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I fucking hate nazis and fascists and that's why you fucking do not have the right to talk, oh my god if you keep doing that, triggering me with your hate then I will fucking smash your face in.

You are so fucking offensive towards me, who the hell do you think you are to hold that opinion of me or my ideals? you don't control me, we shouldn't allow you to have those opinions, you have no right to have those opinions.

I really fucking hate Milo and Ben Shapiro, they are all that is wrong with society and totally don't reflect diversity. Yeah I fucking can't stand gay conservatives.

I love women, women are beautiful and sensitive and intelligent and the true driver of change in this country except for those who are nazis! they can go to hell and will be beaten, they aren't women to me they are sub human scum.

Love Trump hates we will win by spreading love and if you oppose my loving message then I fucking hate you, you scum bag.

Oh my god what is that fucking lunatic Trump doing trying to secure a peace with Russia? what the fuck is he doing? Clinton, a real woman was ready to go to war with Russia that's the only way we can secure a peace.

I am all about peace love and racial harmony, but I swear to god if you are a black person and you disagree with my views then you may be black but you are only half black, maybe just a quarter black and if you are white? you are part of the problem, you are making non whites think like you.

I am totally for equality and the only way of ensuring that we get equality is by ensuring that men and particularly white men don't get and can't get into positions of influence we totally need to criminalise that shit. Yeah sure, if you are an adherent white woman that can be problematic but we can work with that.

I have absolutely nothing against men and as long as you accept that you are all potential rapists and violent filth then absolutely, we can welcome you in as a feminist.

You are a nationalist? don't even start with that shit, we are one world, one family, I refuse to accept your oppressive narrow minded view of the world. Hell fucking yeah we need to tear down the borders and the laws which govern this. What? well of course there are going to be racists out there that disagree with us.

Seriously, I am so fucking terrified of people who challenge me, they are seriously scary people and I think the best thing we can do is just lock them up.

If you criticise women you are a misognistic bastard who clearly needs to be at least fired from their job. Except those evil cunts who espouse a nationalistic view or a conservative one, those bitches are just as bad as the men.

You want a family? you don't want a career? what kind of slave to men are you? I am disgusted that you could even call yourself a woman.

Christians are so fucking backwards, so oppressive, and they believe in a made up god but don't you dare mock Islam in any way shape or form, that is so fucking racist of you and any way what do you know about Sharia Law?!
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