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Jordan Hotels Blitz
Was An Inside Job, Friday 11/11/'05. Updated 14 Nov
Story by Fintan Dunne, Editor.
Research by Kathy McMahon

The televised confession by an Iraqi woman who allegedly carried out the Amman bombings is reminiscent of the show trials in the old Soviet Union -and it's just about as unconvincing. What a sham!

Imagine a terrorist group so stupid that they announce a husband and wife team had been the bombers --and thus help Jordanian authorities identify the alleged female bomber.

On television, Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi's is seen wearing a white head scarf and a black gown with an explosives belt strapped around her waist. But she had supposedly been wearing bright party clothes on the bombing run. Clearly the video of her wearing the bomb belt was staged.

As staged as
the rest of this tragic, war propaganda, Black Ops farce.

Adding to suspicions is that another alleged bomber, Safah Mohammed Ali, was briefly detained last year by U.S. military in Iraq; disapeared soon his release and only showed up as one of the alleged suicide bombers in Amman. Meaning, he could have been released to be picked up by Black Ops and kept on ice until now.

In any event, what real terror group could be so dumb as to glibly admit killing the many Palestinians who died in the attacks, and so dim-witted as to have conceived of staging such attacks in the first place? H
owever, al-Qaida(TM), in the shape of the entirely fictional Musab al-Zarqawi, is proudly claiming a new victory.

That claim by al-Zarqawi is quite a feat. He's as dead as Osama. He lives on only in the press release department of the CIA's Middle East office.

But if Al-Qaida didn't do it, who did?

One Canadian reporter provides an inkling of the answer:

"Certainly when we have seen attacks like this throughout the region, the sophistication of them, the coordination of them, suggests that there's been a lot of time and money lent to these operations in order to send a very strong message."
   --Janis Mackey Frayer of CTV
The latest attacks undoubtedly sent a strong message. But what message, and whose?

As we step through the hard questions and suspicious circumstance of the Amman bombings, that should become much clearer.


There were two tragically ironic aspects to the blasts. The first of them highlights the nature of the message being sent. It involves a film director who saw his sympathetic movie account of the Islamic ethos shattered --even as he lost his own daughter in one of the bombings.

Syrian-born Los Angeles resident Moustapha Akkad was internationally known for his series of movies kicked off by the 1978 hit Halloween. But Middle Eastern audiences are more likely to recall him for The Message (1976), starring Anthony Quinn in Akkad's classic film about Islam.

As one reviewer put it:
"With all the negative press Islam has gotten since 9/11, I wish all 'Muslim-haters' could see this movie. It is a good cinematic representation of the message of the prophet Muhammed and decent history also."
[Source  also]

His daughter Rima Akkad Monla, 34, was with her father and stepmother in the lobby area of the Hyatt Hotel when she lost her life in the bombing there. Akkad himself suffered a heart attack when he realized she was dead, compounding his own internal injuries as a result of the blast. He died later in hospital.

And, ironically, those same blasts supplanted his tolerant message about Islam with a slew of propaganda which casts the Muslim ethos in completely negative terms: the new simplistic 'Message' of the so-called 'War on Terror'.

A message which is now the political lifeblood of the U.S., U.K. and Australian governments, in particular. So, cui bono? Who benefits?


Our second irony also has a sting in the tail.

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, along with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and the Quartet's special envoy to the Middle East, James Wolfensohn, on Saturday, 12th November attend the gala opening of "The American-Israeli Dialog" at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

It's the start of a week-long conference co-sponsored by the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC and the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University.

That's ironic, because the Saban Center hosted another workshop back in November 2002. This one was an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue aimed at edging towards a 'Two State Solution'.

It was attended by Abed Alloun, head of Palestinian Preventive Security in the West Bank. Alloun also attended a November, 2003 meeting organized by UCLA’s Pentagon-funded Burkle Center for International Relations.

He won't be attending any future workshops. He was also killed in the same Hyatt Hotel lobby -just yards from where Rima Akkad Monla and her movie producer father were struck down.

He wasn't the only high-ranking Palestinian to die in that blast. Also killed were:

...the Chief of military intelligence in the West Bank and former head of the Palestinian Special Forces Major General Bashir Nafeh, the commercial attache of the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo Jihad Fatouh, and the deputy chairman of Cairo-Amman Bank in the Palestinian territories Mosab Khorma. [Source]
These were no lightweights.

