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Aztec Calendar

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 11:15 pm    Post subject: Aztec Calendar Reply with quote

The Aztec Calendar displays inscriptions of the wisdom of the ages.

Astronomy, Geometry, Science, Philosophy, Divination, History...

The Aztec Calendar is a unique map that reflects a special way of thinking.

If you are a student or a professor; or if you are only a curious person..

Twenty Day Signs revolve around the stone design. Find out the meaning of the Aztec Day Signs.

YOU can discover the key to one of the great uncovered mysteries of all time.

The Aztec Calendar contains intelligible inscriptions of the wisdom of the ages.

Aztec Calendar is a trip into the world of myth and archeology and of ancient science.

Do you want to know what is the meaning of human existence?

Then read this...

When human beings stood under a starry sky

and navigated and calculated eclipses,

they gave evidence of the human gift of reason.

The archicture of reason is congruent with the architecture

of the heavens and so the ancient calendars

are measures of new ways of thinking.

The reason of the Aztec priest and the Toltec priest before him

were not less sophisticated than mathematics-soaked cantons of modern academic science. Ah!

The Aztecs were the Sadaam Husseins of their age - what tortures were they not capable of?

What questions was the Aztec asking?

This investigation is to be demonstrated in a hundred small lessons .

Unknown Science and Mode of Thinking

Prediction and Social Regulation

Astronomical Geometry

The Transits of Venus

The Twenty Day Signs

* You want to delve into a mystery. .
* You want to improve your mind.
* You want to know about ancient thought and calendar systems.
* You have an interest in Mexican history.
* You are a student
* You are a teacher
* You are a seeker.

This powerful model will give you amazing inside knowledge, of an ancient key to our present world.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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Joined: 23 Sep 2006
Posts: 355
Location: Mexico

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:30 pm    Post subject: Major Aztec find in Mexico City Reply with quote

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) 5 Octubre 2006 - Mexican archeologists have made
the most significant Aztec find in decades, unearthing a 15th century altar
and a huge stone slab at a ruined temple in the throbbing heart of Mexico City.

The works were uncovered last weekend at the Aztec empire's main Templo Mayor temple,
near the central Zocalo square, which was used for worship and human sacrifice.

It was the most meaningful find since electricity workers stumbled upon

an eight-tonne carving of an Aztec goddess at the same site in 1978.

"It is a very important discovery, the biggest we have made in 28 years.
It will allow us to find out a lot more," Mexico City's mayor, Alejandro Encinas, said on Wednesday.

The altar has a frieze of the rain god Tlaloc and an agricultural deity.

Archeologists are still unearthing the 11-foot (3.5-m) monolith,
which they think might be part of an entrance to an underground chamber.

At the site, excavators with pick axes and shovels hacked at the earth above the monolith
while groups of archeologists, government officials and reporters waited around the deep pit.

"The importance of the monolith is what we are going to discoverů
It's likely that it is part of a chamber, of some offering.
We won't know until we get close. First we have to get the stone out,"
said Alberto Diaz, a member of the archeological team.

The Aztecs, a warlike and deeply religious people who built monumental works,
ruled an empire stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean
and encompassing much of modern-day central Mexico.

Their often bloody reign began in the 14th century
and ended when they were subjugated in 1521
by the Spanish led by Hernan Cortes.


The Aztecs began building the Templo Mayor pyramid-shaped temple n 1375.
Its ruins are now only yards from the center of Mexico City.

The temple was a center of human sacrifice.
At one ceremony in 1487,
historians say tens of thousands of victims were sacrificed, their hearts ripped out.

Spanish conquistadors destroyed the temple when they razed the city
and used its stones to help build their own capital.

Now the site is surrounded by Spanish colonial buildings like Mexico City's cathedral
and the historical National Palace as well as convenience stores and fast-food restaurants.

"Really, when we begin to excavate, we realize that we are in three different times,
three different cities: You see the current city, the colonial city and the pre-Hispanic city," said Diaz.

One must discount Reiters psychops spin, and sterotype representation
of the Aztecs. There have been psychops upon psychops over history.

"It is through beauty, that one proceeds to freedom." - Friedrich Schiller
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