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Episode 6: Introducing - The Immortal You
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Jerry Fletcher

Joined: 21 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 4:29 pm    Post subject: Mortal detachment Reply with quote

Fintan -

Great show, filled with courageous insight. Thanks to you and Kathy for opening up your personal lives to the BFN community and sharing the growth and understanding that was gained from some of your most painful, personal moments.

It is a gift that I appreciate and accept with the utmost gratitude, and, IMO, the best possible tribute to a loved one lost.

You folks continue to give humanity a well needed high five, and inspire the rest of us to do the same.

Now, about the show...

OMG! The heat! The HEAT! There I am, right there! I'm sooo hot right now! Wink

Yes, life is warm, isn't it? The more 'full of life' something is, the 'hotter' it is, and when the life leaves, the heat leaves.

Perhaps 'conscious' is a better word, but the heat element seems so obvious to me right now.

The river was another good analogy. 'Life' is a process of constant change - a 'river' of matter, just like us and our constant eating, pooping, and regenerating of cellular mass. Perhaps 'growth' is a better word, or flux, but that makes sense too. When the 'life' leaves, the growth stops.

So things that 'contain' or 'reflect' this life energy are identifiable by their warm, constantly changing 'containers', or vessels.

According to international law, we're all simply 'lifeboats' anyway, so once again it appears that you're unraveling a concept that is indeed in practice all around us. Looking forward to the next show already.

DaftAida wrote:
Detachment is tricky, but I suspect, essential to grasp in the same way that discernment and judgement can be confused, so can detachment and callousness. Yet, above all else in the quest for truth, discernment is the key and with it, detachment from the security and comfort of past beliefs or peer opinions or even 'how it should be'.

Hello Daft, and welcome. Nice post - good points. Detachment is tricky - it's actually terrifying, and I think that is the first, initial stumbling block.

What I'm learning though is that detachment can help one see the 'larger lessons' that accompany life's traumas, but the fear is that it will dampen one's ability to 'feel' enjoyment.

While I'm no Buddha, I have found this practice of detachment reduces the amount of time spent being miserable, leaving a vacuum of emotional 'space' that gets filled with, well, not so miserable feelings. My point is that somehow, this detachment mindset is defenseless to happiness. In the absence of fear, anger, worry or grief, a calm content seems to just be there in the background, just waiting for the storm to pass.

So that's my point, I guess - IMO, detachment leads to a unique state of calm bliss, and not to some sort of robotic lack of affect.


But, I have to say that everything and I mean, everything we've been told about anything is a lie and if we base our search for truth upon the foundation of lies, be they scientific or otherwise, we get further down the rabbit hole chasing our own 'tales'. Even quantum field/holographic reality is being hi-jacked to serve the purposes of the 'New Age Order' so I'm treading cuatiously.

Word. I too am examining the foundations, and am beginning to see how 'classical' culture has always functioned as a foundation for social agenda.

It also tells us that the Sun is extremely hot (you can tell I'm not scientific!) yet, the closer you get to it, the colder you become (try climbing a mountain). Science tells us the Earth has a problem with Global Warming - I take that as a hint that we are being propelled into an Ice Age! Keep on trucking.

While I applaud your level of skepticism, I think it's the air that gets colder when you climb a mountain. I think the sun is actually warm, but space, or no 'thingness' is cold, and that's what we're approaching at high altitudes. The earth 'traps' the suns heat inside it's atmospheric layers for us to enjoy, otherwise we'd be screwed.

I mention this because I am now looking at things that produce 'heat' as a source of 'life'.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the rest of the Treeincarnation audios. You're in for a good time.

rustyh wrote:
Fintan is just fucking awesome. Simple as that. And then you have incredible posters such as Jerry, Ormond ,ATM,Kathy,Rump,Hocus,Continuity, michealc ,matt ,dilbert stallion,elbowdeep etc.( never told you guys b4 but i love your work and efforts-thank you)

Much as I'd like to pretend that I'm above flattery, I'm not, so thanks, and I'm glad our ranting is considered entertaining and informative.

It's more fun to do knowing somebody's reading, so thanks. I agree with you about Fintan as well, but I won't mention it, cause I'm probably already considered sycophant of the year around here. Wink

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Joined: 22 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great audio Fintan and great points being brought up in the posts here.

