The fake left is on the rise

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Firxt comes Obama, oh Obama will save us, oooh can't you just feel and hear his leftist sentiments?

Then up steps Syriza to give the Europeans "hope" only to then agree to terms which are worse than previous despised governments and have destroyed Greece.

Then of course Podemos, ah I was ignorant on this one, my Spanish friend has explained to me the word means "yes we can" hmmm begins to sound like Obama?

Then now in the UK alright yeah, Corbyn will save us, the most despised of the labour establishment are saying DON'T do it! which of course gives people the impression that well hey, the bad ones say ignore him so he must be good!

It's not even being rolled out with any great meticulous devious intelligence but hey who cares right because the masses feed on this shit like it's the finest steak.

Roll on, I wonder which leftist party they will trot out next?
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