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, 2005
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20th April '04      Update:1am ET

 First Published 8th April
Tears For Sears, 4/19
Portents of a new 9/11
Compiled by Fintan Dunne.
Original Sears Synchronicity: NeuAmerica. Timewave-Danny; 
Charts-Cindy & Denyse; Harmonics-Norma
; Gematria-Ozzie

Listen Sears 4/19 - mp3 

 UPDATE APRIL 19th      By Fintan Dunne

Sears Tower
Bomb Plot

19th April, 2004 03:00ET

According to an inteligence briefing reported early today on World Net Daily, a plot to bomb the Sears Tower with explosives laced with toxic osmium tetroxide has been foiled by information from police raids in Britain.

WND quotes an intelligence briefing headlined today on Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, that traces of the chemical and manuals for its use, were found by British intelligence in raids following the Madrid train bombings, and details were passed on to U.S. counterparts.

But a lot had been happening before that report appeared on WND.

On Friday the FBI and Department of Homeland Security held a rare secure conference call with police in dozens of major cities reported ABCNews. Meanwhile, said Farrah's report, around the world, Intelligence agencies were attempting to get further information.

The intelligence indicated that Al-Queda operatives were already "in place," and the al-Queda operation was imminent. Read between those lines.

By Saturday security officials issued a classified bulletin warning of attacks --probably in the U.S. and of similar scale to the Madrid train bombings. Or perhaps that might mean -organized by the same network.

On Sunday national security adviser Condoleezza Rice in a TV interview said the US was bracing for attacks. On Sunday also, ABCNews finally published their report that U.S. intelligence officials had been on alert since Friday regaarding an imminent terrorist attack.

Were both moves on Sunday a precaution to cover the administration's tail in the event of an attack on Monday?

at 1am Eastern today 19th April, WND headlined an intelligence briefing which is the top story on Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The report says that traces of the chemical and manuals for its use, were found by British intelligence in raids following the Madrid train bombings, and details were passed on to U.S. counterparts.

Take a look at the timing of the WND article.

At 1 am Eastern, it was 6am GMT in Britain and police had already successfully conducted a series of raids around Manchester, England in which ten people had already been arrested.

Was that the green light which meant that a story known to insiders since Friday could now be printed?

Last month, raids across south-east England resulted in arrests and the discovery of ingredients for fertilizer bombs. It is these raids which uncovered the attack plan on the Sears Tower.

Question: How were "terrorists" in Britain going to carry out a bombing of the Sears tower from Manchester, England. Telepathy? Or did they plan to catch a transatlantic flight with half a ton of fertilizer in their carry on luggage?

Or, more likely, was there a US arm to this conspiracy; was that the information which lit up the FBI's terror meetings (but never lit up their public alert level); and was there a matching set of raids in the US which netted the American side of the bomb plot group?

Since Madrid's train bombings, there has been an unprcedented international effort to uncover the so-called al-Queda network behind the blasts. The agencies and personnel in these investigations are hostile to the US/UK war on terror and their proxy terror groups whose Madrid atrocity was an attempt to stampede voters and politicians into blind support for the War On Terror.

These agencies, with the support of US-based allies in the FBI/CIA intelligence and security services, may indeed have thwarted an attack on the Sears Tower scheduled for today.

So why won't you be hearing about this intelligence success here in the USA? Maybe the back trail of this group makes for the kind of messy details the establishment don't really want the unwashed masses to hear about.

Strange that a bomb plot against the Sears Tower should be reported foiled on anniversary of Oklahoma. And not a blip on the Homeland Security Threat Level either !

Good News. So far at least.

  Oklahoma Anniversary Warning

            Warning Issued 4/15 @ 9pmET

 UPDATE APRIL 16th      By Fintan Dunne

Echoes of OKC
Ring Red Alert

16th April, 2004 07:00ET

Since we first went online with this webpage eight days ago, more information has come to hand.

Based on the most recent indications, we determine the threat of a terror event in the USA to be at its highest since 9/11 --most especially on April 19th.

What follows is an outline the relentless series of developments --up to Thursday 15th-- which form the basis of our conclusion. Hang in here. It all leads somewhere. But, note that this is not a guarantee of an event on April 19th, just a precautionary warning.

For guarantees you must turn to General Ralph Eberhart. He heads up Northern Command [Northcom], and is responsible for U.S. airspace being secure. As secure, perhaps as when he ran Northcom's predecessor NORAD on September 11th , 2001.

Unlike us, he has no qualms about pronouncing guarantees. "They're gonna sucker punch us again. I guarantee it." he said recently. But then, he's not tied to a specific date. Surely? Whereas we are.

Anyway, it's clearly a question of "when."

Not "if."

The first in a series of significant recent developments took place only last Tuesday when John Ashcroft appeared before the 9/11 commission.

An interim report by the commission had just blamed the Justice Department and the FBI for a lack of cooperation on sharing intelligence information and said the FBI had been limited in its ability to collect and analyze intelligence about domestic terrorist threats.

When he appeared, Ascroft switched the emphasis from the Bush administration to the Clinton administration, which blamed for the attacks because it allowed the nation's defenses to wither for eight years.

The commission had found a ball, Ashcroft had thrown it, and his good buddies on WorldNetDaily soon ran with it: "Ashcroft nails Clintonite in setting blame for 9-11"

Here's some of the first few paragraphs [with emphasis]:

Sept. 11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick wrote a 1995 memo that established a "wall" between the criminal and intelligence divisions, hindering the ability of the U.S. government to detect the Sept. 11, 2001, plot, according to testimony today by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

The document by Gorelick [pdf file], who served as deputy attorney general under President Clinton, helped establish the "single greatest structural cause" for Sept. 11, which was "the wall that segregated criminal investigators and intelligence agents," Ashcroft said in his prepared statement.

Gorelick [right] was a Democratic appointee to the commission probing how the government handled the threat to terrorism leading to the 9-11 attacks.

"Government erected this wall," Ashcroft said. "Government buttressed this wall. And before September 11, government was blinded by this wall."
© 2004, Inc.

Ashcroft even went to the trouble to declassify the Gorelick memo for the convenience of the commission. How accomodating.

Now the coup de grace.

"I have declassified it for you and the public to review," Ashcroft told the commission. "lts disclosure compels me to inform you that its author is a member of this commission."

WorldNetDaily reported that following the Ashcroft bombshell, The Landmark Legal Foundation has formally requested that Gorelick resign from the commission because she is "hopelessly conflicted" as a member.

And NewsMax chimed in: Gorelick U.S. Official Most Responsible for 9/11

Former chief White House political adviser Dick Morris charged Wednesday night that 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick is the U.S. public official "most responsible for 9/11 happening."

