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9/11 Evidence: Fact or Fantasy?
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In a little over a month we will be coming up on the 8th time over.

I know we are all busy,I myself can be lazy or late, but there are some great minds here.
Let's try and break 9/11 down shall we? The guidelines Fintan posted are rather simple. We all have our own lives but let all of us take a little time, whatever little time that may be obviously putting you and your loved one's needs on the forefront, to try and sketch out what the REAL evidence is. Then post it here:

Let's stop avoiding it. WE have a real chance to cut out the bullshit here.
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I'm going to do a special audio on 9/11/09,
so it would be good to do some overview
development before then.
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Two and a half weeks!?

Well it's time for some of us to grow some balls and get cracking through the bullshit.
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One key thing that I've discovered in regard to 9-11 are all of the selected and manufactured photos of the crime scene. Most all photos are from several days even weeks after the actual day of the event itself, so seeing anything of relative importance when it comes to things that deviate from the official story is all but moot.

I've some pics of Tower one's core that were taken on 9-11 or 9-12 if you can believe them. They show unmistakable concrete within the core itself, it can't be anything else. The pic that was posted and harped about over and over again again on the demo thread was taken several weeks after 9-11-01 and is only shown from an angle looking toward ( I believe ) the West down the long axis, you can see the stairwell very clearly. All of the concrete has been removed, cleaned up. It's something that has constantly bugged me about the Towers. The angle Chris always used was from the West looking East but was taken well after the 11th and all of the concrete had already been removed.

They purposely removed debris from the immediate core areas of both towers long before they removed the still standing perimeter columns. I'm not real sure why OSHA allowed such to occur but it's likely that they were overridden by FEMA/FBI.

The point is that that much discussed pic shows the Official story tellers point of view and backs up what they've told, however it's well into clean up. The other pics ( Prior to clean up ) paint a totally different picture, one that needs to be broken down because it tends to show that those Towers were not built like everyone has been told. They indeed had concrete within the core. If not, then what were the floors of the hallways that ran through each core on each floor made of?

Further: Fintan has done a great job of identifying those from within who act like they want the truth only they don't. I caught a brief piece of the History Channel's take on the steel of 9-11 and how fire weakened the steel. It was so obviously slanted that I had to change the channel. Yes Gage and Jones and the other Idiot were also featured and running their mouths.

With them as a leading force for 9-11 truth and Justice ( IMHO ) There will be no favorable verdict in regard to 9-11 Justice. The perps have covered just about every base aside form about 1 million people stopping traffic in DC and demanding an answer. Sadly I don't see that kind of energy, that kind of thing ever happening. It seems most are just too afraid to know and ACCEPT the truth.

If you live in the States and have been paying attention then you know that the PTB are still beating the 9-11 MEME, and do so at every opportunity. It sticks out like a sore thumb, they never miss a chance to tie it to some form of a terrorism related slant in certain published articles/news/print WTF ever. It would be comical if it wasn't so Sad.

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It might be of value to look at the "other" cover-ups, especially from the point of view of how they successfully hid the truth about Pearl Harbor, The Maine etc. because they are undoubtedly using the same tactics.

Hombre, it saddens me as well when I know that Pearl Harbor never was known about and is even less cared about despite the loss of life. Propaganda at it's most chilling.

When you need an enemy, make one up.
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Fintan wrote:I'm going to do a special audio on 9/11/09,
so it would be good to do some overview
development before then.
I'd start by asking one good question:

Why is the collapse of Building 7 dismissed as collateral damage by so many people who surely no otherwise?

Where you see Tower two go down, then Tower one, and later hear of seven going down because it received heavy damage from the debris when tower one collapsed you believe it. It isn't until you SEE IT collapse that you immediately have reservations, if not then in my opinion you're not qualified from an intelligence standpoint to comment. It was so unnatural that it doesn't deserve a comment let alone an argument.