In July, 2002 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat elevated then deputy chief of preventive security Bashir Nafe to replace his boss Jibril Rajoub. And Jihad Fatouh was the brother of Rawhi Fattouh, who served as interim Palestinian president after the death of Arafat.

Their deaths were a key political impact of the Amman blasts as they affected the Palestinian people, yet this news was tacked on as an afterthought by most mainstream world media --with the notable exception of the Chinese People's Daily.

That state outlet also carried the condolences of Chinese President, Hu Jintao --now on a three-day 'bilateral-relations' state visit to Germany.

The question again is, 'cui bono'?
Who benefits?

The answer is complex.


In matters of devious political maneuvering across the Middle East, the student of world events must take into account possible machinations of the Israeli Mossad. After all, the Israelis are alleged to have had some foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and the London bombings of 7/7/2005.

So it was hardly a surprise to find them apparently aware of the Amman bombings in advance. In fact, it was perhaps rather predictable to read in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that:
A number of Israelis staying yesterday at the Radisson SAS were evacuated before the bombing by Jordanian security forces, apparently due to a specific security alert. They were escorted back to Israel by security personnel.... Israel's counter-terror headquarters yesterday recommended Israeli citizens not travel in Jordan.[Haaretz]
And it was equally predictable to read just a day later that:
The groups of Israelis who were staying at the Jordanian hotels that were bombed on Wednesday were evacuated from the hotels immediately following the attacks, and not before they occurred, as Haaretz erroneously reported yesterday. [Haaretz]

The only problem with all this facile interpretation of 9/11, London and Amman is the by now sheer predictability of the raising of suspicions about a so-called 'false flag' Israeli operation and the subsequent discounting of those concerns. And how come Israeli media can so reliably shoot themselves in the foot with all the relentless accuracy of Musab al-Zarqawi?

"Fool me once...", as one village idiot once tried to remark.

ut fool me twice? Thrice?

No. This false-flag, red flag looks like yet another red rag to the bull of canned opinions.

Did Israel benefit from events in Amman? Certainly. But why hammer the point home? Why the smokescreen?

Who deliberately twirls this red Israeli cape in our faces, so deftly?

Once again. Cui bono?


As we explore the Amman bombings, most accounts agree that it was the Grand Hyatt Hotel where the first blast took place. Not "at the entrance" -as many reports state. It was inside at a lobby bar.

The BBC's Caroline Hawley, describes the scene:

I was at the Hyatt hotel and had just ordered dinner. It was just before 9pm, so as you can imagine it was a very busy time for restaurants and bars across Amman, particularly in these kind of hotels that are frequented by Westerners. The bomb went off in a lobby-level bar crowded with customers. Suddenly we heard a massive explosion. I saw a ball of orange flames and I heard shattering glass and then people fled in panic. I didn't see what actually happened in the area which took the full force of the blast - we were actually one floor below where the bomb went off. It appears to have gone off in a restaurant bar on the lobby level on the ground floor. BBC
That location for the bomb is confirmed by other accounts:
"I was eating with friends in the restaurant next to the bar when I saw a huge ball of fire shoot up to the ceiling and then everything went black," a French UN official told Reuters news agency. "It caused absolute devastation." BBC
The lobby of the Hyatt is a vast multi-level space.

It's not just an entrance and exit from the hotel, it's also a meeting, relaxation and dining area for residents and guests.

There is at least one raised area surrounded by a low railing, to facilitate such planned or impromptu gatherings.

So there is every chance that the high-profile Palestinian victims were not simply accidentally caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but were precisely where good intelligence information knew they would be. At the right place and the right time for a group assassination.

If that's the case, the Hyatt blast was the first and most important order of business, and the other subsequent blasts were secondary. (But not entirely irrelevant, as we shall see.)

Subsequent photos of a Jordanian forensics team in action show it was near such a railing that the bomb went off.

A photo sequence enables us to gauge the force and direction of the bomb blast. One of the main structural support pillars was badly damaged. The surface of the pillar was stripped off to a depth of inches in parts, and the scarred concrete underneath is pock-marked with deep impacts and gashes. [2nd Photo Also]

This was an extraordinarily powerful explosion.

