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Episode 8: Immortal Rememberance - How immortality works!
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and i

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i'm glad you like it. and thanks again for inspiring it.

now as for Theta, the golden ratio, the golden spiral, etc, etc... any thoughts?

Can't be beat, won't be beat, etc.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 9:23 am    Post subject: x Reply with quote

wow, i downloaded this show but never got around to listening to it until yesterday. This is basically an event. thanks so much for this and we love it!

all through the show i could'nt help recall the varied schematics from kabbalist lore. the oldest models were spheres within spheres (connections betwixt the planets and consciousness, among other neat things, all moving towards the central core of spirit. or visa versa) - as compared to the latter tree glyph with it's paths.
the vesica p. was calling out as well - where the middle is (also) considered the womb/clit of manifestation.

22/7? 22 hebrew letters and the 7 traditional planets. pushing it here but i'd Have to think that whatever is arrived at will (if not in old ashes) be found in the old schemes.
also wondering if Stan Tenen's work on the hebrew letters reflecting out of the torus might be useful. the manifestation of the Logos (if not akin to seeing patterns in plaster).
there's also the Cube of Space - with all it's directions, labelled ("created") by the hebrew letters. this is showing up as well tho don't ask me to elaborate!

and thanks and i for the pic. i'm still having difficulty in visualizing exactly how all this fits together. but the pic reminds me of my musings concerning the spheres on the kab. Tree and how this jibes with either the human brain or mind's eye/aura.
traditionally, the sephira (somewhat loosely to some) line up with the chakras. but i've had the nagging feeling it's also about our auras (or mind's eye screen?).
...somewhat akin to NLP's approach to seeing things in the mind; like seeing either memories or imaginings in Different Areas of the mind's eye.
this is readily observable and has to mean something, imo.

funny to, i asked my tarot deck (one card draw) what to ponder last night after listening to the show. i got the Star. tried again, got the Star.....

this I-0 thing is in all the old esoterica. i used a dash but it's traditionally IAO, a cosmic alchemical formula.
{the A is akin to an inverted V without the rib...as in Vee or Eve. in hebrew e's are plastic or unused}.

say, did you guys see the sunday news article about them wanting to revamp the entire net!? being in an altered state at the time i read it, i had the quick musing that this may've had something to do with folks getting closer to the truth. nothing like paranoid projection.

anyway, i wonder where the decahedron comes in? in my copy of cabala primer, there's a pic with the 2 hands fused together creating a decahedron. the use of 10 in kabbalah is absolutely no coincidence. it even looks like I0.

and can't help note that ANGle is the primal construct. this is like the ANGels of yetzirah and archangels of briah (finer densities etc).
wonder how the anglos fit in here!? or angry etc....this is where Gematric cabala comes in.

sorry for the disjointedness but i'm on dial up.

but this is great and am glad to be here.

Thank you, Mr. F. D. Bard
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:51 am    Post subject: may be annoying to some! Reply with quote

Finally getting some use out of Robert Wang's excellent "the qabalistic tarot". since i drew the card twice (mentioned in earlier post), i took a closer look into the 17th key, the Star.
certainly all the below can be much expanded - to perhaps muddy into a nothing of everything. similarly, this exercise seems to mainly Confirm what's being looked at - as to revealing new information. that's for another time hopefully.

This is somewhat lengthy and best to read slowly.
{note; much of gematria employs a "theosophical reducton". a simple subtraction or addition for the reduction of terms. to, i've no gematric dictionary. otherwise i'd find more and would most likey end up in a ward}

We're off... speculation time;

Using both hebrew and english (cabalistic) alphabet correspondences, there seems to be a Surprisingly Consistent current for our contexts.

{break; i muse over the Layers of hidden or implicate meaning. say it took 3 rounds to find a significant connection. how is the quality of that compared to some meaning appearing after the 7th sum? and yadda}


The Star key is traditionally corresponded with the 28th path on the Tree and the hebrew letter Tzaddi (meaning fish hook).