People have tried to explain 7's collapse but they can't, obviously because it has no real explanation. In my opinion that is by design and another tactic to help keep the lid on. They don't need to explain something that can't be explained. :lol: Kind of like a shell game, all they say is " Oh really " " Can you prove that?" We can't really prove it so WTF makes you think you can? :wink:

Do carry on Fintan, I'm interested any any new info as well as reaction to same.

Here's one's core before it was touched. Note fully three floors higher than the pic on the demo thread.


and here from another angle: Note the concrete within the central core which one can dismiss as floor, yet it's concrete.


Why were they so eager to excavate the cores before the unstable and dangerous perimeter columns?

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This is another call to put some information together before Friday. I'm sure Fintan has a lot up his sleeve for the new audio but support from forum members always helps.

Let's start from scratch knowing now that most of the 'information' out there is disinformation.

No pressure or anything, obviously we can't solve 9/11 in 3 days. Maybe we can try posting in the official verdict discussion but if not let's at least put some of our basic ideas and outlines in this thread. We can always post in the verdict evidence later, once we have separated the wheat from the chaff. I'm sure Fintan's audio will give a good jump start as well if we just end up sitting on our asses the next three days.

I'll be back after some brainstorming. :D

And Hombre...please...the Concrete Core thread is soooo like 2007.
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YES INDEED: The concrete thing always draws
quick/rapid fire, if even with a scatter gun :lol:
I've always wondered why that is :?

The 9-11 thing is showing itself in the media more
and more, a weekly and almost daily basis.

This Van Guy tied to a 9-11 petition and then acting
a fool in public and all from within Bo bama's admin> :wink:

That ain't no coincidence, more like a crafted side show,
like a Carnival barker setting the stage at a wild freak show.

Black people always take the bait, always play their part
to perfection. Bush like a crack head licking a pipe :lol: and
Black kids may shoot another Black kid but " WE " " THEY "
never pull a Columbine. :lol: :lol:

As for a Verdict: LOL With all of this shit that they tie to anything
9-11 related one would think that IF there wasn't a reason for
such stupidity then THEY WOULDN'T DO IT. Obviously they are hiding
something and still playing mind games 8 years on!

So I simply say Guilty and point to Dick Cheney running
his Filthy mouth at every turn as the wedge
that FRACTURED that Administration, probably
over Iran. It's true that there are many within that group
who know the TRUE who's, what's, why's and how's of
all things 9-11.

London, New York, Wall Street + Military Op = 9-11 Money Grab.

JMHO. But far too many buried and unanswered questions in
that regard.

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Here you go, a new twist on 9-11. The 9-11 Memorial/ Museum is asking the public for video of the event, not just in the states but the entire planet.

The AP is spinning it:
The graphic images of hijacked jetliners crashing into the towers are among the accounts that will become an exhibit in the 9/11 museum when it opens in three years.

'We don't want this sanitized'
One victim's family member said the images wouldn't keep him away, saying the story of Sept. 11 must be as realistic and complete as possible.

Charles Wolf was in his Greenwich Village apartment when he saw an American Airlines jetliner pass overhead, then crash into the trade center — and his wife's office.

"I and many family members don't want revisionist history, and we don't want this sanitized," Wolf said. "It is very important that people remember what happened that day: This was civilization, people merely at work, caught up in religious fanaticism."
How utterly amazing I find all of this, how so IN PLANE SIGHT it all is :lol:

Here are the providers of most of their so far collected video archive:
The foundation has acquired 500 hours of video archives assembled by Camera Planet, a private team of filmmakers who collected professional and amateur videos from the day and its aftermath.

They include a five-minute video shot in the streets of lower Manhattan around the site on the evening of the attacks, with office stairwells filled with reams of paper and half-open offices with family pictures still inside
The Foundation is showing VIDEO of the attacks/TERRORISTS ATTACKS as one of their displays. Is that not interesting as Hell using the event as an educational tool. Now there's a novel Idea if I ever saw one. :lol:
There, visitors can see a film of the attacks, with a live Webcam showing the ongoing construction on the former World Trade Center's 16 acres.