"Of all of the public officials in the Clinton administration and the Bush administration, the one who is most directly, in my judgment, responsible for 9/11 happening is Jamie Gorelick,"
All Rights Reserved ©

Touche! That neatly shifts the blame for 9/11 back a few years before Bush took office.

In summary, the new theme is that 9/11 was the fault of Bill Clinton and the Democrats. Which makes for nice ammunition in election season.

And it all ties back to the Oklahoma bombing on April 19th, 1995. Old news sometimes gets hauled out and reheated. This theme has been warming up alarmingly this week.

From WorldNetDaily again [with emphasis]: 9-11 panel confronts Freeh on Iraq link

Sept. 11 Commission testimony by former FBI Director Louis Freeh yesterday lent credibility to a theory that Iraq was behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, according to an investigative reporter whose new book on the subject was addressed at the hearing.

Jayna Davis, author of "The Third Terrorist: The Middle Eastern Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing," told WorldNetDaily Freeh's... response... "expressed his belief that the book is a credible source."


In an interview with WND in October 2001, attorney David Schippers, who prosecuted the House of Representatives' impeachment case against Bill Clinton, said his examination of the evidence Davis presented him was conclusive. "I am thoroughly convinced that there was a dead-bang Middle Eastern connection in the Oklahoma City bombing," he said.

© 2004, Inc

Indeed there was a dead-bang Middle Eastern connection. More than one.

And you don't have to look hard to find them.

Terry Nichols had a Philippino bride and is alleged to have had contact with Al Queda members in the Philippines. It is also alleged that a John Doe seen in the truck with Mc Veigh looks like Al Queda suspect Jose Padilla --currently in U.S. custody.

Then then there is the strange figure of Andreas Strassmeir, as detailed by the New American on June 24, 1996: More Pieces to the OKC Puzzle:

The article asks:

"What connection does a 36-year-old former German soldier from one of Germany's most prominent families have to the Oklahoma City bombing? What was the extent of his association with Timothy McVeigh? Was he an agent/informant in a joint operation of German and U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies?".
© Copyright 2004 American Opinion Publishing Incorporated

All very good questions. And not the first time people have asked questions about Bill Clinton, his administration and the murky world of terror.

We even asked some questions a while back, about Bill Clinton's amazingly little-known great escape on 9/11, and we wondered why George Bush was obliging enough to cover for Clinton early on in the Bush presidency. See: Slick Willie's Great Escape.

But interesting as all these questions are, they are not really of the moment. Other than those directly affected by Oklahoma, most people's memories of that event were eclipsed by the horror of 9/11.

It's old news. Or at the least, it can be said to lack immediacy.

But what if some persons unknown, ruthless people, were to reheat that old news considerably --by staging what loked like an al-Queda attack --on the 19th of April, the 9th anniversdary of the Oklahoma bombing in 1995?

Just to, shall we say, grease the path of our leader GW. That would slightly reinvigorate the debate about the issues, would it not?

In this context, it's worth recalling that one of the first actions of George Bush as president was to intervene in the McVeigh case.

And we note that Terry Nichols is currently on trial facing charges relating to all this. With his lawyers pleading to the court that the prosecution is hiding evidence that others were involved, and currently awaiting a ruling from his honour the judge on their submission.

With all this in mind, came news today of another in the list of spurious Osama Bin Laden audiotapes --this one purporting to offer a truce to Europe while vowing to continue to target the US.

European governments quickly and quite predictably rejected a "truce" offered by Osama bin Laden, in exchange for the withdrawing troops from Iraq.

The tape comes as many nations are under intense pressure over their support for the occupation of Iraq. The execution of an Italian mercenary, the kidnapping of Japanese civilians and the fall of the Jose Maria Aznar's PP party from power after the Madrid bombings, have all put the Iraq coalition under pressure.

The fake Osama tape therefore is a ploy designed to produce a knee-jerk rejection to the farcical truce offer and drive home to Western voters the idea that failing to support the coalition is "giving in" to Osama and sullying the memories of those who died on 9/11.

And besides, if there is now an immediate "al-Queda" attack, the insulting Osama offer to Europe just beforehand will make any European politician who fails to back the USA look like an apologist for Osama. The Osama tape walls off the path of retreat from the War on Terror. Clever piece of psyops work.

Former White House counter-terrorism official Roger Cressey says we can assume that al Qaeda has "a variety of operations in the hopper right now planned."

Those operations may be in the final stages of planning, Cressey said, with the terrorists waiting for bin Laden's deadline to expire. "[T]hey will just wait until after the 90 days and launch," he added.

Of course, any attack on the US would not be bound by any the 90 day warning to Europe, and could take place at any time.

Also intriguing was news that the US military has pulled back from predictions that it could capture Osama bin Laden this year.

''I am very reluctant to predict any kind of timeline for the capture of any HVT (high value target) but I will say it is the highest priority,'' Major General Eric Olson yesterday told reporters at the coalition's HQ north of Kabul.

The US-led coalition said in January it was confident of capturing him by the end of the year. But Olson, now says capturing Bin Laden was "very difficult to accomplish along this kind of timeline.''

Now that's an unexpected development. Some months ago Madeline Albright told a Fox News presenter off air that George Bush had Osama on ice --to be hauled out when it would best suit his reelection purposes.

But with the deepening calamity in Iraq, some doubt if even Osama can save GW's bacon now.

So, maybe Osama is going to be around for a little longer. Perhaps the American public need a more proximate reason to celebrate his capture.

And perhaps the October surprize won't have to wait until October.

Finally, all of these developments have taken place after we had already [April 8th] highlighted a threat to the Sears Tower focussing on April 19th.

Which follows below.

Fintan Dunne.


SEARS 4/19

by Fintan Dunne

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   N e w s  B Y T E S
   Mon April 19 3am ET

Imminent Threat?
Operatives already
In Place says

Rice says U.S. is
Bracing for Terror
Before Polls

Russia off the Net
April 19-25th

From April 19 untill April, 25 Russia will be off the Internet for an upgrade to safer Internet protocols. Access to any addresses in Russian part of the Internet will be impossible.

U.S. to pull forces from Korean DMZ

Flashback May 4, 2003
Oklahoma and the tantalising Iraqi connection

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of This Page

More News on


Fintan Dunne
& NeuAmerica
with Alex Merklinger
on Mysteries of the Mind

Listen to
Archive of
Mon 5th April Show

Advance 33 mins into the
show for Sears segment,
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I visit often now
and I saw your website listed there.
I honestly don’t know if there’ll be a
terrorist attack, but if there is
God have mercy on us all.


