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The Quest for Our Atlantean Legacy
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A mind-blowing book, launched on the internet
on Nov. 1st., 2005, which draws together the
hidden threads of history to reveal our ancient
origin. But, not just a book of our history, it
places this in a modern context to
show how powerful interests with
esoteric knowledge cloud our
past from us, even as they
act out its secret rituals.

•The destruction of an ancient civilization. •The true purpose and actual location of Noah's Ark. •An exodus to Egypt and return to Ireland. •The roots of Esoteric knowledge. •Hidden ritual and its public face as Catholic fought Protestant in the Battle of the Boyne. •An atonishing analysis of the celestial arrangements in the sky over that battle. •The role of masonic, illuminati and other secret orders. •Their links to Houses of power and Royal bloodlines. •The House of Stuart, the House of Orange and the implications for Diana. •The origin of Fiat money. •Secrets of the Parasitical Elite. •And more.....

Interview with author Andrew Power
1 hour 30mins
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Fintan Dunne,
"The Next Level" Netradio Show
Tuesday 1st November 2005

The images below are referred
to in the Audio Interview

Skymaps of the celestial arrangements overhead
of The Battle of The Boyne scene in 1690


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Entrance to Newgrange:
The Cave of the Sun God

Passageway to the Sun Chamber

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of Newgrange

"What the establishment
teaches is completely backwards.
The true pagans worhsipped
God and are thankful for the
earth that God has given us"

From: The Bible an Irish Book
An Elucidation of its Character Names
by Conor Mac Dari

Original Content Copyright © Andrew Power 2005