The kind of Incarnation you seemed to be talking about is this constant
motion and change, like when you say your not the same person you
where five years ago, or two weeks ago, or yesterday for that matter.
It allows a much richer definition when you take motion as a given, you
immediately get away from those classical views of static state or
'freezeframe' views of life, death and the universe.

If you look at it in those terms you spoke of, you see that you died every
night when you went to sleep and you where re-born when you woke up.

Great stuff... Razz

I might as well throw in some of my own ramblings to the conversation, while I'm here. Idea

Theres always this dichotomy between 'good and evil' or 'truth and lies'
which I've been thinking about lately, it seems to me that when we say
things like 'if everyone stopped lying things would be great', or 'if we (the
good guys) could only defeat 'them' (the bad guys)' ect., we're stuck in a
kind of stereotypical simplistic view of reality. The way I see it, both are
neccassery if the universe is to make any progress, where would we
be if artistic creations, poetry or fiction where irradicated because they
we're 'untrue', or if there was no problems or no suffering in the world,
thats a pretty static and pretty boring prospect IMO and its obviously
not how things really are.

I agree we should be challanging the things we've been told, but I don't
see reason in abandoning things simply because they seem to be lies. It's
the lies that add a richness to our experiences, offering an opportunity for
us to understand something important, no problems means no growth, no
growth means no change.

If you try to understand somethng comprehensively, you'll soon find
yourself challanging something which you've been hiding from yourself, in
other words you might find that you have been lying to yourself. This is
the real challenge IMO, can you face up to your own 'hidden' lies.

But getting over the lie comes about through honestly trying to find out
why it was there in the first place, it's easy to replace one lie with another
just as a quick fix, but understanding it honestly is what brings about
learning. You learn that what you thought was true was not true, just like
finding out about the geopolitical manipulations, with the layers of
conspiracy within conspiracy, every time you find a big lie you find more
truth in the world and you gain a great deal, even if it looks like things
are going down the tube. If we just avoided these uncomforteable
questions about reality, we would learn nothing and there would be no
chance for progress.

It's the lies that give us the best opportunity to learn, so in order to learn
from experience we should be searching for those lies, and trying to find
out why they are there in the firstplace. Wether its lies about HIV-AIDS,
9-11, religion, science or the lies that we tell ourselves, we should be
thorough in trying to understand why many people wish to hang on to
them. Fintan talked about cognitive dissonance in a recent audio, I would
say this is just one of the mechanisms showing how we lie to ourselves
but more importantly it gives us an idea of why.

I think guilt plays a crucial role in this, because our society tends to teach
us that failure is a weakness, that things must be done the right way etc.
To me this is the madness of our society, the relentless 'Rightness' of it
all, the fake sanity of it all, they missed out on the fact that failure,
mistakes, being wrong and even facing up to our untuthful sides are the
most powerful ways in which we can learn and grow. Society has been so
afraid of going against what everyone says is right, that they've bound
themselves into a mental straight jacket, where the group was right and
especially "our group" was always right.

So to me, it's a matter of being truthful with yourself, If you simply avoid
someone elses ideas without putting them to the test, you might be
protecting yourself from uncomforteable questions, but your missing out
on a great opportunity to learn something new.

Interesting too that, this death cult which has dominated for so long could
be symbolised by the much feared astrological sign of pluto, the god of
the dead also known as hades, lord of the underworld. Just recently the
long held status of pluto as a planet has been threatened by the discovery
of an even larger dwarf planet, originally named Xena, now called Eris,
it's the tenth planet in the solar system. The mythology of Eris is very
symbolic for the times, Eris the Greek goddess of strife also known as
Discordia, goddess of chaos
Wikepedia wrote:
"She is the Goddess of Disorder and Being, whereas her sister Aneris (called the equivalent of Harmonia by the Mythics of Harmonia) is the goddess of Order and Non-Being".

