So I guess Palestinians are indeed less than human

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20 people die in Paris in a supposed cold blooded murderous killing spree

10 palestinian kids are playing football on a beach, a nearby Israeli navy ship horrifyingly launches a shell at the children, murdering them all and no OUTRAGE, NO SICKENING VOWS OF REVENGE, NO CONSTANT REPLAYING OF THE EVENTS, NO GRAND UNITY MARCHES, NO WORDS OF CONDEMNATION from the world leaders, no talk of sanctions, nothing.

Maybe Israel had a right to defend itself against a football being kicked about?

Sure, under the cover of launching rockets in areas in which they were being attacked they could use the benefit of the doubt bullshit, but this wasn't a stray shell, this was an act of pure evil.

Unless I am mistaken the perpetrators have never been prosecuted even.

Reminds me of a number of years ago in which a group of palestinians were walking through the street protesting and a chopper flew overhead very close by to them and then launched rockets into the crowd killing and maiming scores of them.

Acts of pure unadulterated terrorism
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