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It has been before that we are sleep walking into a technological dictatorship, think the Stasi but on a far more upscaled version but in my own anecdotal work based assessment I would say that on the contrary people are falling into one of two camps. The majority warmly embrace it believing it to be beneficial, benign and convenient, whilst the minority that do recognise some misgivings are apathetic seeing it as just one more piece of slop in an already full bucket so what is the point at this stage in even giving a shit about it?
However it really brought it home to me when an email was circulated to us all informing us that the esystem was now up and running and all we had to do was go along to reception where are ourthumb print could be taken. Or put another way I can no longer purchase anything from the canteen without this horrendous incursion!
I think that my initial outburst as well as my continued defiance is seen by my colleagues as ott, archaic and backwards. I gather this is now becoming more the norm when it comes to computers too and hey, it's no big deal, I mean it's just a thumb print dude, like hey it's no big deal randomn body searches at airports, or making kids go through naked body scanners, it's no big deal.
Now what do I see is on the horizon, ah yes compulsory microchip ping for dogs by April 2016 or a 500.00 fine and the consensus is that if you don't comply with this new order then you are irresponsible, don't care about your pet, have a dangerous dog, are paranoid etc.
Well fuck all of this insanity, I have advised my mum not to have the 2 dogs microchipped. If these bastards do fine her, I will pay it but this sick mentality, this programmed docile reality has to STOP before it's too late to turn any of this back.
In the meantime I will happily be seen as a dinosaur as generation I am mindless don vr headsets, drown themselves in sweeteners nd get even more lost.
Back when I was 24 I used to be really vociferous in my opposition, now thankfully in my early 30's, save for the odd outburst I try and stay below radar. Having said that my inaction is picked up by the many but at least it's not vocal enough to prick up the management's ears too much.
Oh what a free England this truly is
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