Just how massive a blast it was is evident from this account by a Canadian guest at the hotel:

Cherryl Fisher is just happy to be alive. She was in the Grand Hyatt at the time of the bombing. She had just finished taking a swim in the hotel pool, when a bomb ripped through the lobby of the Grand Hyatt. "I was just heading back to my room and stopped at the desk to drop off my locker key when the wall next to me sort of imploded and crumbled," she says. Fisher was not hurt. She was on the other side of the hotel from where people were killed. CBC
This sounds and looks like a high-grade, high velocity military explosive in action.

Jordanian authorities are making the most of shotgun-pellet-sized ball bearings recovered, they say, from the scene of the blast. But if one was planning to make a blast look like a typical suicide-mission, then a sophisticated military device could easily be window-dressed with such low grade material.

Despite a great deal of unsourced reports of a suicide bomber, in the Hyatt, as in the other hotels, first-hand specific accounts of such bombers are elusive.

In any event, ball bearings were not needed for the efficacy of this device. It would kill all within close range by the sheer organ-liquefying force of it's blast pressure wave. Guaranteed. No matter what path any shrapnel took.

As a matter of interest, residents and guests in the hotel included many with links to rebuilding contracts in Iraq --ongoing or suspended . Like this unnamed individual:
Shocked by the blast, survivors staggered out of the Grand Hyatt hotel. An American man blurted out in a thick Southern drawl: "My friends are dead." A soaked white-bed sheet, wet perhaps from the hotel's fire extinguishing system, wrapped his clothed frame like mummy cloths. "The people who carried out this attack are cowards," he said. Refusing to give his name, the man said that he had lived in the hotel for the past two years like many other Western contractors doing business in neighbouring Iraq. People's Daily
Given this, the Hyatt, like other Amman hotels, surely has its rat's nest of intelligence operatives who could facilitate the targeting of the Palestinian leaders. From a personal security point of view, that lobby was a potential killing zone. One into which a bomb could be delivered by means as varied as a personal briefcase or a staff serving trolley.

The rest is already history.


Reports of a suicide bomber also accompanied accounts of events at the Radisson SAS Hotel --just a short distance from the Hyatt.

Minutes after the 'success' of the Hyatt blast, another bomb blast was to rock central Amman.

Most news photos showed the scene near the top of the wedding function room --where the main bridal party had been seated. It was a heart-rending depiction, but the big story was off to one side and looking upwards.

Because, mingled with those tales of a suicide bomber were reports of a quite different explanation for the massive blast:
Former Belfast Telegraph reporter Mary Fitzgerald was at the Hyatt and the Radisson shortly after both were hit, at around 8.50pm. "The Radisson blast was caused by a bomb placed in a false ceiling, but we don't yet know what caused the Hyatt blast. [Belfast Telegraph]

This account of the cause also appeared on Reuters newswire, and was repeated on-air in BBC coverage of the events. That first Reuters story is just one sentence long:
Updated: 2:39 p.m. ET Nov. 9, 2005
AMMAN -The blast at the Radisson hotel was caused by a bomb placed in a false ceiling, police sources at the scene told Reuters. [Source]
But then, the police seemingly changed their story:

Police said the blasts were caused by suspected suicide bombers. Police sources earlier told Reuters the Radisson blast had been caused by a bomb placed in a false ceiling. [Source]

Later from Reuters stories dropped any mention of the earlier report of a bomb being in the false ceiling.

But photos from the scene make it quite clear why those early reports were correct.

The visible effects of the huge blast on the extensive ceiling area are obvious.

[Also: Photo2  Photo3  Photo4   Photo5  Photo6 ]

A bomb in the roof-space overhead, would go a long way to explaining the many head injuries described in the following report:
Suicide bomber brings death and destruction as newlyweds enter wedding party
By Rana Husseini, Thursday, November 10, 2005 Jordan Times

An employee at the hotel described to The Jordan Times the scene inside the hall after the blast. “I was inside the hall when all of a sudden I heard a loud explosion and the walls and the ceiling fell on our heads.”

“It was like a huge flash. One moment everything was normal and all of a sudden there was confusion and smoke with body parts lying all over the floor and a strong smell of burning plastic. “

Another shocked employee stood at the entrance of the hotel banging his head with his hands and repeating his colleague's name, who he said had died in the blast. “Yousef is dead. I saw a big gash in his head and he was just lying on the floor of the hall without moving. “I saw heads and body parts of men and women scattered all over the hall", said the 21-year-old hotel worker.