James Madison (the 4th president) was a Freemason. When you stand on Madison at a good distance from the Sears Tower (whether 2 miles away or even 8 miles away), the building appears to be directly ahead of you, with the 2 horns staring straight up into the sky. Also, the "Skylobby" is located on the 66th floor of the Sears Tower


I was living in OKC, when Waco and the bombing occurred. I know there was Mid-East complicity in the OKC bombing. Now, I'm living 30 miles west of Chicago. I concur with your concluding remarks about the alleged "terrorists". It's hard not to see this date approach without a certain amount of apprehension.

"A" near Chicago

.... It's quite unusual to have the New Moon in the same sign two months in a row. The previous New Moon in Aries represented the opening of the astrological year, a fresh period of discoveries, both positive and negative. This New Moon, in the 29th degree of the sign, is like the worn out Aries, wounded from past battles and uncertain whether the fight can be sustained.


Pluto’s station last month and his current position as well, lies in an interesting configuration with the chart of the United States, the chart of the nation’s birthday from 1776. Pluto is currently opposite U.S. Mars and square to U.S. Neptune, symbolizing two important factors in the make-up of this country, the military and the media.

What really happened at Port Chicago
in 1944, a nuclear explosion?


Fintan, I just checked the lyrics for the Duran Duran album from the early 1990's with the hits Come Undone & Ordinary World. Interesting references and political themes on this album, with Skull & Bones popping up, as well as Forbes, a departed fire chief, a drowning man, and more. Duran Duran is a double/twin name, which is something often used in mind control programming. The first song on the album is too much information, with references to MTV, ABC, & BBC. Curious stuff.

Jed S.

April 19 - is a Satanic ritual day relating
to fire - the fire god, Baal or... the Roman god Saturn (Satan/Devil). And what does Moloch demand? The sacrifice of children. Waco (April 19 1993) and Oklahoma (April 19 1995) were child sacrifices to Baal/Moloch according to exactly the same belief system as those performed by the ancient Phoenicians and Canaanites. In the same way, a war to the Illuminati is a mass blood ritual in which unimaginable numbers are killed and maimed, and the planet is engulfed by negative emotional energy.




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, 2005
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A Shell gasoline station in Chicago shows a list of its prices for different grades of fuel 19 March, 2004. Gasoline prices have been risen on the average .26 cents across the US, with San Francisco having some of the highest, averaging 2.25 USD per gallon for regular. Experts predict the national average will surpass the two USD during the summer travel season. There are even predictions that prices for the fuel will surpass the three USD per gallon markfor the regular grade. The Sears Tower, a Chicago landmark, is seen in the background. AFP PHOTO/Jeff HAYNES(AFP/JEFF HAYNES)
 P A R T  1                    By Fintan Dunne

The Eve of

8th April, 2004

On a spring day in 2004, two linked events made news. The first was spectacular and horrifying. The second was surprising, irritating to some --and ominous to others. Both happened exactly 911 days after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The first was the brutal attack on Madrid's rail system which left almost 200 dead and over a thousand injured. Dubbed Europe's 9/11, it was an alleged al-Qaida bid to shock Spain into departing from George Bush's Iraq coalition.

Those terror bombs struck Madrid on Tuesday, 11th March, 2004 --exactly 911 days after the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

The second event that day was the unexpected announcement that three investors involved in buying the World Trade Center complex just seven weeks before the total destruction of it's twin 110 story towers, had just bought the last of the USA's 110 story skyscrapers --Sears Tower, in Chicago.

A trio of reclusive New York landlords had just paid Metlife close to $850 million for the third remaining 110 story tower. The Chicago skyscraper used to have a spooky pre-9/11 valuation of exactly $911 million. News of the purchase was announced on the same morning as Madrid's carnage --exactly 911 days after 9/11.

The irritating part was that potential competing bidders for the Sears Tower never had a chance to make a better offer. Metlife closed the deal with the New York buyers so quickly, that real estate experts were left scratching their heads as to why.

Some saluted the resolve of the new investors, who clearly were either undaunted by terror risks --or else well protected by accomodating insurers willing to underwrite the risk.

The Sears Tower management had worked hard to show its total commitment to security and its conviction that the building was as terror-proof as humanly possible.

Most existing and potential tennants had been reassured. With perhaps one notable exception. For whatever reason, Goldman Sachs are set to leave the Tower --despite a lease which secured their tennancy until 2011.

Sears Tower was not the only deal going down in town. Real estate analysts say the Chicago market had been buzzing since the start of 2004 --making it the third most active market in the U.S.

So, that day, March 11th, 2004 saw a 9/11-style attack --911 days after 9/11, and the purchase of a 110 story tower valued at $911 million dollars prior to 9/11 --by investors who had seen their two 110 story towers crumble to the ground within weeks of purchase, on 9/11.

No wonder some people sat up and took notice. Things had gotten curious. And the ominous part is that they get even curiouser. The references to 911 and 110 which cropped up on March 11th are scheduled to intersect again very soon:

On April 19th, 2004 it will be the 110th day of the year. The day will begin at midnight, when it will be EXACTLY 911 hours since the midnight after the Madrid bombings.
(38 days X 24 hours = 912 hours, minus 1 hour for
daylight savings = exactly 911 hours in 38 days.)

On April 19th, 2004, it will also be 9 and 11 years respectively since two of the darkest moments in modern American history: the Oklahoma Murrah Building blast on April 19th, 1995; and the related mass incineration of David Koresh's followers on April 19th 1993, at Waco, Texas..

Propping up these gloomy resonances are a host of further esoteric indications which point to April 19th and the Sears Tower, as detailed in the articles below.

And it is against this inauspicious backdrop that in recent days have come media reports of questionable origin.

These reports are based on murky intelligence contacts touting a claimed transcript of the interrogation of a terror suspect.

Under breathless headlines like "Sears Tower Was Terror Target," articles have been popping up on news pages around the world over the last few weeks.

The supposed interrogation transcript say that Sears Tower was/is a prime target for the "terrorists" who perpetrated 9/11. But everyone knows this anyway. After all, on the day of 9/11, the Sears Tower was immediately evacuated as a blindingly obvious precaution.

Those reports are basically, old news. Or maybe, they are not.

Maybe theose media reports are signs that world media are being carefully primed to pin the blame in the "right" places --should anything happen to the Sears Tower.

Perhaps the very same people who brought you Waco, Oklahoma and 9/11 are about to unleash more of their brutal brand of socio-political manipulation.

And, I'm not talking about terrorists here.

Consider this web page a blindingly obvious precaution.

Fintan Dunne
April 8th, 2004


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, 2005
The Mainstream Unplugged       Be a Subscriber- Details?  

 P A R T  2                                     By Danny

The Sears

Dear Fintan and Alex,
I was intrigued by your recent show, where Fintan prophesied that the next major 'terror attack' will take place on the Sears Tower on the 19th April 2004.

