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The Anthrax PsyOp (old news)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:53 am    Post subject: The Anthrax PsyOp (old news) Reply with quote

You know, often from time to time I just go along browsin my merry way and run across some of the most profound 'coincidences' (if you'll call them that lol and perhaps sometimes they may be? I'm no expert) but I figured I'd post so that maybe somewhere down the line research may be done, etc. and this could possibly be reflected upon if it is found to be even worth that. Note how "conspiracy theorists" is used the same ol, PsyOping way it has always been used so as to detract from even the mere possibility that Beckner could have or currently worked for the Agency lol...

A friend of mine was watching a TV show and I had did some digging up on one of the actors (just out of curiosity since I had not seen the actor Gil Bellows in film, etc in such a while) and learned that he played in a show called "The Agency". Check out this description from CIApedia guys:

The Agency is a CBS television drama that followed the inner-workings of the CIA. The series was created by Michael Frost Beckner and was executive produced by Michael Frost Beckner, Shaun Cassidy Productions and Radiant Productions in association with Universal Network Television and CBS Productions. It aired from September 27, 2001 until May 17, 2003, lasting two seasons. It featured unprecedented filming from the actual CIA headquarters.

The show was controversial regarding its exploration of current international affairs and its treatment of the ethical conflicts inherent in intelligence work. Beckner's pilot script, written in March of 2001, posited a re-invented CIA tasked with a "War on Terror" after Osama Bin Ladden's Al Qaeda terrorist organization plots a lethal attack on the west. The pilot was to premiere at CIA Headquarters on September 18, 2001 and set to air on CBS September 21, 2001, however, the actual 9/11 attacks convinced the network to hold the pilot and instead air a later episode. That first episode was aired later as the third episode of the first season.

The series in its first season became known for Beckner's eerily predictive story lines. "A Slight Case of Anthrax" aired just prior to the anthrax attacks in Washington D.C.; "In our Own Backyard", which suggested that the former KGB had lost, what were then speculative, "suitcase" nukes hidden with deep cover moles in the U.S., aired hours before the Russian Federation announced that indeed it had planted suitcase nuclear devices in the United States during the Cold War and as many as eighty suitcases were unaccounted for; "The Peacemakers" portrayed a rogue Pakistani general killed by a hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone weeks before covert U.S. forces killed a Pakistani terrorist with such a device. Conspiracy theorists have posited that Beckner actually worked for the CIA, but this is unsubstantiated.

The September 11, 2001 terrorist events changed the way Americans viewed topical entertainment and "The Agency", at the time, was arguably its most topical offering. The producers of the series quickly responded to this new American perspective on world affairs, but CBS chose to cancel the show shortly after the second season's final episode.

The next little possible 'gem' found is when another friend was channel surfing and landed on "The Art of War" starring Wesley Snipes. This film came out prior to 9/11 and what the HELL d'ya know? In the film it seems to be some large PsyOp regarding China joining the WTO lol. Strange fiction I tell ya.

Now these are really just ramblings you'll find from time to time but they really make me go "what the hell?" and I'll rewind or whatever and its just profound to me given the small bit of insidetrack info I am aware of. In any event, just passing by as usual guys Wink.
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