The death toll from the three explosions reached 57 according to government officials, who said the highest number of victims were from the Radisson SAS Hotel blast. Over 115 people were reported injured, many reportedly suffering from head wounds, according to a source at the Jordan Hospital.

The Jordan Times managed to gain entrance to the site of the blast and witnessed the devastation. A smell of burnt plastic permeated the room. The buffet area adjacent to the main hall was also partly destroyed.
And that smell of plastic could bethe high plastic content of the roof material being burned by the exploding device.

The scale and strength of the explosion can be also be judged from the volume of debris later being cleared by hotel staff. [Photo2]

Naturally, the cruel shattering of a bridal party's hopes, dreams and celebrations has attracted the most attention from the media. Photos and accounts of events at the Radisson have almost eclipsed the other two blasts.

Which was undoubtedly the purpose of the Radisson bomb. To help mask the deadly intent of the killing of the Palestinians. Once the Hyatt blast had taken place, it would have been easy to have triggered the second diversionary blast at will.

Leaving only one more bomb. But this last was no mere diversion.


Considering that the deaths of Palestinian leaders in the Hyatt went scarcely noticed by the corporate mainstream media, the killing of three Chinese nationals at the less upmarket Days Inn almost sank without trace.

However, naturally it was big news in China:
Three Chinese were killed and one wounded Wednesday evening in bomb attacks against three hotels in the Jordanian capital Amman. The dead and wounded were members of a delegation from China's University of National Defense [an elite military training university], which happened to stay at one of the three hotels, the press release said.

At around 9:00 p.m. local time Thursday night, the delegation, seeing no sign of tragedy, was backing to the hotel after attending a welcoming dinner at the Chinese embassy in Jordan. The bomb blasted on the street four to five meters outside the hotel, killing one Chinese on the spot and wounding another three. Two of the three wounded died later in hospital. People's Daily

[Also: Photo2  Photo3  Photo4  Photo5  Photo6 ]

The most poorly-sourced journalistic report of all these events comes from the Jordan Times in an article entitled 'The hotel manager's story' by Thomas Gringer Jakobsen, on November 11, 2005. Little of this is first hand account. Mostly it's "he said, they said":
The night the attack took place was a completely normal evening at the Days Inn, according to Khalid Abu Ghoush, the general manager of the hotel. Close to nine o'clock, a slim young man around 25 years of age walked in, dressed in black pants and a long leather coat. “He spoke Arabic with an Iraqi accent, which I didn't hear myself, because I had just left for home,” explains the manager.

“But later the security guards told me what happened.” The manager explained that the man then walked into the restaurant and sat down in one of the chairs next to the piano. Soon after taking a seat the man began to fumble with his jacket. “The hotel guards very quickly became suspicious, and as they approached the man, they saw he had pulled a pin, but that the explosives under his jacket had not gone off as he had planned. He got up and tried to flee,” the manager told The Jordan Times.

The man ran out of the restaurant and turned sharply to the right pursued by the hotel's security guards. A few metres away stood four Chinese military officials who were staying at the hotel, said the manager. “At that moment, the suicide bomber's belt finally exploded,” Abu Ghoush said.

I arrived ten minutes after the explosion to a scene of shock and panic. A lot of windows had been blown out, cars had been damaged... and there were body parts strewn all over the road. I saw a leg, cut below the knee, and a part of a body I couldn't recognise. The remains of the bomber's head were found on the other side of the street,” Abu Ghoush said.
Conveniently, this second-hand account gives the claimed suicide bomber an Iraqi accent. It also maintains that he 'pulled a pin' and then it postulates an seemingly inexplicable delay in the explosion of the bomb.

Photos of the scene show that the bomb exploded directly adjacent to their vehicle, with a nearby wall directing all the force of the blast outwards towards their vehicle -which is seen to be badly damaged. It is more likely that the four were in the vehicle when the bomb went off beside it.

They had just returned from an official function at the Chinese embassy. It would have been easy to have directed their car to a parking space where a bomb was primed to explode.

Our analysis is consistently making the case that these bombings could have been carried out without suicide bombers. Human factors are not as predictable as sophisticated equipment.

People mess up. And in the case of the prime target Hyatt blast, for example, a high degree of certainty is required. So it may be better to use mechanical means and then -with police help-- to fake the evidence linking the suicide-bomber patsy to the blast. On the other hand, there is a ready supply of willing bombers -driven by bereavement revenge or idealogical fervor.

