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We bounce from one story to another, we are given the choice of voting like that really means shit.

We have these pieces of crap like Russel Brand who get promoted as the "opposition" to the mainstream and told to trust them instead.

We are horrified one moment, react in another, swallow it down and then turn to view the next screening.

I don't know if there really is a counter force to this evil, but I do know that for decades the cries of rape, murder and torture of children have been heard throughout Europe and America and Australia.

I do know that the Chinese murder untold numbers of people each year for things such as vandalising a public building. I do know that we can't even quantify how many people are murdered because it's a state secret/

So let's assume for a moment that they really are an opposing force, this is the choice we are given?

I do know that we are now subject to little children having naked photos taken of them at airports, men and women too. I do know that the destruction of privacy has becoming normallsed meanwhile the punishment for disclosure oi the private lives and activities of those in positions of significance is death or a set up.

I know that every fucking single day I am being poisoned by what is in the water, what is in the food and yet this same psychopathic system is preaching to me the virtues of "diversity".

I know that gay marriage has NOTHING to do with worrying about the rights of gay people. I can see that gender itself is now being demonised, the role of men in society is being vilified by these putrid monsters.

I am so sick of all of this shit, I bounce too, I bounce from being apathetic to fuelled with rage.

In a fucking sense of irony, while I may decry those who allow their minds to be consumed by television, I too am watching a show, a hellish freak show and I can't switch it off.
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