Manufactured terrorism is old hat

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However the dissemination of such notions is very necessary as far as the establishment is concerned for they want many people to buy into this because in my opinion there will be wave after wave of real terrorism. It will shock, shame, disgrace those who who have led the inside job charge.
It will provide ammunition and political capital aplenty for the real nightmare lockdown on activity to commence. The first shotvwas fired when they trained and funded evil wack job muslims to cause unadulterated orgies of violence, now those same western mafia are letting those now experienced psychopaths back in. The media has been playing it down, the governments have been switching the fear on and off so that people dismiss itit and the public at large couldn't give a shit.
The third evident shot has now been fired in the form of hundreds of thousands of refugees from Libya arriving on Europe shores. The immediate narrative is one of desperation and in that desperation compassion must be shown. However it doesn't take a genius to realise what has now been stated by Libyan government members namely that these psychopathic islamists have been posing as refugees too.
Of course in the name of compassion refugees are never vetted, hell no, that would be racist and totally demeaning for everyone is always as pure as snow.
I may be wrong, I hope I am wrong but the stage is being set here and no one really wants to talk about it, when the media covers it it's seen as fear mongering, moreover the media never connects the dots and instead it's about whether we should be taking on huge numbers of refugees, not who are these refugees, why is the west allowing these evil fucks back into the country and so on.
The paradigm appears to be shifting
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