It's too early to say definitively which method was used in each blast. But, either way, what could be the motive for dragging entirely innocent Chinese into this Middle-Eastern bloodbath?

Our first clue comes from comments just days ago by President George W. Bush:
President George W. Bush said on Tuesday that the United States will adhere to its one-China policy and does not support "Taiwan independence." "Our policy has been consistent from day one, which is one China," Bush told Xinhua in a round-table interview with Asian reporters at the White House before his trip to Asia. People's Daily
Our second clue from comments just days ago by President Hu Jintao:
Chinese President Hu Jintao said Thursday in Berlin that China will adhere to the path of peaceful development characterized by peace, opening up and cooperation. He said China will... honor its commitments to the World Trade Organization made upon the entry into the global trading body. People's Daily
It looks like these two are shaping up for a love-fest when Bush visits China (after Hu gets back from Europe). So, why so lovey-dovey?

It's worth recalling at this point that China's accession to the WTO was sealed unnoticed just days after the 9/11 attacks of 2001:
WTO successfully concludes negotiations on China's entry
17 September 2001
The World Trade Organization today successfully concluded negotiations on China's terms of membership of the WTO. China's statement “International economic cooperation has brought about this defining moment in the history of the multilateral trading system,” said Mike Moore, WTO Director-General, at the conclusion of the meeting of the Working Party on China's Accession. “With China's membership, the WTO will take a major step towards becoming a truly world organization.” WTO

So, now let's get back to China's response to the events in Amman. Here we see a possible motive as these deaths of its citizens in the blasts are used by a China Daily article to outline a new global realpolitik to China's citizens.

Simple Chinese peasants, like their simple American counterparts have always been taught that the enemies of their enemy must be their friends. The China Daily article uses the events in Amman to change that simple logic. Now the enemies of the U.S. enemy are Chinese enemies too, and my U.S. enemy is now my WTO corporate business partner.

Given that China Daily hardly took it upon itself to sound off on these matters off the cuff, we can presume to be listening to the voice of the Chinese Market-Communist leadership. The article starts off benignly enough, then wends it way towards a chilling conclusion that makes this the most relevant geopolitical commentary you will read this year. It went like this:
Match rhetoric with action on terrorism

The average Chinese believes our consistent advocacy of peaceful coexistence in terms of state-to-state relations, loyalty to justice and our persistent sympathy for the weak serves as a reliable safeguard against international terrorism. However, the suicide bombings in Amman, the Jordanian capital, on Wednesday night, which left three Chinese citizens dead and another injured, have shown that terrorism is never far away.

There is no evidence that Chinese nationals were the targets. Most likely, our tragic loss was what some term collateral damage. The tragedy is a bloody reminder that no country, our own included, can claim security until all countries are safe from terror.

Terrorism's indiscriminate threat to innocent lives determines it as a common enemy of humanity. For that reason, our condemnation of terror has to be complete and unconditional. All the way from New York to New Delhi, and now Amman, terror has failed to scare off any country or government. It is reassuring to hear national leaders, including President Hu Jintao, reiterate their countries' commitments to the fight against terror.

Such a show of solidarity is essential. In his remarks on the Amman carnage, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan focused on international collaboration. Unless all countries commit whole-heartedly to the world's joint defence against terror, terrorist cells will survive and thrive. China Daily

Read the highlighted sentences again. These comments from the Hu Jintao Junta are just like listening to the George W. Junta. In fact, they're exactly identical to listening to George Bush.

That's the new 'Message'. The War on Terror 'Message' --which the Amman blasts enabled-- is now coming at you from both of these Neo-Dictators (and the rest of the G8 Corporate Raiders).


The blasts in Amman had as many levels as the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel. An Israeli level, an Iraqi level; a Palestinian level; a wartime PsyOp level; A Chinese level. And a guiding, calculated geopolitical level.

It's clear who pulled off the Amman Blasts: the CIA and their Jordanian counterparts acting for the G8 Corporate Empire of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the USA, Russia --and new economic entrant China making it G9.

George Bush should stay in China, and send Hu Jintao back to run the US. Leaders are so interchangable in this new Corporate 'Anti-Terrorist' World Order.

In the current leap backwards to a New Feudalism --the peasants (as we saw on 9/11, and in Bali, in Beslan, in London, and just now in Amman) are as disposable as ever.

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