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Orlando Bosch dead at 84...

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:18 am    Post subject: Orlando Bosch dead at 84... Reply with quote

Damn......soon we won't have any living, breathing and possibly credible witnesses to that terrible event...

April 27, 2011
Cuban exile militant Orlando Bosch dies in Miami
Times wires


Cuban exile militant Bosch is dead at 84

Prominent Cuban exile militant Orlando Bosch, who was acquitted in Venezuela in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner, died Wednesday at 84. Bosch's wife, Adriana, said he died at a suburban Miami hospital. She said the exile opponent of communist Cuba's Fidel Castro had suffered complications from various illnesses and had been hospitalized since December.

More info on Bosch (from http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKbosch.htm)
Orlando Bosch was born in Cuba. An opponent of Fidel Castro, Posada went to live in Miami. After the Bay of Pigs. Bosch ran an anti-Castro training camp for the Central Intelligence Agency in Homestead, Florida. Bosch gradually became convinced that the Cubans had been betrayed by President John F. Kennedy and wrote a pamphlet about this called The Tragedy of Cuba.

According to Marita Lorenz, Bosch became a member of Operation 40, a CIA assassination squad. One member, Frank Sturgis claimed: "this assassination group (Operation 40) would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members who were suspected of being foreign agents... We were concentrating strictly in Cuba at that particular time."

Lorenz pointed out that a few days before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a group including Bosch, Frank Sturgis, Guillermo Novo and Pedro Diaz Lanz, travelled to Dallas. She also claimed that Bosch was at a motel in Dallas when Kennedy's murder was planned.

Bosch founded the contra-revolutionary group called "Poder Cubano" (Cuban Power) which he used as a means of developing and implementing his terrorist theme of war throughout the world. According to Cuban authorities Bosch was involved in 78 terrorist attacks on Spain, England, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and other countries that traded with Cuba.

In February, 1968, Ricardo Morales Navarrete was arrested and charged with placing an explosive device in the building of a company trading with Cuba. He was eventually released on this charge and agreed to become a FBI informer and went to work for Bosch.

In October, 1968, United States officials arrested Bosch for terrorist activities. Ricardo Morales Navarrete provided evidence against him and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Bosch was freed in 1972. The following year he moved to Venezuela where he joined up with Guillermo Novo and Luis Posada.

On 25th November 1975, leaders of the military intelligence services of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay met, with Juan Manuel Contreras in Santiago de Chile. The main objective was for the CIA to coordinate the actions of the various security services in "eliminating Marxist subversion". Operation Condor was given tacit approval by the United States which feared a Marxist revolution in the region. The targets were officially leftist guerrillas but in fact included all kinds of political opponents. Bosch soon became involved in this undercover operation.

In October, 1976, the midair explosion of Cubana Flight 455 flying out of Barbados killed all 73 people aboard. This included all 24 young athletes on Cuba's gold-medal fencing team. Police in Trinidad arrested two Venezuelans, Herman Ricardo and Freddy Lugo. Ricardo worked for Posada's security agency in Venezuela and admitted that he and Lugo had planted two bombs on the plane. Ricardo claimed the bombing had been organized by Bosch and Luis Posada. When Posada was arrested he was found with a map of Washington showing the daily route of to work of Orlando Letelier, the former Chilean Foreign Minister, who had been assassinated on 21st September, 1976.

Herman Ricardo and Freddy Lugo were both sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. In 1987 Bosch was freed with the help of Otto Reich, the White House's leading adviser on Latin America. Bosch entered the United States, where he was granted asylum. He was eventually pardoned by President George Bush on 18th July, 1990.

Bosch was interviewed by Dollan Cannell for his documentary, 638 Ways to Kill Fidel Castro (2006). He was asked if he and the CIA were involved in the bombing of Cubana Flight 455. Bosch replied that he was not allowed to talk about such matters. He was therefore not able to answer “yes” or “no”. He then pointed out that he had been accused of organizing the placing of bombs on three Cuban planes. He then went onto to justify this action by claiming that as far as he was concerned he was a soldier carrying out orders in a war against Castro.

The film then showed a clip of George W. Bush making a speech where he says “people who harbour terrorists, are also terrorists”. This was followed by an explanation of how the Bush family had protected Bosch and Luis Posada over the years. Wayne S. Smith then appeared on camera to argue that by his own definition, Bush was a terrorist.

Orlando Bosch died in Miami on 26th April, 2011.

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