Peace in Syria is the end of Syria

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For a while I have fallen into the trap of believing that peace should be the goal but then when you look beyond ISIS you have the Al Qa'ida affiliated Al Nusra and this is what apologists like Webster Tarpley will do and in doing so playing down the full grim realities. However I decided to do further reading on other "rebel" groups and it's apparent that Syria has become swamped by Islamist scumbags. Ahrar Al Sham for instance are said according to the BBC to be the biggest of the rebel groups and who in turn fall under the umbrella of The Islamic Front. There are literally and have literally been hundreds of thousands of these monsters unleashed and the goal of all of these groups is very simple, all want Syria and it',s people to live under Sharia Law
So, the same governments who criticise and lambasting anyone for being sexist or bigoted regard those that want to stone people to death for being gay, committing adultery, changing religion, criticising their religion, being an athiest etc as moderates.
A peaceful settlement now will mark the beginning of the end because then these same bastards will get their feet under the table via democracy.
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