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So I am not going to dispute with anyone that a lot of evil has emenated from America. Of course part of that evil comes as a result of being the super power. People get comfortable, complacent, lazy, and the crap rises.
However I find it an alarming trend that the country being villified is always America. Whether that's the spotlight being shone on policies, treatment of citizens or it's war machine ALL of which I agree are very bad but it's evident that this is a campaign being waged against America at the highest global levels.
Some people suggest this is good, that the nwo and America are one of the same.
Without really repeating the same thing namely that architects see empires crumble and then move on to others, I want to leave that aside and for one moment assume that the nwo as we know it dies when China rises.
So when this occurs we are told by many pundits that the world will become a fairer and more equitable world so by implication the policies by which America is admonished for certainly are not prevalent in China.
So in order to project this notion that the world becomes a more rosier place is to use a very basic but telling litmus test, namely how does said nation treat it's own people because the treatment of others beyond that cultural and racial group will not be as comfortable. We look and we find absolutely horrifying figures of those who were murdered in their millions. The rebuttal to this is that yes, this was a sickening and evil and dark period but it was perpetuated by a puppet of America and that since then the Chinese have been throwing off the strings, empowering their people and punishing criminality as evidenced by executing bankers and so forth.
The problem is that this rebuttal is bullshit because it cherry picks. So let's delve into executions. In America there have been horrifying cases of miscarriages of justice which have resulted in the death sentence. Dozens are killed a year in this manner and there is growing opposition to any. When a black man is killed by the police they are typically demonised and of course, sometimes SD one psychotic cop or cops have committed a vile act of murder.
Once again though, let's contrast that with China. Sky News I recall many moons ago covered the issue of executions in China and "uncovered" that the state utilised execution buses. So yes, that essentially means that a mobile vehicle can travel around picking up those who are you be executed and can then execute multiple people at a time.
Sky News reported that whilst their reporter was filming in China whilst gathering information from a human rights lawyer both the journalist and the lawyer were arrested. The journalist was released at the time of the story, the lawyer was not.
So we have firstly established that China executes a much greater number of people each year than the United States. I cannot put a figure on what this number is because such figures are not disclosed by the national government it is a state secrets. That was shocking to read but then I started looking into what is punishable by death.
In America if you deface a public building you may get your ass kicked by a cop. You may get thrown into a horrible jail, you get plea bargained and charged with something that does not see you serving time. They may impose a heavy fine, in China you can be murdered by the state for this same act.
In America people bemoan and are angry at government intrusion, surveillance and do forth. In China the state government practice actual censorship in the sense of you daren't speak out in a public display and online the usage of words is heavily censored, think 1984.
In America there is condemnation about how the federal government is creating this dragnet which depletes civil liberties. In China there has either been proposals or plans already in implementation to score each citizen. In this chilling new world we are heading into this score will either allow or prevent said person from vital services. In other words effectively deciding on who lived and who dies.
We hear outcries over Guantanamo Bay and other black sites but China has no human rights. They recently announced they were going to close their re-education centres. A glossy way of naming a torture and death camp. North Korea supposedly has these, if you don't believe that China has had them too then you are in la la land. We decry the press for being too compromised in China there is no such thing as a free anything unless you are one of the party inner circle.
China treats it's own people with contempt, it's unquantifiable what has been perpetrated on them. There is a scum of the earth power base who now have and wield huge global power and this, we are bring told is essentially the global order's new leadership that we should be embracing?!
I won't even get into China's own manifest destiny but I will say that all things considered the new boss is a much more cancerous sinister proposition than the one we have been residing under.
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