Tzaddi = 64 in english
109 in hebrew

both reduce to 10

Star = 58 in english
661 in hebrew

both reduce to 13

In english cabala 13 is M which also corresponds to the key Death, which is associated with the element of water. and 10 is J which is Yod, fire among other things.

So, fire and water for starters; Within (a, or) the same system. let's not forget that water (out of the other elements) is what holds memory. death/memory/water/12 around the 1 dying sphere...

Now the word star in hebrew is kokabim and more specifically means mercury - which comes out to 8 in english (71). the Star is again the 17th key which reduces to 8.

So, (the now revealed) mercury is the Will, From the saturn mother of binah, 3.
{notice that 3 appears as the pattern for 8, which is also the mercurial 8th sphere on the Tree - see below*}

Now 8 is also corresponded with the key Strength, which has the sign Leo or lion.
here we have an energy (kundalini) AND the concept of will to control it (by the lady holding the lion's mouth shut).

So, fire/water And (or) energy and will (to form etc) - all within a system.

Recalling my earlier post about the alchemical formula IAO;

IAO = 17 in hebrew
25 in english

17 = 17th key. (but) together they subtract to 8.
IAO is this dual concept (IO), With a Mediator (A).
A 4 Angle?

So, this seems (to me) to reflect the sphere/hypersphere/mediation model. and how this is reflected...or Is an aspect of the human multidimensional condition.
but we all knew this...

{*last week i noted that 4 kinda looks like an I crossing an L in many cases. so i+l=21, which immediately reduces to 3. note i hit back to the saturnian sphere of mother binah, 3. doubly note that Binah is will to form in idea while Chesed (4) is will to form actualized. Thus thrice note how most other numbers/spheres have other functions (mainly) and don't play the same game... Except for 8 (a filled in 3), which is under/from and formed by binah, like 4! get it!?
we are considering the Path of the Flaming Sword in some of this, for those who care. ie., chesed comes right after binah on this path.
so, whoever fashioned these glyphs was most likely versed in kabbalah etc}

{Another side note is the lion = Strength key. the lion is Leo = 5 (mars)
or Lio > or oil = 9 (moon).
i see how easy it is to go crazy with this but i seeee, oil with the lunar (9) aspects of undulating water and such Underworld things (note oil is reverse of leo the sun!). and a slop with the underlying properties of firey potential From mars, 5 (close that little gap and you've got a 9).
thus we see an alluding to it's subterran/underworld nature, it's martian aspects (for the engine) as well as the general political situation around it (deceptions).
hey, this part of the tradition is new for me!}

Back to the Star and heavily leaning on the "qabalistic tarot";

On the Star key itself is two trees. one is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which has the evil branches pointing down (and visa versa), which appears to be like a mirror. the branches themselves represent the traditional planets (and spheres on the Tree).
yet more of the same archetype as above (the other tree is the tree of life, which is more about energy).

Some fine pertinant quotes from the section on the Star key (which is also tzaddi/fish hook);
"...means fish hook, implying meditation, a process closely linked with the use of imagination. in these terms meditating is not described as taking out of something, but as a putting in, a merging of 2 streams of individual consciousness with the greater consciousness."

Here we have IAO yet again - tho it's brought down into the personal realm. we do the fishing/mediating between the realms.

"...the fish hook is partially the search of the personality consciousness for reality in the context of meditation, but it is also the angling (um, Angl) of the higher self to pull the personality up from its depths of self enclosure."

Again, like the system "saving" itself - IAO.
But this also reminds me of how an atom's (as mentioned in the show) shell tends to be drawn to another's center (if close enough; a system).
{picture the vesica pisces. and see the fish hook which looks like a J, which is yod = fire, extending from it's sphere into the next sphere}

This is like saying nature maintains itself on all levels and in all things. so i really do wonder what the ultimate beliefs of the ptb are. this in the context of psycho-spiritual realms.
party and fuck the rest!?

So, we've got the IAO system; M+/-F... With a Mediator. and energy and will on various levels (to get the ball "moving in some direction").
can mention here the empty or "missing" sphere of daath. this looks like the word death and certainly reminds me of the (dying) 13th sphere in the middle of the 12. there are some folks who've drawn the (Emanating and back) spiral around this sphere, as opposed to the sphere of kether at the top.