Are you familiar with Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory?

Basically, this prophetic system, based on the i-Ching, graphs the ups and downs of 'novelty' in the course of human and world affairs.

Times of severe novelty are marked by a sharp 'downward' spike in the graph.

Curious as to what the Timewave graph would say about this numerological theory pertaining to 911, Madrid and the Sears Tower, I casually entered the programme
(which is still available in DOS format) and keyed in the date 19th April 2004.

Guess when the next major downward spike in 'novelty' is due?
Yes, you guessed it - the 19th April 2004 !!!

I've attached a screenprint of McKenna's Timewave Zero graph.
It shows the period 24th March -- 24th April, 2004.

Refer to the graph -- the target date is self-explanatory: It's the 19th April.
and it is illustrated on the novelty graph by a vertical purple line.

Could this be the next 911 on the Sears Towers, as foretold by the mainstream press [Washington Times] and foreshadowing the onset of the 'military government' spoken of by Tommy Franks? Could this be the starting point for the next phase in the 'war on terror' - a new and no holds barred escalation?

I have been going around for the past year boring the pants of people, telling them to watch out for a MAJOR event coming up in April 2004 which will be AS BIG, if not bigger, than 911. Well, if a new 911 occurred, that would certainly settle the US election wouldn't it? Unlike in Spain, it is likely to be cancelled altogether!

When you 'pull back' the timeframe to a larger canvas of 5 years, see how just after April 19th, there is a much greater major downward spike on 19th May 2004.

The two purple vertical lines close together mark April 19th and May 19th. From the 19th May, the novelty graph falls steeply until 28 September 2004. The extent of the May 19th fall makes our April 19th spike look tiny by comparison.

Now see the single purple line at left which marks 11th September, 2001. Notice how the graph does not immediately fall on 9/11. Novelty may be like a big ship --it takes a while to respond.
Click the Graphs to open
larger version in a new window.
Make the window smaller and you can
read the text while viewing the graphs.

When you pull the timewave timeframe further back to about 31 years, you can see the bigger picture, all the fluctuations of novelty up and down over that period.

There are markers at Sept 2001; September 2004 --roughly the end of the novelty event which began in April and May of 2004.

And in August of 2008 there's another drastic downward spike in novelty that might correlate with the start of a possible WW3.

Like the year 2006 which was mooted in The Bible Code as the possible year of an armageddon even, 2008 has also been mooted at an apocalyptic date in many prophecies and end times traditions. Following that event, it's all pretty much downhill the rest of the way, as they say. Basically, when the graph is running downwards, things are just getting more and more novel until the reach Terrence McKenna's zero point of 2012, beyond which is anyone's guess.

It is clear that between now and 2012 there are two major downward spikes - one coming up in 2004 and the second coming in 2008, before we just trend downards all the way to the bottom of the graph on 21st December, 2012.



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, 2005
The Mainstream Unplugged       Be a Subscriber- Details?  

 P A R T  3                                     By Norma


The following alphanumeric and Harmonic analysis, reveals encoded data.

Each century has a palindrome or mirrored year, such as 1661, 1771, 1881 etc. These occur 110 years apart, until 1991 and 2002. A noticeable break occurs in the otherwise stable cycle period of 110 years. This 11 year window of time seems significant, and global events--as well as personal events--do verify great change during these 11 years.

56 = April...5+6=11
9 April = 65, its mirror, and another 11
Friday = 63 = Eleven
April 9 Friday = 128...another 11 resonance.

My interpretation of the first self iterated or Master Number 11 is:
  1 as Source, and its paired 1 as human; or, human and Divine as paired awareness.
  This can also be understood as anima and animus being the paired 11.
  Inner and outer awareness, self reflective awareness.
  Friday as 63 also = Divine....appropriate for Good Friday.

April 19 is New Moon = 99
9+9 = 18. New English version Tarot major arcana card #18 = The Tower.
The Tower = 114
114 = September 11
114 = Holocaust

April 19 + Monday: 75 = April 19
+72 = Monday ( also = First, Origin, Carrier, School, Money, World )
147 is the total. 147 = Day of Destiny; "This is the day". Reconciliation.

147 + 99 New Moon = 246.
246 = "Old things are passed away..." (..." all things become new." New Testament )
246 is 2 x 123
123 = New Beginning; New Tower; and this also reads "War + September 11".

Sum: 62----81-----46 = 189
(Notice the #18 here: Tarot #18 is The Tower.)

89 = Complete, Success, Unity
89 = Twinned, Memory
Our "complete" number system is,9.

189 = The Beginning and the End.
Beginning = 81, sum for "Tower". 81 is 9 x 9, where 9 is "the end" number.
81 = Source.
189 = "Seeking next level". This is the chaos principle of an extreme having been reached; chaos then occurs, which enables the next level of flow or complexity of form.
CHICAGO as 46 = Chaos.

189 is 7 x 27.
27 = Base, Code, Red. Universal Harmonics has added a 27th letter to English alphabet: an inverted Y as symbol of Unification, resolution of opposites, Unity from Diversity.

189 is 3 x 63.
63 = Whole, Know, Sight, Divine, Saint, Irish, or Rishi, Chinese, Eleven

April 19 2004 = 2079
2079 -189 ( Chicago Sears Tower )
1890 ( The Mean of this model. 18, 90 reads "Head Sphinx" )

1890 as 1+8+9+0 = 18
1890 is 18 x 105.
18, again, references Tarot card #18 The Tower ( the tearing down of that which no longer serves; outmoded or incorrect structure or construct.)

105 is Tarot card #10 The World. This card is the principle of triumph, of ascension, of the exaltation of Divine Feminine, as well as next level DNA and brain changes for humanity.

105 = Liberation, Mobility
105 = DNA Molecule ( changes occuring for next level of biological life )

15 is new English version Tarot card #15 "The Sun" ( principle of rebirth, renewal )

183 = Transformation. This is the new name for traditional Tarot card #13 Death.
18 of 183 is Tarot #18 "The Tower".
Tarot #3 is "The Moon".
183 is half a leap year: 366 is 2 x 183 days.
A leap year is bisected at July 1 and July 2.

April = 56 = Begins or Beings.
56 = Healing, Three, Sides, Light

April 19 = 75.
75 = North, Loopback, Spiral, Electric, Lights, Averted

19 is letter "S"
19 = DNA, Egg, Adam, Idea, Ahead

2004 + April 19 ( 75 ) = 2079.
79 = Ground, Mother

2079 divides by 3 ( Three = 56 = April )
2079 divides by 3 to the fundamental of 77.
77 = Group, Research, Power, Wrong, Christ

2079 square root is 45.596052
45 = East, Bridge, Path, Effect
59 = Double, Direct, Island
60 = Four, Found, Order, Inside
52 = Ship, Door, Earth, Six

333 is the Christ frequency.

