it's time to vote in the peadophile playground

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So who will you choose.....

In the red corner we have a party that wants to sexualise little boys and girls through sex education for 5 year olds and not to mention their affiliation to the paedophile information exchange

In the blue corner we have Margaret Thatcher and all of the paedophiles she was associated to, Leon Brittan and so the list goes on.

In the UKIP corner we have.....oh what do you know? former conversative mps. Plus.....Mr Farage told an audience of young people that children under 11 should get sex and relationship education.

Then finally we have lib dems a cross between the conservatives and labour.

So there you have it, this "enquiry" you know that you want to keep people's attention on, the one that will go nowhere that will take years to conclude is a distraction.

The real paedophiles playground is in the schools

After round 1, the focus will be on the fact that labour suggested 5 year ols get taught sex education, no, no, will say UKIP and conservative, that's disgusting we want the little boys and girls to be 8 years old before we poison their minds with our insidious depravity.

It's getting harder to stay sane at times.
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