So this reminds me of the empty space between the spheres and that reMeMbering mechanism.....
mem is water in hebrew. note how "me" is part of this; me and mem-ory.
see all the connections!?

Last and summarizing quote;

"the star is the Means of perfection; it is the Method (to connect the IO)." (my emphasis and caveat)

So...we saw the 8 coming up alot and the concept of IAO, the duality And Mediation formula.
the picture of the card is a nude woman pouring 2 vases of water onto the ground (into water and onto earth, in other versions). the "natural intelligence" of mother binah acting as mediator, among other things.

So.... a nice little thought stream ends with the recall of the 8...
and the Octahedron; the Mediating function thereof, Within the tetra/octohedron system.
and we've this idea of mother binah's saturnian3/mercurial8 forming will. possibly (or directly) reflecting the idea of negative space and rememberance - as well as the function to form on the many levels (seen in phi progessions etc i'd think).

Well this just keep going! i'm finding the same idea in literally all the starting referrence points for this particular exercise;
Even the anagram of Star - arts and rats. as above, it takes an art (form) to be a mediator. and rat is short for ratio; the golden cut and or golden triangle etc. (which brings the star's arms into manifestation, and back).

And we've actual stars. what's this? it's a balancing act between implosion and explosion (and fusion and fission) of atoms, due to a striving for gravitic equilibrium. here it is again.

Now, looking for something heavy yet practical i find - through the ideas of tzaddi and the dual spheres - that imagination, meditation, sleep and death (this latter is a bit different but the same) are the ultimate refinements/expressions of the functions of the octagon. that primal geometric reality is (ultimately) why we can do what we do with our minds; go Into other dimensions and densities.
and we can't forget the counterpart with it's negative space and remembering - otherwise we would'nt make it back intact.
it's sleep (and meditation; where your subtle body goes off) that recharges, recalibrates, completes a circuit etc. and so forth.
It's All designed to take care of itself, multidimensionally, by doing this back and forth thing between realms/spheres.
oh holy octagon..............

This was fun. and i was rather general in my query to the deck. if i'd been more specific i may've come up with something actually useful...

But this seems to confirm kabbalah as a schematic for both micro and macrocosms.

thank you

ps. as i mentioned at the beginning, there's a tendancy towards mud. if you bring in too many correspondences and symbols (which have multiple meanings themselves), you wind up with everything, rendering nothing.
and this is the kind of pursuit you can't force; the day i listened to the show put me in the zone so things just flowed.
i'll certainly try this on some other concept to see what happens there. when the time feels right.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:26 am    Post subject: c Reply with quote

anyone else having difficulty in visualizing All this? i get most of the details and how they relate to each other. but various geometric details - tho they model/work well - seem like devices simply to connect all the dots.

within this presentation, are we to take the human eyes as counterparts to the sun and moon as pure metaphor? or are we talking something akin to fractal reality? that it's the same field of consciousness behind both the human eyes and two celestials (we being the refined outcome of the same physics causing the structures)? all that out there is still really us, on vastly different scales? that'd be neat.

the hypersphere. the earth is called this but the (spheroid) universe seems like it would be the hypersphere. maybe i see this invertedly.
the point at center (say of earth) is confusing in light of the concept of the Qlippoth. maybe they've the Grand Qlippoth at the center of the universe. a giant tetragram or something.
yuh....... remember that pin head movie with the huge pyramid in the underworld? and she said the whole thing was a puzzle.

i love the mirror plane concept along with the in out process. the packing concept is fine... but i don't see this fitting into a visual/feel grok.
makes me think of the flower of life glyph. certainly it's all fractals of scale. the wheels in wheels, Along with cyclic time itself. another set of wheels.

the missing sphere within the 12 and octos sound like mediation "devices" betwixt scales/realms or function even (a transducing gyroscopic way station : ) ...so this is a side order to any visual take of one's place in the multiversal structure. where do your points and angles go when out of body? it's not the point.