The memorial is expected to open on the 10th anniversary of the attacks in 2011, and the museum a year later. The names of nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, as well as those from the 1993 trade center truck bombing, will be around two waterfall-filled pools.

The 100,000-square-foot museum will reach 70 feet underground, tracing the towers' original footprints. Photographs of thousands of terrorism victims will be flashed on a mammoth wall, with each remembered in movies, photos and narration.

"There are negatives lying in drawers around the world" that have never been seen, said Michael Shulan, the foundation's creative director. "We're inviting the world to really respond."
Opening on Sept 11 2010, the tenth year anniversary. :wink: ... ars_later/

Who was it that said: " Who are those guys?" or was it " These guys are good!" :lol:

Can you imagine all of the New Yorkers flocking to see it? Amazing the lengths they are going, the arrogance displayed along the path. It's truly sickening.


PS. Doesn't a family member bring a nice cozy feel to it all! We humans can be a dodgy lot, nothing surprises me these days!
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Bah, I honestly am having a brainfreeze lol. You guys are excellent to read, if ANYTHING comes to mind bri, i'm game for sure ;). Though I must say recently I've been thinking of Flight 93 for some odd reason lol.
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I'm sure lots of people are thinking of certain things today, however
one of the things I'm thinking of is probably something few would ever consider.

What, a 58 million dollar memorial built in Shanksville :shock:


In Shanksville, a ceremony will be held just before 10 a.m. to remember the 40 passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93, who died when the hijacked plane went down in a field there. The passengers and crew, aware of the fate of at least some of the other hijacked planes, fought the men who had taken control of their aircraft, leading to its crash.

Country singer Trace Adkins will sing the national anthem. Colin Powell, former U.S. secretary of state, will give the keynote address.

A $58 million memorial is being constructed at the 2,200-acre site and is to open on the 10th anniversary of the attack: END QUOTE.

Country singer Trace Adkins eah, why not PINK, or The Jonas Bro's ?:lol:

These people cover all the bases, something most never give a seconds notice to. That's always bugged the hell outta me. I wonder what they'll have to eat! :lol:

Sorry it's not really funny, more disgusting if you were to ask me. Exploiting emotion on the backs of the dead. A typical ploy of the machine and it's right there for everyone to see if people would just open their freaking eyes.


PS. Someone has 58 million reasons to love Flt 93. Speaking of which. Have you seen the price tag on the new Homeland Security building going up in DC. :shock: 3.4 Billion~~ with a " B " that is :shock:
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I have decided to post my 9/11 thoughts here as I am frankly not ready to post directly to the verdict section in juxtaposition to previous statements. If one feels like reading my ramblings, a matter of choice. This is well thought out, but quickly and roughly executed by me as I'm in a creative typing mood but am in a hurry. I probably will leave a lot out. I am confident that Fintan's new audio will cut through the 9/11 research however, as he has done in the past. You know...really gettin' down to the proverbial 'meat n' potatoes' (Alex Jones Joke)

I'd like to rewrite this sometime soon into a readable, presentable essay with proper grammar and more evidence. :oops: I think BFN in general is on the right track though.

4 years old:
I recall memories of television images from the Gulf War. My parents tried to explain best they could but I still got a haunting feeling from Ol' 41's sleazy smile.

Memories of 9/11/01:

I'm in Life Ed class at 15,
Intercom: "Students, we are under attack. (Insert Patriotic Jargon Here) Stay calm, you will be briefed throughout the day and granted early dismissal."

We were shocked, but the real sickening feeling that came later which I will always remember (rapid heart beat, aching feeling in the whole body), at this point we figured some kind of bomb had went off. It was next class when we were told that thousands had died, where and how, at that point we thought it was tens of thousands.

The angry voice of Howard Stern comforted me at home. I called my father, watched t.v. with my mother. We all cried and cried and cried.
It's like we could see the future. We knew it was dark.

