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I know my French may be somewhat rusty, but one thing is certainly missing is the film!. Where the fuck is the film? are we really to believe that no one captured any of the events inadvertently on the phone either in Paris central or at the concert. In concerts there are many people filming and yet....I have seen nothing showing anything of the aftermatch.

So either the phones were seized, which would be plausible....if a) there had been such an admission or b) were it not for the fact that people were seen running out of the concert in different directions. Also, how is it possible that in Paris, the only footage is CCTV footage in which unless I am mistaken there were no victims?.

I don't have an answer to this, maybe there is one.

Also, as for the stabbing in London which has been used to help bolster the terrorist effort, I mean the effort to bring in terror into Europe, I mean the effort to help bolster the terrorists in Syria, I mean defeat the terrorists in Syria. It's worth putting into perspective, London is hellish already, there are over 1,000 knife attacks each month in London and let's face it that number is bound to be understated because a lot of people won't report it. However from those official stats, there are over 450 people injured each month too.

The most damning indictment in this particular incident is not the stabbing, it is the fact that witnesses reported him also punching and repeatedly kicking a man and yet they didn't try and help this man, no, they stood back and filmed it, some of them probably did it gleefully, becoming an extension of a video game, as they are so disconnected from reality now.
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