Universal Harmonics Analysis method of "whole math", or diamond model for
"Chicago Sears Tower", as 46--62--81, is shown with its added and subtracted interrelationship of name components:

-.............3 ( Notice 3 and 19: Three = 56 = April, 19 )

251 as 25, 1 reads "All 1".
143 = Ground Zero
108 = Accomplished, Business

108 is name of the 27th alphabet letter "
The Y-Not", where the hyphen is counted as 1 at 90 degree angle change.

by Norma --Universal Harmonics Master Analyst and Time Keeper



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, 2005
The Mainstream Unplugged       Be a Subscriber- Details?  

 P A R T  4                        By Cindy & Denyse

Sears 4/19
In The Stars

Below is an astrological for the sears Tower - based on its "birth" on May 3rd, 1973. Chart and comments by Denyse, followed with analysis by Cindy.

" There are no major transits hitting the Sears Tower's chart. Except, if you include Chiron in the reading. Chiron will be at 1 degree in Capricorn.

" The tower's Mercury is at 1 degree in Aries, and it's moon is 0 degree in Taurus. Transiting Mars will be at 23 degrees in Taurus and the tower's Chiron is at 23 degrees in Pisces.

" The eclipse itself will be conjuncting the tower's Mercury, and that is in Aries (FIRE).

" See Sidereal Chart Below


View Natal Chart only

April 19th Sears Tower Astrological Analysis
by Cindy     -Based on Geocentric Chart (not shown)

Sears Tower was born (May 8th 1973 - Geocentric chart) with the Moon at 25 degrees Taurus. It`s Sun was 13 degrees Taurus, and Ascendant was at 23 degrees Leo.
What does that mean? (nothing if you don`t speak any astrology).

So if the Sears Tower were a person, I could say that its Venus & Moon were in it`s 10th house.(house meaning section of it`s life). This section of it`s life would have a lot to do with it`s career, it`s reputation, advancement in life, that area that could be seen by all.

With it`s Venus and Moon conjunct, (meaning less than 10 degrees from each other) both in the sign of Taurus, (a money sign) and also in that house (section) sits Saturn, (representing it`s work, limitations, structure & successes).

In it`s second house, (section of life) most would interpret the money house, values, and yes, insecurities too, sits Pluto. Representing power, transformation and yes, death (figuratively) to old ways.

It makes a nice trine, 120 degree aspect to its natal Venus conjunct Moon. = (big money)
It`s natal Mars (physical energy, passion and drives) sits on the cusp of it`s 7th house.(partnerships and open enemies in this case)

It`s Mars squares (90 degree aspect, not so good) it`s own Moon, meaning the heart of its chart. (Moon can represent many things from Mom, money, emotions, to heart & home)
In this case I will say the Moon mostly represents home.

Somewhere down the road in it`s future, something could happen that would make Mars (the angry warrior) emotionally upset, (has a square to his Moon, ruler of emotions) in the area of open enemies and partnerships.

If he were a person, Mr. Sears Tower (ST) would say things to shock people, its his nature he can`t help himself. Sort of like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and sort of Alex M. they all have aspects from Mercury to Uranus. (shock value)!

His Uranus opposes his Mercury!

So Uranus, shock value, the awakener, excitement good or bad, is 180 degrees (under 10 degrees) from his mouth, ability to think & communicate. (Mercury)

OK, ya, ya. Enough about Mr. ST.
What will happen to him?

Who the heck knows? Ask his creator Sears, God, or his new adoptive parent Larry. (just kidding) So fast forward his life to age 31. (poor kid recently had his first Saturn Return)
And now we can only guess what will happen to him on April 19th.

On April 19th we have a partial solar eclipse in the eve. Don't mean much, except that it effects Mr. ST`s 9th house issues. (foreign affairs, ability to communicate and money)
I say that because his Pluto (bunker busting power) is effected by a 150 degree aspect, (not good for much) from the eclipse and it puts emphasis on his Mercury.

His progressed Moon on the 14th in his 11th house (large groups, hopes dreams & wishes) is getting picked on by the asteroid Chiron. Sometimes Chiron is not so nice, he feels we must go through hardships and pain to learn something.

Transiting Uranus (expect the unexpected, excitement, upheavals and explosions) is cruzin through his 7th house (open enemies & partnerships) is getting ready to square off with his natal Neptune. (representing his home, family, endings etc.)

This can also indicate somebody is telling him a big fat lie. He may feel his foundations are shaking around him, like an earthquake. He must be starting to feel some tension!

Neptune (God of confusion and inspiration) comes in closer to the end of the month and makes a square (not good) to his Mc. (Midheaven, career, reputation and social standing) leaving him feeling a little (a lot) confused about what the heck he is going to do with his life, career and business.

Come April 21 and to be exact for the last time May 3rd, is Saturn making an opposition (something or someone opposing him) to his natal North Node. (something karmic)?
Saturn playing the role of the big bully?

Pluto (God of the underworld) tip toes back to his home in retrograde motion at 22 degrees, and says oophs I forgot to make a few waves here. Let me pick on your progressed Saturn at 22 degrees. (his foundation he has been building for 31 years)!

Then Mars (God of war, aggression and lack of diplomacy) squares off with his own progressed Mars, who is now ruled by Neptune. (playing with poisons and fire)?

So as these two brats are fighting, accidents & injuries can happen.
Also a thing to be said is construction problems can arise.

So Daddy Saturn somehow gets to hold some restraint on Mars, and says, Son, take it easy, don`t need ya blowin your top off!

At 8:45 in the morning the Transiting Moon is 00 degrees in Taurus.
The Sun is 29 degrees (critical degree), ( make or break).
Transiting North Node of the Moon is 11 degrees in Taurus.

At 8:04 am transiting Moon in 8th makes a semi square to natal Midheaven in 9th. (foreign affairs). More upsets, news media, home, property,sudden change of plans. Could it be Mercury has some sad news to deliver?

Solar eclipse happens at 7:38am -- Makes aspects to natal Mc, Mars, Pluto,Asc,Mercury, and Sun, all in the 8th house!

Fintan, now that you brought worldwide attention to this,
you may have intercepted a very bad thing! Lets hope and pray!




 P A R T  5                                     By Ozzie

Sears 911

Gematria (isopsephia in Greek) is the ancient science of obtaining numbers from names or words. Numerical values were assigned to the characters in their alphabets and the numerical values of names were computed by addition.

