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Why the 9/11 Movement was created by, and is fostered
by the very people who carried out the attacks...

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Read: Media Disinfo as Afghan Chopper Crash Kills 18
Total Dead: 2 4 9 13 16 18

Read: In God's Name  "Faniciful and absurd" - The Vatican
Also: Money, Murder, and the Mafia The Vatican Exposed

Read: Photo-faking the WTC Fall  by Fintan Dunne

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Monday Feb 14th
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Cosy with
The Right

Leading 9/11
skeptics forge
close ties with
Fundies and
Patriots of
The Right
by Fintan Dunne

Listen to


WingTV is only after the survivalist
money and are pawning a rehashed
pamphlet/book based on John Kaminski's original work .... F**k them!
I (red faced) bought the shitty thing....

The real effective population is both a little to the left and a little to the right .... not the f**k-nut, brain dead, evangelical, so called patriots, kissing each other's asses! These guys do nothing but substitute one fear for another and will NEVER be taken seriously and will do nothing but drag down the reputation of all the real "truth" issues in the world.

I am SO tired of the "New World Order" bullshit, dispersed with ads for water filters, guns rights, wheatgrass, non-genetically modified seeds, gold scams and "insert whatever bullshit here" !

You are an independent news site (a brilliant one at that) .... and you do NOT have to explain yourself to anyone! And now ... off the soapbox .... Peace,

BreakForNews Listener

Read Our Exclusive:
Then, They Came For Iraq's Sunni

  Top Stories
Defying HIV & Aids Voodoo

There are those who want to shut her out, take her down, stop the discourse.

Christine Maggiore, questions HIV science with ideas far from mainstream, far from those in power. No wonder theyíre calling her ideas dangerous, irresponsible --a heretic.

Iím trying to figure out why scientific discourse is irresponsible. Who founded the Church of Established HIV Theory --with dogma that is immune to question?

Why has the media misquoted her, poisoned her work and her words? Iím thinking it must be because sheís asking questions. Asking for the evidence, the science behind the raging mantra that "HIV causes AIDS."
Malcolm X's Legacy

Four decades after his death, Malcolm X has inspired another movement.

Malcolm X's daughters, are converting the scene of his assassination on Feb. 21, 1965, into a history center that would catalog the life and work of the charismatic figure in the civil rights movement -who met a violent end at 39.

"It's our responsibility to preserve and document our history to empower future generations," said Ilyasah Shabazz, the third of his six daughters.
Halliburtonís Quiet Deal with Iran

Only weeks before Halliburton made headlines by announcing it was pulling out of Iran --a nation George W. Bush has labeled part of the "axis of evi" --Haliburton quietly signed a major new business deal to help develop Tehranís natural gas fields.

The deal was signed with an Iranian oil company whose principals include Sirus Naseri, Tehranís chief international negotiator on matters relating to the countryís hotly-disputed nuclear enrichment program.
A Corrupted Election

Despite what you may have heard, the
exit polls were right.

Statisticians who have studied the exit polls find substantial evidence to support the thesis that the vote counts --not the exit polls-- were inaccurate. Unfortunately, the media find it impossible to even suggest the possibility of foul play..
Euro Court Orders
Retrial in 'McLibel' Suit

Two British environmental activists convicted of libelling McDonald's did not receive a fair trial, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

The court said David Morris and Helen Steel should have received legal aid from the British government and it awarded them about $56,000 in damages.

See Also: McSpotlight.org
A Man Called Jeff
Media Whore turns out to be Actual Whore!

Paul Leddy, a Web designer and photographer, says he built a web site for a man named Jeff.
Paul didnít think about Jeff much until he heard about the breaking Jeff Gannon scandal and thought "hmmm, that sounds like Jeff who we did the site for."

Pay no attention to the naked gay male prostitute in the family values white house living room.
Did JDO Intimidate
Jurors in Stewart Trial?

Lynne Stewart, had a written threat taped to her door in before the devastating verdict.

At least two jurors seemed unsure of their guilty verdicts when polled by the Court. Reports suggest that two or three jurors held out for more than a week, before reversing their opinion --which coincided with the JDO's threats. Given the blatant threats made by the JDO and the apparent change of heart, by at least two jurors, I think officials should investigate whether or not the JDO got to them.

  Top Stories
Merck Memo Confirms
Vaccine Mercury Fears

Parents of autistic children say a Merck internal memo confirms their fears about Mercury.

A 1991 memo from a Merck & Co. vaccinologist to the company's vaccine division warned that infants who get their shots on time could receive up to 87 times the recommended daily amount of mercury from fish.

See Also
Pharma Rag Omits Details of Merck Memo
Saving Hubble, Defeating Fear

NASA say that the the Hubble repair mission flight is too risky. This fear seems puzzling.

hese are the same people advocating sending humans back to the moon and Mars, far more dangerous than a short hop to Hubble. And there is time yet. NASA does not have to decide whether to fly until early spring 2006.
Mother Lode of
Sweet Deals

Iraq has announced that the government wants to open the oil fields to foreign investment.