well to me, it's neat how remote viewing exercises seem to relate to all this. it's like trying to see the same way (or things) as they really are. pointedly, holographically and anything in between.


as far as english cabalah....well this is like chasing the wind. in a place that's all mirage. but it does seem to refer to itself.
Mr. Eisen takes some odd turns. he used the chess piece the knight to "decode" the meaning behind the letter L. tis the shape of the knight's movement on the board. indeed.
now he also shows some esoteric meanings behind various letters by using a model of solid spheres. how when you stack them gravity pushes down. various letters seem to (visually) reflect both the actual lines of force as well as (ideographically? philosophically anyway) the over all abstract or metaphysical concept.
what's sick is that every (outlandish) example he gives he then confirms through the gematria - with It's equivalent result in letters. the system does seem to refer back to itself, elegantly.
i'm of course wondering if you really can do this with any system. if you can then what? if you can why are these folks taking it to extremes?

glad the edit button loaded this time.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As always syncronicity is involved with my own revelations and the audio series.

I first saw the I/O Sphere at the end of 2008.
I found the forum the next day and the I/O Sphere explained.

I was thinking about sleep, consciouness, and immortality and bang the audio.
Your so intuitive, keep it up.

We are on the same plane.
Very Happy Cool

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
Nikola Tesla

Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:12 am    Post subject: x Reply with quote

Dan Winter mentions how the 13th sphere, surrounded by 12, "merges with the 12" to (help) form the next geometric shape. Forgot which but probably the icosa-dodec.
This merging sounds like an ascension in a sense. It's still hard to apply this to people tho. Only if we somehow form our own symmetry systems - to walk like ducks in a (lattice) row. Then we can duck squat or jitterbug and see who pops up to the next density. But it doesn't work like that according to Dan. All 13 go onto the next form.
But he's talking forms in the context of fractal implosion. Or explosion, according to direction. So what happens to "backsliders"? Or is this birth?
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:02 pm    Post subject: Symmetry is plane simple. Reply with quote

The 12 facets of the person require the "13th" vantage point that is supplied by the "other" during vibratory exchange.

This is the resonating chord that allows the transmission of ever-increasing rarified states of being.

The other is also the mirror that shows us our "other" side.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

12 facets of a person? I hope your not talking zodiac. As I've said before on this, these models seem fine for lab work and engineering - and all the wonderful things like fractal recursion into implosion for charge radiance etc - but not for personal/collective ascension.
Of course, the whole point in all this is on the premise that these fundamental geometric dynamics of the Aethyr actually do play out on every level.
But I like what Arnold Mindel once wrote on channels (of spirit or the dream). There are countless channels - archetypes. The reality is that things like the zodiac and various models of perceiving reality are far too limiting, for what's really taking place.
Etc and so forth.
So who is my "other"? And I wonder how the dark aspects of archetype chime in with bliss induced fractal recursion and implosion....
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:22 am    Post subject: fractically obvious Reply with quote

Azoth wrote:
12 facets of a person? I hope your not talking zodiac. ....

Interesting phraseology.

I was referring to the geometree of life and not the sophistree of the knowledge of good and evil... Wink

To maintain effective and efficient transmission of the vibe, how the "other" connects to us makes all the difference....a rose offered thorns-first is less a gift than an assault.

The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:29 am    Post subject: x Reply with quote

the "other" is old school. Satre said, "Hell is other people".
i'll get one of my sub personality spheres to "merge" with the icosa dodec...
i can thus bi-locate, thus forming an "other".
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:01 pm    Post subject: Into the depths Reply with quote

Sartre was a wise dude. When the "other" lays bare our faults....it CAN be hell for us Wink
The grand design, reflected in the face of Chaos.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:34 am    Post subject: c Reply with quote

Guess I should say touche as that's not what I meant. Or what Satre meant. Maybe I don't know what he meant. I think it's taken at face value.
Maybe in the back of his mind he was thinking, "some folks are more equal than others".
In any case, we've those packing spheres. 12 and 1. Then we've unpacking spheres... and this great in-out wave is constant. So there constant packing/unpacking, which reflects death and births?
Then, there might be some pattern to find within those two statistics......
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