Alternative media banning anti-Hillary posters?

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Or is it just what most are doing? By now, everyone's aware that many major news sites have ditched their comment sections, over liability concerns, supposedly. But what about the ones that haven't?

I recently made an anti-Hillary post at a news aggregate site I had been hanging around at for years. I had thousands of comments there. No, not HP or DK. Not only did they remove the post they found offensive, (I said she was a cokehead, but I've said worse about other notables and not been banned, or even warned) they removed every post I'd made under that ID for the last 2 years or so, even stuff that had nothing to do with politics, and was perfectly acceptable.

I still go there to read news and look at comments, and every person I see commenting there now, almost none of them are the long-time posters I have been conversing with for years. They are all gone, or posting under other ID's, because they too, were banned. I don't know that to be true, just seems like a logical conclusion to make. It seemed to me that the site was more heavily in favor of Bernie than Hillary, maybe 3 to 1, and now all those people, apparently, are gone, banned.

I wanted to know if anyone else here has experienced something like this?
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