the bodies of the believers of the spiritual?

In relation to Cultural Stigmata, Foucault wrote "The body manifests the stigmata of past experience and also gives rise to desires, failings, and errors" is evocative of the bodies of saints (that bear the stigmata of Christ) and the 'speaking' bodies of 19th and 20th century hysterics"

Therefore, one way to rid ourselves of this Cultural Stigmata is to change ourselves into "speaking subjects"

Kelly Oliver wrote in her "Beyond Recognition" that "Being Othered, Oppressed, subordinated, or tortured affects a person at the level of her subjectivity, her sense of herself as a subject and an agent. Oppression and subordination render individuals or groups of people as OTHER by OBJECTIFYING THEM. Objectification undermines subjectivity. Through the process of bearing witness to oppression and subordination, those othered can begin to repair damaged subjectivity by taking up a position as speaking subjects." pg 7

So write, dance, speak, you are more than an object. You are not your identity. Speak of your subjectivity. Show you as an "I" in a group of many other "I's"

This is the best example of dancing out cultural stigmata and trauma...

We can act out our violence, without ACTUALLY being violent. There are ways to get out aggression without physical destruction. I love the term "Clowning' for this particular style of dancing because let's be real, what a great term. It's a circus, they can express their repression through the aggressive movements and behaviors of a show they KNOW is a stage show. That is why it is so important to fund the arts. Let our people express their traumas through any kind of art.

Check out this video by Kerli...
Is she channeling our objectification of women and pop stars? Is she breaking the "mind-control" programming that our society has been built on. She seems to be exorcising something here...

I love this video by Erykah Badu "Window Seat" She is def. acting out some trauma for all of us. Interesting JFK reference.

Pass the positive energy done the stigmata line.
We need to reverse this bullshit energy...
No one is an on "object" everyone is a "subject"
Find your subjectivity.

Kelly Oliver: Beyond Recognition
Michel Foucault: "Nietzsche, Genealogy, and History" in Language, Counter-Memory, Practice. 1977.
Helene Cixous "The Laugh of the Medusa"
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