Hidden correlation can be obtained from different words with the same numbers. This is because ancient languages such as Greek and Hebrew (and to a lesser extent modern languages such as Latin and English) were highly structured; words and names (as well as characters and sounds) did not evolve randomly, but were invented by ancient sages of the priestly class.

I became interested in Gematiria about 2 years ago and the very first word I added up, phasis (the Greek word for the new moon - see below), came to the total 911 (nine-hundred-eleven).

Since then I have not found many names or words that come to this total, but I thought I would pass this information along to you because of your recent interest in what NeuAmerica was saying about the Sears Tower and April 19.
I have run across a number of these.

The following five interesting words
have a gematrial total of 911:

1) Rasit,
2) Ishtar,
3) Phasis,
4) Omphalos, and
5) Russia.

Please bear with me as I briefly go through these one by one.

Naturally, people have made computer calculators so that you do not need to do the math yourself. The will give the address of website I go to for these calculations so that you can check these for yourself if you need to:

I'll put the spelling to use for the purposes of this calculator in brackets following the word so that you can verify for yourself that these are in fact 911 words. I'll start at the very beginning...

1) Rasit [rasit]
Hebrew Gematria.
This is the first noun (second word) in the Bible. Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean 'the beginning,' but rather 'the first principle' or 'wisdom.' Thus the first phrase of Genesis should read 'According to the first principle, wisdom...' instead of 'In the beginning..."

"Origen, Clemens Alexandrinus, Chalcidius, Methodius, and Maimonides, on the authority of the Targum of Jerusalem, the orthodox and greatest authority of the Jews, held that the first two words in the book of Genesis -- B-RASIT, mean Wisdom, or the Principle.

And that the idea of these words meaning "in the beginning" was never shared but by the profane, who were not allowed to penetrate any deeper into the esoteric sense of the sentence. Beausobre, and after him Godfrey Higgins, have demonstrated the fact. "All things," says the Kabala, "are derived from one great Principle, and this principle is the unknown and invisible God."

2) Ishtar [Istar]
Hebrew Gematria.
The Babylonian Goddess - Ishtar = Esther = Easter (need we say more?).

"In Babylonia and Assyria, Ishtar was the goddess of love and war. An old
Babylonian legend relates how the descent of Ishtar into Hades in search of her
dead husband Tammuz was followed by the cessation of marriage and birth in
both earth and heaven; and the temples of the goddess at Nineveh and Arbela,
around which the two cities afterward grew, were dedicated to her as the goddess of

As such she appeared to one of Ashurbanipal's seers and encouraged the
Assyrian king to march against Elam. The other goddesses of Babylonia, who were
little more than reflections of a god, tended to merge into Ishtar, who thus became a
type of the female divinity, a personification of the productive principle in nature,
and more especially the mother and creatress of mankind."

"In Babylonia, Ishtar was identified with Venus. Like Venus, Ishtar was the goddess
of erotic love and fertility.

Her chief seat of worship was Uruk (Erech) [Iraq], where prostitution was practiced in her name and she was served with immoral rites by bands of men and women. In Assyria, where the warlike side of the goddess was predominant, no such rites seem to have been practiced, and instead prophetesses to whom she delivered oracles were attached to her temples."

3) Phasis [Fasis]
Greek Gematria.
This was actually the very first word I plugged into the gematria calculator. I ran across it while trying to understand an omen I had seen in the form of a Ring-Necked Pheasant.

The pheasant ('phasian bird' sometimes misnamed 'ring-dove') is named after the river of its origin, the Phasis River of Colchis (in western Georgia), which is where Jason and the Argonauts (Argo/Ark) journeyed in search of the golden fleece.

As Robert Temple points out in "The Sirius Mystery" (p. 254, 1998 edition), Plutarch wrote that the Phasis River was once named 'Arcturus' [Plutarch, "Of the Names of Rivers and Mountains and of such Things as are to be found therein"].

Arcturus is, of course, the name of the fourth-brightest star in the night sky, a bright RED giant in the constellation Bootes. I believe the conventional definition of 'Arcturus,' ('the Bear Ward') to be incorrect.

A simpler definition is that it means 'Arc-Taurus' because it is about 6 months out of 'phase' with the constellation Taurus. That is, when Taurus is rising, Arc-Taurus is setting.

Taurus, the solar symbol, is also related to the word 'Turu' which according to H. Blavatsky, means the perfected man, or Christ spirit (ie. risen Christ). Arcturus then, would symbolize the Christ spirit buried in matter. Blavatsky also points out that the ancient Hebrews called the star Arcturus by the name 'Ash' which in Hebrew means 'Fire' [Ash spelled 'AS', the root of the name of the continent of Asia].

The word 'Phasis' itself means 'appearance' as in the 'first appearance' of the waxing cresent of the new moon. The term has become synonymous with 'New Moon.'

4) Omphalos [Omfalos]
Greek Gematria.
Omphalos is the 'navel' and is related to the oracle centers (especially Delphi), the Jonanite tradition, the 'net' of lattitude and longitude, etc. and all that those associations imply.

Of course, as Temple points out [Ibid., p. 173],

"It is not only Deukalion's ark that is connected with Delphi. There are connections also with the Argo, as we learn from Godfrey Higgins: 'In the religious ceremonies at Delphi a boat of immense size was carried about in the processions; it was shaped like a lunar crescent, pointed alike at each end: it was called Omphalos or Umbilicus, or the ship Argo.'"

So, indeed, the omphalos, as umbilicus, is also directlly connected to the symbolism at the end of "2001, A Space Odyssey." It is not a 'phallic' symbol per se, but a male-female symbol combined because the 'om' part represents the active female generative power.

[Think of the visual symbolism of the Greek letter, Omega. It represents the vulva, or 'Yoni' (Iona = 'Dove' = 'Columba' = 'John'), a common symbol above the doors of Hindu temples and the origin of our custom of putting the horseshoe above the entry door.]

The omphalos is also a reminder that the center of the universe is at each and every person's own center; that each of us is a portion of the Divine, creating and manifesting the universe in our own way in an ongoing Genesis.

5) Russia [russia]
Greek Gematria.
I hesitate to mention this one, but I believe you will understand that the 911 plotters are black magicians who chose the attack date in order to subliminally associate certain concepts (or in this case, a country) with a tragic event.

Fundamentally, the 911 attacks were attacks against free-thought and individual will by masters of black magic who manipulate mind and matter, but who do not control spirit. You will find them among the enemies of Russia (a long list, admittedly).

Well, I have said too much. If you have made it this far, I invite you to respond to this email. If you are interested, I can show that a famous crop formation not only presaged the 911 attacks, but linked them to a past event which is one of the most important in the history of NYC and the US.

Keep up the good work. I hope to hear from you.