The sweet deal would be "very promising to the American investors and to American enterprise, certainly to oil companies." The spoils for which George W. Bush has killed more than 100,000 human beings.

See Also:
In Bush Wars, Crooks Get The Contracts
The BBC -Imperial Propagandist

Why does the state and the corporate media need the mythological Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

Every BBC article on 'Zarqawi' has only one source, the US or its puppet, the Allawi regime. Conveniently, Zarqawi and Osama both manage to say just the Ďrightí thing at just the Ďrightí time.The BBC is relentless and consistent in its tried and trusted propaganda method of repeating a statement over and over until it becomes a statement of fact.
'It's like the Wild West'

Lt. Daniel Lawton's Humvee hit a mine this week, blowing off a wheel and the hood.

It was the second time Lawton's vehicle has detonated a mine - and he has been only five days at this tiny camp where the shooting never completely stops. A modern Fort Apache, ringed by a wall of concrete slabs.
Iraq's new lawless hotspot

Salman Pak by the Tigris river commands access from the capital to southern Iraq and Basra.

According to the head of Iraqi intelligence, Salman Pak is "a guerrillas' fiefdom". Rebels scan the flow of traffic leaving Baghdad and radio in to accomplices further down the road details of any potentially interesting targets.
Gay Escorts, Rove and CIA's Plame

Jeff Gannon treasonably outed Valerie Plame based on a White House leak. But if Gannon was working for Rove, now what do we have?

Also "Go ahead, Jeff" -McClellan's lifeline
Also Plame Leaked by Fake News Source?
Also GOP Ďreporterí & gay military escort services
Also The Art of Whoring
Blair Apologises
for Unjust Jailing of 11

Tony Blair has apologised to 11 people wrongfully imprisoned for IRA bomb attacks in the UK in 1974. "I am very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and injustice," he told the Conlon and Maguire families.
Out with the Old, in with the New
by Tariq Ali

The US, unlike the empires of old Europe, has always preferred indirect hegemony.

It has relied on uniformed despots, corrupt oligarchs, pliant politicians, obedient monarchs - rather than lengthy occupations. The new aim is to install a new breed of neo-liberal politicians by means of the US money allocated to "democracy promotion". Create a new elite, give it funds and weaponry to build a new army and let them make the country safe for the corporations.
My Guantanamo Hell
-by Camp Delta Rapper

Martin Mubanga went on holiday to Zambia, but was abducted and ended up spending 33 months in Guantanamo Bay.

British intelligence officials played a crucial part in his secret kidnapping, but free at last and still protesting his innocence he now intends to sue the British Government. His lawyer says his arrest, detention and transfer had clearly breached British, Zambian and international law.

Also: Clarke denies MI6 'kidnapped' Briton
Peace Offer - US Exit Plan
still key demand of Iraq's Sunni

A timetable for the withdrawal of foreign
troops is the price of Iraq's Sunni clerics
participation in drawing up a new constitution.

The Committee of Muslim Scholars hinted that it would press Sunni rebels to abandon armed resistance if its demands were met. "The elders will tell the resistance: 'No need to spill more blood'," said spokesman Omar Ragheb.
A Blood-Drenched Hawk Tale

In January, California senator Dianne Feinstein praised Condi Rice in terms so saccharine that molasses seemed to ooze out of her mouth.

Rice has skill, judgment and poise. She loves football. Bush loves her, Feinstein purred. Meanwhile, on the same day, Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, sold shares in defense contractor URS Corporation for $57 million.

URS' largest customer is the U.S. Army. Its war contracts total more than $2 billion. Feinstein, sits on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, is an advocate of first-strike warfare, and her disclosure portfolio is crammed with multimillion dollar investments in the military-industrial-financial complex and corporations that heavily exploit Third World peoples.

By the way, hubby controls war contractor Perini Corp., also the biggest builder of Indian-fronted casinos. Ummm....
Screw Barack Obama

We made this junior senator a star, expecting he would be vocal about the war.

Obama now says he is waiting for Condi Rice to provide a timetable for training Iraqi troops to take over. "But I donít want to find out later we havenít done enough to secure the peace. If that happens, I will become much more vocal, and so will many others." ......Well, thatís a promise.
Global Warming Debate
Gets Infusion of Hot Air

Author Michael Crichton argues that in the herd mentality over global warming, "critics are few and harshly dealt with."

Two such critics, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick are about to publish a paper which alleges that the a scientific chart showing a sharp upturn in temperatures starting with the industrial revolution is a mere statistical artefact. This chart has often been trotted out as the clinching proof of anthropogenic warming. Economists too, disagree about the effects of climate change.
The Scourge of Her Conviction

Just before Christmas, Elena Sassower walked out of the Washington, DC, jail where she'd just finished serving a sentence that should frighten anyone inclined to protest in the halls of power.

Reading a 24-word request to testify at a judicial hearing on Capitol Hill, qualified as "disruption of Congress," and got her six months in jail --the maximum allowed by law.