So we've got pluto, the "king of death" being challanged by the "Goddess of chaos"
........ sounds real familliar If you see what I mean. Very Happy Surprised Laughing

~"“True observation begins when devoid of set patterns, and freedom of expression occurs when one is beyond systems.”"~
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Joined: 07 Dec 2006
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Location: BabyLondon

PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:17 pm    Post subject: Cognitive Dissonance and the appliance of science Reply with quote

Well, I've done it - listened to all 6 tapes with accompanying text. After 18 years of research and questing for 'the ultimate truth' in 8 and then 10 year blocks, I tend to stick with an enquiry right through before evaluation. Must say that the spatial aspects lost me somewhat as I am not spatially orientated (apparantly a common trait in women). I am familiar with Unified Field Theory, Qauntum Mechanics/Physics, The Holographic Universe and the Spiritual Laws of Manifestation. Deepak Chopra's tapes describe Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle eloquantly and I am a well-seasoned traveller through Mayan Cosmology, Astrology and just about every New Age philosophy. All done in due diligence in search of the ultimate answer, the ultimate truth. I found or rather rediscovered something rather surprising ....

In pursuit of same, have (am) an increasingly astute at sifting the theories from facts in the conspiracy realms and have progressed exponentially since 911 when on said morning I declared "That was allowed to happen, the bastards!" and "Welcome to Planet Hollywood - looks like a clip from Thunderbirds' and I wasn't too far out from what I've discovered since.

Anyway, the two strands cited above i.e. metaphysical and conspiratorial, rather like our DNA interwove and danced ...... As has been discussed, one has to wade through an immeasurable amount of deception in quest for truth, let alone the ultimate truth. But I have found a common strand.

We are so destracted by the omnipotent array of symptoms of a deadly virus that we fail to see the cause. The NWO and the New Age Religion are interdependant; one serving the other. To cut a very long story and years of research short, my search lead me to all these 'fronts' and my question was always "OK but WHAT'S BEHIND THIS, or that".

For sure, the Zionists are a good place to start, the Jesuits, The Rothschilds, The Illuminati, The CFR and on and on but they all practice Satanism and promote Luciferiansim and this track back originates in Sumer and Babylon. That's on the conspiracy side but they are alos heavily involved in the New Age Religon and always have been. The Theosophical Society, now Lucis (Luciferian) Trust is one of the biggest and well-known proponents.

All sects of this anti-life virus have spawned modern science,psychiatry,phlosophy,medicine,education,bio-tech and media - every conceivable nuance of human engagement.

Before looking into The Talmud in any depth, I had completely abandoned any form of religion and am not going to be labelled with any religious, structured prison. But, I kept coming across valid information which happened to be attached to Christian sites and wondered if I'd missed something important. Anyway, after the Talmud, I reckoned if they hate Jesus Christ so much then he must have existed and whilst the words attributed to the one called Jesus were always true for me, I'd taken his advice that it was the message that was important, not so much the messenger. Oddly enough, not only did the NWO/New Age Religion's vilification of Jesus lead me back to rediscovery (after 30 years absence) this message vs messenger thought has proven very insightful, as I've turned it on its head, to always check out the messengers!

Do a google on anyone ..... Freud, Jung, Einstien, you name it - ask an interesting question, like 'was Karl Jung a Satanist' see what you find ask any question you want ...

I know it's terribly quant these days to talk of demons and satanists and possession, let alone (heaven forbid) God or passages from the Bible, but like it or not, the warnings of these times are writ clear. I repeat, I am not religious, I just want to know the ultimate truth of what's going on, how it got to be in this mess and what I/we are supposed to do about it.

The ploy of the parasites is to con-fuse by throwing up so many competing and conflicting stories that they induce cognitive dissonence as indeed, this is their intention. We choose the least evil option which is still gross and usually involves sacrificing our freedoms or simply 'fog out' from conflicting overload. This enables the plan to run uncontested. The danger of detachment is that it is a preferable option to feeling the true and awful pain of our fellows (as is natural) so we feign indifference and are thereby complicit in the bloodbath of torture, mind-control and murder of say, Iraqis. No-one can take away our Free Will but it can be coerced and we can allow ourselves to be deceived into surrendering it.

Every horrible, insane and unecessary suffering in this World can be traced to a lack of God, a lack of Jesus - don't cite the atrocities of Religion - religions serve the Agenda and were formed by those seeking power and control. The Jesuits, for example, run The Vatican and are behind M16 who runn CIA etc etc and the fiction known as Al Quiada.