Ozzie SC


 P A R T   Z E R O                  By NeuAmerica

 The Article That Started It All

Sears 4/19,
By The Numbers

The address of the Sears Tower can be found at the website, which will lead you to this link :

Sears Tower,
233 South Wacker Drive
, IL 60606

To a numerologist zero is nothing, and is completely disregarded. So 60606 = 666, a number well associated with evil.

The key numbers which
keep coming up in all this are:
4, 11, and 13.

April 19th 2004 will be the 110th day of the year. 

The Sears Tower has 110 floors, as did the World Trade Center buildings

As was reported in the mainstream media on the day of the 3-11 Spain terror attacks, September 11, 2001 until March 11th 2004 was exactly 911 days.

But also, from the first second of March 12th, 2004 (the first day after the 3-11 Spain attacks)
until the last second of April 18th is exactly 911 hours.

There is a pattern emerging already:
911 days has already happened in Spain
911 hours will take us up exactly to the last second of April 18th, 2004. 
911 minutes and 911 seconds later takes us directly into April 19th at a specific time. 

This is a pattern of particular numbers that are NOT coincidental:  The numbers 4, 11, and 13. Keep these numbers in mind, as well as 233 South Wacker Drive.

The 9/11 Math:
Someone please tell me I'm wrong!
I have calculated the time in two ways, and each calculation is simple math.
I figured out 911 days + 911 hours + 911 minutes + 911 seconds after September 11th,
by doing the following:

From the first second of March 12th to the last second of April 18 is exactly 38 total days. (3+8 = 11)   38 days X 24 hours for each day = 912 total hours, minus 1 hour daylight savings = exactly 911 hours in 38 days. 

This entire article would be based on false math if it were not for the hour we lost during daylight savings. But now the hours have been accounted for and have taken us up to the last second of April 18th. Now I will add 911 minutes and 911 seconds to continue toward the final exact time on 4-19-2004:

911 minutes equals 15.1833333333333333333333333333 hours (911/60)

Finally, add 911 seconds which is equal to 15.183333333333333333333333333333333 minutes (again, simply divide 911 by 60)

HOURS: 15:18 is 3:18 PM in military time.
15:18 means the 15th hour of the day and the 18th minute.
3:18 + 15.183333333 minutes is equal to 3:33 PM and 11 seconds.

How is it 11 seconds?
Multiply .183333333333333333333333 X 60 to get seconds.  

The time, according to this “rounded off,” calculation would be 3:33 PM (Eastern) and 11 seconds.   11 will repeat over and over as you read further into the article.

In Chicago, the time is Central Standard – which means the exact time – 911 days, 911 hours, 911 minutes and 911 seconds after September 11th 2001 – would be 2:33 PM and 11 seconds.

Remember the address to the Sears tower?  233 Wacker Drive.

Now, if you want to get REALLY serious and super technical, I'll figure out the EXACT time, but with the exact decimals.

911 minutes equals 15.1833333333333333333333333333 hours (Simply divide 911 by 60)

Now, to be precise: .18333333333 is in terms of hours, not minutes (like 15:18) so technically the time of 3:18 is off - but watch and see what the EXACT technical numbers are:

15.183333333333333333 hours is equal to 15 hours and 11 minutes, exactly.
15 hours and 11 minutes in military time is 15:11 or 3:11 PM
The Spain attacks were on 3-11.

Again, simply multiply .1833333333333333333 X 60 to calculate the 11 minutes.

911 Hours AND 911 minutes included, the exact date and time after September 11th would be 3:11 PM on 4-19-2004

3:11 PM on 4-19-2004 is exactly 911 days and 911 hours after September 11th.

But we have to include the exact seconds as well to finish out the exact time...

3:11 PM + 15.18333333333333333333333333 minutes (911 seconds) equals 3:26 PM and again, the .1833333333 turns into 11 seconds.

So, finally we have the EXACT date and time:
911 days, 911 hours, 911 minutes and 911 seconds after September 11th
is EXACTLY (to the second) 3:26:11 PM on 4-19-2004

3:26 = 3+2+6 = 11   or   3:26:11 (to the second) equals 3+2+6+1+1 = 13 (1+3 = 4)

None of it would work if it were not for daylight savings time, which was given to us by Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father and a Freemason as well.

April 19th is a significant date in history.

Read the history of April the 19th:

April 19, 1775: Minutemen Capt. John Parker orders not to fire unless fired upon. A shot is fired and the American Revolutionary War begins at the Lexington Common. The first shot was notoriously known as the, "shot heard round the world."

April 19, 1775: The War of American Independence opens with the defeat of the British at Lexington and Concord.  

April 19, 1783: The US Congress announces the end of the War of American Independence.

April 19, 1933: FDR announces that the US will leave the gold standard.

April 19, 1995: A massive bomb explosion destroys much of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

April 19, 1882: Death of Charles Darwin, English naturalist who developed the theory of evolution described in The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

April 19, 1943: Uprising of some 50,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto against Nazis begins.

April 19, 1989: 47 crewmen die in an explosion on the US battleship USS Iowa (4+7 = 11).

April 19, 1993: More than 80 Branch Davidian including their leader David Koresh die when federal agents storm their compound in Waco, Texas, after a 51-day stand-off.

April 19, 1998: The leaders of 34 countries gather at the Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile, and agree to take steps to create the world’s largest free trade zone.

April 19, 1993: South Dakota Gov. George Mickelson (R) died along with seven others when a state-owned airplane slammed into a silo during a rainstorm in Iowa.

April 19, 2002
Pascagoula, Miss., April 19, 2002 — After a successful 14-month effort to repair the damage suffered in a terrorist attack in Aden, Yemen, Oct. 12, 2000, USS Cole (DDG 67) will depart Pascagoula, Miss., today, and will return to its homeport of Norfolk, Va. 10-12-2000 (1122 without zeros)

April 20th in History

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria according to Encyclopedia Britannica.
***It was April 19th in America when he was born.

Hitler supposedly shot himself in April of 1945
1776 to 1945 = 169 years (13 x 13}.

Old Rome died in 476 A.D.
476 A.D. to 1776 = 1300 years

Remember, April 19th is the 110th day of the year…

January 31 (days) February 29 March 31 April 19 31+29+31+19 = 110th day of 2004
The date itself: 4-19-2004 = 4+19+2+0+0+4 = 29, 2+9 = 11

And to finish out the rest of April,
after the 19th there are 11 days remaining to finish out the month.