It all seemed odd to me.

My brilliant friend called me later that evening. He could never fit into the machine and was later misdiagnosed(IMO) with bi-polar and schizo. He is now lost to that we are told.

"What do you think?"
"I dunno", I said "Doesn't feel right."
"Well we've been sitting back bombing these guys for years, had it coming"

That was a jump start through years of blowback theories. I never quite bought the OBL bullshit but I couldn't articulate my thoughts. I was being psyoped by the little "clues" thrown at me.
At around 17-18 I began to hear about ALex Jones from some friends. "Kerry and Bush are the same" they proclaimed. Hey I knew Kerry was a douchebag but was still going to hold my nose and vote.

FInally after that whole fiasco "Loose Brains" hit the market. Respected former teachers and friends were emailing me and telling me "I had to see this movie". A few months earlier they had been sending me all the hit new "LIHOP" movies.
I caved in. I saw all of the bullshit that people saw in loose change and bought every line of it.

For about 2 viewings...

White military planes? No plane at the Pentagon?

THen Tharmate hit the market.

I still wanted to buy into the CD theories and have continued on this path for many years. It's a trick. It's only there to make our job seem easy and to head us down a path to Hell.

I started to question the truthers on forums and emailing the teachers who had started me on this.
"That's absurd!" "Harmful to the movement?"
"You don't support the FEMA and NIST lies do you?!"

I will never remember how I stumbled upon BFN. Maybe someone invited me while I was being attacked on some kind of 9/11 forum. Or maybe I hit a breakthrough and googled "CIA fakes".

All and all I think most of us are on track here and despite our very human flaws will research, protest, and present in
intelligent, creative, yet peaceful, firm, and diligent ways.

Like Fintan said:
stop thinking with our rear
9/11 ...Let's sum this up.

With an endless supply of cash in my pocket, I doubt I could find 100 people to plant explosives in the WTC and I'd need one heck of a bigger team than that. I bet I could find 100 assholes to say I did though.
All the while using angled strikes on a couple of old-ass


Were the towers researched to ensure collapse?
Were the towers built to collapse? Is there any evidence of this while avoiding the flimsy FreeMason Ritual Garbage?

Let's put all of the Thermate/C4 theories aside, and clearly all of the space-beams, mini-nukes, no plane shit.

Think back to before the CD theories. THough they had to happen according to plan, pretend they never did.

Where would you start?

Could there perhaps be more evidence in the several year long pre and post games than in the actual game day event?

When one researches 9/11, they are teetering on the edge of a huge waste of time and protest effort.

To contact Charlie Sheen, please try writing to the following address. Be sure to read my guidelines for writing letters to celebrities here.

Endeavor Talent Agency
9601 Wilshire Boulevard Floor 3
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Why not write to Charlie Sheen to make sure he knows he's been derailed and mislead? Just remember to be nice!

Trust me CHarlie I went through all of this crap at 18!

Hey Fintan, not to be a brown noser but what you have put out about 9/11 is the most important research out there into the events right now in my opinion. It's important that we see the whole geo-political and financial context and it's use a psyop and distraction. Throw in the CIA fakes evidence... carefully presented....and I think we may have a real case here. It's good to be optimistic and try to get this info to the mainstream in a proper context but even if it's just there for history to judge, at least the Investigation can have a real voice. If it's solid enough, it will hopefully silence all of the hardcore Fakes and the second-guessers on various political spectrums will be willing to take another look. ... sc&start=0

When Controlled Demoltions people are fightin Space BEamers and Holocaust Deniers, we need to be able to explain the context of this without leaving it at "they are just crazy" or god forbid coming across like one of them. The space beamers give the movement a seemingly cancerous sore while at the same time making people like Stephen Jones look more credible, the real cancer.

Looking forwards to the next audio and thoughts from other members.
Sometimes scrambled brains happen Big Boss. It will come to you. I promise. :D
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