Her unprecedented punishment sets up "a worrisome precedent," by which a judge can throw the book at someone simply for expressing political views.

Despite the constitutional implications of her case, no civil rights groups came to her aid: not ACLU, nor Public Citizen, nor People for the American Way, not Common Cause.

Sassower has dedicated much of her life to judicial reform. Her real crime, it seems, was her penchant for being a pest.
The Acid Test Continues

The first time Thomas Lyttle dropped acid, was a bad trip. He tried again. This time: cosmic bliss.

"I had a wonderful, Zen-like, euphoric experience," Lyttle says. "I saw that everyone has a spiritual aspect." Like a stubborn explorer determined to reach the North Pole, Lyttle kept on tripping. Now 46, the Fort Lauderdale man is one of the world's foremost experts on psychotropic drugs.
Court case over tsunami baby

At first nobody knew who Sri Lankan tsunami survivor "Baby 81" was, or who he belonged to.

Nine women searching for lost babies have claimed him. A Sri Lankan court will hear a custody plea from one couple.

Couple and Crowd storm Tsunami Baby Hospital
Have you ever heard the sound
of a nation being rocked to sleep?

All knowledge is not equal. That which is learned from painful reflection after horrible experience is often the most important knowledge.

Another amputee ward has been opened in San Antonio, Texas because Walter Read hospital can't accommodate all the incoming amputees. When will there be a third amputee ward for our returning soldiers. When?
The Emergence of the
Homeland Security State

If you're reading this on the Internet, the FBI may be spying on you at this very moment.

Under provisions of the USA Patriot Act, the FBI may monitor the web-surfacing habits of Internet users without a warrant --that is, spying on you with no probable cause.

America has become a "Homeland," with a powerful and bloated national security state newly fed by fear-mongering, and insatiable desire for government power. All tactics designed to chill, squelch, or silence dissent.
'What a Bloody Charade
by Robert Fisk

The big TV networks have a list of five polling stations where they will be "allowed" to film.

But there will be democracy in Iraq. The media boys and girls will be expected to play along with this. The reality is that much of Iraq has become a free-fire zone Every working-class Sunni polling station will be out of bounds to the press. I wonder if the television lads will tell us that today when they show voters "flocking" to the polls.
Ripping Off Veterans

In the world of unbridled commerce, you'll often encounter disgusting life forms that can only be described as sleaze or slime.

Financial corporations are offering vets with a crisis need for quick cash. Later, veterans realize that they've been robbed in payments, amounting to as high as 75 percent interest.
Last Minute Double Cross in Iraq
by Pepe Escobar

In a crucial eve-of-election development, the main Shi'ite list endorsed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has dropped its electoral promise of seeking an immediate American withdrawal.

Simultaneously, Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi adopted the same position. "I will not set final dates," Allawi said.

For many Iraqis, the key appeal of the Shi'ite list has always been its promise to kick the Americans out, much more than the fact that it has been "blessed" by Sistani. Meanwhile sources say it was a Sam 7 rocket which downed a US helicopter west of Baghdad.

See Also: Shi'ite Cleric Urges Election Boycott
What the rest of the world
watched on Inauguration Day

by Sister Joan Chittister, OSB

The picture on the front page was of a small Iraqi girl screaming madly into the dark night.

The blood was that of her father and mother, shot in the front seats of their car in Tal Afar by American soldiers, while five brothers and sisters crowded in the back seat.

Here was the other side of the inauguration story. Here was an America we can no longer understand. Like the naked little Vietnamese girl bathed in napalm, this picture served to crystallize the situation there for the rest of the world.

Would anybody in the United States be seeing this picture today? Would the United States ever see it, in fact?
Americana Mindless
A nation loses its mind

How does a nation lose its mind? Ask the ancient Romans. Ask the Nazis. Ask the Khmer Rouge.

Ask George W. Bush, who in nominating Gonzalez might just well be saying 'F*** you America, F*** you, world.' Gonzalez is not qualitatively different than Uday Hussein or his dad. Now any depravity not only seems possible, but likely. It is astonishing that so little was learned from the experience in Viet Nam.
Where Only Chaos Rules
In Iraq, nobody is really in control.

The U.S. is using the elections to rebrand its WMD war as a mission of mercy.

At the same time, it seeks to control the Shiites, corrupt their leaders and present itself as the only solution to, or bulwark against, a Sunni-Shiite civil war in Iraq. All the while, sovereignty remains ephemeral - and mostly imaginary. Neither Iraqis nor the Americans have control..
Iraq Chopper Downing
was a missile stike

Witnesses said the helicopter appeared to have been hit by
a surface-to-air missile and exploded on hitting the ground. A second helicopter also came under fire but reached safety.
Greenhouse Gasses Halt
'Global Ice Age' Threat

by Fintan Dunne

The Earth's climate is our responsibility. So buy a gas-guzzling SUV, burn plenty of fossil fuels, and keeping asking yourself: are you doing enough to keep global cooling at bay?

Surprised? Greenhouse gasses may be seen as an enemy now, but, without their presence we might already be well on the way to another mini-ice age.


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