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9/11 Evidence: Fact or Fantasy?
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Help! Why do I get the suspicion that I've seen those pics before, long before this latest release? Could I have seen video from that Lame Doc shown on the History channel, or some other source? Something doesn't feel right, it's possible I have these photos among the hundreds I have collected. I could be mistaken but I'm sure I've seen the TWO in question before. Something tells me that those photos are frames from video because I'm almost 100% sure that I've already seen them.

Another thing: I've been browsing through my inventory and noticed another odd thing. A popular sourced photo that is supposed to be exterior damage to Tower #2. It's on the opposite side of the initial impact face, only since that plane hit at an angle, almost missing the target, how can the damage seen in the photo appear as if the impact was straight on dead center?

Can this photo in question actually be of Tower one and someone just made a Mistake in identifying which Tower it actually was?

Anyway all of the 13 have been posted on BFN except for the first two in the series. I have each on my Machine and when I get time I'll search for the other two, I'm sure I have them somewhere.

I don't know it's just weird as hell to me. Maybe cabin fever has finally taken hold of my senses. :lol:

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Have you got a link to 'em? :?:
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Too many links to count where those photos are concerned:

Open the Twitter news under the title " Newly released " Look at the first image: Then look at this one: What are the odds of two different choppers/first responders seconds apart, same altitude, same flight direction, same path, getting the same shots only one required 8 plus years and an foia request to get it released and the other has been in circulation for years? :shock: ... c1heli.jpg


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Yes, I am pretty sure I have seen some of these before... I wonder why they are being passed off as "never released".

Not sure where I have seen them before though.
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