My local Asda, once upon a time there may have been people

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So my local Asda is barely a stones throw from where I live and so I frequent there regularly. The first time I did so was about 6 months ago and to be frank I was stunned. It is quite a compact Asda, perhaps 40% of the size of the full sized stores but what stunned me and still does is the set up.
As you walk into the store you are met within kiosk, typically manned by one person, this is mostly for those wishing to purchase alcohol, lottery tickets or cigarettes. Out on the shop floor you may find up to 5 people, usually less though either stacking shelves or pricing goods.
Here is the kicker though, you approach the tills to make your purchase and you see a screen in front of you which tells you which till is free, there is usually one member of staff standing there for the purpose of monitoring the tills for issues and then the tills.
There are 17 unmanned tills and one security guard.
It's when you see this trail of devastation that technology leaves in it's wake that you realise the parasites are rubbing their hands with glee as they want us completely dependent on a new so called minimum income guarantee.
That income guarantee will barely provide us with enough for sustenance and that I can pretty much guarantee.
Maybe things don't collapse in the apocalyptic turns but are futures are being turned to dust.
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