"Black wind of death" & "Black hawks" (Chicago) (windy city)

And here is THE REAL KICKER:

Exactly the same New York investors who bought the WTC-Towers, just seven weeks before the Terror attacks on September 11, 2001, recently bought Sears Tower in Chicago, and that deal was finalized seven weeks before April 19th, 2004:
NEW YORK - Insurance giant MetLife Inc. said Thursday it has agreed to sell the Sears Tower in Chicago to an unspecified buyer, ending the company's long-standing investment in the nation's tallest skyscraper.

Anniversary Numerology

April 19th is the 110th day of the year.

It is 9 Years after the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19th, 1995)
and 11 Years after Waco (April 19th, 1993)

April 19th, 1995 --> April 19th, 2004 = 9 Years = 9
April 19th, 1993 --> April 19th, 2004 = 11 Years = 11
9 Years/11 Years = 9/11

911 days between 9/11/2001 and 3/11/2004

In 2004, Good Friday is the 9th of April and Easter is on the 11th.

April 19th, 2004:
1) Partial Solar Eclipse
2) New Moon Day (Keep this in mind)

From April 19th 2004 until July 4th is exactly 76 days...7+6= 13 = 4
After April 19th 2004 there are 256 days left in 2004....2+5+6 = 13 = 4
September 11th 2001 was the 254th day of the year….2+5+4 = 11
After September 11th there were 111 days left in 2001.

New York City = 11 letters
Afghanistan = 11 letters
The Sears Tower = 13 letters
The Twin Towers = 13 letters
Iraq = 4 letters

The 1 year anniversary of the fall of Baghdad is April 9th. 4-9-2004 = 4+9+2+0+0+4 = 19
On Bush's first day in office - 20th of January - there were 11 days left in the month.

And finally, my birthday is April 9th.
Anton Szandor LaVey (founder of The Church of Satan,) was born in Chicago on April 11, 1930. ( 4+11+1930 = 28 = 10 = 1 or 4+1+1+1+9+3 = 19 = 10 = 1)

Condoleezza Rice & 9/11 Symbolism

Condoleezza Rice testified before the 9/11 Whitewash Commission on April 8th. Here's how the date of her testimony connects to the 9/11 symbolism related to April 19th.

4/8/2004 = 4+8+2+0+0+4 = 18 = 1+8 = 9
4/19/2004 = 4+1+9+2+0+0+4 = 20 --> 2+0 = 2 = 1+1 --> 11 (or 9+2 = 11)

April 8th Day Number/April 19th Day Number = 9/11

Condoleezza's first name has 9/11 symbolism tied into it:

Condoleezza = 3+15+14+4+15+12+5+5+26+26+1 = 126 --> 1+2+6 = 9
Number of Letters In Condoleezza = 11
Name Number/Number of Letters = 9/11
April 8th is also 11 days before April 19th --> 11

Transcript of Condolleeza Rice's testimony, 4-8-2004 (11 days before 4/19)

"From January 20th through September 10th, the president received at these daily meetings more than 40 briefing items on Al Qaida, and 13 of those were in response to questions he or his top advisers posed.

(From January 20th until September 10th is exactly 233 days, keep reading.)

RICE: "In addition to seeing DCI Tenet almost every morning, I generally spoke by telephone to coordinate policy at 7:15 with Secretaries Powell and Rumsfeld on a variety of topics, and I also met and spoke regularly with the DCI about Al Qaida and terrorism. [snip]

RICE: "We had to change an Iraq policy that was making no progress against a hostile regime which regularly shot at U.S. planes enforcing U.N. Security Council resolutions. And we had to deal with the occasional crisis, for instance, when the crew of a Navy plane was detained in China for 11 days. [snip]

RICE: "We show 33 Principals Committee meetings during this period of time, not 100.

RICE: "We were in office 233 days. And the kinds of structural changes that have been needed by this country for some time did not get made in that period of time.”

Remember the address to the Sears Tower?
233 Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606

Sears Tower & 9/11 symbolism

The Zip code of the Sears Tower is 60606; 6+0+6+0+6 = 18 --> 1+8 = 9
Height of Sears Tower is 110 stories; 1+1+0 = 2 = 1+1 --> 11 Zip code/Height = 9/11

The address for the Chicago Tribune is:
Tribune 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60611 312-222-3232
Which echoes 233 Wacker Drive

Phone # = 3+1+2 +2+2+2 + 3+2+3+2 = 22 (2x11) ….2+2 = 4

Sears Tower Numerology

Valued at $911 million (before 9/11) = 911
Sears Tower is 9 buildings in 1 = 1 and 9 = 19 (April 19th)

WTC-Towers looked together like the figure 11 = 11 (September)

Consists of 9 buildings = 9
110 Stories (like WTC) = 1+1+0 = 11

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre happened on February 14th 1929, in Chicago.

= 2+1+4+1+9+2+9 = 28, 2+8 = 10 = 1 or
2+14+1+9+2+9 = 37, 3+7 = 10 = 1
nicknames or mottos: City of Big Shoulders; Windy City; Hog Butcher for the World; The Second City; The City that Works.  It has also been called Big Town, and Phoenix City.

National airport ranking, by number of passengers enplaned:
?No. 1 in United States (Chicago, O’Hare)
?No. 38 in United States (Chicago, Midway) (3+8 = 11)

There are 35 Fortune 500 companies in Illinois.
Chicago is home to 11 of them: (35 + 500 = 535 = 5+3+5 = 13, 1+3 = 4 or 35+5 = 40 = 4)

Sears Roebuck Motorola Allstate Bank One Sara Lee UAL AON Smurfit-Stone Container Tribune R.R.Donnelley & Sons Equity Office Properties USG Telephone and Data Systems
(For some reason, the website says 11, but there are 13 companies listed.)

Then, they list 9 companies: Sears Roebuck Motorola Allstate BankOne Sara Lee UAL Walgreens Abbott Laboratories McDonalds.


Well if you ever plan to motor west
Take my way, that's the highway that's the best
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than two thousand miles all played
Get your kicks on Route 66  

Radio station in Chicago: Despite Z-95 morning jocks Welch & Woody's daily updates that "...a big announcement was coming," none really did. That is until "Hell." For about a week, the station referred to itself as "Hell 94.7." This caused quite a stir in the media and outrage from listeners who were upset with the new satanic slogan. 9+4+7 = 9 + 11 (This happened well before 911)

The Chicago Sun Times
Daley names new fire commissioner

April 1, 2004 – April Fool’s

Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce resigned Thursday amid investigations into the department's response to a fatal downtown high-rise fire and an ongoing problem with racial slurs being broadcast over firefighter radios..... Joyce, who retired after four and a half years as commissioner and 39 with the department.

39 years with the department…39 = 3x13

New Moon on Monday.

Remember the band Duran Duran?  They have a song called “New Moon On Monday.”  A New Moon will occur on 4-19-2004, and it is a Monday.

The song is 4:20 seconds long. 

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