The I AM movement denies a supreme intelligent creator, it is spawned by the Humanist movement and is neatly paving the way for the NWO leader - the Anti-Christ who will prove himself all too human after performing a few outstanding majic tricks. I mean, seriously folks, I've tried this I AM THE CREATOR on for size and it just doesn't fit because, whilst we have influence and power we do not create life or the universe - look at the World we have allowed. We are being encouraged to look at the stars and think ourselves Gods as our planet and family is being destoryed by black wizards, majicians.

Remember the 'myth' of Satan in The Bible, where he was cast from Heaven for attempting to usurp the One who created him and all else. Are we so foolish as to follow this lie when all around us is crying for our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our HEARTS (somewhat missing on this site) to feel and to know what is right from wrong for our very survival.
Atlantis was said to fall because our Mind/technology bypassed our Heart/Empathy intelligence. I really don't fancy starting again in a cold cave knawing naked on raw roots.

We need to know the truth behind all these Alien stories, the truth beneath our feet in the Deep Military Underground Bases - DUMB's and where hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year without trace. And we need to now now and dialogue as to what can be done; welcome to reality, let's create a new vision, let's honour life and if there is no such thing as death, let's be adult and ensure that this process, our eternal lives are not short-cicuited. For if Fintan is right about the planet dreaming or thinking us into existance, maybe she/he has pulled out the stops with 6bn of us as a cry of warning, a call to defend her and humanity or forever hold our peace. RIP.

L.U.C.K. - Labour Under Correct Knowledge
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Hobo Technologies

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 2:33 am    Post subject: Plenty of firtue Reply with quote

DaftAida: HEARTS (somewhat missing on this site)

I feel there's a lot of heart on this site, and quite a bit of firtue. Very Happy

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Joined: 07 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 6:00 am    Post subject: It's All In The Mind ... Reply with quote

Listen to the audio series and tell me how often the heart is mentioned. I was speaking of the subject matter and proposition, not making a criticism of people's intentions. Hey, I realised the typo but didn't know how to fix it but thanks for pointing out the obvious. Oooh, by the way, that Groucho Marx was a pretty unsavoury character off-screen, concha know - go google groucho.
L.U.C.K. - Labour Under Correct Knowledge
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Hobo Technologies

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

DaftAida - I'm not trying to pick a fight, and I certainly didn't mean to kill the thread by starting a flame war.

I appreciated the majority of your post, but didn't agree with your parenthetical comment about a lack of heart on this site. I think BFN has way more heart than any of the other sites dealing with such a broad array of heavy subjects. Most people can't face these subjects without shutting down or dismissing them immediately. Too bad, since we all know what the unexamined life is worth.

There's a wealth of humor, insight, support, and true dialogue here, especially considering the juvenile nature of much of the internet.

I guess what I'm rambling on about is: although I'm not sure how often heart is mentioned in the audios, it is embedded in the overall nature of the BFN community, as well as in the original intentions that brought this forum to life.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:06 pm    Post subject: The ties that bind must not be used to restrict... Reply with quote

Six days to discuss the most important aspect of our (personal) future. It is so very hard to look reality in the face and not be disillusioned by the lack of concrete evidence that presents itself. This is the key to the whole situation.

We have been conditioned by lifetimes of programmed unconsciousness to only pay attention to that which hits us like a sledgehammer. Our perception was dulled and directed by the mechanisms that were installed to allow our inner workings the time and the protection to get ready for the "next level". You have to refurbish the wiring and the conduit and the instruments etc. when you get ready for a greater electrical current and a higher transmission frequency.

The ultimate goal is to reinstate our consciousness to its full capacity. It was originally reduced (original sin for the religiously minded) to allow the material changes to take place and the "safeguards" were designed so as to be susceptible to "removal" by the newly (once the life experiences were accumulated and integrated, the vibratory level of the psychic energy bodies was sufficiently raised) refurbished system through resonant exchange.

For many, the effort to slice through these impediments is still a work in progress. No matter what the state of mind is, the distinct knowledge that our future awaits us based upon our own purposes is first and foremost in our awareness.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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